260 Easy DIY Home Decorating Ideas (Craft Project Tutorials)

Last updated on December 31, 2023

Here are 260 very easy DIY home decorating ideas. This is an epic list of craft project ideas with tutorials organized by type.

DIY home decor crafts are fun but making something that will actually have decor value may be a bigger challenge than you’ve anticipated. Indeed, many DIY projects look easier in theory than they are to make in practice. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try and experiment to get better and create wonderful things.

What we’re going to do today is pick some DIY projects that are easy enough to craft so that they don’t look poorly made and cheap. Here’s an epic list of over 260 of them.

Easy DIY Home Decor Craft Projects

If you’re new to the DIY world and haven’t really crafted anything yourself yet, you need to get started with small and easy projects. At the same time, you need projects that would result in beautiful decor items, otherwise making ugly stuff would be very discouraging. So here are tons of DIY projects for your home that are really easy and beginner friendly.

Stencil Drop Cloth Curtains

You can quite easily make your own stencil drop cloth DIY curtains in any pattern you like and the end result will look like expensive designer curtains.

Storage Ottoman

Making your own storage ottoman is easier than may seem at first. Follow the tutorial if you’re up for it. Imagine how it would look like positioned against a sofa and a coffee table in your living room. And if you fail to build one yourself, you can always get the best storage ottoman from a store.

Hexagon Shelf

The shelf looks unique and it’s a brilliant detail for the wall decor. And it’s easy to make out of actual popsicles.

Pallet Coffee Table

How to make an easy  coffee table for your home from pallet wood. Worth a try!
Source: diyjoy.com

The idea is so popular that it’s almost mandatory to make one for yourself.

Suspended Wall Flower Pods

You can make these from jars and the use for these pods isn’t limited by just flowers, they can be perfect for small kitchen utensils or bathroom accessories.

Dream Catcher

A DIY dreamcatcher is must-have for a little touch of bohemian decor.

Designer Light Switches

Light switches are one of the biggest home decor eyesores, and this is a great idea to use them to your advantage.

Cut and Paste Art

Make  cut and paste decor art. Looks so easy to make!
How to make  cut and paste wall art. Looks so easy!
Source: diyready.com

And it looks like a piece of abstract art made by an artist.

Scrabble Coaster

An ingeniously simple idea to glue Scrabble letters together for a cool coaster.

Reusing Bottles in the Bathroom

If you find the design of a bottle appealing, it’s so easy to reuse it for a soap dispenser rather than throwing it away.

Candle Lampshades

Just an awesomely cute idea for candle holders as mini DIY lampshades (use the templates).

Wall Art Fragments

Ideas like this are perfect to quickly and easily hide small wall cracks, ugly wiring or cables.

Pebble Coaster

Another great idea for the kitchen. This coaster is practical as much as it’s decorative as it’s the perfect pad for hot utensils.

Mirror Shard Frame

Quite an easy project for a wonderful art deco result with a DIY mirror frame, and you can use stained glass or ceramic too.

Ice Dyed Fabrics

This is a beautiful result of ice dyeing. Here’s a tutorial.

Gold Dipped Ceramics

A neat idea for  gold dipped ceramics. Check it out!
Source: www.brit.co

A great way to customize ceramics for an expensive look.

X-shaped Magazine Holder

How to make a  X-Shaped Magazine Holder. Looks great!
Tutorial: homedit.com

This little organization wonder will solve the dilemma of magazines and newspapers lying all around. And it’s simple enough to look good.

Repurposed Candle Jars

 Repurpose candle jars into shabby bathroom accessory holders. Neat idea!
Tutorial: mommysuite.com

Why throw away your old candle jars when you can repurpose them into these adorable vanity containers for cotton balls or swabs? These jars will help organize your bathroom while keeping supplies conveniently at hand.

Dollar Store Trash Can Makeover

Jazz up an inexpensive dollar store trash can and give it a unique, upscale style that costs almost nothing. A little rope and a cheap trash can will give your bathroom an entirely new look.

Coffee Crate Lid Sign

You’ll have a great time making this stenciled sign from old fence planks. Reclaimed hardware will also add to the rustic charm of this beautiful piece. Add some “S” hooks and you’ll have the perfect place to hang some coffee mugs.

Pantry Organization Labels

These jars are so cute and functional. Store rice, beans, pancake mix, or other often used staples in mason jars. An attractive label not only gives the jars style but by adding the recipe right on the label, it offers a convenient way to never worry about finding the directions you need.

Twine Wrapped Cabinet Hardware

Transform some old cabinet handles into amazing hardware with a rustic look that’s perfect for many decors. These cabinet handles can be completed in a matter of minutes, and they’ll add a beautiful look to your kitchen, bathroom, or even garage cabinets. Perfect for easy DIY home decor.

Pottery Barn Inspired Round Jute Placemats

This is a fun project that even the kids can help with. These round jute placemats will protect your table while adding a bit of classic charm. Some jute and a hot glue gun are all you need!

Easy Rustic Rope Serving Tray

 very easy serving trays made of rope. Cute nautical decor idea!
Tutorial: tikkido.com

When you want a nautical or rustic serving tray, this easy rope serving tray is the perfect solution. With just a few simple steps, you can create a serving tray or basket that’s beautiful for serving bread rolls, arranging flowers, or holding napkins and cutlery.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

 pallet coffee table that's easy to make. A cool project to try at home!
Tutorial: diyprojects.com

Turn some old pallets into a great coffee table for a family room or living room. You can add storage shelves underneath, and attach wheels, if you like. A fun project that the whole family can help with.

Small Rustic Stool with Hairpin Style Legs

The simple swoop of hairpin legs give this rustic stool a beautiful touch. The base can be stained light or dark, and the DIY hairpin legs provide this rustic stool or stand with enough support to handle plants or small objects.

DIY Wall Vase

Neat idea! Make a  wall vase/shadow box. Try it!
Tutorial: sunset.com

Turn a simple shadowbox frame into a gorgeous and unique wall vase. A few flowers are all it takes to create a beautiful and artistic wall hanging. This project would be wonderful in a bathroom, hall, bedroom, or just about any room in your home.

Macaron Pillows

How to make  macaron pillows for an amazing style at home
Tutorial: camelotfabricsblog.com

These soft and fluffy macaron pillows are perfect for a daybed, child’s room, or even as a plush pillow for the sofa. They’re absolutely adorable and look just like those delicious macarons that are so popular.

DIY Ombre Basket

Turn a wicker or straw basket into a lovely show piece by adding a stunning Ombre effect. Choose colors to match your decor and go to town creating a colorful basket for odds and ends that will add a decorative touch to any room.

Canopy Reading Nook

If you have an old Papasan chair or you find one at a yard sale, repurpose it for this wonderful canopy or reading nook. You can hang it above a bed or in a special corner where your child can have their own personal reading nook.

DIY Modern Paper Ornament

A fun decoration that’s perfect for parties or Christmas. These paper ornaments can be made in various colors, and the starburst shape gives them a beautiful 3-dimensional look that adds a unique touch of character to your decorations.

Tissue Paper Covered Pots

Make your potted plants stand out with these brightly colored tissue paper covered flower pots. Don’t worry, a coating of mod podge makes these gorgeous pots completely waterproof. You can use them indoors or out for a wonderful burst of color.

Half Table Console

This half table console is a brilliant idea for tight spaces, such as a hall or entryway. It’s perfect for keys, mail, and decorative items. Repurpose a yard sale find to make an elegant addition to your foyer.

Big, Bright & Beautiful Floor Cushion

When you want a comfy floor cushion for watching television, reading, or visiting with friends, this bright and beautiful cushion is the perfect solution. Mix and match your favorite fabric strips to create a fun and unique look.

Outdoor Cube Lanterns

How to make  outdoor cube lanterns for terrific decor.
Tutorial: homedit.com

These colorful cube lanterns are a great way to brighten up a porch or patio. The painted wooden cube frames look cute during the day, and at night, the candles provide a warming light for a nice and relaxing ambiance.

DIY Dog Art

Make your own DIY dog art with this wonderful craft idea. A silhouette painted on metallic placemats make a great wall hanging arrangement for any dog lover! Give as a gift or decorate a wall in your own home for an attractive conversation starter.

DIY Paper Basket with Leather Handles

How to make a  paper basket with leather handles. Great idea!
Tutorial: designsponge.com

This gorgeous paper basket makes a wonderful display on a coffee table or end table. The leather handles add a touch of sophistication, and the contrasting hardware makes a bold statement. A great place for magazines and remote controls.

LED Lamp Out of a Wine Bottle

 LED lamp from a wine bottle. What a neat idea for decor!
Tutorial: handycrowd.com

Turn an empty wine bottle into a wonderful LED lamp. Big or small it doesn’t matter; and any shape will do. A colored wine bottle will definitely add a beautiful touch to this ornamental LED lamp.

Rope Wrapped Mason Jar Lights

How to make  rope wrapped  lights that look great inside and outside. Worth a try!
Tutorial: handycrowd.com

Create a rustic look with these decorative light covers. The clean look of the mason jar lets the light shine through, while diffusing the harsh glare of the bare bulb. The rope wrapped upper portion adds the perfect touch of style for a porch or other casual space.

Mini Industrial Shelves

These industrial shelves are the perfect size for holding small decorative items and arranging them in a wall setting adds to their interest. Of course, the pipe and flanges ensure an industrial feel that’s perfect for modern decors or an eclectic design.

Feather Pendant

This DIY feather pendant goes really well against this black painted ceiling but even if your room doesn’t sport a dark scheme, the quirkiness of feathered design will make a great statement nonetheless. (If you’d like to decorate your ceiling even more, consider installing a good looking ceiling fan.)

Hanging Shelves

The brilliance in these DIY hanging shelves lie in that they take but one hole in the wall (also read about our picks for the best bookshelves for small spaces). So if you’re not keen on drilling a lot of holes in your walls, this is the perfect project to add some storage (although there’s more sense in only making display of these nice little shelves.)

Mercury Glass Vases

Source: www.hammerandheelsblog.com
Tutorial: www.hammerandheelsblog.com

Mixing materials in home decor is a popular technique and you should absolutely take advantage of it – it adds sophistication and class to your decor. An easy way to do it is to spray paint a glass vase.

Honeycomb Shelves from Popsicle Sticks

Another quirky DIY that makes use of simple materials – all you need is a bunch of popsicle sticks for this project. Make these small honeycomb shaped shelves for wall display.

Mini Pallet Coasters

If you’re a fan of rustic DIY projects you might already have done something with pallet wood. This DIY allows you to add cute little accents in the same spirit.

Metallic Letters

When your fridge needs embellishment look no farther than magnetic letters, but instead of settling for the cheap plastic look, spray paint them in gold for a sophisticated accent.

Vase Centerpiece

How to make  Paper Lantern Vase Centerpiece
Tutorial: blog.smartyhadaparty.com

This simple project adds a rustic centerpiece that’s full of charm. Bonus points for reusing and upcycling materials.

Frame Shelves

One of the most brilliant DIY projects you can make – not only these shelves add whimsy, they introduce architectural features too, which makes your decor all the more sophisticated.

Seashell Candles

Have a bunch of seashells from your last trip to the beach? You can make more of them than just display items – make these whimsical seashell DIY candles.

Decorative Mirror from Plastic Spoons

Some of the cheapest materials can make brilliant decor if you know what to do with them. This chrysanthemum decorative mirror takes just a bunch of plastic spoons and some spray paint – the result is unexpectedly brilliant.

Succulent Pod Bookends

How to make  Succulent Pod & Organizer Bookends
Tutorial: ispydiy.com

Such a simple idea for DIY bookends but one that has a big impact on your decor vignettes. Make these little succulent pod bookends and create wonderful displays.

Crystal Chandelier

This easy to make chandelier doesn’t look cheap at all. In fact, it doesn’t even require rewiring the lighting fixture as it is but a camouflage job.

Tire and Rope Ottoman

This awesome ottoman was doing rounds on Pinterest for a while and it’s such a brilliant idea that it must be bumped up over and over again. All you need to make this cool ottoman is an old tire and a piece of rope.

Canvas String Art Graffiti

Anyone can make beautiful DIY canvas art if they have the right technique. We’re here to give you that technique (using string) so you can create great things with it.

Himmeli Geometric Sculpture

Want to save more on abstract art? This geometric sculpture project is an easy way to add shapes and metallic features to your display.

Decorative Light Bulb Hangings

Love the idea of DIY decorative air balloons made of light bulbs
Idea via: Pinterest.com

Finally, a bonus DIY idea for you – decorative air balloons made of light bulbs. They are really easy to make but the whimsical decor accent is guaranteed.

DIY Built-in Outlet

This DIY project is not so much about looking pretty but rather about hiding your home decor eyesores. Nobody likes cords hanging out in the view, so here’s the perfect way to hide them buy making your own built-in power outlet extension for any piece of furniture.

Turn a Kilim Rug Into a Modern Bench

How to make a  kilim rug bench for  on a
Tutorial: www.ehow.com

Any top-notch interior designer can provide upholstery to match any other fabric surface in your home. Why not do it yourself and get exactly what you want without having to pay all of the middlemen. Find the perfect design and then work it into your home in a way that suits you best.

DIY Wall Rack

How to make a  magnetic wall rack for   on a
Tutorial: www.ehow.com

DIY doesn’t have to be some huge undertaking. Here’s a great little project that can be done by virtually everyone, and it can be customized to suit your own needs simply by using different sizes and types of woods and also by completing the project using different wood finishes.

Laundry Hangup Station

Before you saw this, you never realized how much you wanted one in your own laundry room. Now that you do, however, the materials are simple to find in any lumber yard and assembly of this laundry room organization wonder is quick and easy. The best part is that everybody is going to want to know where you bought it from.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

How to build a   coffee table on a
Tutorial: shoppingkim.com

Boho Chic is the name of the game here, and building it is as easy as it is ever likely to get on any project. Plus, there is nothing better than a DIY project where all of the materials are free, free, free. You might even get thanked for hauling them away.

Coffee Stirrer DIY Wall Art

Any project that involves coffee is bound to be popular with most people. In this case, rounding up a bunch of coffee stirring sticks is bound to require a trip or two to your favorite local barista– which makes this wall hanging project a win-win right out of the gate.

Gold Painted Silverware Mason Jars

Now this project may look exceptionally easy and very practical for its intended application. However, you need to be careful since you are likely to come down with an addiction to gold metallic paint. Once started down this road, there is no cure and the only treatment is to buy more.

Repurposed Book Knife Block

This little project is a cute and clever idea that definitely solves a problem that afflicts most kitchens in one way or another. Due to the nature of the solution, however, it is honestly better suited to traditional or country-style kitchens than it is to ultra-modern ones. But what a great idea regardless.

Veggie/Fruit Storage Rack

Nothing says DIY better than a project using repurposed pallet lumber. This adorable little storage rack really serves a genuine purpose as well, since every kitchen can always use more ways of storing things. Nor is that the only room of the house where it would be welcome.

Simple Rope Rug

On the face of it, this is a pretty straightforward project involving coiled up rope, but the permutations that are possible go way beyond the simple premise of the basic design. By creating rope coils of various diameters and of various rope thicknesses, it becomes possible to produce free form designs that branch off from the original principle.

Wood Slice Mirror Frame

There are some DIY projects that take a little extra effort, but it is so totally worth it once you’re done. This is one of those projects that just jump out at you and demand that you get started on them right away. The frame is so unique and stylistically pleasing that you might forget all about the mirror in the middle of it.

Rustic Ladle Tea Lights

This is a very classy project that can serve both as a fabulous home décor item as well as an interesting little piece to sell. Consisting of just an old ladle, some scrap lumber and some mounting hardware, each piece is utterly unique. As a welcoming guide or just a fascinating conversation piece, it is something that will definitely be noticed.

Framed Jewelry and Earring Organizer

What are the chances that you’d want a chicken wire hanging on the wall of the boudoir? Well, if you make this lovely jewelry wall organizer for your home, the odds are a lot better than you’d otherwise expect. That’s the true beauty of DIY– turning sow’s ears into silk purses is the name of the game.

Love Scrabble Pieces Wall Art

Let’s face it. Girls love Valentine’s Day and guys pretty much tolerate it. Making a set of these austerely tasteful oversize Scrabble blocks allows you to say what you really mean without putting the big guy on the spot. Plus, they are so delightful that they will most likely become a year-round part of the ambiance.

Oatmeal Container Floor Vase

How to make a  oatmeal container vase for  on a
Tutorial: gooddealmama.com

This is a very intriguing example of how something that is not “perfect” probably ends up looking better than it would have if it were. There is just something artistically attractive about the way in which the twine wraps haphazardly around the exterior of the two Quaker Oats containers that comprise the basis of the project.

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

In a world that is drowning in mass produced goods, this striking little project shows us all that a one-of-a-kind made with love and imagination will beat five-million-of-the-same every single time.

Mudroom Cubbies

There is no such thing as having too much storage in your home. With this cute and practical collection of cubbyholes for all of the family’s hats and mittens, you now have one less excuse for having clutter in your life.

Quote Pillows

We all have our own little storehouse of sentiments with which we agree, but these crafted throw pillows allow us each to have our own say rather than just repeating what we have heard someplace else. Literary immortality awaits.

Bathroom Shower Curtains with Reclaimed Wood

How to make  reclaimed  curtain hooks for   on a
Tutorial: www.oliveandlove.com

So often it is the context or the milieu that evokes our judgment as to whether something is of value or not. In the case of these battered old bench slats, you wouldn’t think of sitting down on them– but they look absolutely stylish hanging up in the most intimate room of your house.

Turn a Curbside Dresser Into a Bar

Unless you know the true meaning of “Curb Alert”, you may not be a real DIYer. This scrappy little bar  was once someone’s castoff dresser – until it got the full DIY treatment from someone who could see it for what it could become and not just for what it was.

Marble Tray

How to make this easy DIY marble tray from a marble tile
Tutorial: enwoodhouse.com

Here’s a simple DIY project to add an accent to your decor with marble. A tray made of a marble tile with metallic copper or silver handles looks luxurious and a single tile doesn’t cost that much to get. It can be used for serving or to create statement display vignettes.

Marble Planters

How to make these easy DIY marble planters
Tutorial: fallfordiy.com

Having plants at home is another chance to sprinkle some luxe with marble planters. And while buying them made of real marble can be a bit pricey, here’s how to transform simple planters with contact paper in marble pattern.

Marble Coasters

Making marble coasters is another great way to add small accents around your home and make it look classy. Here’s how you can make them without having to look for and splurge on the real deal.

Marble Wall Clock

How to make an easy DIY marble wall clock
Tutorial: www.brit.co

Wall clocks should make a comeback to home decor and what a great way to show off marble they are. You can make this classy wall clock from a marble tile and a clock kit easily at home.

Marble Bed Tray

Another marble tray project for you, this time it’s a bed tray. Why not spoil your significant other with a lovely breakfast in bed and do it in style?

Faux Marble Tabletop

Marble tabletops can add a lot more luxe to decor than small accents. Such a piece can easily become the focal point of the entire room and make it look classy or chic. The transformation is easy and all you need is contact paper in marble pattern.

Marble Picture Frame

Adding marble pattern to picture frames is quite an unexpected way to decorate and we love it. Create some luxurious whimsy at home with this simple technique using our favorite marble contact paper.

Marble Pattern Dish Towels

Marble pattern doesn’t necessarily have to go on solid objects and surfaces exclusively. You can use the pattern on towels or linens with the same effect. Here’s one technique how you can do it.

No Paint Faux Marble Countertop

A faux marble kitchen countertop done with contact paper may be a controversial technique but it’s an impressive option nonetheless. If you tend to go about your kitchen tasks carefully you may try this project at home.

Faux Marble Lamp

A great way to add sculptural interest to your decor is transforming a plain table lamp with marble paint. Use this tutorial to get the technique right and you can use it on many more objects that just a lamp.

Marble Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is the perfect place to use a marble pattern for a lot of decor interest. It makes your kitchen look classy and luxe instantly and goes well together with just about any style.

Rustic Shelves

Check out the idea:   wood log shelves!
Idea via: www.homedit.com

These pretty little rustic shelves made from wood logs work as art more than storage (although they can be both).

Wall Vases

How about little vases to embellish the walls together with other pieces of art or just filling in empty spaces?

Tassel Wall Hangings

For a hint of bohemian style you can make these tassel wall hangings that have an effect much greater than it takes effort to make.

Mirrored Nightstand

Want some class and glamour in your room? Turn a simple IKEA dresser into a mirrored surface piece of furniture.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

A little bit of whimsy can do wonders to home decor and making a coffee table out of a whiskey barrel has plenty of it.

Pallet Shelf

 pallet shelf
Tutorial: ana-white.com

There are plenty of things you can make form pallets and this fine little shelf is just one of them.

Pinwheel Placemats

These attractive place mats can be used to prettify just about any kitchen or dining room surface.

Rustic Wall Clock

Wall clocks can be powerful in making a statement, especially when they are hand crafted.

Pallet Wine Rack

 Pallet Wine Rack
Tutorial: thecartens.com

Another project to use a pallet and build a wine rack for your living room. It is unexpected and that’s exactly what you want to do to your decor.

Rolling Door

Rolling door like this adds a rustic and farmhouse element to home decor as well as a lot of architectural interest which is always welcome.

Rustic Storage Crate

As you know, storage boxes can be visually attractive and they can add to home decor. You can even easily make wood crates yourself.

Ladder Shelf

You have to love this clever idea to use a ladder for a makeshift open closet.

Animal Jars

Sometimes it’s all about adding little detail around the house, such as these gilded animal jars to store small accessories.

Hanging Shelf

The beauty of this hanging shelf is that you can suspend it from the ceiling in just about any corner of the room regardless of how much free space there is.

5-Board End Table

This 5-board end table for a sofa is really easy to make, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a handyman (or handywoman). You’ll save a lot of money on a must-have furniture piece.

Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

This little project isn’t just a jewelry organizer, it works as a wall art accent too. And it’s pretty easy to make.

Make Your Own Side Table

This tutorial will show you how relatively easy it is to make your own side table out of old shutters. You can use any other boards (like reclaimed wood) for that too. You’ll find use for a table like this inside or outside and it will cost your next to nothing.

Pallet Entryway Organizer

This entryway organizer that serves as a very versatile coat rack is just a simple painted pallet. Add hooks at any height you want and you’re good to go.

Faux Malachite Knobs

Changing the knobs on a dresser, cabinet or doors is a great way to embellish your decor but where do you get those fancy knobs to begin with? You can try the flea market, a thrift store, or make them yourself. This tutorial shows you how to make faux malachite knobs with a sharpie.

T-Shirt Rug

Source: cuadadesign.blogspot.com
Tutorial: cuadadesign.blogspot.com

If you haven’t gotten rid of your old t-shirts, good for you. You can quite easily make this awesome rug out of them.

Pebble Hot Pad

Make this wonderful hot pad for your kitchen by simply gluing pebbles to a sturdy fabric in any shape you like.

Marble Tray

Trays are great for home decor and marble ones are awesome. But you don’t have to spend as much as they cost (and it’s quite a lot for a tray) by making one out of a marble tile.

Antler Coat Hanger

Add a whimsical accent with an antler coat rack that you can make yourself. All you need is to find an antler on Ebay, Etsy or another store.

Ring Magazine Holder

You can make this simple magazine holder as a convenient organizer or as a unique art hanger.

Abstract Art

Have you ever thought after buying a piece of abstract art for wall decor (or that empty space above the sofa) that you could easily do it yourself? You were totally right, and no one will be none the wiser. Check out the tutorial to see how easy it is.

Vintage Art

Same goes for vintage art made from salvaged materials. You can get the look that costs up to $50 or more in stores, and you get to choose the style.

Suspended Shelves

 Hanging Rope Shelf
Tutorial: nur-noch.com

You can save a lot on shelving units if you create these suspended shelves out of cheap boards.

Metallic Mirror Frame

A mirror frame like this is a wonderful accent that adds class and makes your home look expensive, but it doesn’t have to be actually expensive if you do it yourself. Check out the tutorial to see for yourself.

Makeover Side Tables

Stylish side tables make the decor look well put together but they can get really expensive. Instead of buying them from stores make over a cheap thrift shop or yard sale find.

Upgrade Cheap Nightstands

This particular DIY tutorial shows you a $400 knock off and there’s no reason why you should pay that much for a nightstand. Get crafty and you’ll have one at a fraction of cost.

Painted Area Rugs

You can spend a lot of money on area rugs in a style you want and it may be worth it because a rug anchors the entire room decor. But you can get the same result with a cheap rug and a little paint job too.

Custom Candles

 Candle Images
Tutorial: h2obungalow.com

Scented candles are fine and you can keep a stash of them for special occasions but you don’t have to blow your budget on accent candles when you just want to light up the room for a romantic mood. Get some cheap candles and transfer a picture on them for a custom style using this tutorial.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures aren’t easy to craft yourself but you can get certain looks at little cost. Rustic, industrial or even chic style can be achieved with just a little creativity, like these fixtures made out of wire baskets.

Stylish Stools

Stylish colorful stools make great accents but there’s no reason to pay that much to get a design you want when you can make over old or cheap ones.

Painted Kitchen Backsplash

There are many ways to install a kitchen backsplash but the cheapest option has to be using paint. You can even get the faux tile look at a fraction of the cost of real tiles.

DIY Ottoman

 from an Utility Basket
Tutorial: designsponge.com

Can you believe this beautiful ottoman was made out of a utility bucket? There are many ways to create one but this must be our favorite.

DIY Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be quite expensive but you can build one out of an IKEA table top and simple table legs for a wonderful mid-century look.

Accessory Knockoffs

Home decor accessories can cost a pretty penny and more often than not they already look like a DIY project. So why not make the real thing at a fraction of cost? This Anthropologie accent mirror that costs $400 was made for under $15.

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Rustic DIY Home Decor Craft Projects

Rustic style may be more suitable for getaway cabin decor but little rustic accents sprinkled throughout your home works with any style. Handcrafted accents have even a bigger appeal because you can make them yourself thus making your home more original.

So it doesn’t matter what interior design style you’re going for – whether it’s modern minimalist, traditional, classic or something in between – you’ll always find a place for rustic accents. Here are 20 rustic DIY home decor ideas that will definitely make your home warmer.

Wood Planked Accent Wall

Wood finish always adds warm texture to home decor and making a planked accent wall will create a great decor feature. You can choose any type of wood for this project, reclaimed wood or paneling planks with the finish of your choice. This nook looks really warm and cozy with a sofa made to really fit the look.

Hand Painted Jars

Take some old used jars and paint them. This simple idea can add a cute accent to your kitchen decor.

Handmade Vignettes

Tie a bundle of books with rope, use old bottles for vases, paint an old jar and make a bouquet. Re-using old things that you’d normally throw away can create a wonderful rustic accent for your decor.

Ladder Towel Rack

 Ladder Towel Rack
Tutorial: 12oaksblog.com

Take an old ladder (or build one yourself) and use it as a towel rack – that’s a simple yet nice accent.

DIY Wall Decorations

Get creative decorating your walls. Fixing bottles and jars to the wall is a nice rustic accent and you can use them for flowers, plants, or even storage of small things.

Candle Lanterns

Bring old country style as the accent with candle lanterns to your home.

Shelves and Racks

Re-purposing old pallets is a DIY trend and rightfully so. There are many things you can use it for and shelves (also read about our picks for the best bookshelves for small spaces) and racks are one of those things. They give an instant rustic accent to your decor.

Frame a Mirror

Make a rustic mirror frame from wood planks or even repurpose reclaimed wood.

Stack Old Boxes

Need a bookshelf or a cabinet with an accent? Simply stack old boxes and you’ve got it.

Coat and Jewelry Hangers

Small things such as coat or jewelry hangers will add a wonderful wall decor accent in a rustic style.

Rustic Benches

You can find many uses for a bench at home but most importantly it makes the perfect furniture accent.

DIY Candle Holders

Can you believe how simple it is to make this rustic candle holder and even though it’s so small it will give a wonderful accent to your decor.

Rustic Cabinets

Handcrafted cabinets from reclaimed wood or re-purposed old boxes, whatever you use them for in your home will always add a warm rustic accent.

Rustic Corbel

Wherever you have a walkway, a simple addition of a rustic corbel will create an accent with big impact and architectural interest.

Decorative Shelves

Create a wall of display with small decorative rustic shelves.

DIY Tables

Using reclaimed wood to craft a DIY table, such as this colorful old pallet up-cycling, is a great accent.

DIY Coffee Table

Coffee tables are easily made of old boxes and pallets, all you have to do is paint them and add little wheels.

DIY Ottoman

An old crate makes a great DIY ottoman and it looks just so well.

Tree Trunk Side Table

 Tree Trunk Side Table
Tutorial: www.17apart.com

Tree trunk furniture is a trendy rustic accent in many interior design styles. All you have to do is install hairpin legs to it.

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DIY Home Decor Projects for Under $10

Decorating your home with stylish accessories can be quite costly and you can still feel the lack of originality. Crafting cute little decor items, on the other hand is a sure way to make something very personal and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

So today we’ve made a list of 10 DIY ideas that cost $10 or less to make and you can get your creative juices flowing. Make something like these ideas or get inspired for something else, and make an original statement for your home decor. Each idea has a link to a tutorial, so follow each of them if you want to do it.

Upcycled Sunburst Mirror

If you have old unused window blinds that you’re about to throw away, upcycle them to this wonderful sunburst frame accent mirror.

Personalized Canvas Rug

 Canvas Rug
Tutorial: diyhuntress.com

These things cost quite a penny in stores, but you can craft one yourself and it will be as original and personal as you make it.

Chalkboard Kitchen Backsplash

A great idea for a unique and inexpensive kitchen backsplash to paint it with chalk paint.

Framed Poster-Sized Art

You don’t have to be an artist to create statement wall art. This DIY project shows you how you can easily make one for less than $10.

Moss Candle Holder or Vase

 Moss Vases
Tutorial: meeganmakes.com

You can easily make a couple of these accent vases and candle holders for the springtime decor.

Nailhead Embellishments

 Nailhead Embellishment
Tutorial: madincrafts.com

Refresh that old cabinet, dresser or a table by embellishing it with custom patterns of thumbtacks.

Accent Wall Stamps

Here’s a cheap alternative to creating an accent wall by making a simple paint stamp.

Wire Sculpture

 Wire Sculpture
Tutorial: lifeinvelvet.com

This tutorial shows you how to make an Anthropologie knock off for under $10 and have a piece of statement art at a fraction of cost.

Drop Cloth Curtains

This idea for drop cloth curtains was originally designed for a front porch, but it can be used inside to dress windows or separate space as well.

Custom Spotted Curtains

Create this or similar curtain pattern without having to buy expensive designer curtains.

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Minimalist DIY Home Decor Craft Projects

Minimalist home decor is a safe way to increase your interior appeal. Using neutral color and small accents gives you a unique way to experiment without going all in. That’s what we love about this decor approach the most.

What’s more, minimalism makes DIY projects a lot easier. You can take on a home decor project and expect a stylish result even if you’re a beginner. To make it even easier for you, we’ve made a list of top 20 minimalist DIY decor project ideas to choose from. And here they are.

Leather Tab Jewelry Holders

How to make  leather tab jewelry holders for minimalist
Tutorial: www.homedit.com

Decorating rooms with jewelry is a viable way to introduce unique pieces to the wall. The project uses several eyelets and necklaces to create a fashionable décor design.

Minimal Copper Airplant Holders

How to make  minimalist copper airplant holders
Tutorial: www.homedit.com

Copper airplant holders are another impressive minimalist concept that provide a unique dimension to interior spaces. The project incorporates plants, leather lace details and copper couplings and elbows to create a striking feature. The plants are placed in the shiny copper elbows and couplings. The decoration provides a contrasting look to the white walls.

Test Tube Vase Antlers

This project is perfect for anyone looking to transform walls with a combination of branch antlers, test tubes and a wooden board. The piece boasts an irresistible artistic appeal thanks to the shield design on the board. The design gives an impression of a plant sprouting from the wall via the test tubes.

Wood Triangle Bookends

How to make  bookend triangles for
Tutorial: makeandtell.com

Wooden triangle bookends provide a minimalist way to keep books well-organized. The pieces also add an eye-catching appeal to the setting with geometric designs. The project requires a miter saw, wood, glue, paint, a pencil, a painter’s tape and a paintbrush.

Hanging Wall Organizer

A hanging wall organizer serves a dual purpose by providing a specially designed feature for organizing and beautifying the space. It boasts a pocket for storing items and a pad for hooking or sticking notes and other artifacts. In addition, the piece features a multi-page notepad for writing down notes.

Minimalist Wall Hanging

Transforming walls can be done in a few easy steps using basic materials. A minimalist wall hanging created in this project is made of black yarn, wood beads, a twine and a wooden rod. The materials are creatively crafted to produce a real work of art.

No-Sew Rope Coil Basket

Rope coil baskets create a gorgeous decorative feature in any room. It has all the hallmarks of a superb artistic piece that comes with well-designed handles. It is made of cotton piping, which gives the piece a rope-like appearance. Unlike traditional rope baskets, this number is built using a hot glue gun.

Rustic Wall Hanging

Creating a rustic wall hanging is an affordable and fun way to jazz up walls. The project requires two plain planks that will be fitted with hooks. The planks are partially painted on the bottom part and attached to the wall. The hooks can be used to hold decorative elements like glass vases.

Standing Mirror with Wooden Shelf

How to make a  wooden floor standing mirror HomeDecor
Tutorial: fallfordiy.com

Creating shelf space can be done in a stylish manner while maintaining a minimalist approach. In this project, the wooden shelf comes with a full length mirror that turns a simple design into an attractive piece. The mirror creates a welcome distraction from the items stored on the shelves.

Branch Hanger

How to make a  branch hanger HomeDecor
Tutorial: www.mydubio.com

A branch hanger provides a strikingly simple feature on any wall. It mimics the appearance of a picture frame. It features two plain sticks, a rope and a dried eucalyptus branch attached to the bottom stick.

Boho Lumbar Pillow

A black and white Boho lumbar pillow creates a striking look in any bedroom. Its subtle blush tones add character to an airy white interior space. The accessory achieves the objective without compromising on the minimalist look. It complements the white duvet covers.

Furry Stool with Gold Legs

This DIY project takes a few minutes to complete and requires a few materials. It adds a distinctive cozy look and feel to the room thanks to the furry details. It brings a refreshing appearance when placed next to flowers. Its fur is white while the stool is painted gold in keeping with the minimalist theme.

Frame Ladder Shelves

This project creates innovative frame ladder shelves that look simple and spectacular at the same time. The shelves can accommodate a wide array of decorative items, including vases, flowers, pottery, picture frames and more. The shelves have a distinctive ‘A’ shape that catches the eye.

Flower Wall

How to make a  flower wall HomeDecor
Tutorial: sweetteal.com

Flowers provide an inspiring dimension to any minimalist room. In this project, flowers are glued and then hung on the wall by tying a loop on the top flower head using a fishing line. This decorative element is placed next to the bed to act as a unique DIY headboard.

Cork Bench

How to make a  cork bench HomeDecor
Tutorial: fallfordiy.com

This project is aimed at revamping a plain space by adding a simple cork bench. The unit is placed in the entry way with cushion accents. The bench was repurposed for the role by spraying it with black paint to produce a shiny new look.

Wood and Leather Hat Rack

A hat rack project involving the use of four sticks that are tied down to create one of the most minimalist racks. The feature can be used to hang handbags, jackets and more.

Blanket Ladder

This blanket ladder project provides a refreshing decorative element to any room without breaking the bank. The ladder, which retails at  almost $200 can be created for less than $10. Yet, the results are impressive. In addition, the DIY project is simple and quick; it can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Wooden Bead Pendant Light

This DIY project entails creating a pendant light using colorful beads as part of a nursery project. The beads provide a stunning contrast to the stark white walls and other other minimalist decorative elements in the room. The pendant is made of wire covered with cloth, colorful wooden beads and a classic light bulb. The completed piece adds a splash of color to the nursery.

Bubble Chandelier

How to make a  bubble chandelier HomeDecor
Tutorial: www.popsugar.com

This project involves the creation of a magnificent bubble chandelier that adds minimalist character to the room. It achieves the objective without making the room feel cluttered. The champagne bubbles retain a simplistic element yet they look sophisticated and opulent. The bubbles were created as part of a DIY project, thus saving the boutique owners thousands of dollars.

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Scandinavian DIY Home Decor Craft Projects

It’s hard to fathom the reason why Scandinavians have always been good with interior décor. Almost everyone in the Scandinavian countries seems to have just about a perfect looking home. The attention to detail and the stylish accessories in their homes is the stuff that dreams are made up of.

If you are someone who thought that you would be set back by a few thousand dollars if you were to aim for that super-stylish look for your home, then think again. There are some simple DIY Scandinavian home decor project tutorials here, using which you can do a complete rejig of your home’s interior, quite literally bringing it back to life.

Birch Piece Candle Holder

How to make a  birch tree  candle holder
Tutorial: www.hellolidy.com

Easy, simple and yet stunning, a birch piece candle holder can add a touch of natural accent to your décor. They would be just about the perfect companions for Christmas trees too. Bring in some rustic warmth into your home this season with these cute candle holders. This tutorial will show you how it is done.

Birch Log Fire Lights

Perhaps one of the easiest DIY projects, that is classy at the same time is birch log fire lights. All that you need for the project are a few birch logs and a drill. The entire project would not take more than a few minutes. Check out the tutorial on making birch log fire lights.

Scandinavian Inspired Hanging Photo Frames

How to make a  Scandinavian style picture frame
Tutorial: www.curbly.com

A best way to enjoy your photos, again and again is through creatively done hanging photo frames. This DIY project will involve using three different sized photo frames. The contrast in size would give it an abstract look. Find out from this tutorial and get your creative juices flowing.

Handmade Home Wall Hanging

There is no better way to decorate your home walls then with a mixed media wall hanger. The supplies you will need for this DIY project like pearl dots, dollies, canvas, paper scraps, etc., can all be found in your old craft items from other projects.  Just follow the steps provided in this tutorial and your wall hanger will be ready in no time.

Branch Hooks

How to make  branch hooks for Scandinavian style
Tutorial: dekolehti.fi

Dry tree branches, some paint, simple tools and some effort from your side is all that is required for this DIY project. Depending on the look you want- classy or rusty, you can choose to either paint the branch or leave it like that. This step by step tutorial will teach you how to go about the process.

Scandinavian Inspired Coat Stand

How to make a  coat rack  style
Tutorial: emmas.blogg.se

As winter sets in coats lying all around the house can create quite a clutter. One of the best ways to manage the mess, a Scandinavian inspired rustic coat stand. As a DIY project, it is also very simple too. You can find the simple steps required in this tutorial.

Giant Peg Board

One of the oldest and popular DIY ideas going around, an oversized peg wall can add both aesthetic value, apart from being a functional design idea. They are a great idea for filling out large empty wall spaces. Check out the tutorial for the steps and the materials that you will need.

Mid-Century Plant Stand

Mid-Century inspired furniture ideas seem to be the flavor of the season. A DIY Mid-Century inspired plant stand would definitely add some visual interest to your living room. You can tuck them under the windows or place them in any of the corners of a room. For more details check the tutorials.

Mounting Staghorn Ferns

If you want to bring some green inside your home, then there is no better way than mounting staghorn ferns. With their splendid long leaves and eye-catching hue of green, they can bring any dull and drab wall in your home back to life. Just follow the instructions given in this tutorial.

Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter

One of the cutest DIY ideas that you can try is that of a leather and brass teardrop hanging planter. Again, the supplies would be bare minimum for making what is perhaps one of the cutest DIY ideas. This tutorial will show us how to make this idea a reality.

Textile Wallpaper

A few pieces of old fabric, some paint and your imagination. Well, that’s all you will need to create some wonderful textile wall papers for your home. They are generally every kid’s favorite. Try out a design theme based on a favorite cartoon character. Find out how to create charming wall papers without any weaving by going through this tutorial.

DIY Ladder

A DIY decorative ladder would not only make for an excellent addition, whether it is a wooden one for a rustic look or a metal one, for contemporary chic. From hanging your towels to jackets and towels, not only would a decorative ladder look good, it would also be a functional piece of equipment in your home. Find out how to make the ladder in this tutorial.

Wine Rack

How to make a  minimalist wine rack  style   s
Tutorial: upknorth.com

Perhaps one of the simplest DIY project that you can try is a minimalist wine rack. All that you need for the project are a few screws, some leather straps and of course, wine bottles. Make your wine bottles accessible, while also ensuring their protection. This tutorial is there to help you get started with the project.

Mid-Century Hair Pin Table

The Mid-Century modern design is back with a bang. Why not try a DIY Mid-Century hair pin table? While purchasing the real thing could be quite expensive, you can easily create the table with no worry about the cost. Every step for creating this wonderful piece of furniture is discussed in this tutorial.

Scandinavian Wall Art

Bring out the creative artist inside you, whenever you are looking to add a touch of elegance to any room. You can create wonderful pieces of Scandinavian wall art with everyday objects and supplies that you can find in your home. This tutorial will teach you how to do it.

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Easy DIY Home Decor Craft Projects for Renters

Your home is what you make of it, no matter if it is just a temporary solution or a permanent stopping point. You want it to be attractive, functional, and easy to live in. Most of all, you want to be proud of what you’ve done with the place – no matter what it looked like when you first started out.

Of course, that’s one of those journey of a thousand miles things, and you have to take the first bold single step. Here are a few ideas that can really jump start the thought processes. No matter if you are just starting out or are looking for some new and better ideas to make your place even better than it already is, here are 15 cute DIY home decor projects for renters. Like all really great home improvement ideas, they will work just as good for homeowners as well.

DIY Cord Covers

Hiding ugly wall outlets is always a problem but here is a way to turn them into charming little patches of wall art. This also creates some perfect little shelf spaces for your favorite knick knacks and even small house plants. Plus, when you move, you CAN take it with you.

How to Hang a Chandelier for Renters

Many older houses lack overhead lighting and lamps can only go so far in some instances. The solution is to try this easy chandelier trick that is about as simple as hanging your favorite plant from a swag hook in the ceiling.

Vintage Postcard Backsplash

Sprucing up the staid old countertops in a rental unit is one way to add some instant charm to your dwelling. Using vintage postcards is a colorful and eye-catching way to cover up those old crumbling backsplashes in a way that is both extremely affordable as well as cunningly fashionable at the same time.

DIY Map Wall Treatment

Everyone can think of a perfect place to use this crafty little idea. It makes a perfect covering to hide stains or holes without looking like it was placed there to hide stains or holes. It would also be the perfect wall covering for a comfy den or home office.

Temporary Accent Wall for Renters

Some walls just look better as accent walls rather than being covered with pictures and framed photos and what-have-you in order to disguise their plain simplicity. Cutting out geometric shapes from your favorite roll of contact paper is one way to add pizzazz without making your landlord go crazy.

Fabric Quote Banner

Having your say isn’t always easy in a rental, but here is a way to express yourself without having to repaint the walls once you move on. The best part about this is that you can tailor it to fit any available space, large or small.

Copper Pipe Ladder

How to make a  copper pipe blanket ladder  for s
Tutorial: weboughtahouse.squarespace.com

Since rentals are usually smaller than owner-occupied houses, there is a corresponding lack of closet and storage space. This adorable and easy copper ladder project is the perfect way to hang towels, blankets, or any other bulky item, thus freeing up closets and drawers for other purposes.

Faux Roman Shades

Many people love the look of Roman shades for their windows– but they are less happy about how much they cost in the stores. Particularly in a rental, where you might not have the same size windows next time you move, this is an ingenious and money-saving way of getting the look you want at the price you can afford.

Agate Slice and Copper Sconces

Okay, even if you’ve never cared one whit about wall sconces in your entire life, that is about to change. You are going to go mad over these fabulous DIY sconces. Simply mad. Nothing else to say.

Turn a Bar Stool into a Side Table

How to make a  bar stool nightstand  for s
Source: likeasaturday.com

So you’ve been looking high and low for the perfect little table to fit in that teeny-tiny little space you have next to the couch or alongside your bed. Well, your search is ended at last– provided of course that you have a bar stool and some glue.

Salvaged Wood Chalkboard

There is just something so alluring about turning an old exterior surface into something decorative to display with pride inside your home. If you add a generous helping of practical usefulness to the recipe, then you’re really cooking with gas.

No Sew Table Cloth Bed Canopy

How to make a  no sew table cloth canopy  for s
Tutorial: www.vintageromancestyle.com

If you been looking for the perfect way to show off that high ceiling in your bedroom, this is the project you’ve been looking for. It’s a quick, easy, inexpensive, and oh-so-elegant way to really bring your bedroom to life.

Hanging Garden

Calling all cooks. This project is going to save you the tons of money you currently spend on buying fresh herbs. Better still, it’s going to make your window or wall look fabulous. Plus it’s so easy and inexpensive to make. What more could you ask for?

Cafe Curtain

So how about a project you can get started on right now? No trips to the craft store or need to prowl garage sales. This is something you can do to make your home more beautiful right now with things you already have on hand.

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Easy DIY Home Decor Craft Projects for Apartments

So you’re looking for easy DIY home decor ideas to decorate your apartment? It can be a challenge because when decorating an apartment (as opposed to house) you’r dealing with a lot less room space to be creative. You might also be on a tight budget when it comes to shopping for decor items and materials.

To help you out in this endeavor, we have collected some of the easiest yet very beautiful DIY home decor ideas that fit perfectly for an apartment (you can of course use them in a house as well). We hope that you’ll enjoy making them as much as we did.

Ring Magazine Holder

You can make this simple magazine holder as a convenient organizer or as a unique art hanger. It’s an easy non-committing project that you can do in over an hour. Check out the tutorial for instructions.

Chalkboard Jars

How to make  chalkboard  for   on a
Tutorial: sarahhearts.com

Having chalkboard for spice jar labels is ingenious and the best part is you can make it yourself. You can use them to decorate your kitchen and even bathroom (and to store all the small things). Check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Dinnerware Rack

This rack is whimsical as much as it’s useful and it’s a great addition to your kitchen for hanging towels. It will definitely improve your home decor the easy way. You can also use the same idea to decorate your bathroom as well. Check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Metallic Mirror Frame

A mirror frame like this is a wonderful accent that adds class and makes your home look expensive, but it doesn’t have to be actually expensive if you do it yourself. Check out the tutorial to see for yourself.

Magnetic Spice Rack

How to make a  magnetic spice rack for  and   on a
Tutorial: homeisd.com

Small jars of spices or other things can be stacked on a magnetic board if you attach magnets to their lids. This creates not only a useful spice rack, it adds to your home decor appeal as well. Check out the tutorial for more details.

Mason Jar Shelves

A very convenient bathroom DIY project re-using old jars to store various small bathroom accessories. All you need to do is attach mason jars to a board of stained wood. You can experiment with different stains and kinds of wood for a different decor style.

Pallet Wine Rack

How to build a pallet wine rack

Another project to use a pallet and build a wine rack for your living room. It is unexpected and that’s exactly what you want to do to your decor. The tutorial will explain you how to make one for yourself.

DIY Phone Holder

Keep your home cord clutter free by making a few of these phone holders to neatly pack them while charging. Paint the bottles in an attractive pattern (or solid color) to make them decor accents rather than eyesores.

Tassel Garland Wall Decor

How to make a  tassel garland for
Tutorial: www.penniesforafortune.com

Tassel garlands made of simple wrapping paper is not an ordinary decor idea and it won’t always work but experiment with it to add some boho element to your decor. Check out this simple tutorial if you need a little help with the project.

DIY Stencil Drop Curtains

You can quite easily make your own stencil drop cloth curtains in any pattern you like and the end result will look like expensive designer curtains. It’s an easy and non-committing project you can make to decorate your home even if you’re renting. Check out the tutorial for instructions.

Mirror Shard Mosaic Frame

How to make a  mirror shard frame for
Original source unknown.

Making a mirror shard frame is quite an easy project for a wonderful art deco result. You can use stained glass or ceramic too – so go ahead and experiment. It will make a great frame for a picture or a mirror and decorate your apartment in an interesting way.

Canvas String Art Graffiti

Tutorial: jugglingactmama.com

Anyone can make beautiful art if they have the right technique. We’re here to give you that technique so you can create great things with it.

Decorative Chrysanthemum Mirror

Some of the cheapest materials can make brilliant decor if you know what to do with them. This chrysanthemum decorative mirror takes just a bunch of plastic spoons and some spray paint – the result is unexpectedly brilliant.

Rustic Storage Crate

As you know, storage boxes can be visually attractive and they can add to home decor. You can even easily make some yourself. Check out this tutorial for instruction on how to make one.

Birch Wall Hooks

Are you up for a unique decor feature? Try these birch wall hooks that look a lot more interesting than a regular coat rack. We love the minimalist and rustic style that this idea introduces.

Vintage Towel Hooks

We prefer towel hooks instead of bars for two reasons. For one, they make organizing towels so much easier, and secondly, you can use these gorgeous crystal knobs as hooks. Check out the tutorial for instruction on how to make this project.

Yarn Letter Wall Art

How to make  yarn letter wall art for
Tutorial: diycandy.com

If you’re up for letter art and signs, this is one of the easiest ways to create it from cardboard and yarn. It will make a neat home decor feature which is very easy to replace if necessary. Check out the tutorial for instruction on how to do it.

Fabric Canvas Wall Artwork

How to make  fabric  wall artwork for
Tutorial: www.brit.co

There are so many wonderful fabric prints and patterns that it would be a shame not to use them on display as wall art. So here’s the easiest way to do it.

Lightbulb Planters

How to make  lightbulb planters for
Tutorial: diyready.com

Speaking of whimsical decor details, nothing creates more whimsy as unexpected items used in unexpected ways and in unexpected places. Here’s how to create cute little lightbulb planters.

Reclaimed Wood Box Shelves

Cutting and screwing a couple of reclaimed wood boards doesn’t take long and the look you get by building these box shelves for your bathroom is authentic. It comes in a rough rustic style which is as warm as it is whimsical.

Rustic Rope Wall Sign

How to make   rope wall signs for
Tutorial: www.ebay.com

Rope makes a great material for wall signs and you can get this adorable rustic style art for your home decor quite easily. Check out the tutorial to see how it can be done.

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DIY Home Decor Craft Projects with Pebbles

If you’re looking for simple yet high impact home decor pieces look no further than DIY crafts with pebbles and river rocks. These materials are cheap, easily accessible and you can create some pretty cool decor accents with them. It doesn’t take much effort too.

Imagine adorable river rock mats and pebble coasters, beautiful DIY wall art that can be made from them. And the list of ideas doesn’t end there – the options are endless. Here’s a list of our favorite DIY home decor ideas with pebbles and river rocks.

Mudroom Mat

Fill a boot tray with pebbles and river rocks to get a quick makeshift mudroom mat that’s a lot more attractive and functional. It won’t only collect dirt more effectively, but look visually appealing too.

Pebble Coaster

Pebbles make a great coaster and a heat pad for hot kitchen utensils. It’s easy to glue it together and you get some whimsical decor accent for the kitchen.

Pebble Candle Holder

Check out this absolutely adorable idea for a candle holder that we’ve found on Instagram. It is easy to make by gluing the pebbles together and some simple art for the googly eyes (which are optional but totally cute).

Pebble Wall Art

Pebble art is quite adorable, don’t you think? We’ve found this lovely piece of art on Etsy but you can also experiment with similar crafts yourself as well.

Rock Covered Vase

Create a wonderful mosaic vase with river rocks by simply covering a bucket with them. All you need is a bunch of different rocks and adhesive to craft a remarkable decor piece.

Rustic Pebble Art

Another awesome idea for a piece of wall art for rustic decor that we’ve found on Etsy. For this craft, you need a piece of drift wood and a few interesting river rocks (preferably colored). Glue it all together for a nice decor statement piece.

Rocky Vase

Use rocks to bring outside details to your interior decor by creating decorative vases. Transforming a simple terracotta pot is easy.

Decorative Tree

This lovely tree can do wonders to your vignettes. It’s made of wire and old jewelry as well as using a rock as the base. While it takes some craftiness you can replicate it fairly easily.

Healing Crystals

Amazing home decor with healing crystals DIY wall hangings
Via: www.soulmakes.com

Cleanse the vibe of your interior decor by using healing crystals as wall hangings. They make stunning wall decor and it’s a fairly effective way to decorate with handicrafts.

Rock Paper Weights

Brilliant idea of painted river rocks as DIY paper weights and easy home decor
Via Pinterest.com

It’s such a simple idea to paint river rocks in pattern to create lovely paper weights. They can be used around the house to sprinkle some whimsical decor detail in your displays.

Pebble Bowl

Here’s another amazing idea to create a wonderful DIY decor piece from pebbles. The bowl can easily add a whimsical accent to your home decor vignettes.

Rock Door and Drawer Knobs

If your cabinet doors need an upgrade, try adding a quirky accent with handles made of rocks. it’s a fairly easy project if you follow the tutorial.

Sea Glass Christmas Tree

Adorable Christmas decoration DIY with sea glass pebbles
Via Pinterest.com

Can we count sea glass as pebbles? If so, you can make this adorable Christmas tree decoration in a rustic spirit. It’s different and definitely a unique accent for your decor.

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Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas for a Quick Fix

Inevitably, wears and tears appear in your home over time, that’s just natural. Paint gets chipped on the walls, cracks appear, the floor finish gets worn down, the furniture collects dents and scratches. The time to remodel and renew approaches but until then, you need to cover the wears and tears before they become eyesores.

So today, we’ve made a list of 12 quick DIY fixes to cover the most common wears and tears that come up in home decor over time. Use them until you get ready for a deeper update and remodeling.

Cover with Sheepskin

If your sofa or upholstered chairs have stains, tears or scratches that are impossible to clean or fix, covering it with sheepskin is a stylish option that adds coziness to the decor. If you don’t remove it, you can hide the defects until you decide to replace the furniture.

Paint Furniture Fabrics

Another option to renew your sofa is painting it with fabric paint. It’s actually a long lasting fix that will prolong the lifetime of the furniture. Check out the tutorial.

Cover Dresser Drawers with Wallpaper

Drawers get worn down because they are used so often. One option is to paint them, but an easier one is to add self adhesive wallpaper that will hide the tears and give it an upgrade in style.

Cover Old Furniture with Fabric

Is this look of a table covered in faux snakeskin something you’d sign up for? If so, check out the tutorial and you can choose any pattern of fabric you like.

Fix Shelf Cracks with Resin Inlay

How to make easy DIY resin inlaid wood shelves
Tutorial: blog.shinium.eu

This idea of filling the cracks of a shelf with resin is something else. If your wooden furniture has earned some cracks, it can be a blessing in disguise as you can give it this striking accent.

Embrace the Washi Tape

Washi tape is a godsend to hide just about any small cracks, chips, holes and other eyesores on the walls. Create wall art while covering the ugly spots without having to repaint or apply wallpaper.

Update the Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash gets a lot of beating over time, what with the oil splashes and constant washing down. This tutorial shows you how easy it is to update it with self-adhesive faux wood flooring strips.

Add Catch All Drop Zones

One of the keys to minimize the visual wear and tear look is keeping your home as clutter free as possible. Adding beautiful baskets as drop zones for everything all around your home is a great way to do that in style.

Wallpaper the Surfaces

We’ve already mentioned the wallpaper upgrade for dressers, here’s how you can take it a step further. This tutorial shows you how you can cover up just about any piece of furniture.

Rotate the Dining Table

This is one of those ideas that makes you say, “why didn’t I think of it?”. The floor in your dining area wears down as your family uses it several times a day. But if you rotate the table regularly, it will wear down more evenly.

Paint the Faucets

How to Spray Paint a Faucet
Tutorial: www.savvydesignwest.com

Once the faucets in the kitchen and the bathroom wear down, there’s a cheap step you can take before replacing them – spray paint them for a new life.

10 Minute Pillow Covers

Here’s how you can easily and affordably make your own pillow cases to replace the old ones, if you’re up for a 10 minute DIY project. Also check out our DIY pillow cover ideas.

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DIY Shabby Chic Home Decor Ideas

Shabby chic may very well be the most charming style in home decor. If you’re looking for unique decor that pops in detail it’s this style that will always deliver. The weathered look, worn and torn antique fashion and still a lot of glamour – these are the qualities that make shabby chic so desirable.

Do you want this look at home? You don’t need to go for a full on shabby chic decor but even a sole accent will make all the difference. So here are 12 awe-inspiring DIY shabby chic decor ideas and tutorials for you to use and glamour-up your style.

Upcycled Drawer Side Tables

Can you rescue a couple of large drawers to turn them into nice shabby chic side tables? Paint them in pastel colors, add some wallpaper, decal or hand-drawn art to the backboard and you have a brilliant piece of statement furniture for your chic home decor.

Ladle Candle Holder

Love the idea of a shabby chic ladle candle holder
Idea via: julitawozny.com

A truly unique and very vintage looking decor item for a shabby chic accent is this ladle candle holder. It’s very easy to build – all you need is to find a vintage ladle and a small board of wood. The high decor impact is guaranteed.

Shabby Chic Rosette Rug

A great way to make a strong statement in home decor is via area rug that dictates the style. This shabby chic rosette rug will certainly do the job and you can do it yourself quite easily. (You may also be interested in our list of awesome DIY rugs.)

Lace Lampshade

Laces and jewel embellishments make a glamorous vintage style and that’s a big part of what shabby chic is. You can craft this attractive lampshade quite easily from the most basic materials.

Book Page Wreath

This book page wreath for shabby chic wall decor looks quite intricate but it’s not that complicated to make. It will make a popping decor statement with a deeper meaning of reviving an old book to new life.

Shabby Chic Fridge Transformation

This fridge transformation is truly astonishing while still quite simple in its process. All it takes is gluing molding for embellishment and the correct choice of paint and painting technique.

Shabby Chic Picture Frame

How to make easy DIY Shabby Chic Picture Frames
Tutorial: thinkcrafts.com

Those little details matter the most and a simple picture frame can go a long way in creating a full and complete decor. If you like the idea of adding small but high impact shabby chic accents to your displays, make a few of these adorable picture frames.

Vintage Suitcase Side Table

A big part of shabby chic style is the vintage look. Therefore anything vintage that you can add to your decor is always a good idea. Transforming a suitcase into a side table is just one of the most creative ways to do it.

Shabby Chic Rosette Lampshade

Rosette patterns are truly wonderful shabby chic style accents that have an immediate impact on your decor. Why not make a lamp shade that features this pattern.

Shabby Chic Rosette Stool Makeover

This is how a generic stool can be transformed into a beautiful home decor accent. The weathered paint job, rosette embellishment and a vintage shabby chic look that drives your decor forward.

Flower Chandelier

How to make an easy shabby chic DIY Fflower Chandelier
Tutorial: honestlywtf.com

This chandelier design is a bit quirky but it’s one of the shapes that shabby chic style can take. If you need a really strong accent, this is one of the best ways to go.

Shabby Chic Cardboard Clock

Making your own clock is one of the best ways to create a truly unique and one of a kind decor accent. It also happens to be a great way to introduce shabby chic to your decor. This tutorial shows how simple cardboard can be transformed into something awe-inspiring.

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