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Use fairy lights outside of the Holidays for magical home decor. Here are 23 creative ideas to choose from.

Fairy lights have made their way to everyday home decor, and now you can see them everywhere even when the Holidays are over. They have a magical quality and add an impressive boho or chic accent. Most important of all, they are very cheap too.

So here are 23 brilliant ideas you can use to decorate every room of your home (or outside) with fairy lights.

Paper with Fairy Lights Lamp

This fun lamp is made entirely out of materials found in the recycling and trash. You can place this pyramid lamp on surfaces and enjoy the textured light it casts. Check out the link to learn how it’s done.

DIY Pine Cone Vase Filler with Fairy Lights

Make this simple DIY Pine Cone Vase Filler with Fairy Lights in just a few minutes to add a little glowing Fall decor to your table. Check out this website to get the entire plans and instructions.

DIY Paper Cup String Lights

This is just an easy way of dressing up a plain string of fairy lights. It takes less than 5 minutes. See the link to find out how it’s done.

DIY Light-Up Love Sign

Light-up your love with a light-up love sign. Follow these steps to make your own super easy DIY light-up love sign. Check out the link to see the full guidance and instructions.

Mason Jar Solar LED Fairy Lights

A cheap and simple solar light that reuses old solar lights and used mason jars. Read the tutorial to get the entire plans and instructions.

DIY Fairy Lights Home Decor with Free Template

This free template will help you adorn your fairy lights with your favorite papercraft collection in minutes. See the link for the complete plans and instructions.

DIY Fairy Lights in a Jar

Here’s a fun, wonderful summer project that is very easy to do, and that kids will enjoy – making Fairies in a mason jar. Read the link for the full plans and instructions.

Magical Starry Night Light with Wood, Foamboard and Fairy Lights

Make an exciting night light featuring the stars and constellations. It is pretty easy to build, and anyone could make it. Check out the link to see the full details.

Fairy Light Backdrop

Fairy light backdrop


From holidays to weddings to showers to birthday parties, photo booths are all the rage right now! Why not create one for your next celebration? They are super fun, and this easy DIY fairy light backdrop is perfect for any occasion. Read this website for the entire details.

DIY Geometric Fairy Lights

Reminiscent of Chinese paper lanterns these geometric fairy lights will set the romantic scene on your big day. See the link for the entire details and instructions.

DIY Fairy Lights Holiday Centerpiece

Looking for a festive yet straightforward centerpiece this holiday season? Look no further, this DIY for copper wire fairy lights is so simple, you’ve got this. Read the tutorial to get the complete guidance and instructions.

DIY Fairy Light Centerpiece

What an excellent idea on how to make a DIY fairy light centerpiece – you can replicate it the easy way. Read the tutorial to see the complete details.

Canopy with Fairy Lights

What Could Be More Fun Than A Canopy With Fairy Lights? Learn How!


If you are searching for a means to make your bedroom extra special, consider including a canopy to your current bed. Read the article to get the full details and instructions.

DIY Crafty String-Light Lanterns

Buy or DIY: Crafty String-Light Lanterns


After a DIY look but maybe not a ton of DIY effort? Go big or go easy with these string-light lanterns that will have your home sparkling. Follow the tutorial to find out how it’s done.

LED Fairy Light Globes

These LED fairy light globes are quite magical. This is a cool and straightforward project which you can do even if you don’t have many tools at all. See the link to see the full guidance.

DIY Wine Bottle Fairy Lights

What a terrific DIY wine bottle fairy lights idea you can also make the easy way. Check out the article for the full plans and instructions.

Fairy Light DIY

Have you ever wondered how you could spruce up your home with the use of electricity? See this website to find out how to do it.

Fairy/Firefly Lantern

What a terrific fairy or firefly lantern you can recreate the easy way. See the article to see how to do it.

DIY Fairy Outdoor Pendant Light

What a beautiful DIY fairy outdoor pendant light on a budget. Follow this website for the complete details and instructions.

DIY Fairy Lights Canopy

DIY Fairy Lights Canopy


Inspired by one of the most popular Pinterest ideas, this gauzy, fairy light-adorned DIY canopy brings an element of dreaminess and elegant drama to a bedroom. See this website to learn how it’s done.

DIY Fairy Light Lightbulb Lamp



This is an excellent DIY fairy light lightbulb lamp you can also make the easy way. Follow the video tutorial for the entire guidance.

Glowing Fairy Bottle

Glowing Fairy Bottle Tutorial: DIY Fairy Lights


Simple light-up fairy bottle using a strand of fairy lights. Follow the tutorial to get the full details.

PVC Night Light w/ Wood and Fairy Lights

This light features a cool round shape made out of PVC pipe that sits in a block of wood. Check out this website for complete guidance and instructions.