We have on-board Saul Cerni as our Editor-in-Chief. He is a seasoned home decorator who has been quoted by the media numerous times (mentions include Realtor, BestLife, Redfin, Yahoo! Life, and more.)

HomeISD.com is your one-stop to all things home decor and DIY home projects. If you want to start any project to improve your home at all, you’ve come to the right place.

Who Are We?

HomeISD is run by a group of individuals worldwide who have a shared passion for home decor and improving their homes. We all have done our fair share of DIY projects, and we continue to do it while documenting everything here on our site. We love finding and exploring new ways to make our homes, and it’s our mission to share them with you.

Media Mentions

Our blog’s popularity and expert opinion has attracted a lot of media attention over the years. Here are the top media mentions that we are most proud of:

media mentions

Our Mission

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We strive to find the best ways and ideas to improve, redesign, and rediscover the home, and we want to give you the same bug. Our goal is to attract like-minded people to our site and provide them with something exciting to take home.

What Do We Write About?

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If it relates to home one way or another, we will write about it. Our articles are always engaging and image-rich. We aim not to bore you with long texts but rather make reading about home exciting. If you stick around, you will find tons of articles about design, decor, and creative DIY projects.

Brief History of HomeISD

You must have noticed that ISD stands for “industry-standard design.” It has started in late 2014 as an inspiring blog about the industry’s tendencies, which had a goal to set the standard.

As time went by, the broad concept of ISD has shifted slowly towards home decor (especially the DIY site of it), so we moved our website to HomeISD.com in 2017. Meanwhile, IndustryStandardDesign.com had set on to continue its path.

Over the years, we’ve established our blog as a fun, inspiring, and informative source for all your decoration needs. It has become the starting point of many DIYers around the world.

Where Else Can You Find Us?

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Besides this website, you can connect with us on:

And you can contact us here anytime.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day! 🙂

Saul Cerni,




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