50 Easy DIY Mirror Frame Ideas You Can Make Right Now

Last updated on September 28, 2023

Looking to make a DIY mirror frame to add a new accent to your interior decor? Here are a whopping 50 easy tutorials for you to choose from.

An excellent attractive mirror is one of the keys of interior decor. More often than not it’s the go-to element for a focal point of a room, and there’s a good reason for that. Mirrors are commonly used to make the room seem bigger and lighter as well. And here’s your chance to make your DIY mirror frame.

There’s little reason to argue why you would want to add a mirror to your decor, so we’re not going to do that. Instead, we will give you 50 options for a DIY mirror that you can make yourself. Create something fabulous and have fun while doing it.

How to Make a Mirror

But first, let’s make a mirror! If you’re the one who likes to go the full length with your DIY projects, you will want to make a custom mirror before you frame it too. This might save you cutting the thing.

Here’s a video on how to do it quickly:

Even a quicker recap:

  1. Take a sheet of glass;
  2. Clean it;
  3. Spray one side with Mirror Spray#ad

The spray saves a lengthier process of coating the glass with reflective material to make a mirror.

How to Frame a Mirror

Want to cut through all the ideas and just frame a mirror quickly and easily? Here’s how:

Quick recap:

  1. Measure and cut wood;
  2. Put a frame together with screws and wood glue;
  3. Stain and paint the frame to get the look you want;
  4. Insert the mirror;
  5. Secure it with small wood blocks and screws on the back.

Need more ideas? Here are tons of fancy ways to make a mirror.

DIY Starburst Mirror Frame

Explore fantastic and fancy DIY mirror frame projects, and give this starburst design the chance to shine. Although intriguing-looking, this DIY mirror frame is quite simple to execute and doesn’t take up too much time, or money. What you will need is a plain round mirror, a handful of thin contractor shims, a bit of glue and a fabulous spray paint. Paint all shims in gold, and then glue and assemble them in a Sun-shape layout. Practical and budget-friendly, this charming mirror will deliver a much-needed pop of color in any room of the house.

DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

The best designs are often the simplest. This DIY mirror project requires several elements, including a frameless mirror, two pieces of thick baseboard and a few corner round moldings. With a budget of under $40, you will be able to give your mirror a rustic, yet contemporary outlook.

After measuring your mirror frame, you can start putting the pieces together, and painting them additionally if needed. Use glue to attach the corner moldings properly, and your new mirror is right to go! Useful and practical, this mirror is nothing short of a show-stopper!

Once it’s finished, you can take it up a notch and turn this mirror into a DIY medicine cabinet.

Fancy Mirror with Mirror Frame

This DIY mirror may be our favorite, and here’s why! Easy to do, and not a huge budget-spender, this project is ideal for anyone with an eye for details. What you’ll need to create it is a central mirror, a bunch of metallic decorative skewers, a handful of tiny mirrors in various dimensions, and a good will to bring it all together. This constellation mirror is easy to achieve if you follow the detailed tutorial accordingly. If one statement mirror doesn’t do the trick, you can always create a wall collage of mirror pieces, bound to open any space drastically!

Seashell Mirror Frame

Tutorial: puddyshouse.com

If you happen to have an old mirror hanging around your home (pun intended!), this is the perfect DIY project to let you get creative! The elements necessary to carry out this seashell mirror design include a handful of seashells (starfish, too!), and some glue! Beyond practical and affordable, this DIY mirror project will introduce a hint of summer in any room of your house. Larger seashells can be separated (carefully, now!) in half, so they stick better onto the frame. Create multi-colored layers of seashells and starfish, gluing them on top of each other…and that’s about it! Nice, right?

Round Amethyst Decorative Frame

If you like crystals and purples, you should give this amethyst DIY mirror frame a go! What is best about this project, is that you can frame any mirror by using a handful of soft violet crystals. Of course, using real amethyst stones can be pricier, but there are excellent replicas which can deliver the same effect!

Succulent Frame

Hey, lovers of florals, we have the ideal DIY mirror project for you! Transforming a plain mirror frame into a sensational succulent design is not only possible and easy to do but keeps your budget balanced as well! Begin by assembling two box-shaped wood frames, supported by stapled chicken wire. The mirror should be placed onto the smaller frame, so you can play around with the moss available, thus creating the perfect garden-like piece. Extra plywood to hold it all together will be required, but nothing too technical. Arrange your succulents as desired and marvel the final mirror layout.

DIY Flower Mirror

Let’s make it spring every day and create this magnificent DIY mirror that just burst with colors and textures! What is even better about his project is its practicality, affordability and time-friendly execution. The elements you’ll need to give this DIY mirror a try, include a variety of flowers, a round mirror, some glue, and a heavy duty wire. Use the wire as your frame base and begin entangling all floral pieces in a balanced layout. Once done, attach the frame to the mirror by using binder clips. With no ‘heavy-lifting’ skills required, this DIY mirror is a real stunner!

DIY Rope Mirror

Introduce seaside vibes and inspire your inner sailor with this beautiful DIY rope mirror. If you have an hour on your hands, make good use of it and compose this unique rope mirror. The tutorial itself is easy to follow, and what you’ll need is a long jute rope, round frameless mirror, and some glue. The only thing to be mindful of is keeping the rope edges slanted, so it’s all smooth and balanced. Glue the rope in circles, and make sure there is no extra space between each layer. Cheap, creative, captivating – just the way we like it!

Small Decorative Mirror

Another fancy and stylish DIY mirror was coming right up! We’re giving glass cutting techniques a new name, and a more natural way of doing it. To recreate this DIY design, you will need a larger mirror, a glass cutter tool, a touch of gold spray paint and a few other bits, all provided in the tutorial. Create an octagon shape by cutting the glass carefully (again, it’s easy!), and continue designing the gem-inspired linings across it, by using contact paper. From here onwards, it’s all about spraying your lines gold and allowing the 3D outlook to come to life! Divine, we tell you!

Round Rustic Mirror

If you were wondering how to elevate your old tray, here is an idea that works! How about creating a magnetizing DIY mirror, by using the tray piece as its frame? A costless and practical project to carry out, this mirror will undoubtedly deliver a rustic, yet innovative note. First, find a mirror that matches your tray the best (round, square, etc.), and use super glue to secure and hold the mirror in place. A few screws and wall hangers will help you attach the mirror to any vertical surface, giving your space a truly homely feel!

Decorative Bedroom Sunflower Mirror

When it comes to practical and useful DIY projects, this sunflower mirror design is second to none! Made of painted cardboard pieces, and a few other bits, such as an embroidery ring and round frameless mirror, this DIY project will save you time, money and research for ideas. Cutting, gluing and wiring are simple skills necessary to execute this sunflower project right, but you can find all specifics and methods of doing it right in the provided tutorial. We all need a ray of sunshine in our lives, and this DIY mirror enraptures precisely that and more!

Rustic Wood Slice Frame

wood slice
Tutorial: theownerbuildernetwork.co

A fantastic DIY mirror piece, which takes framing to a whole new level! Make the most of timber and repurpose it to create this vibrant design. By using a plywood toolkit and a few other things, including a jigsaw, cleat, and paint, you’ll be able to cut out oval wood pieces, paint them and glue them to fit the mirror frame just perfectly.

A little play of dimensions and textures here and there, and you’ll recreate this affordable and exciting design. This DIY mirror frame is, in fact, a genius idea for every handyman with basic carpenter’s skills and will to create!

DIY Driftwood Frame

Talk about a project that is fast, class and built to last!

If you are at a loss for ideas on how to improve a plain mirror frame, here is a project that will grab your attention! Thinking simply, yet creatively, this driftwood mirror frame is ideal for round mirrors and can deliver a fairytale-like vibe to any room of the house.

For this design, you’ll need a bunch of driftwood in different sizes, plywood, a glue gun, and a jigsaw, among others. Playing with all elements will ultimately create a beautiful mirror design that is both cheap and captivating!

Metallic Frame

Tutorial: hometalk.com

If you are keen on the sophisticated, yet trendy millennial vibe, pay attention, as another great DIY project is coming your way! Delivering excellence doesn’t have to be a challenging or demanding task at all. Using simple materials such as a pinewood frame, some glue and oddly enough, a spoon to create a 30-D frame texture.

What you want to pay attention to, is getting the wood filler paste to its perfect thickness so that it can deliver the desired effect.

After a little spoon molding action, use metallic spray paint to give the mirror its much-needed umph!

PVC Pipe Frame

Another extraordinary mirror design, which is not time-consuming and will cost you almost nothing. If you are thinking about repurposing unused PVC pipes, how about creating a sassy mirror frame which will have your friends talking?

What you’ll need is a PVC pipe, of course, and a few cutting skills to help you form ring-shaped pieces of different sizes. Glue all pieces onto the mirror frame to give it a little zest, and if you want an extra level of space, form almost a mosaic-like outlay of the PVC pipe bits.  Bravo, and welcome home!

Decorative Color Wheel Frame

Do you have multi-colored mirror glass, and have no idea what to do with it? Let us introduce you to a simple, yet adorable DIY mirror project that is going to wow you. As a thoughtful piece, this DIY mirror frame is destined to add ethno elements to your setting!

Get a bunch of different color mirrors (vitrine glass), some glue, and a plywood base surface and which create a rainbow-like feel. Make sure you pre-determine the color scheme first, which might require some artistic skills. Once done, hang your mirror high and let it work its magic into space!

DIY Mosaic Mirror

For every true art lover and handyman, this DIY mirror frame is a real knockout! This mirror frame combines elements of tiles and glass mosaic pieces, which play well together and create the ideal cohesiveness for any setting. The palette choice is up to you, and the skills required for this task include gluing and a sense for synchronicity.

The pieces work best with a square or rectangular mirror shape, thus achieving a balanced and harmonious layout of the frame itself. If repurposing, this mirror idea won’t cost you a thing and buying the pieces is not budget-impairing either!

Patterned Frame

Look and behold, carpenters and eager artisans; this glamorous DIY mirror frame will impress you with its simplicity and richness!

It is often unsaid how much a patterned hardwood frame stands out on its own, and the efforts to do it right, are minimal! What this task requires is a pre-purchased plywood mirror frame, possibly in a rectangular shape.

While you’ll need to adjust and pad the frame with a chosen patterned fabric, you should be able to do it with ease! Impactful and modern, this DIY padded mirror frame idea is super-fast to do and easy on the pockets!

Decorative Wood Mirror

So, if you have a bit more time to spend on a sizzling DIY mirror project, take inspiration from this extravagant turquoise mirror frame idea!

The DIY design itself should be created in Photoshop first, and it will be realized by cutting it out of a board piece. Once done, you will need to get into a paint spraying action, and turquoise is always a great choice! Finally, follow the tutorial’s simple instructions to attach the mirror onto the frame and complete the entire project with an immense precision!

It’s cheap; it’s effortless, it’s worth it!

DIY Rustic Mirror

Outstanding DIY projects don’t have to be complicated, and this unique mirror project is an example of it!

When it comes to simple and time-friendly DIY projects for your house, a wood shim mirror is always a good idea! To recreate it, you will need to get various pieces and tools, including a base, shims for days and a round mirror at the core.

Create a diagonal design by playing around with the shims, before painting them in a rustic shade, which always works amazingly regarding texture! Follow the tutorial Seriously charming, we are telling you!

DIY Doily Mirror

Tutorial: shelterness.com

Glow like the shining moon! Get staggered by this fantastic and beyond simple DIY mirror project! This fabulous frosty doily design allows your mirror to reflect more light than before, delivering a sense of poshness and romanticism to the ambient.

What you’ll need is a frameless round mirror and a smaller doily which will leave room to create the frame. The project also requires a double-sided tape and a matte white spray for a frosty effect. Remove the doily will introduce a pop of retro elements in the room at once. With a ridiculously low budget, this mirror will have your friends drooling over it!

Collage Mirror

Lack of brilliant ideas is not a problem anymore! This spectacular DIY mirror project will become a central piece in any room in the house, delivering chicness at the same time. The most crucial thing you’ll need to buy are contacts, which will cost you no more than $20. Use a wood board as your mirror base and continue to assemble the separated contact mirrors in the desired layout.

Now, it is all down to gluing the pieces onto the board and marvel your incredible and stunning project. As easy as a slice of pie, it’s difficult to resist executing this idea.

DIY Rosette Frame

Consider creative design blockage a solved problem! If you are the ambitious and delicate lover of DIY projects, take a look at this divine mirror idea that screams playfulness and pizazz at the same time! Creating it will require various materials and tools, including astrobrights paper, spiral rose template and some glue.

Watch the full tutorial to learn how to carry out this mirror project just right! Although technical and detailed, this rosette design is going to burst with color and thoughtfulness, and mastering it is entirely possible! Also, with a reasonable budget in mind, you can’t say ‘no’ to it!

Wire Frame

The best DIY ideas are often the most effective ones to do! Such is this extraordinary DIY mirror frame idea, which comes in the shape of the sun…with a robotic touch to it, of course! Contemporary feels are quite the hit at the moment, so feel free to give this project a try!

The supplies necessary to complete the sunburst mirror design include coathangers, a central round mirror, a smaller piece of wood, and a few others. The trickiest part is folding the coathangers to represent trendy sunrays. Once that is handles, everything else will soon fall into place!

DIY Triangle Mirror

Symbolism never goes out of style, and this nude triangle mirror project is quite the charmer! Big things often come in small packages, and creating this project is both functional and gentle at the same time.

Everyone deserves a statement mirror, which is where this precious DIY idea comes into play! Creating it is even simpler and requires three thin and narrow planks and a mirror. Make sure you purchase the mirror beforehand, or you could try cutting it into shape yourself!

The full tutorial is easy to follow and guarantees a staggering outcome in return! Ready?

Rustic Full-Length Mirror

rustic full length
Tutorial: thechildatheartblog.com

On the topic of smart and preciously cheeky designs, this ethno and vivid mirror project is the one to do! Transform your dull room and create this DIY mirror by using a full-length mirror, and a dynamic pattern to go along with it!

Mastering this piece comes with a few essential elements, such as wood board pieces, a tape to create your pattern, and explosive colors to make the mirror stand out. Attach the mirror onto the vertical headboard frame, and you’re just about done!

This DIY mirror speaks of ease and softness, and will keep you smiling every time you stand in front of it!

Tennis Racket Mirror Wall Decor

The next great unusual design is just around the corner, and this fabulous mirror can testify to it. What we are thinking of is a set of mirrors, incorporated into lacquered and vintage tennis rackets, making your extra wall chic!

Tennis rackets can be found everywhere, and you can use their frame to install the mirror pieces successfully. All details are featured in the detailed tutorial, and if you have the artistic gene, this might be your biggest project yet!

Spray painting and lacquering are necessary and familiar techniques, but will undoubtedly get you the desired effect in the end!

DIY Pencil Frame

For a patriotic DIY project, check out this Stars and Stripes pencil mirror frame. Yes, it’s made out of pencils (231 to be exact). Attach the mirror with a simple technique and get ready to find the perfect place in your house to exhibit it. Inexpensive and homely, this DIY is practical, easy to accomplish, and mindful of your budget.

DIY TP Frame

Would you give an incredible DIY project a go, if you knew it wouldn’t cost you a penny? Well, take a look at this ravishing DIY mirror project! Time-friendly, cost-effective and relatively easy to do, you will only need several bits to recreate this TP mirror, including TP rolls, a round mirror, and some spray painting skills.

Arrange your TP rolls into a floral-like design, and make sure to find your mirror the best place in the house. What you’ll ultimately accomplish is a tasteful and flirty mirror which didn’t hurt your wallet and still looks brand-worthy!

Rustic Driftwood Frame

Texture lovers will love this DIY mirror project that looks expensive and delicate, but it is not! Realistically, why buy something, when you can custom make it to fit your space the best? And if you get to save a few dollars along the way, that’s a plus!

First, you’ll need to get driftwood, a painter’s tape, and some glue. Frame your mirror accordingly and place driftwood across the surface to create a wood-inspired vibe in an instant.

Once dried off the mirror can be either hanged on a wall or if larger, leaned against a wall as a decorative bit, too!

DIY Pebble Mosaic Mirror Frame

pebble mosaic
Tutorial: homedepot.com

It is understated what all can be done with a simple piece of plywood! Here is a fantastic DIY mirror idea that uses a mosaic to create a multi-layer mirror that will deliver a special pop!

Aside from the plywood piece, you will need poplar, mosaic tiles, and some good ole’ glue. The unique thing about this mosaic mirror is the fact that it comes with a mini shelf, which can be both practical and ornamental, depending on your setting.

There are various stages to complete before finishing the piece, but still can’t get enough of it!

DIY Jute Frame

A smaller mirror can deliver the same glorious and striking effect as a giant mirror can if you execute it right. Therefore, we believe this smashing DIY mirror idea will be a real stunner for any creative and patient craftsman who likes taking his time perfecting it.

The elements used to compose this project include foam wreath, two Jute spools, and some glue. The main thing to remember for this project is that precision and ability to balance all elements is essential. However, once you get the hang of it, you will deliver a masterful and awe-worthy mirror!

DIY Mirrors with No Frame

Making the most of a plain, old mirror is now possible due to the massive amount of ideas, such as this easy-to-do ornate mirror! To execute this project, you will need various pieces, such as painter’s tape, a round mirror, metallic gold paint, some yarn and gold chains. The tutorial offers step-by-step guidance which is easy to understand and follow, bringing you one step closer to your perfect mirror.

All fans of the hippie vibe will surely appreciate this idea, which doesn’t cost a lot of money, and still works as an adorable and practical piece. Play with fringe colors and keep it fun!

Tutorial: thehappyhomebodies.com

Practice makes perfect, which is why this nice rope mirror project is just the one to try out. All you need to carry out this design is a reasonable length of rope used as a frame, and a statement mirror piece right in the center of it!

Now, this DIY mirror project will cost you less than $10, but it can be quite consuming and might take up to a day to complete. For a mirror, that might be a lot, but the outcome is nothing short of captivating!

Test your gluing skills and give this symmetric idea a shot!

Entryway Plywood Frame

This beautiful floor mirror is easy to make from cheap plywood, and it looks interesting and attractive in a minimalist way. It also offers some storage space for small things in your entryway. It’s a great little project to make at home.

Pottery Barn Inspired Mirror

This Pottery Barn inspired knock-off mirror is pretty easy to make, and it looks fabulous. All you need is some plywood and mirror tiles to put it together. If you like saving some money on knock-off DIY designs, this is a fun project for you.

DIY Lighted Mirror

If you like some glam at home, build this Hollywood style mirror with lights. You’ll love the classy touch it adds to your decor.

DIY Antiqued Mirror

If you want to add some architectural interest to your home decor or just want to divide space functionally, this DIY turmeau mirror will do the trick nicely.

Mirror That Looks Like Window

A great way to add architectural interest to your decor is via a window pane mirror. This French style mirror frame will be a great accent and make your home decor look chic.

Girls Mirror

Tutorial: familycircle.com

This is one of the most natural beginner lever DIY mirrors we could find. If you’re looking for a simple project, this is it. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to decorate a mirror with faux flowers for some chic decor accent.

Anthropologie Inspired Mirror

There are these classy Anthropologie brushstroke plated mirrors that many of you would love to have at home. And we have a way to cut some costs and make a set of these mirrors with gold and silver leaf ourselves.

Multipanel Mirror

You’ve probably seen this Pottery Barn multipanel Eagan mirror which is pretty great. Here’s a way to make it yourself at a very cheap cost compared to buying the real thing.

Sunburst Mirror

Tutorial: www.healthywealthydiys.com

There are many ways to make a round sunburst mirror frame, but this one is just so great. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it costs only $10 to do it yourself.

Gold Dipped Mirror

Gold dipped decor accents are exciting and add some class to your interior design. It’s easy to use the technique, and you’ll love having a floor mirror made in this style at home.

Glass Gem Cute Mirror

Glass gems make an attractive decorative mirror frame, and you can have fun while doing this DIY project. Using gems from Dollar Store is a cheap and easy way to create a fabulous mirror.

Egg Carton Flower Craft Mirror

Making a beautiful flower decorated mirror frame is one thing, but making one form egg carton is something entirely different. Get this excellent decor accent and join the repurposing bandwagon.

Dollar Store DIY Mirror

This multi-panel mirror looks great, and you can’t tell that it’s made of Dollar Store finds. You can make this mirror yourself and spend just a few dollars on it.

Cool Bottlecap Mirror

Via Pinterest

If you happen to be collecting bottle caps, here’s an idea for a little home decor project. Glue the caps to the edges of a round mirror to create a charming decorative accent mirror.

Rustic IKEA Mirror Hack

IKEA hack
Tutorial: www.savvymom2mom.com

We like Ikea hacks now and then because they allow us to create amazing things from simple stuff. So is this little project turning a plain mirror frame into a charming rustic decor accent?

DIY Floor Mirror

If you need something straightforward yet something that will add to your home decor, consider this minimalist floor mirror. It’s as simple as it gets but adds a lot of interest at the same time. It’s a very beginner friendly DIY project as well.

Long Mirror

This rustic floor mirror looks big and fancy, but it’s not a challenging project to make at all. Follow the tutorial, and you’ll have a brilliant addition to your bedroom with a warm rustic accent.

Cheap Full Length Mirror

This full length mirror frame is made of wooden rulers (234 of them, to be exact). It’s a perfect fit to decorate an entryway and can easily be the focal point. Though there’s no actual tutorial for this project, it serves as great inspiration.


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