DIY Curtains – 20 Easy & Quick Ideas You Can Make in Style

Last updated on September 27, 2023

DIY curtains come to the rescue when you can’t choose the right ones for your room or you’re on a tight budget. Better yet if they are easy to make (no sew), especially if you’re not an experienced crafter. These 20 tutorials will help you out in all of the cases.

We’ve all been there. Choosing the right curtains sometimes is a real headache. Nothing just seems to be the perfect fit. If only you could make your own curtains and do it right. Well, we’ve come up with a list of tutorials that will make DIY curtains very easy. Have some spare tablecloth or plain basic curtains? That’s all you need to get started. Check these out!

DIY Tablecloth Curtains

Here is a great idea of how you can use intriguing and printed tablecloth and turn it into a wonderful set of curtains for any room of the house. This project requires a long piece of tablecloth (the busier, the better!), and some sewing skills. Folding plays a huge role in the making of the curtains, so precision and aesthetics are key to giving this project a go.

Whether you have a tablecloth at home, or you need to buy one, this DIY idea is incredibly affordable, time-friendly and all about a splash of color and pattern!

Gold Leaf DIY Curtains

Glamorous and sophisticated DIY projects don’t necessarily need to be expensive and time-consuming. Here is a great idea that you can put into practice with less work than anticipated. These gold leaf embellished curtains work well in any space of the house and introduce a playful, yet elegant vibe to it.

For this project, you will need a pair of one-color curtain panels, gold or copper-gold leaf design, a spray adhesive and fixer as well as some masking tape.

The tutorial is very easy to follow, and what you’ll get in return is polished curtains with a fantastic golden twist!

Lively Watercolor DIY Curtains

If you are a DIY fanatic and you enjoy a burst of colors, here is a curtains project that will make your efforts worth it. This dye watercolor curtain project relies on creativity, mixing things up and playing with textures. The supplies necessary for the project are two or more vibrant dyes, curtain fabric to paint, tarp, and a spray for a fabulous finish.

Soaking your panels in water will allow easier dye application, and this is where you actually mix and play with colors.

Incredibly easy to do, and not a big budget spender, this watercolor curtains project is a DIY knockout!

DIY Shower Curtains

Shower curtains DIY projects can be plenty of fun and can deliver the desired impact in no time. Take a look at this fancy and intriguing design that takes your standard shower curtains to another level, introducing color and bling for the first time.

Completing the project right will require a cotton shower curtain, a darker acrylic paint, freezer paper, and a paintbrush, among others.

Choose a quote you like and print it out, so you can translate it onto the curtain later. Use metallic tones to make your message pop, and let the final result do the talking for you!

Floral 3D DIY Curtains

Futuristic DIY projects are always effective, so here is a great curtains idea that will prove exactly that. This DIY project requires several elements to get you started, such as three flat sheets for curtain panels and ruffles, invisible needle, a thread and some creativity to get it all going.

Once your base curtain sheet is ready, you’d have to create the floral petals which will later be assembled across the surface itself.

Use denser and thinner levels of floral applications and make sure the curtains deliver the wanted texture and 3D impact that makes the project so fabulous, to begin with!

Temple Frame DIY Curtains

Ancient fashion is back in style, so why not try and achieve just that through this alluring DIY curtains project?! As you can see, these curtains take a simpler outlook, but still bring along a strong, architectural vibe that is both classy and elegant at the same time.

To execute this project to perfection, use curtain panels, a grosgrain ribbon, a stitch witchery and a few other bits provided in the tutorial itself.

Use cardboard, witchery, and ribbon to create and trace a structural curtain frame pattern, just as shown in the tutorial. Let’s get to work, shall we?

Mosaic Print DIY Curtains

Mosaic patterns have become quite popular in DIY projects, and this gorgeous curtains idea is here to stay! Blues work amazingly in every room of the house, so don’t hesitate to go bold with your prints.

What you will also need for the project are patterned panels, and a lot of them, so you can sew them into one precious piece. Hemming is an important part of the project, so make sure you are precise and detailed while working on the curtains’ top and bottom.

The budget and timeframe for this project is quite favorable, and will deliver an instant zest to your home!

Tie Dye DIY Curtains

If you ever loved the tie-dye look, here is your chance to have a go at it! These cheerful and vivid curtains scream with color, posh vibes and clarity, bringing seaside ambient closer to home.

You will need a dye of your choosing, and we suggest you let go of any prejudices and go with strong and vivacious colors! Choose curtain fabrics in a length that works best for your space and lay it out for painting.

What matters the most is your folding technique, so don’t be scared to experiment, thus achieving a masterful and joyous curtain project!

Dazzling Hand-Painted DIY Curtains

Stripes have always been popular, but making the print yourself makes the challenge than more fun! This great DIY idea focuses on hand painting a fabric of your choice while using contrasting colors, bound to open up your space and add chicness to it as well.

Use gallon paint to achieve the desired stripe effect, and make sure you maintain a perfect balance with it. Aside from paint, you will need measure tape to divide your stripes, as well as a plastic nylon to protect your floors.

These curtains require simple techniques, and are a great startup project even for rookie DIY lovers!

Striped Sink DIY Curtains

How to make  Striped Sink Curtains

If you are not a fan of open sink shelves, how about creating custom-made curtains for them? These striped and vertical sink curtains are not only trendy and inspiring, they are ultra-easy to make, as well!

Instead of painting, save some time and buy striped fabric in bold colors, and in length that works best for your under-sink space. Here you will need a few other elements, such as a curtain rod and holder, needle and thread, some sewing skills, and a screwdriver.

One small step for your kitchen, but one big leap for creative DIY projects!

Vivid Serape DIY Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can be plenty of fun to do, so here is an amazing DIY project to inspire you! If you were wondering how to introduce a bit of color to your all-white or nude bathroom, why not create a serape blanket curtains that make a statement?

The entire project will cost you no more than $20, and it comes with easy instructions as well! To execute it right, you will need a serape blanket, a grommet kit, a hammer and a pair of scissors. With less than a day’s work, you will certainly to give your bathroom a whole new look!

Painted Drop Cloth DIY Curtains

Playing around with curtains can be quite the fun task to manage! Here is a wonderful DIY curtain project that introduces nuances to your space, but still gives it an elegant feel. What you’ll need to accomplish this project includes a pair of drop cloths, paint of your choosing and some tape to make your design.

Mark the painting areas on your curtains, and allow yourself some creativity while doing it. Then, it’s on to painting and letting the cloth dry off completely.

With a few hours work and less than $30 budget, this DIY idea is simply irresistible!

Wood and Lace Canopy DIY Curtains

Are you looking for a way to give your bedroom a whole new dimension? If yes, we have just the thing for you! Have a look at this adorable DIY curtains project, which uses both wood and lace to make perfection! Reflective and intimate, these curtains are made of lace and hang onto a handmade wood beam.

Recreating this project is easier than you think, and you have a very clear tutorial to guide you. A bit of drilling and moving around will be required, but nothing too demanding! In just a few simple moves, you will create a romantic bedroom vibe!

Kids Shower DIY Curtains

Who’s ready to play with colors? This bold and charming DIY curtains project is perfect for your kids’ bathroom. The simplistic, yet joyful design, is very easy to imitate, so why not have a go at it? You will need single-colored fabrics, a piece of cardboard and some sewing techniques.

What you are expected to do is cut circles out of each fabric and attach them to a pale and contrasting base. The project delivers the much-needed burst of color, and resembles a fairy tale scenario! With a basically nonexistent budget in mind, this DIY concept is as good as they get!

Cute DIY Ruffled Curtains

How to make  Ruffled Curtains

Bring renaissance closer to your home and recreate this fascinating and cheeky DIY idea! The main concept of these lively curtains is based on ruffles, which can be done quite easily if we do say so ourselves! You will need a large piece of muslin, which is to be folded and ironed on various edges.

You will also need to create the hems, which is not complicated at all. And don’t get us started on the budget! With a minor cost in mind, you’ll have brand new curtains and plenty of light in your room!

We say: go for it!

Constellation DIY Curtains

Let the sky take over, and give this fantastic DIY curtains project a go! It is as easy as a slice of bread to complete this unique and creative idea, which translates constellations onto the curtain itself. Print out your most favorite constellations and copy the prints’ layout onto the blank curtains.

The best constellation effect comes if you draw them out with a simple fabric marker. Create complex and simpler constellations and let creativity come into play!

As you may imagine, the budget is more than okay for an effective project like this one! Ready to try it?

Pom-Pom DIY Curtains

A pop of color never goes unnoticed, which is why this DIY curtains project will knock you off your feet! This lovely pom-pom idea combines tones of yellow and white in a perfect synchrony.  If you want to carry out this project ideally, get your hands on plain white curtains, and a pom-pom trim. You can go simplistic and choose one color or go hippie and make it a rainbow!

A little glue will help you attach all pom-poms accordingly, and creating light and bright curtains!

With a budget as small as $30, this idea is a showstopper!

Stenciled DIY Drape Curtains

If you are on a budget, but still care to do a DIY or two, here is a project you might like. This project is all about drape curtains and making it work. Now, if you know how to stencil, that’s great, but even rookies can give this project a try- it’s worth it!

The main idea is to reuse materials and introduce vibrant colors, thus creating a perfectly stenciled set of curtains. The project is done in an hour or two and does not require special skills. It’s bad manners to keep a good idea waiting!

Potato Stamp DIY Curtains

Potatoes, report for duty! If you haven’t tried a brilliant idea such as this one, now is your chance to do it! These adorable curtains are flirty, zesty and plenty of fun to make. All you need for this project are white curtains, potatoes cut in half, and some paint.

You will want to cut out potato shapes and soak them in paint before translating them onto the curtains. It looks fun, right? Be wary of paint splatter, since mess is easy to make!

This is another cheap and daring project to take on – what do you say about it?

Daring DIY Roman Curtains

Walks like an Egyptian, and makes curtains like one as well! Here is a great idea to create, so give it a go and learn how easy this is to do! All it takes to execute this project effectively are white curtains and gold fabric paint… and some extras.

Use tape to divide think segments of gold, creating a toga-like combination of gold and white. This idea works in any space that needs light and dynamics, and you can achieve it with minimal effort and in a relatively short timeframe. We loved it, and you will as well!

Curtain Styling Ideas

You may already have beautiful window curtains or drapes but you may have not noticed that they are missing something. A little detail can improve the look greatly and we have a number of ways you can do it for your own curtain style.

Basket Weave Drapes

Basket weave the drapes in a pattern for a surprising but striking accent.

Curved Rod

Use an arched shower curtain rod for window drapes to add shape.

Embellish with Gold

Gold embellishment can be done with fabric paint.

Jewelry Tiebacks


Use jewelry for curtain tiebacks to add a little class.

Layer Sheer Drapes


Layering sheer curtains has a gorgeous effect.

Pullback Curtains

Pulling back to create style even with the plain and simple fabric curtains.

Stationary Knobs


Hang the curtain on stationary knobs which can be decorative too. This curtain decorates one side of the window while the other side can use a second layer drawn curtain for privacy.


Use beads in many styles to decorate the window.

Stylize the Top

Use smaller fragments of curtain fabric to add extra layers for style.

Creative Tieback

It’s so simple to tie back or pull back the curtains creatively and it instantly adds style.

Use Multiple Colors


Mix and match curtain colors for a popping accent.

Ombre Colors

Ombre colors work great on the curtains. You can even make them yourself by using fabric spray paint.

Cafe Curtains


Cover the lower part of the window with cafe curtains, and you can use simple fabric in a variety of patterns for them.

Weave the Layers


If you have multiple layers of curtains, weave them in a pattern for a pullback.

Add an Accent with Brooches

It’s one of those ideas that are so simple but is wonderfully beautiful, and very easy to do if you have a lot of old unused jewelry.


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