26 Easy and Creative DIY Curtain Rods That Will Save You Money

Last updated on September 24, 2023

Are you making your own DIY curtain rods? If done right, this project can have a stunning effect. Here are the best ideas.

We’ve done our share of DIY curtain rods, and it’s a project that looks easy enough, but it also has a few caveats. It’s a great way to save, and you can create a unique style to dress your windows. We suggest finding your material, style, and the right technique to install it. We’re here to help you with that.

The following ideas are all about creating and installing your curtain rods for any windows you may have. From simple pipes to whimsical tree branches and paddles, you will be surprised by how many alternative ways there are to make a simple rod.

And that’s the beauty of this project. So which one will you try?

Pipe Curtain Rod

We love this DIY pipe curtain rod. Check out how this blogger did it and how easy it was. Read the article to see how it’s done.

Electric Conduit

A thorough and understandable tutorial on how to make your simple, industrial DIY conduit curtain rod. The full project costs less than $30. See this website for the comprehensive guidance and instructions.

Tree Branch

This is a new unique trend that’s taking over the home decor community. We are all well aware of the rustic style and its perks. But this is taking it to another level. We’ve seen bed frames as trees, and now we see branches as curtain rods. Check out this DIY idea.

Galvanized Pipe

The galvanized pipe is the perfect curtain rod. It adds a metallic accent to the room’s decor and a subtle touch of industrial where it’s needed the most.

Wall to Wall

Create your own unique and stylish curtain rod that goes along the length of the wall. Here’s the full tutorial on how you can make your custom size. See the post to see how to do it.

Weather Resistant

A step-by-step tutorial to make an outdoor curtain rod that won’t rust. These rods are made for less than $10. Check out the tutorial to see the entire guidance and instructions.

Conduit with Bulbs

Make your rod using electrical conduit and curtain rod brackets from the hardware store. This will save you a lot of money. Follow the link for the complete details and instructions.

Nautical Style

If you care for some themed decor, then this nautical style rod might do the trick. It’s whimsical and visually appealing. See the article to learn how it’s done.

L-Shaped Rod

Make your own cheap custom curtain rods using pipe and this easy DIY curtain rod tutorial. Great bay window or large window curtain rods. See the article for the complete details.

Lucite Style

Learn how to DIY your lucite curtain rod. How to steps for creating your lucite curtain rod at home. Follow this website to find out how it’s done.

Tennis Balls

This idea uses tennis balls to add the decorative ends to the rod. Very whimsical. See the tutorial for the complete details.

Makeover with Spray Paint

A simple idea for a quick decor hack. Take an old curtain rod and spray paint it for a quick makeover. Check out the article to see the complete plans.

Floating Outdoors

Inexpensive and straightforward tutorial for adding outdoor curtain rod and curtains to your outdoor room or porch with no roof or walls necessary. See the tutorial to get the entire guidance and instructions.

Copper Style

Beautiful custom curtain rods for any window shape inspired by West Elm Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods. Read this website for the entire plans and instructions for a leisurely afternoon project.

Wooden Ball Rod Set with Brackets

Get your hands dirty with this wooden DIY ball rod with brackets. It’s a complete project that results in a very stylish accessory. Follow the article to see how to do it.

Large Picture Windows

Make a DIY curtain rod for a large picture window on the cheap by using electrical conduit pipe. Follow the article to see how to do it.

Curtain Rod and Bracket

DIY Curtain Rod and Bracket
Site: sprinklednest.com

Make your own DIY Curtain Rod and Brackets in these easy, and affordable, steps. Read the tutorial to learn how to do it.

Tips for hanging outdoor curtains and how to DIY outdoor curtain rods inexpensively. Using chain link fencing to make outdoor curtain rods. Check out the article to get the entire guidance.

Fake a Long Rod

A simple, inexpensive trick to fake the look of a long curtain rod, plus how to hang curtains to make windows and rooms look more prominent. Follow the article to find out how it’s done.

Canoe Peddle

A campy canoe paddle becomes a unique way to hang curtains in just a few simple steps. Check out the article to learn how to do it.

Bay Windows

Bay windows can be expensive and challenging to decorate. Learn how to easily make this simple, gorgeous bay window curtain rod without spending a fortune. Follow the link to learn how to do it.

DIY Corbels

Use mini corbels to create luxurious looking curtain rod holders. This is a simple project that upgrades the look of any room. Check out the tutorial to get the complete plans and instructions.


Acrylic Curtain Rod DIY
Website: www.alanafrailey.com

Acrylic, or lucite, pieces are very trendy and very expensive. Luckily, there’s a cheap and easy DIY solution to get the look of an expensive acrylic accent piece like a curtain rod or towel rod. Follow the article to see the full details and instructions.

Brass Sheeting

Hang window treatments in style. This DIY curtain rod is created from a few necessary supplies and brass sheeting. See the article to learn how to do it.

Industrial Style

A simple and easy industrial DIY curtain rod using piping found at an everyday home improvement store. See this website to learn how it’s done.

Outdoor Galvanized Piping

How to make a curtain rod for an outdoor covered porch by using electrical galvanized piping, fasteners and eye hooks. Read the tutorial for the complete details and instructions.


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