23 Amazing Tree Bed Frame Designs That Will Enchant You

Last updated on November 15, 2023

A short while ago we’ve posted a photo on Facebook of a bed with bedposts made of real birch tree trunks (see the photo below). It has drawn so much attention from our fans – they’ve loved it! Some people thought it was cute, others expressed their wish to have something like that at home, yet others thought the posts were great for hanging clothes.

This bed design is not one of a kind, though, and there are many more bed frames that follow the same idea. Since our fans loved it so much, we’ve deiced to find more designs like this and we hope you will enjoy them just as much. Here they are.

Birch Tree Bed Posts

Bed posts made of real birch tree trunks – it’s so awesome and cute. The DIY headboard is also made of tree branches and the rest of the frame is made of reclaimed wood.

Bed Frame from Tree Trunks with Branches

This bed design is truly enchanting, as if from a fairy tale. The entire bed frame is made of tree trunks and the added greenery completes the magical look.

Decorative Tree Bed Posts

A bed frame doesn’t have to be made of real tree trunks and branches to look amazing. There are a lot of decorative designs like this and they are just as attractive.

Tree Branch Bed Posts

This is a lovely bed with tree branch bed posts embellished with flowers. The design makes the room come alive.

Tree Trunk Wood Canopy

Love the bed canopy made of real tree trunks
Via Pinterest

The bed posts made of tree trunks with a stained finish make a great canopy. It’s a piece of furniture of a very intricate design.

Bundled Tree Branch Bed Posts

Love this eclectic bedroom design with bundles of tree branches for bed posts
Source: www.triciafountainedesign.com

This eclectic bedroom decor is totally doable with the bed frame posts simply made of bundles of tree branches. It’s a simple yet very powerful decor idea.

Decorative Tree Branch Canopy

Another decorative canopy with a lot of boho bedroom style. The tree branches may not be real but the spirit is truly alive.

Birch Tree Bed Frame

Love the bed design made of real birch tree branches
Source: www.rinfretltd.com

Another bed frame fully made of real birch tree trunks. There’s a lot of rustic appeal in this design. We also love how the decorative lamp matches the theme.

Rustic Tree Branch Bed

This bed frame made completely of tree branches is truly majestic. A lot of thought has been put into selecting the wood for this project.

Birch Tree Trunk Bed End Posts

Big birch tree trunk posts are simply added to the bed end in this rustic bedroom decor. It’s certainly a visually appealing decision.

Fairy Light Tree Branches

It’s not so much bed design as it is the headboard decor. Dried tree branches are used with string lights to create a very warm shabby chic room decor.

Decorative Tree Branch Nest Bed Frame

Not only this decorative bed design features trees, it includes a birds nest in the branches as well. Fascinating!

Dried Branch Bed Posts

Love the rustic decor of this bedroom with dried tree branch bed posts
Via Pinterest

Another excellent example DIY decor. Dried tree branches are simply added to the bed frame and decorated for the rustic theme.

Wood-crafted Decorative Tree Bed

Awesome woodcrafted decorative tree bed frame
Via Pinterest

This wood-crafted bed frame design is really intricate and awe inspiring. It’s obvious how it dictates the entire decor of the room.

Decorative Shabby Chic Tree Branch Bed

Love the shabby chic style of this decorative tree branch bed frame
Via Pinterest

This tree bed design is very shabby chic and we love it.

Decorative Vine Tree Canopy

Love this decorative vine tree canopy bed
Via Pinterest

Another canopy bed design with a lot of detail. It may not be made of real vine tree but it’s certainly pleasing to the eye.

Decorative Tree Branch Bed Frame with Greenery

Love this bed frame design and a touch of greenery to embellish it
Via Pinterest

The greenery added to this decorative bed frame completes the look nicely. It makes the bedroom really come a live and the eclectic patterns really help.

Driftwood Bed Frame

Love the bed frame made of driftwood and its rustic appeal
Source: www.phgmag.com

Driftwood has so much warm rustic quality. This bed is the perfect fit in any rustic decor.

Birch Tree Trunk Headboard

Love the headboard made of real birch tree trunks
Via Pinterest

Tree trunks can be used to create an eye catching headboard and a unique accent. It mixes with modern design so well too.

Decorative Tree Bed Posts

While most of the tree bed design have more of a rustic, farmhouse or even shabby chic feel, this design has so much elegance.

Birch Branches in Modern Bedroom Design

Love the use of birch tree branches in modern bedroom design
Source: www.capital-style.com

In this example we can see how birch tree posts can work in modern minimalist design really well. Note the nightstands are made of birch wood as well.

Birch Tree Wood Headboard

Love the headboard made of real birch tree trunk wood
Via Pinterest

Another accent headboard made of birch wood for amazing rustic decor. We love its simplicity and how much decor value it creates.

Tree Trunk Headboard

Love the headboard made of cut tree trunks
Source: findingshibusa.com

Finely cut tree trunks can work as headboard in rustic decor as well. This design makes use of the natural pattern of tree bark as well as wood so well.


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