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Looking for minimalist house designs for your next project or just inspiration? Here are 20 creative modern minimalist houses that you would love to own. Updated for 2019.

Modern trends dictate that less is more and sustainable minimalist houses are all the rage. As proof of how big this trend is, many architectural wonders display this style in an eye-candy fashion. Minimalist homes can be stunningly beautiful, yet the sustainable nature of these projects (and often the use of recycled materials) implies an affordable cost. That’s what makes these houses all the more attractive.

Whether you’re looking to build a minimalist house yourself or you’re just scouting for design examples to show your house builder, we have some inspiring ideas for you. These minimalist houses are prime examples of the style they represent. And while you might not want to live in every one of them, it’s very likely that you’ll find a house that is very close to what you’re looking for. So check it out and enjoy!

Cube Minimalist House

Cube houses are one of the most popular modern architecture examples. And they can very much be minimalist houses as well. This is one of those examples. The exterior of this house is kept clean and simple with only some accents. The use of slats is one of those simple but elegant accents.

Black Minimalist House Design

This cabin in the wood is made in the shape of a fireplace as a homage to the cozy warmth that this type of houses portrays. The black matte paint of the wooden house makes it look metallic which only adds to the minimalist style of this architectural marvel.

Minimalist House with Disappearing Walls

Less is more in this modern house with a low-profile roof and disappearing glass walls. It may be small, but it never feels cramped thanks to the open design that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors.

Monolith Minimalist House Design

This minimalist house keeps the lines clean and the surfaces smooth. It seems like an impenetrable block from the outside, but inside you’ll find carefully-placed windows that let the light in.

Gandare Minimalist House

This minimalist house located in Osaka, Japan is the perfect example of how less is more and a wonderful project where building density is so high. In such a limited space the architects have managed to “squeeze in” a house that looks simplistic from the outside but is a real statement of minimalist design inside. Make sure you check out this house tour.

Beachside Minimalist House

Beachside Minimalist House

This house is the perfect example of a beachside residency that keeps the exterior design to the minimum. All white walls and clean forms with crisp lines. That’s what modern minimalist is all about. And in this simple design, we can see a lot of architectural interest in the beautiful shape of blocks.

Stucco Minimalist House

Here’s another excellent example of minimalism at play. The stucco wall coating in a reddish hue gives the building a cozy, earthy look. And in the simple forms of the house, we can still see a lot of architectural interest in the way it’s built with blocks.

White Cube Minimalist House Design

White Cube Minimalist House

The sloped roof and solid walls give the façade a clean aesthetic. The protrusion on the second floor was maximized with the placement of a tall window, while a slender door opens to a tiny balcony.

Minimalist House with Rustic Stilts

The simple yet elegant design makes the house blend with its natural surroundings. The wooden walls seem to spring up from the ground while the grass goes through the openings.

Sustainable Monolith Minimalist House

Sustainable Monolith Minimalist House


The quest for low-cost and sustainable materials led to the container housing movement. Architects have since opened minds with their incredible designs like this one, using layers of containers to create livable space.

Minimalist House with Stone Wall Accents

Flat roofs give this house a distinct modern quality. Natural stone cladding on the garage contrasts with the bare concrete finish of the main house. These two structures are connected through a wood-cladded entry.

Minimalist House with Unusually Tall Door

This two-story house is a picture-perfect minimalist dream home. Notice the unusually tall door that leads to a slender staircase. The full-height windows that let the sunlight flood in, making it feel more spacious than the square footage would suggest.

Minimalist House with Glass Walls

The striking façade immediately suggests that this is not an ordinary home. There are glass walls on both floors for natural lighting. The flat concrete roof can be used as a recreational space.

Project OP9 Minimalist House

The tall glass door with tinted windows, and flat roofs provide this house with a distinctive curb appeal. The different sections look like they were stacked on top of each other while the white brick walls provide visual cohesion.

Fairbairn Minimalist House

This monochrome façade is rich with detail, from the exposed metal beams to the gray wooden cladding and the checker-patterned outer wall that doubles as a privacy screen.

Industrial Minimalist House Design

The traditional silhouette is combined with industrial aesthetics to create a modern home. A quarter of the floor area was turned into a patio while the interior walls use transparent glass to immerse in the environment fully.

Brick Cube Minimalist House Design

A manicured lawn surrounds this square house with gray stone cladding. Qn impressive collage of glass walls and metal frames greet guests at the front, exposing most of the interiors which are bathed in soft light.

Farnsworth Minimalist House

This white one-story house pushes the boundaries of minimalism. The ground is elevated for flood protection on slender columns. All of the walls feature glass while curtains provide some privacy.

Clean Minimalist House Design

Few homes look as immaculately clean from the outside as this white house with two floors featuring a protruding diagonal wall that plays with light. Other windows have slits for lighting and ventilation.

Scandinavian Minimalist House Design

This cozy mix of the contemporary and the traditional can give future homeowners some ideas for their own minimalist dream house. Like the open-plan interiors that feature the living area, the dining area, and the kitchen in a long narrow space.