25 Chic Wall Sconce Ideas to Shed the Light on Style

Last updated on October 26, 2023

Light up your home with unique wall sconces. These ideas are as much decorative as they are functional. Read on!

Wall sconces are a popular home decor choice, providing ambient and accent lighting in any space. A trend gaining popularity is unique designs and vintage sconces, which can add a touch of old-world charm to any room.

Whether you choose a sleek modern design or an elegantly curved silhouette with gold accents, wall sconces can be used alone or combined with other lighting fixtures to create your unique style.

Scroll down and keep looking. You’ll love this list of ideas for your home.

Candlelit Occasions Wall Sconce

The sconces are designed to add a touch of old-world charm to any room, while the subtle stripes and curved edges create an inviting atmosphere. Perfect for creating a relaxed vibe in any interior, this wall sconce idea will surely bring a lasting design to your home.

Geometric Wall Sconce

Stylish linen curtains and bedding perfectly complement the sconce. The muted colors of the area rug provide an understated backdrop that allows your sconce to shine genuinely.

Add texture with potted plants and other accessories to complete this inviting look.

Saturated Marble Wall Sconce

This stylish design features an elegantly curved silhouette and is perfect for adding interest and ambient lighting to any room. The subtle gold accents add warmth and glamour, while the white marble backplate provides a timeless look that will last for years.

The wall sconce can be used alone or with other lighting fixtures to create your unique style. With its classic beauty, this wall sconce will become the centerpiece of any interior space.

Garden City Sconce in Aged Brass

Combining a brass finish and elegant design adds a timeless touch of sophistication to your interior style. With this stunning wall lighting piece, you can create a cozy corner of your home with daily decor doses that will always be in vogue.

Sublime Ceramic Light Sculpture

The intricate details of the ceramic art are highlighted by the warm glow of the lighting, creating an eye-catching piece that will bring a unique touch to any interior space. The sleek lines and subtle curves create a timeless look that will never go out of style.

This wall sconce will impact any room, whether used as a primary light source or simply as an accent piece.

Modern and Minimalist Wall

It features two chrome sconces mounted on either side of a vanity mirror, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. The neutral palette of the walls is complemented by the bright white roman clay plaster, which provides an edgy backdrop to this statement piece.

Meanwhile, the marble vanity adds sophistication with its grey and white veins. For an added layer of brightness, floating LED lights bring an airy ambiance while casting subtle shadows across the marble top, creating a beautiful display in any bathroom or powder room.

Refuge Wall Sconce

Refuge Wall Sconce wall sconce
Source: @marc.ange

With a unique angular design, this sconce will bring a touch of chic sophistication to any wall. The matte black metal finish gives an edgy look that makes a bold statement, while the textured glass diffuser gives off an inviting, warm light.

With its versatile and timeless design, the Refuge Wall Sconce can be used to create ambiance in living rooms, bedrooms, or dining halls. Add charm and style with this stunning piece from Marc Ange’s collection.

Toast Time Wall Sconce

Crafted from sleek black metal, it features two curved arms that hold a white fabric shade in the center. The gentle glow of the light creates a calming atmosphere, while its unique design adds an eye-catching touch to your home decor.

It’s the perfect way to add a touch of style and sophistication to your space!

Patterned Window Sconce

The window design lends the piece an elegant yet edgy feel, making it both modern and timeless. The light emitted from this sconce will bring a cozy and inviting atmosphere to any space.

Simple Mustard Wall

Three Balls Red wall sconce
Source: @weponder_

If you’re looking for stunning simplicity, go for this design. It’s calming to the eyes, it’s easy to mix and match with other accessories, and it’s also budget-friendly.

Add in some potted plants for aesthetics and personality. Make the space your with your styling and design.

Mini Double Rachel Sconce

The beautiful brass finish and intricate detailing are perfect for elevating any living space. The warm light from the sconce can create an inviting atmosphere in your home or anywhere else.

A unique feature of this piece is that it can be used with independent radio stations—plug in your device and let the music play! This versatile sconce is an excellent addition for anyone looking for something special for their home.

En-Suite Wall Sconce

Make it unique with these sphere-shaped scones for your bathroom area. It’s not only functional and practical, but it’s also stylish. The golden brass brace is added to keep the light safely tucked on the wall.

Far Studio Bedroom Wall Sconce

Far Studio Bedroom Wall Sconce wall sconce
Source: @far_studio_

The fixture features an antiqued brass finish that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the white marble detailing adds texture and depth to the design.

The sconce is accented with a soft grey shade for ambient lighting, perfect for creating a cozy bedroom vibe.

Combining classic and contemporary elements makes this wall sconce ideal for any eclectic interior design project.

Pink Heart Wall Sconce

Crafted from high-quality materials, it provides a soft, warm light perfect for creating a cozy ambiance on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year.

The sconce features an elegant metal frame with filigree detailing and an intricately carved pink glass shade, making it an eye-catching addition to any interior decor.

Epicormia Wall Sconce

Epicormia Wall Sconce wall sconce
Source: @simonleah

The light fixture is made of metal with a natural finish and has two arms extending from the wall, each with its light source. The lights are adjustable for different illumination levels and can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

Baguette Wall Sconce

Crafted from solid wood, it’s designed with an openwork overlay and antique bronze finish for a unique piece that adds style and personality.

The modern, simple design is perfect for any living space – from a cozy country cottage to an ultra-modern apartment.

Let this wall sconce bring warmth and texture to your holiday staycation, wherever you are!

Blue Aesthetic Sconces

It features a sleek, beach-inspired look that is ideal for any home. The white shiplap backdrop provides an elegant contrast to the warm tones of the sconce, making it a beautiful addition to any seaside bathroom.

Cupcake Sconces

This piece has a bright, cheerful pattern and is perfect for coastal living. The cupcake scone is sure to bring life and light to any room! They are retro-inspired, cute, and just fresh to look at.

The Coastal Dream Wall Sconces

Highlighted by its minimalist design, this piece is perfect for bringing a classic coastal touch to your home’s interior design without compromising style.

This wall sconce will do just that for those looking for an eye-catching display that provides the ambiance of a traditional fireplace.

Perfect for interior decorating projects for your home. This wall sconce will redefine any mantle styling project within moments. Transform your home with timeless elegance while adding depth and comfort.

The antique fire flame of this sleek wall sconce is ideal for giving any room an instant makeover.

Powder Room Wall Sconce

This design features a sleek floating vanity with a marble countertop and a classic vanity mirror; this design is completed with two stylish wall sconces on either side of the mirror.

The warm glow of the sconces creates an inviting atmosphere in the room while also providing functional lighting for grooming and other tasks.

With its combination of modern and traditional elements, this wall sconce idea will surely bring beauty and sophistication to any interior space.

Industrial Wall Sconce

Industrial Wall Sconce wall sconce
Source: @byemmadiaz

Its sleek design features two arms encrusted with crystals and a hammered frame that radiates warm light. It adds style and character to modern cottage or country bathroom decor.

Whether you are remodeling your entire space or replacing your current lighting fixtures, this wall sconce will add an elegant touch to your room.

The warm glow of the light creates a cozy atmosphere while the crystals reflect the light in beautiful patterns on the walls and ceiling.

With its timeless look, this wall sconce will become a conversation piece in any bathroom renovation!

Mint Green Cupcake Sconces

It features a classic design with a modern twist, featuring an elegant white ceramic base and a sleek chrome arm.

The light fixture is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom design. Tile Tuesday just got even better with this stylish wall sconce!

Single Rachel Sconces

Featuring a sleek and modern design, this sconce will bring a touch of sophistication to any home.

With its unique shape and elegant finish, this wall sconce will surely be the perfect addition to any interior design project created by an experienced interior designer.

Double Sconce in Limed Oak

The aged bronze finish adds an elegant touch to your shiplap walls, while the clear glass shade casts a soft light over your stone fireplace.

Complete the coastal farmhouse look, pair this sconce with rustic furniture and decor such as wicker baskets, galvanized accents, and plenty of greenery for a cottage-core vibe.

With this wall sconce, you can create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere that will give your living room a unique look!

Battersea Wall Sconce

Its design combines a classic look with modern sophistication. The clear glass globes supported by antique brass arms provide the perfect elegant touch, while adjustable knobs give you precise control of the amount of light.

Mounted on a white ceramic or wood backplate, this wall sconce adds a unique and eye-catching design to any space.


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