25 Glam Bedroom Ideas with an Accent Wall

Last updated on March 4, 2023

These are really glam ideas for creating a beautiful bedroom with an accent wall. Read our suggestions for colors, textures, and materials to use.

Creating a stunning accent wall in your bedroom is a great way to add character and style to the space. Start by choosing an eye-catching color or wallpaper pattern that will stand out from the rest of the room.

Then, layer ambient and task lighting for just enough illumination to make it feel inviting. You can add plants, rugs, cushions, and furniture with wallpaper accents for added texture and depth.

Consider adding a picture frame molding around your accent wall for a dramatic effect.

With these ideas to inspire, you’ll be able to create a cozy oasis with an accent wall that stands out from the rest of your bedroom!

Panels and Headboard

This bedroom is a cozy, inviting space featuring a stunning accent wall. The wall is painted in a warm creamy shade, providing an eye-catching contrast to the neutral tones of the rest of the room.

The ceiling is adorned with pendant lights that warmly glow over the entire space. The main bedroom also features wall accents and lighting fixtures that add texture and depth to the design.

Bold Pattern

The bedroom is a tranquil oasis with an accent wall that stands out from the rest. The eye-catching wall is adorned with peel-and-stick wallpaper, creating a unique and stylish look that adds character to the space.

The ambient lighting gives the room a cozy atmosphere, while layered task and accent lighting provide just enough illumination to make it feel inviting.

Furniture can also be decorated instead of walls for those who prefer not to put things on their walls – for example, wallpaper can easily be added to the headboard, back of shelves, or storage units for an extra touch of style.

Picture Frame Molding

This bedroom has a dramatic, eye-catching accent wall. It features a stylish white picture frame molding that creates a beautiful contrast against the deep color of the wall.

The effect is stunning and gives the room an elegant, modern feel.

California Redwood Accent Wall

The bedroom is a cozy and calming space, featuring a stunning accent wall made of California redwood. The rustic barn wood wall adds warmth and texture to the main bedroom, while the unique wood grain creates an interesting visual effect.

The barn wood accent wall was installed with care and attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit for this one-of-a-kind look.

Bohemian Bedroom with Accent Wall

This bedroom is a bohemian oasis with an accent wall that stands out. The boho decor, realtor-suggested style, and dreamy inspiration create a look perfect for relaxing in comfort and achieving your bedroom goals.

The wooden accent wall strongly contrasts with the other divisions, making it a focal point – perfect for displaying photographs or artwork!

Sideboard Ledge

The bedroom is a cozy, inviting space with an eye-catching accent wall. The wall is painted in a vibrant hue that stands out against the other divisions, adding exciting touch to the room.

The furniture is arranged to create a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation and sleep. Soft textures like fluffy pillows and plush rugs add warmth to the space, while subtle decor adds personality to the bedroom.

Rustic Charm

The bedroom is a cozy retreat featuring a vibrant accent wall and beadboard detailing. The walls have been updated and renovated to create a charming atmosphere, with vintage decor adding character and warmth.

Husband and wife DIYers have worked together to make this space their own, creating an inviting master retreat that radiates home charm.

Cozy White Bedroom with a Black Accent Wall

This bedroom is a cozy and inviting space, with a bold accent wall that adds warmth and character. The wall is painted in Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black, creating a dramatic contrast to the rest of the room.

Accent pillows in warm fall colors bring a touch of seasonal flair, while DIY projects like board and batten add texture and depth to the walls.

Modern Bedroom Accent Wall

This bedroom has a bold and eye-catching accent wall that stands out from the other walls. The dark color of the accent wall creates a dramatic contrast with the light shades of furniture and decor.

The accent wall is complemented by stylish interior design elements such as bedroom furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories. The overall look is modern yet cozy, making it an inviting, relaxing space.

Vibrant Backdrop Accent Wall

This bedroom is a modern masterpiece, with a stunning transformation that includes an eye-catching accent wall. The wall is painted in a vibrant teal shade and complemented by white bedding for a crisp, clean look.

The room has been designed with intention and love, creating an inspiring space to relax and unwind. With the help of a Waxhaw designer, this bedroom refresh has become something extraordinary.

From the raging sea artwork to the carefully chosen furniture pieces, this bedroom is sure to be admired by all who enter it.

Farmhouse Bedroom

This bedroom has a cozy, farmhouse style with a modern boho twist. The accent wall is painted coastal blue and features an eye-catching skeleton design.

Skeletons of all shapes and sizes peek out from behind the pattern, adding a playful touch to the room. The other walls are painted in warm neutrals, creating a relaxing atmosphere perfect for unwinding after a long day.

A few boutique rugs add texture to the floor, while modern furniture pieces complete the look. This bedroom is sure to be an inspiring space that encourages creativity and fun!

Grandmother’s Memory Wall

The bedroom is a cozy and inviting space, with a black accent wall contrasting traditional home decor’s warm tones and horse design on the accent wall that brings in an element of country charm. In contrast, vintage-style furniture and accents lend to the grand millennial aesthetic.

An array of soft cushions and throws bring comfort and elegance to the room, while the collected home accents create a curated atmosphere that speaks to a simple classic style.

Trendy Accent Wall with Beautiful Hardwood

The bedroom is a cozy and inviting space with warm hardwood flooring and an eye-catching accent wall. The dark wood of the hardwood floors contrasts nicely with the bright colors of the accent wall, creating a stylish and modern look.

The custom home builders at Shaw Floors have done an excellent job creating this unique design. The combination of custom installation and quality materials make this bedroom genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Subtle and Intricate Patterns

Describing a bedroom with an accent wall, the vibrant splash of color instantly brings the room to life. The room’s main barrier is painted in a soft and neutral hue, while one section has been painted with a bright and bold accent color that stands out against the other walls.

The texture of the accent wall has been further enhanced through subtle patterns or intricate designs, making it an eye-catching centerpiece in the room. Furniture in complementary colors adds to this look, perfectly balancing out the richness of the statement wall.

Through clever lighting, shadows are created that make this feature wall appear even brighter and more inviting – creating a cozy atmosphere that suits its purpose as a place for restful sleep.

Geometric Panel Accent Wall

This bedroom has a bold, sophisticated accent wall featuring teal paint that is offset by a geometric design. The contrasting colors of the wall treatment create an inviting and vibrant atmosphere that encourages relaxation and home inspiration.

For added impact, the bedroom walls have been adorned with geometric panel decor to further the unique look of this space.

Maple Wood Boards

This bedroom has a unique look, with an eye-catching accent wall. The wall is painted bold green and adorned with plugin sconces for added style.

Maple wood boards make a partial accent wall to introduce the Scandinavian vibe, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Floating Shelves and DIY Wall

A stunning accent wall against neutral walls characterizes the bedroom. The room’s focal point is further enhanced with an array of floating shelves and a unique DIY headboard.

Adding warmth to the space, a lush green wall contrasts the other surfaces, while additional DIY shelves allow for more storage solutions. To bring some texture into the room, apartment therapy and creative use of what you have come together beautifully to create an inviting space with loads of character.

Custom Plaster Treatment Wall

Another excellent design and idea for your accent wall is a contemporary custom plaster wall. It comes in many colors, depending on your preference. The owner likes the room’s masculine and more neutral tone in this design.

Paneled Wall with Rustic Signs

This bedroom features a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with a beautiful DIY accent wall in warm shades of brown. The wall is paneled, creating an attractive texture, and the headboard is tufted for added comfort.

Farmhouse decor elements like dreamy white bedding set with natural-colored accents and rustic furniture give this space an air of farmhouse charm. A few well-placed decorations, like cozy blankets and stylish pillows, complete the look and make this room perfect for relaxation.

Try adding a weathered wood side table or a bright lamp with vintage detailing to add even more farmhouse style to the room.

Statement Wall with Art Deco Accents

This bedroom is a cozy, inviting space with a beautiful sliding barn door and an eye-catching accent wall. The walls are painted in a neutral hue, making the room’s focal point the stunning statement wall.

The accent wall adds depth and texture to the room, creating exciting contrast against the other walls. Additionally, various pieces of stylish bedroom decor have been thoughtfully placed throughout the space to give it character and personality.

From elegant bedding sets to rustic furniture pieces, this main bedroom has been carefully designed with comfort and style in mind. With its modern design elements and classic details, this main bedroom makeover has provided both form and function for years.

Moody Blue Accent Wall with Wicker Art

The bedroom is a cozy and inviting space with an eye-catching accent wall that draws the eye. The wall is painted in a bold shade of blue, creating a striking contrast to the neutral colors of the room.

The wicker basket art on the wall creates contrast with a punch.

Rustic Floating Shelf

This bedroom features a stunning accent wall made from warm wood panels that adds a touch of rustic charm and creates an inviting atmosphere. The cozy space is decorated with neutral tones and natural textures, creating a tranquil environment.

Panelized Green Wall

This bedroom is a cozy and inviting space with an accent wall that creates a unique focal point. The main bedroom features soft bedding sets in neutral colors, creating a warm and calming atmosphere.

To add to the farmhouse-inspired style, green plants are scattered across the room for subtle pops of color. DIY projects such as picture frames, wreaths, and wall hangings add personality to the room while keeping it low-maintenance.

For additional inspiration, patterned pillows and rugs can be used to bring out the accent wall’s bold color palette. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, this main bedroom has everything you need for a stylish yet comfortable retreat!

Panels for the Added Texture

This bedroom is a cozy and inviting space, featuring a stunning accent wall in Benjamin Moore’s Evening Dove. The wall paneling adds texture and depth to the room, while small details like feature walls and all-in-the-details create a unique atmosphere.

The main bedroom design is perfect for condo living, with apartment therapy ideas that make it feel like home. Guelph Downtown entrepreneurs have designed this space with small business principles in mind, making it an ideal project for Project Arthur.

Woodwork Wall Accent

This bedroom is a cozy and inviting space with a navy accent wall, wood dresser, and woodworking accents. The navy accent wall creates an eye-catching contrast to the other walls in the room, while the wood dresser adds a rustic charm.

Woodworking accents complete the look with their unique texture and style. The overall effect is warmth and comfort, making any bedroom feel at home.


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