25 Gorgeous Bedroom Ideas with a Feature Wall

Last updated on November 11, 2023

These are some of the most creative ways to design your bedroom feature wall. Make it cozy, stylish, and gorgeous.

Bedrooms with accent feature walls are a popular trend in interior design. Not only does this create an eye-catching look, but it also adds depth and texture to the room.

Accent colors, floral patterns, murals, and decorative elements like moldings create a unique feature wall that stands out from the rest of the decor.

Regardless of the look you’re going for, having feature walls is the ultimate room upgrade. You can pick a modern or classic look. You can even go retro and wild all you want. It’s your room, and it must have your personality and brand.

We have a couple of dozen of ideas for inspiration. See if there’s something you like.

Green Floral

The vivid hues create that glow-up effect. This seasonal styling is perfect if you want an up-to-date bedroom and have fun designing your room for every season. The transformation includes beautiful patterns, a statement wallpaper, and more.

The wallpaper adds character to the room, creating an exciting story of your home that you can share with your friends via your social platforms. Get stylish pieces such as wall-to-wall style and bedroom details to add extra texture and depth to complete this look.

Interior eccentric elements such as artwork or lighting fixtures add finishing touches to this unique bedroom design and make it truly special.

Forest-Inspired Mural Wall

Interior Inspiration bedroom with feature wall
Source: @homebygard

The wallpaper is a combination of cozy nature and elegance. It is an entire wall painting or can be a wallpaper of a forest. This lets you connect with the wild and wildlife in the best way possible. The warm tones of brown and tan create an inviting atmosphere.

Subtle pops of color complement the wallpaper from the interior decor for an eclectic look full of character.

The natural textures provide a feeling of comfort while still maintaining a stylish atmosphere. Complete the coziness with comfortable furniture and accessories, and lighting fixtures.

Vibrant and Fun Floral Wallpaper

The eye-catching wallpaper stands out against the green walls and is complemented by the carefully chosen bedroom furniture and details, such as cushions, lamps, and mirrors. This room exudes a cheerful vibe with its colorful interior and will surely bring joy to whoever enters it.

Cozy Modern Bedroom

The wallpaper pattern and upholstery create an inviting, cozy atmosphere that is perfect for snuggling in bed on cold nights. The decor style is also inspired by other room designs, giving the room an on-trend yet personalized look.

For visual interest and additional texture, a mix of pillows in complementary colors complete the bedding ensemble. To finish the design, warm wooden furniture pieces are added to provide balance and contrast against the cool colors of the feature wall.

Bachelor’s Cove

The feature wall is painted deep navy blue and adorned with art pieces and accessories for an eclectic look. A cozy bed sits against the wall, dressed in white linens and topped with colorful pillows for added texture.

The room is illuminated by warm lighting from stylish lamps placed around the space, while furniture pieces like a dresser and nightstand provide additional storage options. To complete the look, small details like plants, rugs, and bedroom accessories add to the overall atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

Japanese-inspired Feature Wall

Home Amour bedroom with feature wall
Source: @home_amour_

The wallpaper combines surface patterns and creative designs, creating a unique look for the room. The print and practice of the wallcovering add texture and dimension to the living space, perfect for adding visual interest to any interior.

The modern wallpaper is complemented by sleek furniture pieces and minimal decor, creating a contemporary atmosphere in the bedroom.

Classic Black and Gold Inspiration

The wallpaper decor adds texture and interest, while the gold decor brings a touch of luxury. The room is styled with bedroom details such as bedding, pillows, and other accessories to complete the look.

The overall effect of sophistication and elegance will make any bedroom feel like a dream come true.

Cabin’s Brick Wall Feature

Nothing is more comfortable than buying your own home and bedroom space. Make it your own with these brick and farmhouse-inspired rooms. It has a brick wall feature, rattan accessories, and complementary furniture. The bedroom gives off that laid-back summer you always wish to have.

Italian Inspired Bedroom Wall

B&B Italia Bedroom bedroom with feature wall
Source: @ireneburg7

Its bold colors and striking pattern create an exciting atmosphere that adds character to the space. The room’s focal point is the unique wall, which stands out against the backdrop of neutral tones used for the rest of the decor.

Soft lighting fixtures bring a cozy feel to the room, while comfortable furniture pieces offer a luxurious touch. Functionality is not sacrificed here either; plenty of storage options keep clutter hidden away for a tidy look.

Traditional Flower Wallpaper

Lily Jackson bedroom with feature wall
Source: @lilyfbarton

The wall is painted in a vibrant shade of lily and decorated with intricate Jackson designs for an elegant, sophisticated look. This reminds you of a classic-victorian home of the 80s. You can also make it modern by adding some furniture that matches the color of your wall.

Neutral Tone Wall Feature

Life admin... why did no one warn me earlier that this was part of growing up 🀦 bedroom with feature wall
Source: @zephs_house

The walls are adorned with mural art that adds texture to the room. Painted walls complement the dark ceiling, and the gold leafing gives the room an elegant touch.

Bedroom lighting highlights the feature wall and creates a cozy atmosphere. For added style, bed styles such as throws, cushions, and blankets can create an inviting space for relaxation.

Painted Flower Wallpaper

The wall is decorated with peel-and-stick wallpaper in whimsical Christmas designs, such as garlands and snowflakes. A classic mirror creates an attractive focal point on the feature wall, while linen bedding adds a luxurious touch to the room.

Pops of color are provided by small furniture pieces and decorations, creating a minimal Christmas look that is perfect for NYC apartments or any tiny living space. Get some products that add depth and texture to the walls for a truly homey feel.

Farmhouse-Inspired Bedroom Style

The wall’s muted green velvet wallpaper is complemented by two feature pendants, creating an illuminating ambiance. A Barcelona chair designed by Mies van der Rohe provides a beautiful contrast against the warm walls and green linen of the main bedroom.

A barn door adds rustic charm and character to this stylish interior design to complete the look.

Bold Green and Popping Pink Wallpaper

The wall is covered in vibrant wallpaper with an elegant floral mural, creating an inviting atmosphere. The soft shades of pink and green are balanced by the bold blues and golds of a vintage-inspired design, giving the room a timeless look.

Accent walls provide further interest to this space, with complementary colors and textures providing visual appeal throughout. Using home decor accents like vases and pillows brings warmth to the room, while DIY wallpaper designs add a unique touch.

To complete the look, hallway decorations like paintings or photographs can tie everything together.

Stunningly Colorful Flower Mural

The self-adhesive wallpaper is made of roses and other floral elements, creating a beautiful and eye-catching design. You can purchase wallpapers such as this one on Etsy or in other online stores.

It was custom-made to measure and not available in any high street stores. To complete the look, you can check out other in-home depots that give off a unique wall art look and decorations for the walls.

The overall effect is warmth and comfort – perfect for a sweet home!

Eclectic Mix and Match of Patterns

The feature wall is decorated with an eclectic mix of wallpaper, oil painting, and DIY art to create a unique and stylish look. Bright colors like blue and white add vibrancy to the space, while cozy home decor pieces complete the look.

This bedroom design will make any home stand out with its stellar style!

A Teenage Dream

The walls are painted in a modern bohemian style, with green as the primary color and pops of other colors to add depth and texture. The bed is dressed in neutral tones, with a mix of surfaces such as linen and velvet.

A mix of modern furniture pieces and boho accents complete the look, creating an inviting space that is both stylish and comfortable.

The Portrait Room

The Portrait Room bedroom with feature wall
Source: @wimcoiffeur

The walls are painted in a deep shade of navy blue, and the wallpaper decor is an original maximalist pattern with vibrant colors. A vintage home accent piece adds to the story of this space, while the furniture is fearlessly styled with pops of color and texture.

A statement light fixture hangs from the ceiling to complete the look, adding a layer of drama to this dark and moody interior.

Vogue Abode Properties

The feature wall is decorated with modern art, giving the room a contemporary feel. A property refurbishment project has brought the space to life, creating an inviting atmosphere for student living.

Bright lighting creates a welcoming ambiance perfect for students. The room design is also ideal for student co-living situations such as shared living spaces and student apartments.

This modern interior design is stylish and a good choice for students, young professionals, and more.

Boho-inspired Bedroom

The wall is decorated with boho-inspired decor, including macrame hangings and dreamcatchers. The bedding is cozy and cottage-style, while the rest of the room is filled with bohemian accents like plants and throw pillows.

To complete the look, an interior design lover would add some subtle lighting to create a warm atmosphere. Home, sweet home!

Luxurious Artwork Bedroom

The feature wall is decorated with luxurious wallpaper, artwork, and decor ideas for an inviting atmosphere. Complementing the feature wall are accent walls that bring out the artwork’s colors, creating a balanced look.

Plush furniture pieces and luxury home accents have been carefully selected to complete the interior styling and create a cozy atmosphere. Bed design choices vary from modern to traditional styles and can be customized according to individual preferences.

Bedroom ideas such as throw pillows, blankets, and rugs can add texture and warmth to any bedroom design. For those who want extra comfort in their bedrooms, living room furniture pieces can be added for additional seating or lounging areas.

Jungle to Bedroom Experience

The feature wall is decorated with eye-catching wallpaper, illuminated by modern spotlights and artfully arranged faux plants to add texture and depth. Dark decor accents give the room an air of sophistication, while pops of color from bright home accessories bring it to life.

Renovating this bedroom has been a journey of discovery as we experiment with different ideas for a unique look that reflects our style.

Herringbone Walls

The feature wall is painted in a pastel hue and decorated with herringbone pattern panels to add texture and interest. A painter has been hired to ensure the perfect finish for this stunning look.

Home decor items such as DIY projects, wall decor, and interior accents complete the space, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation.

Perfect Retro Room

The walls are adorned with white shutters, adding texture and contrast to the room. A pastel aesthetic is achieved through pops of color in the form of cushions, rugs, and other decor items.

Polish the look with a few Barbie-inspired accessories that add a playful touch to this interior styling.

Honeycomb Hex Pattern

The wall is painted in a beautiful Benjamin Moore Evening Dove grey color creating an inviting atmosphere in the room. Adding texture and dimension to this space, the feature wall creates visual interest and adds character.


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