35 Easy DIY Rug Ideas You Can Make Right Now

Last updated on September 27, 2023

Here are 35 very easy DIY rug ideas with tutorials for you to start making your rug right now. The majority of them don’t even require sewing.

A beautiful rug can transform the space entirely, but as it is a versatile decor piece, it can be just as expensive. That is unless you make a DIY rug yourself from inexpensive materials. We love home projects and advocate making things for your home yourself, not only to save money but enrich it with creativity to, so today’s article is all about making your awesome rug.

We have 35 straightforward DIY rug design ideas for you to start making your rug even if you haven’t done anything like it before. The majority of them don’t even require sewing.

Shag Rag DIY Rug

How to make a  Shag Rag Rug. Great idea!
Tutorial: www.myloveofstyle.com

Make this shag rug from scrap fabric. Though it will take you a few days to finish it, it is a straightforward process that doesn’t even require sewing.

Denim DIY Rug from Old Jeans

If you have some old jeans that you haven’t thrown away yet, you can make this beautiful rug from the denim fabric.

Crochet DIY Rug from Old T-shirts

Old t-shirts always stack up, and you can put them to good use by making this awesome crochet rug from the fabric.

DIY Braided Rug

You can make this beautiful braided rug from just about any fabric you can find.

DIY Kilim Rug

The pattern Kilim rugs make lovely accents, and you can make one yourself too. Here’s how.

Painted DIY Rug Inspired by West Elm

If you’re one for inexpensive knock-offs for a penny on the dollar, follow this tutorial to make yourself one inspired by West Elm pattern rugs. A rug like this can anchor your living room perfectly positioned against a sofa or under a coffee table.

Creative Cut Out DIY Rug

Let’s get creative with this tutorial for a cut out rug in any shape you like.

DIY Faux Cowhide Rug

How to make a  Faux Cowhide Rug
Tutorial: thediymommy.com

Cowhide rugs add a pleasing pattern as a decor piece, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on one.

Outdoor DIY Rug

Don’t forget your patio and make a beautiful rug for the outside as well. Check out other outdoor project ideas you can do as well.

Pom Pom Rug

It’s soft and fluffy – just the kind of rug you might need to warm up your decor. You can make one quite easily from yarn.

DIY Rope Rug

Use some rope to make this beautiful rug for the outside entryway or inside. It will make a brilliant accent by adding a new texture to your decor.

DIY Faux Fur Rug

As expensive as it looks, you can make a faux fur rug quite easily yourself from much cheaper materials.

Table Cloth DIY Rug

Tablecloth fabric usually comes in beautiful patterns that you may want to use for a rug. You absolutely can do it.

Large Area DIY Carpet Square Rug

This beautifully patterned, elegant looking large area rug is prepared altogether with square carpet rugs, and the expenses didn’t go beyond a paltry $30! Quite incredible, right? Check out the tutorial to find how you can DIY this one and do pay particular attention to the carpet glue mentioned there.

DIY Scrap Fabric Rag Rug

Ideal for your kids’ room, this appealingly fluffy square rug was made with nothing more than scrap fabrics and a non-skid rug mat. You don’t even need to tie the fabrics into the rug mat holes. It will take you some time to finish the job, but you’ll be happy with the reward!

Wine Cork Bath Mat

How to make a  Wine Cork Bath Mat
Tutorial: craftynest.com

This DIY bath mat closely resembles the look of a bamboo mat and is ideal for placing in your bathroom. The corks give a nice feel to your bare feet, and the organic material will also do a fantastic job of soaking up the dampness. Check out this innovative DIY idea in this detailed image tutorial.

Braided Doormat

For a mat, this one is our favorite! It will require some time and patience on your part to get the hang of how to form the loops around (closely follow the images given on the tutorial to make sure you are getting them right), but once you master that, the rest is a cinch.

DIY Puff Blanket Rug

How to make a  Puff Rug
Tutorial: awaitingada.com

Another scrap fabric DIY rug your kids will love. Follow the instructions carefully to make sure that you get them puffs/biscuits/bubbles stitched right. Play around with fabric colors and patterns to match the décor of the room.

DIY Pebble Bath Mat

How to make a  DIY Pebble Bath Mat
Tutorial: curbly.com

This one looks both flunky and elegant for your bathroom. And all you need is a rubber welcome mat, some hot glue and a bag of pebbles, of course. You can either go monochrome with the pebbles or choose stones of different colors, patterns, and shapes.

DIY Static Lines Woven Rug

Quite apart from the awesome look of the finished product, you’ll love working on this tapestry project. If you are new to tapestry, the skills you learn doing this project will stand you in good stead for many other craft projects in the future and will also act as a source for many inspiring ideas.

DIY Bathroom Rope Rug

This rope rug is made with single and double crochet stitches using ropes (clothesline) made with soft fabric. The one on the tutorial is created as a bathroom rug, but you can play around with the idea and can come up with some innovations of your own as well.

Round Rope Large Area Rug

This one will be ideal for your living room and is quite easy to make. You use a tarpaulin base and a nail glue to secure the rope on the base as you go spiraling the rope from the center outwards. The good part of it is that you can make it as large or small as you want, depending on your current requirements.

Large Cotton Piping DIY Rug

Want a large area rug that feels super soft, fluffy and comfortable? Then check out this wonderful DIY tutorial to find how you can make this elegant and comfortable large-scale rug all on your own.

Rope Trivets

How to make a  Rope Trivets countertops
Tutorial: hgtv.com

These painted rope trivets follow much the same method as in the previously mentioned coiled rug project, the only difference being that they are trivets instead of a rug. Which means they are way smaller and they also use wooden plaques as the base material. Try this project to add some more colors to your kitchen.

DIY Coiled Rope Door Mat

This one is our favorite when it comes to coiled rope mats. The idea to stitch up different sized circles to create an abstract doormat is simply a stroke of brilliance. We also love the idea of lightly spray painting the ropes since this helps to add a nice and cool accent to the mat.

DIY Dropcloth Rug

How to make a  DIY Dropcloth Rug
Tutorial: verypaige.com

This one gives you an opportunity to add some exciting prints on your large area living room rug/mat/floor cloth. As the blogger makes clear it is more of a floor cloth than a rug, but it is plush and comfortable enough, and you will love that printed fabric on the floor.

Latch-Hooked T-Shirt Rug

With all the work involved (cutting the t-shirts into thousands of thin strips, dying them and finally latch-hooking them onto the canvas rug mesh), the project is a time consuming one. But the resulting product looks incredible. So, if you do have some time to spare, go for this one.

Rope Swirl Tapestries

Again, you need time, patience and some skill to carry out this project. But once you learn the trick, you can use these rope tapestries to make mats, rugs, wall decorations and many more.

DIY Felt Stone Rugs

This felt stone rug looks nice and is fluffy and comfortable. The tricky part is to make those felt stones. Once you are done with that, it is a cinch to attach the rocks to the latch hook canvas rug backing.

DIY Woven Rug

Some more weaving and tapestry. Which means time and patience on your part. But have a look at the finished product, and you may find it hard to not jump in on this epic project!

Mod Podge Fabric Rug

How to make a  Easy-t0-Make Mod Podge Fabric Rug
Tutorial: damasklove.com

We like this one for the simplicity of it. You use a large piece of drop cloth and fabric of your choice and use mod podge to glue them together and then attach the article on to the canvas rug base, and voila, you’re all done!

DIY Bear Rug

Another rug that kids will be crazy about, but you can as well place it on your living room. This one, too, is a cloth-based project. Check this great tutorial to find more.

Wooden Floor Mat

How to make a  Wooden Floor Mat
Tutorial: lowes.com

This one is a new age, and we love the bright colors used for this pine wood floor mat. The project is easy to follow, and even beginner DIY-ers can finish this without much ado.

DIY Technicolor Felt Rug

How to make a  Technicolor Felt Rug
Tutorial: sewhomegrown.com

This technicolor rug made with different colored felts ideal for the kids’ room. You don’t need any expensive supplies, and the most significant plus is that thanks to its lightweight, you can lug it along outdoors whenever you want.

Watermelon Welcome Mat

The cool watermelon shapes on this welcome mat were hand-stamped using an all-purpose sponge, and yet it pretty much looks as if the forms are integral to the carpet. For details, check the full tutorial.

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