DIY Outdoor Furniture – 39 Easy Projects You Can Do Right Now

Last updated on March 25, 2024

Building great DIY furniture comes down to having the right plans, instructions, and tutorials. This list of 39 easy projects is exactly what you need if you want to follow through with your new outdoor furniture idea.

As the weather gets better and better outside, it’s time to build something for your backyard, garden or patio. And since we’re all about DIY crafts for home decor, we may very well offer you a few suggestions for the outside as well. Making your piece of furniture is a fun activity, and you could use a nice outside sofa, a patio table or a patio chair for those long and lovely summer days as well.

So here we have 39 fun and easy DIY projects for outside furniture which include sofas, chairs, tables and other useful contraptions. If you’re looking to do something crafty outside, choose some of these projects from the list and let us know how it goes.

Farmhouse Outdoor Couches

Bring farmhouse decor to your porch or backyard with these lovely DIY outdoor couches. This project takes some effort to finish, but the tutorial shows you how to do it in one day. Check it out.

Reclaimed Wood X-stool

This simple x-base stool is small but useful and very attractive. The concrete top makes it sturdy and perfectly fit to withstand any weather outside so you can use it in your garden as well as the porch. You can use reclaimed wood to build it too, as shown in this tutorial.

Backyard Chairs

Do you need a pair of chairs for your backyard or patio? Building comfortable seating for the outdoors is a relatively easy project, and it’s certainly doable even if you’re not a seasoned crafter. Check out this tutorial to see how it’s done.

Patio Table with Ice Boxes

There’s no better DIY project than making something useful and multipurpose. This outdoor table is not just any table. It has built-in ice boxes to keep those drinks cool on hot summer days when you’re having a BBQ or just lounging in your backyard. The tutorial has complete steps for this project.

Outdoor Sectional

It may seem like this outdoor sectional is a big DIY project, but the best thing about it is that you can make it only as big as you need. It’s a great and cheap way to furnish your backyard or patio whenever you need. Look for the plans in the tutorial.

Pallet Sectional

This DIY project for outdoor furniture is so great because it makes building big furniture easy. All you need is as much pallet wood as necessary for this endeavor. The resulting sectional (or a bench, if you prefer) is very comfortable and quite good looking. Check out the tutorial for step by step explanation how to do it.

Cinder Block Bench

This project is dead easy, and that’s what’s so great about it. Get some wooden beams and cinder blocks to build this quick but lovely outdoor bench. Check out the tutorial for all the details.

Outdoor Pergola

If your backyard needs this, then this is how to build it. A full pergola is a big project, but it’s definitely worth your while. This particular tutorial comes with plans for fire pits, swings, and a serving area. Check it out.

Patio Cooler Stand

Check out how to build a DIY patio cooler stand

When the summer comes, you will need one of these on your patio or in your backyard. A cooler is quite a necessity on cold summer days, and you can build this lovely stand for it with this DIY woodworking project. Check out the tutorial for instructions.

Outdoor Sofa

This is quite an easy project for an outdoor sofa that you can build over the weekend. If you need some more outdoor seating, this is the project for you. Make sure to check out the tutorial for more details.

Cinder Block Sofa

Make some extra outdoor seating in your backyard by building this quick and easy bench (or even a sofa if you like) from cinder blocks. We especially love the paint job that adds this simple piece of furniture so much charm. Check out the tutorial.

Outdoor Table

This project for a DIY outdoor table is quite involved, but if you’re into woodworking, you will love building it. It features removable legs, and it’s big enough to seat ten people if you follow the plans. Check out the tutorial for complete instructions and plans.

Zinc Tabletop

This DIY project not only gives you a table for extra serving surface outside in your backyard or patio but it also has some style with a zinc table top. If you like this look, check out the tutorial on how to do it.

Simple Patio Table

If you put a price on it, this tutorial claims you can make a DIY patio table for only $60. It’s quite a bargain and a great way to spend your weekend building something if you ask us. So check out this tutorial and make yourself a beautiful piece of furniture for the outside.

Milk Can Side Table

The “re” movement is huge. Reducing, reusing and recycling items like antique milk can into a unique farmhouse-style table is both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Join the creative “re” movement and start using household items to make DIY outdoor furniture.

Crate Armchair

Turn those empty milk crates into a funky and functional outdoor armchair. Perfect for copping a squat on the grass, and with a couple of added cushions, you have a comfy spot to enjoy those delicious al fresco moments.

Old Tire Garden Stool

What a fabulous way to reuse those old tires you might have lying around. Changing the color of the tire gives it an entirely new look, and when filled with a comfy seat cushion, you have a one-of-a-kind outdoor garden stool your neighbors will envy.

Outdoor Storage Bench

Ideal for DIYers, making a storage box is relatively simple and extremely functional. An excellent place for all those extra items that clutter up a yard or patio to be tucked away into.

Outdoor Day Bed

Why settle for a bench to sit on outside when you can have a DIY day bed to stretch out on. Corners are wasted spaces in most areas, so turning an empty corner into the ultimate in outdoor luxuriance is the way to go.

DIY Large Picnic Table

Great idea! Check out the tutorial on how to make a  outdoor picnic table.

Standard picnic tables are often too small for large outdoor gatherings. Making one yourself means you can customize it to suit your entertaining needs.

Outdoor Pallet Sectional

If you’ve got the space, the know-how, and the time, why not create some large-scale furniture pieces you can enjoy outside. An outdoor pallet sectional is as unique as it is comfortable and functional.

Cabana Lounge

Gone are the boring playhouses of yore; nowadays, a chic and whimsical cabana lounge is what the kids are into these days. Ideal for a play area for the kids, as well as adults, an outdoor cabana lounge is the ultimate in outdoor comfort.

Modern Rustic Outdoor Chair

Clean lines and cushions make this DIY outdoor chair the perfect pop of minimalist al fresco luxury. This modern DIY chair is the ideal place to curl up in and read a good book or just enjoy the outdoor surroundings.

Outdoor Herringbone Table

This table would make a stunning place to gather around during those memorable family gatherings. The herringbone pattern lends it a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Concrete Side Table

Side tables are so handy to have anywhere there is a chair or seating area. A DIY concrete table is durable and practical while channeling that chic industrial vibe that so many strive for.

Outdoor Sofa

Outdoor sofas are perfect focal points for an outdoor space. When surrounded by side tables, planters, flowers and cushions, a warm and intimate outdoor area is cultivated.

Modern Outdoor Sofa

While purchasing an outdoor sofa can be a costly endeavor, making your own does not need to cost more than the price of some chunky wood pieces and seating cushions. The clean lines make it the perfect focal point around which to center an outdoor gathering place.

9-Foot Long Outdoor Table

Great idea! Check out the tutorial on how to make a  outdoor dining table.

The price to buy a large-scale outdoor table like this would be astronomical, but if you are a DIYer with some know-how, time, and tools, you too can enjoy the large gatherings with family and friends that would be sure to take place around this impressive piece.

DIY Pergola

Adding a pergola to an outdoor space is the perfect way to create a warm and inviting space to pass the time in. Ideal when covered with climbing greenery or strings of pretty white lights, this pergola can be made for a mere $200.

Aluminum Chair Makeover

Don’t throw out those old aluminum chairs that have seen better days just yet. Instead, replace the fabric with woven cords in bright and funky colors.

DIY Toadstools

We’ve all seen these for sale in the garden centers, but for a fraction of the price, you can make them yourself with some tree stumps, paint, and wooden salad bowls. Who knew, right?

Flowerpot Side Tables

If you are a gardener, chances are you have a few extra flower pots lying around. A couple of simple steps can turn them into functional and whimsical side tables that are budget-friendly.

Hypertufa Outdoor Table

Great idea! Check out the tutorial on how to make a  outdoor hypertufa side table.

This unique outdoor side table works double-time as a table and planter. What is more perfect for an outdoor seating area than a table with flowers sprouting forth from the center.

Log Lounger

‘Wow’ is the response you’ll get with this piece in your space. Indeed an ode to the modern casual vibe, this rustic log lounger blends form and function seamlessly.

Pallet Lounger

Using some refurbished pallets is an affordable and functional wood source for some DIY projects. Creating a seating area outside is reasonably simple with pallets used to make an elevated lounger.

Pallet Sofa with Hidden Storage

Great idea! Check out the tutorial on how to make a  outdoor pallet sofa.

Storage is always a bonus. With this DIY pallet sofa, some hidden hollows in the seat back make ideal slots for some hidden storage.

Pallet Popcorn Stand

This one is sure to be a hit with the kids. What could be more fun and festive than having a DIY popcorn stand in your very own backyard? Think of all the great kids’ parties and outdoor gatherings that could be livened up by the popping of popcorn.

Pallet End Table

Pallets are a fabulous source of building material, and staining the wood gives it a whole new look. Making a small end table for outdoors has never been simpler, more pleasing, or more affordable.

DIY Succulent Pallet Table

Great idea! Check out the tutorial on how to make a  outdoor succulent pallet table.

Succulent gardens seem to be all the rage in the gardening world. Creating a pallet table with the center used as a home for thriving succulents will make a fabulous conversation piece people will discuss long after they have left.


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