15 Under Cabinet Range Hood Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen

Last updated on May 11, 2024

Discover practical and stylish under-cabinet range hood ideas to enhance your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics.

Industrial Chic Steel Hood

Combining rugged functionality with sleek lines, this hood champions a raw, unfinished look that effortlessly complements any modern industrial kitchen decor.

Scandinavian Inspired Minimal Hood

This hood features clean lines and a stark, functional design, emphasizing simplicity and understated elegance.

Biophilic Design With Integrated Planters

Harness nature’s serenity right above your cooking area with a range hood that doubles as a space for fresh herbs or small plants, blending functionality with a refreshing touch of green.

Futuristic Retractable Range Hood

This design embraces technology, featuring a hood that gracefully disappears into your countertop when not in use, maintaining a clean and uncluttered kitchen aesthetic.

Arts and Crafts Style With Wood Trims

Embracing the handcrafted appeal, this design features elegant wooden trims that frame the hood, enhancing its warmth and character in your kitchen.

High-Tech Hood With App Connectivity

Control and monitor your kitchen’s ventilation from your smartphone with a smart range hood, enhancing convenience and efficiency in modern cooking spaces.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Material Hood

Crafted from reclaimed materials, this hood offers a sustainable alternative that adds a unique, eco-conscious element to your kitchen design.

Vintage Copper Accented Hood

This hood adds a touch of antiqued elegance with its warm copper accents, merging functionality with classic style.

Hidden Hood for Seamless Look

This design cleverly conceals the hood within the cabinetry, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted aesthetic that blends perfectly with the rest of the kitchen’s decor.

Art Deco Patterned Hood

Embrace the glam and geometry of the 1920s with a range hood featuring bold Art Deco patterns, turning functional into fabulous.

Mediterranean Terracotta Hood

Embrace a touch of coastal charm with a hood featuring warm terracotta tones and rustic textures, perfect for a Mediterranean-style kitchen ambiance.

Integrated Lighting Feature Hood

This design seamlessly merges illumination with ventilation, ensuring your cooking space is well-lit while removing odors and smoke efficiently.

Dual Tone Material Hood

Blending materials like brushed metal and tempered glass, this hood adds a contemporary touch while offering functional elegance to any modern kitchen.

Antique Brass Finished Hood

This hood adds a touch of vintage elegance, featuring a rich patina that complements traditional kitchen aesthetics beautifully.

Low Profile Slimline Hood

Ideal for smaller kitchens, this hood blends in almost invisibly with its surroundings while efficiently removing smoke and odors.

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