13 Easy Ideas for DIY Patio Furniture You’ll Love

Last updated on November 15, 2023

Want to build your own DIY patio furniture to revamp your outdoor space? You have to see these ideas. Read on!

Patios can be surprisingly important to everyone, especially during summer. Patios can provide you with a perfect space to entertain your neighbors and friends during the summer crab feasts and barbecues. They can also protect your family from the summer heat when they are playing outside. But, most importantly, a beautiful patio can increase the value of your property.

However, purchasing some new patio furniture to make your patio more comfortable and beautiful can be quite costly, so why don’t you try these DIY patio furniture ideas?

Outdoor Sofa

outdoor sofa
Tutorial: youtube.com

This DIY outdoor sofa can be a perfect option for anyone who wants a comfortable patio sofa on a budget. For this project, you will need some IKEA cushions, polyester ropes for the armrest, and some handpicked 2’’x4″ lumbers. You can start by making the seat’s structure which has three parts: the backrest, seating area, and the armrests. So once you have built all the three sections, you can assemble them and add the bottom slats for supporting the IKEA cushion. Finally, you can sand the DIY outdoor sofa and then stain it before wrapping the polyester rope on the armrest. 

Chaise Lounge

diy chaise lounge
Tutorial: youtube.com

This adjustable lounger can offer you several seating solutions. The DIY chaise lounge is made using the western red cedar, which is resistant to insects, decay, and rot. The first thing you need to do is build the seat frame and then install the backrest frame. Next, you attach the back support before adding the legs. Attach the armrest and the armrest siding. And finally, add the seating slats, and you are good to go.

Patio Table

diy patio table
Tutorial: youtube.com

Adding a patio table to the porch or patio can be a perfect way to stretch the living room to the outside. So instead of purchasing a patio table, why don’t you make one? The good thing about a DIY patio table is you can customize it according to your needs and liking. You can start by cutting the pieces of wood as per your dimensions and then build the tabletop. The next step is building the X-shaped legs making sure that they are leveled. Finally, you can put the tabletop on the legs and then sand it before you paint the table.

Leopold Bench

diy leopold bench
Tutorial: youtube.com

A Leopold bench can be a perfect DIY outdoor bench for your backyard, especially since it has a backrest. Start by cutting two 2’’x 8’’ pieces of wood on a 30-degrees angle on both ends to create the long legs. Next, cut the shorter legs 18 inches and then cut at 30-degrees on either end using a circular saw. According to Woodwork Nation, a circular saw is the best tool for making curved cuts. Once you have all the legs, you can screw the short ones on the longer legs. Finally, add the seat before adding the back slat.

Adirondack Chair

adirondack chair
Tutorial: youtube.com

An Adirondack chair is a patio lounge seat with a tall back, wide armrests, and a seating area that is lower on the back than the front. For this simple lounge seat, you need two stringers, two arms, two back supports, and five short boards for the legs and cross supports. You can start by assembling the legs by attaching the arms and the stringers to the leg of the seat. You can then link the two frames using the supports and then add the seat slats before working on the back slats.

Outdoor Chair

diy outdoor chair
Tutorial: youtube.com

A DIY outdoor chair can be a perfect seat for anyone with a small patio. For this project, you will need five 2″ x 3″ x 8 ft and two 1″ x 3″ x 8 ft. Cut your 2″ x 3″ lumbers using a miter saw to create four pieces for the side-frames, two for the top part of the side frame, and nine others for bottom and back supports. Start by assembling the side frames and then attach them using the support board. Finally, you can add the bottom support boards and finish with the back frame.

Outdoor Sofa with Hidden Storage

diy outdoor sofa with hidden storage
Tutorial: youtube.com

Instead of going for the normal DIY outdoor sofas, building a unique one with hidden storage can be very practical. This outdoor sofa has three hidden storages compartments, one at the sidearm for your icebox, and the others are at the back and the bottom. With this seat, you can enjoy a cold drink without going back inside every time you want a drink. The bottom and the back compartments can keep your cushions safe when you are not using the seat.

Pedestal Coffee Table

diy pedestal cofffee table
Tutorial: youtube.com

A pedestal coffee table can serve as a dining table for anyone with a small patio. This pedestal coffee table has three parts (tabletop, trunk, and feet). Start by getting a thick trunk for your table and then attach it to the feet. You can then glue some lumber together for the top and then allow them to dry before cutting the circular top using your circle jig. Once the top is ready, you can assemble the table and then stain it.

Portable Concrete Fire Pit

fire pit
Tutorial: youtube.com

A DIY fire pit table can be very inviting and make your dinners memorable. Making a portable concrete fire pit is quite easy. You can start by building the concrete top. Cut the fire pit space on the melamine form and then glue the walls for the fire pit space and the perimeter of the top on the melamine form. And then add the concrete and allow it to dry. Once it has dried up you can remove the boundaries and then sand it for a smooth finish. Finally, you can build the legs and then assemble the table before connecting it to a propane tank.

Patio Table with a Beer Cooler

table with cooler
Tutorial: youtube.com

Building a DIY patio table with a cooler can be quite easy for a beginner. For this project, you need to build a table with a compartment on the top for a beer cooler. Start by building the top with space in the middle for the plastic tub. You can then stain the top before adding the legs. Lastly, you can add the tubs and then build the inserts for covering the tub.

Outdoor Lounge Sofa

diy outdoor lounge sofa
Tutorial: youtube.com

Seating on a DIY lounge can be a perfect way to enjoy the hot summer afternoons on your patio while sipping a cold beer. For this project, you only need an orbital sander, drill, and a circular saw to transform some 2″ x 12″ and 2″ x 6″ lumbers into a comfortable lounge. You can start by building the side frames and then connect them using the supports and then add the seat and back slats. You can then place the cushions on a plywood back and then staple the exterior waterproof canvas on to the plywood and finally place the cushion on your seat.

Outdoor Sectional

diy outdoor sectional
Tutorial: youtube.com

Purchasing a new patio set can be quite costly, especially since you will only use it during summer. So instead of spending over $2,000 on a patio set, why don’t you build a DIY outdoor sectional? For this project, you will need a Kreg jig, miter saw, measuring tape, and an impact driver. You can start by building the two-seat frames. And then assemble them, before adding the bottom slats.  

Rocking Chair

diy outdoor rocking chair
Tutorial: youtube.com

A rocking chair can be a perfect supplement for long-term care therapy. It can improve your blood circulation and reduce depression, anxiety, and muscle pain. The good thing about this project is that it’s quite easy. All you need to do is build the seat and then connect the legs to the rocker.     


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