66 Easy DIY Table Ideas That You Can Build on a Budget

Last updated on October 18, 2023

The complete list of DIY table ideas that you can build this year even on a tight budget, and stay in style. Read on!

When it comes to choosing furniture to complete your interior design, it can be a difficult and expensive task. Even a simple table can be hard to choose considering the options and the specific style you’re going after. Some of us yet choose to build something with our own hands.

And even if you’re not a seasoned crafter, you can actually build a simple piece of furniture that will meet your needs and make a statement in your home decor. We have these easy DIY table tutorials that you can follow step by step and add lots of character to your home style.

How to Build a Table

diy table plan

Quick and short – how do you build a simple table? While in this post we explore many great ideas of different styles and designs of tables (for many purposes), a simple table is an easy contraption. That’s why it’s a great beginner project for those who want to start woodworking. Wiki How explain the concept of a DIY table really well.

Table Legs

DIY table legs video

We recommend starting your table project by building the legs or choosing from the leg alternatives. Choose the right wood and make the base you need. This will enable you to tackle the tabletop next, which is where you can let your creativity flow.

DIY Table Top

diy table top video

There’s no one-fits-all solution for the tabletop but this is a good start. Simply because you have your own vision of what type and style you want to achieve. The top can be farmhouse/rustic, modern, any kind of wood (or no wood at all), in any finish or paint you like, though something of quality like fiddles hard wax oil is recommended. This is what the further ideas are mostly about.

Watch this video to get warmed up for the project anyway.

Concrete DIY Table Top

concrete DIY table top
Tutorial: liagriffith.com

A concrete table top brings a very industrial style to your home decor. It makes a really great kitchen countertop too. If you like the idea of adding this material to your interior, follow this tutorial to build one.

Lego DIY Table

Looking for something fun and unique for your kids’ room? A custom-made DIY Lego table is certainly a unique addition. It’s as fun to use as it is to build.

Minimalist DIY Dining Table

Minimalist furniture is great in that it requires a lot fewer materials to build and it creates a modern style. It’s also fairly easy to make. Build this DIY dining table by following the tutorials.

Double X Console DIY Table

The double X frame console table has a lot of rustic charm and its design makes it easy to build together. Check out how to build one for under $50.

Vintage Desk

If you’re looking for a vintage piece of furniture with lots of character, consider building this simple DIY desk. The plans are straightforward and you can achieve all the charm with paint job.

Piping DIY Table

Using pipes in furniture design brings that industrial and rustic element to home decor. The project itself is a bit more complicated but it’s very well worth the effort.

Wire Basket Side Table

If you’re looking for a really simple and small table, this is a project for you. It doesn’t take much effort to build and you get a really unique piece of furniture with a lot of decor interest.

Sofa Table

For that space behind the sofa, you can build an easy DIY table in rustic style. You can even repurpose materials for this project.

Mid-century Nightstand

Add some easy style to your home decor by constructing this mid-century nightstand for your bedroom. Plywood works really well but your can also paint it for a different texture.

Bistro Table

Here’s a DIY project for a really cheap small table for your porch or backyard. And it doesn’t have to be limited to the use outside – add more interest to your decor by using it inside.

Sofa Arm Rest Side Table

DIY sofa arm rest side table
Idea via: www.etsy.com

This idea for a side table is as functional as it is visually attractive. Add some rustic accent to your living room with a convenient piece of multi-functional furniture.

Little End Table

Such as small piece of furniture can be so powerful with a lot of rustic style and warmth that it brings to your home decor. It’s fairly simple as a DIY project and very useful in small spaces.

Copper Pipe DIY Table

Copper Pipe DIY Table
Idea via: scraphacker.com

Brilliant designs are often really unexpected. This geometric copper tube table is tied together with nylon zip ties. The structure itself is made sturdy by the network of triangulated shapes. It’s obviously an involved project but it’s a fun challenge to seasoned crafters out there.

X-Base DIY Table

The X base of this simple wooden table adds some architectural interest to your home decor which is a fun way to decorate. It’s a fairly simple project giving a touch of warm rustic style to your decor.

Rustic X End Table

Another brilliant DIY project with plans from Ana White. This table is simply adorable and well worth the effort to build for some more rustic accent in your home decor.

DIY Shabby Chic Side Table

This side table is simple but good looking with a hint of shabby chic style. And the best part about it is that you can easily do it yourself at home. If you think you may use this table, follow the tutorial for the DIY project.

DIY Pub Style Table

If you want to create a rustic style breakfast nook at home, you can make this pub style table using the plans from Ana White. It’s a relatively easy project that you can take on to build these lovely stools and a table. Check out the tutorial for all the details.

Picnic Table

A picnic table is both a decorative and a very useful addition to your backyard or patio. If you plan on getting one, a pedestal picnic table is the perfect idea considering it can serve both adults and kids. To spice up the look of such a table, you can cut the top in a circular shape according to the tutorial.

Pipe and Wood Table

The wood and pipe table has rustic industrial appeal and makes the perfect decor accent piece. For this project you’ll need to get table boards and pipes from the hardware store near your home. Follow these simple steps of the tutorial to have your DIY homemade table ready for use.

Infinity Table

It’s modern, futuristic and definitely makes a conversation piece. And you can DIY one at home. The short list of materials that you will need for this table includes a tempered two-way mirror for the top of the table, LED tape and a regular mirror. Check out the tutorial for full instructions.

Rustic Metal Pipe Table

metal pipe table
Tutorial: diyprojects.com

This type of a DIY table happens to be very appealing to the eye and cost-effective. You can easily make such a table by following through the tutorial. Having the right tools is crucial if you are to undertake this DIY venture.

Narrow Console Table

This narrow console table comes in handy when you need to manage small space but still want to make your rooms look elegant. You just need to get a board and fix the two legs using screws. The project will not strain your wallet and at the same time help you save on time.

Barn Door Desk

All that you need for this DIY project is an old piece of wood and some railings with a little renovation. Using a sheet of glass as the tabletop is essential when using salvaged materials. Check out the tutorial for the details.

DIY Console Table

This console table helps you transform idle space into useful storage for your household products. The console table should be lengthy and narrow. Check out the tutorial for all the details to make one at home.

DIY Live Edge Table

For this project, you’ll need to buy a desirable piece of wood from the store, then design a desirable shape of the live edge. If you already have the base in place, fix it to the wooden top using screws. You can as well make a hole in the middle to act as a holder for dining equipment.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Table

Get straight planks of wood which you will use to craft the frame and legs of your table. Nail the top to the frame that you have designed.  To improve the appearance of this DIY farmhouse table, you can use wood stain. Decorations in the form of intricate patterns can also be engraved on the table.

Butcher Block Hardwood Table

This DIY butcher block table is very cost-effective as you rely on the use of old hardwood. However, you will need to employ thorough sanding to improve its appearance. Cut the wood then glue L-shaped legs to the top. The right tools will give you exemplary results. This kind of table has a very appealing appearance.

Kitchen Dining Table

Anyone can build such a butcher block dining table with just basic woodworking skills. Get a durable pine board cut into dimensions of your choice. Then make table legs at a height that suits you. Screw these legs to the board after sanding. Once the table structure is in place, you can apply stains to improve appearance.

Pallet Wood Table

The whole process of making such a table is simple because you only need to collect scraps of wood and bind them together in a pattern of your choice.  Make the top of the table by fixing each piece of wood with a nail gun. Then use leg screws to hook the legs.  You can also apply paint if necessary.

Walnut Dining Table

walnut wood dining table
Tutorial: www.dwell.com

The main material in this project is a Walnut slab. Cut the slab into reasonable shapes and glue them together. Sand the resulting wood, then fill holes with tabletop resin.  Hairpin legs as the base of the table are necessary for supporting the top of the table.

Dining Room Table

Look for oak wood when making this dining table. Assemble the pieces of wood together and join them using a nail gun. Sand the wood then fix the hairpin legs to the tabletop. A honey-colored finishing is ideal as the last decorative touch to such a dining table. The table stands out and will comfortably blend in with the furniture in your house.

Outdoor Table

A Kreg Jig is one of the essential pieces of equipment when constructing an outdoor table. Make chisel-shaped lap joints from the wood. Start by cutting the edges. Ensure that the joint legs are at 45 degrees. Assemble the table using Herringbone pattern and then stain the surfaces.

Herringbone Tables

herringbone tables
Tutorial: www.thesorrygirls.com

Maple wood is recommended for this project. The herringbone pattern is quite easy to make if you follow the tutorial. The table adds tons of visual appeal to room’s decor and it can make an excellent focal point.

DIY Dining Table

The main materials for this project are wood boards from the hardware and 19 feet of Angle Iron. This DIY project is a little bit more involved as it requires wielding. Follow the instructions to build it at home.

Pottery Barn Inspired Dining Table

Pottery Barn inspired dining table
Tutorial: lrn2diy.com

Use lumber wood when performing a DIY project for such a unique dining table. After making the table top, hook the base in six different locations underneath. Instead of screws, use heavy bolts when fixing the legs. The resulting appearance of the base should be triangular. Check out the tutorial for instructions.

Mirror Folding Tables

This piece of furniture is as functional as it is attractive to the eye. Make a mirror that folds down into a wall mounted table or desk. Such a table can easily be used as a kitchen bar, dining table or even home office.

Live Edge Table with Steel Base

If you are using old wood, sand it to remove wooden flakes. Assemble the steel base and make pilot holes beneath the table top. Use bolts to hook the steel base onto the top. Apply wood glue and sand gently.

Marble and Gold Accent Tables

For this project, acquire a marble board and hairpin legs from the hardware store. Use gold paint to color the hairpin legs. Let it dry then apply shellac spray on top. Glue the legs using liquid nail onto the marble board. Leave it out in the open for the liquid nail to solidify.

Tables from Salvaged Beams

The key idea of this project is reusing old salvaged wood. Look for fitting pipes and use them as the base. Repurposed wood and pipes make a rustic industrial style that makes the perfect decor accent. Check out the tutorial for instructions.

Metal Table Top

This steel top table brings a great metallic accent into room’s decor. Paint the table with a color that coincides with the appearance of the metal. Bend the edges of the steel to come up with a desirable pattern. Cut the extra steel off and then nail the edges.

Wood Shim Tables

wood shim tables
Tutorial: bythestand.com

You can buy packs of wood shim at affordable prices for this project. Apply paint of a color you prefer to the legs of the table. Use liquid nail for sticking the wood shims together in a unique pattern. Let it dry and then apply a stain of your preference to the table top.  You can choose to add wood polish as the final decorative measure to give your table a glossy look.

Natural Wood Dining Table

This unique design features a narrow form and natural wood log edges. It’s all about the natural look. And it’s not only about the material and texture (that is so great). The hairpin legs add a mid-century modern flavor that makes this piece of furniture a real decor statement.

Modern Kitchen Table Dining Table

What does modern design bring to the kitchen? First of all, it’s mostly minimalist. Modern shapes bring function and crisp lines. Unlike the traditional or farmhouse styles, it’s less about detail than the overall visual impact. So as a DIY project it’s easier to make too. But there’s that modern twist that makes it so attractive.

Small Breakfast Tables

There are several reasons to want and love a small breakfast nook. For one, it’s ideal if you’re downsizing. Secondly, it’s so cozy. If you live alone or with your significant other, all you need is to cozy up for a breakfast or a romantic dinner for two. It takes so little space too. Finally, such a small piece takes a lot less effort and materials to build.

White Farmhouse Dining Table

A white base makes this style really tick. It helps the top surface stand out. Of course, you can paint the whole piece of furniture white too. If you want to add even more detail, consider the weathered paint technique. After all, farmhouse is all about detail.

Rustic Kitchen Dining Table

A rustic piece is enchanting with its primitive forms and natural textures. You want to keep it with less detail but raw look. This project by DIY Pete captures the essence of the style really well.

Rustic Farmhouse Table

What does rustic add to the farmhouse style? Is it not redundant? Those are great questions to ask. Only someone who embraces these styles fully in their decor will tell the difference. You get a blend of two very similar styles. Simply put, farmhouse adds just a little more detail to the raw rustic look.

So you get a natural wood base, with a painted top and some weathered detail. You get more detail in the design, but keep the warmth of the raw simplicity.

2×4 Tables

2×4’s make all projects simple, and it’s one of our favorites. You can build a small table in no time and keep your costs to the minimum. After all, you only need to stock up on those 2×4’s. Usually, these small designs are topped with a coat of paint to match the decor.

Trestle Tables

The trestle legs require more effort than most other projects on the list. To tackle this idea, you have to think it through, and get ready with detailed plans. The design is intricate enough to make a great statement or accent piece.

Long Narrow Dining Table

The long and narrow design is ideal for those small narrow spaces where you need to accommodate plenty of seating. As a long tabletop, it requires a sturdy base and legs to hold the weight. The project is fairly complicated for that reason too.

Contemporary Dining Table

Contemporary style breaks the traditions and offers clean form and clear function. You won’t mess around with this project. Just build a cold hard piece of furniture.

Kitchen Tables with Storage

A kitchen or dining table that has built-in storage is a great multi-functional piece. It takes just a little bit more effort to build that feature in. But come to think of it, you’re working on the project anyway – might as well spend an extra hour to get more use of the result.

Large Dining Table

For large dining rooms comes a large solution. Yes, such a project will take a ton of effort. It will be costly too (but not as costly as buying the thing). But if you work on it, you will get a thing of beauty. Such a statement piece is the staple of any dining room design.

DIY Folding Tables

This thing is so simple and it folds. Talk about small spaces and being functional. Popular Mechanics have great plans to build it too. So if you like a little challenge, you must give this project a try.

Very Small Dining Table

There’s small and then there’s very small. Tiny, we would say. But it accommodates two and it’s ideal in any tiny dining area. Check out how you can add subtle details to its base to make it simply adorable.

Small Kitchen Tables

Another small piece for the kitchen. As a rule, small kitchens with even smaller dining areas need this. Building one is so easy too. We encourage you to embrace the simplicity and maintain the natural texture of wood by choosing the right stain.

DIY Farm Table

The farm table is embracing the farmhouse style fully. If most other projects take the look from subtle to more elaborate – they rarely go all-in. This one comes straight from the farm. We have to love how the look is complete with the produce baskets stored under the table too. It has everything every farm nut dreams of.

Kitchen Table with Bench

If it has to accommodate seating, then you need matching chairs or a bench. Building a bench together in a single project enables you to create the perfect set. It’s a win-win – you have the materials, and you can use the same plans to completely furnish the area.

Farmhouse Table and Chairs

The nagging question is always the same. You see all these farmhouse tables and you wonder, what chairs would go well with it? That’s why we encourage everyone to choose the chairs together with the table. Don’t leave it as the afterthought. That’s the only way to have the ideal match.

Unique Dining Table

We always get a little giddy about featuring a unique design. And this is one of those cases. For those of you who want to make a statement with every piece of furniture you bring home, this is the project to consider.

The shape of the top draws inspiration from the natural lines of the log. Yet it has a modern polished finish and attractive white hairpin legs. This blend of natural and modern minimalist look is what makes it so unique.

French Country Dining Table

french country dining table
Source: hometalk.com

French country style brings ornate detail to the farmhouse look. It’s all about the legs. If you want to add some class to your rustic interior, this is one way to do it.

Coffee Table

The coffee table is a whole category of DIY projects. It’s one of the most popular endeavors to make one too. So we have a special article with tons of ideas for this type of table. Learn how to make a DIY coffee table. (77 more ideas)


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