Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Tables in 2020

Last updated on January 21, 2021

Looking for a wall-mounted table to save space in a room? These space-savers are a genius solution, especially if they fold down too. Check out the best wall-mounted tables in 2020.

When it comes to saving some space in a small room we are always thumbs up. Granted it should play well with the decor too. But wall-mounted tables are interesting enough to be a decor accent themselves. And if they have a folding feature, they take up literally no space when unused. This type of furniture unit is as functional as it gets.

Let’s talk about the versatility of the wall-mounted table. It’s not big (it cannot be big to hold any significant weight while wall-mounted.) So as a small table it can double as anything minus a kitchen island or a large dining table (however it can be a small one.) Here’s the list of ideas of what it can be:

  • A wall shelf
  • A TV shelf
  • A desk
  • A kitchen table (task table)
  • A small dining table for one or two persons
  • A nightstand
  • A laundry room table
  • A workbench
  • A table for any space that is too small to accommodate the traditional surface.

It’s versatile alright, but how do you choose the best one?

Here’s what we suggest to consider:

  • What will be its purpose?
  • Does it have to fold down (drop-leaf)?
  • How much weight it has to hold?
  • Can you install it yourself?
  • Should kids be able to access it?

Feels like there are too many questions to answer? That’s where we come in to help. You see, we have a lot of data through our site about what people are looking for. We’ve published a lot of ideas about tables. And we can use our knowledge to make the best picks that answer all your questions. The top list follows below, and please note that we might get compensated by Amazon for qualified purchases (labeled with #ad). This contributes to better publications.

Which would you choose?

What's Inside?

Wall Mounted Folding Table

Wall Mounted
Folding Wall-Mounted Solid Wood Table

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With its clear texture, this durable, wear-resistant table is made from pine wood and it will not deform easily. Its wall-mounted design makes allowance for unobstructed floor space and comfortable and practical seating. This multi-functional surface can be used as a desk, dining table and in the kitchen, bedroom or any other room that requires additional workspace. The package includes wood triangular brackets and high-quality hardware accessories, designed to make it stable and safe.

Pros: sturdy, safe and durable; space-saving and multifunctional; convenient and practical.

Cons: Does not have included directions.

Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Table

Drop Leaf Table
FURINNO Mueller Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Folding Table

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This is a uniquely-structured, stylishly-designed wall mounted table that is easy to assemble. It includes clear assembly instructions and can be set up in about 30 minutes or so. It is a sturdy and efficient piece of furniture that is designed to satisfy the demand of individuals on a budget. It is made out of E1 grade engineered particle board, making it highly durable. It is also made without the use of harsh chemicals, which promotes healthy living.

Pros: well constructed; visually appealing; easy to install.

Con: included mounting hardware is substandard;

Wall Mounted Dining Table

Dining Table
LENTIA 4-piece Dining Set with Drop Leaf Dining Table and Chairs

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This sturdy and durable wall-mounted table is made out of high-quality particleboard. The comfortable seating includes black cushions that are made of linen and cotton. When opened, the drop leaves are secured underneath, making a perfect surface for a breakfast nook and other small spaces. The set provides cozy seating for 4 individuals and has enough space for an added guest. For additional space, the drop-leaf table can be extended.

Pros: sturdy; easy to install; comfortable seating.

Con: depending on the floor type, chairs move around too easily.

Folding Kitchen Table

Folding Kitchen Table
FSC Certified Wall-Mounted Kitchen Folding Table

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This table is made from durable melamine laminate and its classic black finish is designed to match virtually any existing decor. It quickly and easily folds out when needed and provides additional dining or working space. The dimensions of this table are roughly 23.6 inches in length and 15.6 inches in width. It weighs in at 7 pounds and can support approximately 35 pounds. This folding table is sturdy and stable and it is ideal for use in narrow spaces.

Pros: sturdy and solid; easy to install.

Con: included hardware needs upgrading.

Folding Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf
Haotian Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Shelf

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This space-saving and convenient wall-mounted folding wall shelf is a great option for your office and home. It is designed to maximize convenience and can be used anywhere around the home or office. It can make a great desk for children when mounted a bit lower and makes for a cool bar table when mounted higher. With fasteners, it can be securely fixed to the wall at the desired height. Before purchasing, it is wise to determine the load capacity of the wall.

Pros: highly functional and convenient; attractive.

Con: anchors and screws are inferior.

Murphy Dining Table

Murphy Dining Table
Isasar Wall Mounted Space Saver Fold Out Table

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The simple, stylish and unique design of this wall-mounted design brings elegance to your home. It is designed to be installed on the wall to maximize the space of the floor. Its multi-functional design makes allowance for it to be easily folded and stored away when not in use. It is easy to install and ideal for saving space.

Pros: well-built and solid; easy to install; simple yet stylish;

Con: the suspension bolt included does not work well with drywall; installation instructions are not in English.

Wall Mounted Bar Table

Bar Table
Industrial Rustic Wall-Mounted Table

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Hand stained, finished and made out of quality wood, this makes for a great wall mounted bar table. The included brackets are made out of heavy cast iron but there is also the option of making the table collapsible by purchasing a folding shelf bracket. Assembling the table is quite easy and installation instructions are included in the package. In addition to being used as a bar table, the surface can also be used as a dining table, desk, bench, and a television stand.

Pros: durable, high-quality wood; visually appealing.

Con: it does not include mounting instructions.

Small Fold Up Table

Small Fold Up Table
IKEA BJURSTA Drop-leaf Table

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This multi-use table can be used for a variety of activities around the home. It is a great solution for a laundry room that is in need of a space to sort and fold your clothes. This quality, well-made table has a modern aesthetic and can also be used as a computer desk. In an RV where space is a premium, this table can provide a place to eat.

Pros: aesthetically appealing; saves on space.

Con: installation can be a bit of a hassle without a helper.

Folding Table Brackets

Ultrawall Folding Shelf Brackets

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This shelf bracket is collapsible and suitable to provide support for your table or bench. It is a great option when you need a place to repair and clean your tools. It is also ideal for surfaces used for do-it-yourself projects around the home, apartment, garage, shed or RV. When not in use, they can be easily collapsed, taking up under 4 inches of space. Its powder-coated steel construction makes it durable and resistant to cracking, rusting and chipping. Additionally, the brackets accommodate up to 550 pounds.

Pros: well made and durable; can turn any tabletop into a folding table.

Cons: installation can be a bit tricky; requires DIY skills.

Wall Mounted Folding Workbench

Small Fold Down Wall Mounted Workbench

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This multifunctional folding workbench can be used at home or at the office as a coffee table, computer desk, dining table, study desk and it is also ideal for use in an RV. In addition, this workbench is great at saving space. With your finger, you can simply access the controller underneath the desktop and the top will fold down and you will be able to regain your space.

Additionally, it is quite strong, sturdy and has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. The workbench is made from 1-inch thick veneer particle board and is equipped with heavy-duty brackets that lock it into place.

Pros: heavy-duty; versatile for any room.

Cons: the folding mechanism is a bit skittish.

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