77 Easy DIY Coffee Table Ideas You Can Make on a Budget

Last updated on May 10, 2024

These are all DIY coffee table ideas you can be making this year. Save by building a homemade table, and stay in style. Read on!

DIY coffee table kits

The coffee table is the main centerpiece of your living room. All decor is around it. You can have many different features in a room, but it will always come down to this piece of furniture. So having one that is unique and brings character to the interior is your goal.

So what do you do about it? As an avid DIYer, you build it, of course! It’s a small piece of furniture, so building it as an alternative is considered a beginner to advanced project. If you have built a DIY table, DIY ottoman, or a DIY desk, this project won’t be a problem either. It depends on the type and style too. In this post, we have you covered with DIY coffee table ideas of all types and styles.

How to Build a Coffee Table

how to build a coffee table video

You need just the basic DIY coffee table plans to follow and use this easy step-by-step process:

  • Begin with the table top. Any sturdy wood (cedar, oak, and even pine) will do. Reclaimed wood or pallets are also popular.
  • Use your plans to measure and cut the wood.
  • Put the table top together with wood glue and screws.
  • Choose the legs, which you can use pre-made (from the hardware store), or build them from 2x4s.
  • Use the wood stain and finish the top.

This basic process shows how easy it is to build a coffee table, and there are many more styles which you can create. We list all of them next.

Wood Slab DIY Coffee Table

wood slab
Source: ispydiy.com

This wonderful slab table is one of our favorite projects. It takes just preparing the slab, applying a finish, and adding hairpin legs that you can pick up in a hardware store. To complete the look, decorate your coffee table and match the look.

DIY Industrial Coffee Table

If you can saw and screw pieces of wood together then you will quickly build this easy DIY project.

Tile DIY Coffee Table

Clever use of materials makes building a table project a breeze. In this example, a wall or floor tile is being used as the surface.

DIY Copper Coffee Table

 Copper design
Source: forme-foryou.com

Some copper pipe and a wooden board can make this beautiful minimalist piece of furniture with a touch of industrial style.

DIY Glass Coffee Table

Pallets make great DIY projects with minimal work; the trick is making them look attractive enough to be used in your decor.

DIY Balustrade Coffee Table

Build this Restoration Hardware inspired piece with balustrade legs. You will not regret the effort you put into it.

Spool DIY Coffee Table

Repurposing material is quite often the way to go, especially when an item already has the shape of a piece of furniture you want.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Going for a rustic piece of furniture gives you many options as you can reuse wood to get great results.

DIY 2×4 Coffee Table

Being creative means, you can save a lot of work, such as using just a bunch of 2×4’s to create this whimsical accent piece.

Suitcase DIY Coffee Table

Here’s how to upcycle an old suitcase into a unique and whimsical accent table.

DIY Pipe Coffee Table

Industrial piping furniture is among our favorites because they combine the natural warmth with cold industrial elements.

Old Door DIY Coffee Table

Repurposing projects are always a lot of fun, so is this project made from an old door. It also includes storage space, so it serves as more than just a surface.

DIY Mid-century Modern Coffee Table

Mid-century modern has a lot of design appeal with its strict lines and hairpin furniture legs. And while furniture like that is quite pricey to get, you can build it for pennies on the dollar.

Lift-Top DIY Coffee Table

This lift-top unit is as good looking as it is practical. You can make this table using the base X tables plans from Ana White.

DIY Wooden Coffee Table

You already have the tools, and now you need to get the 2x4s to get the job done.

DIY Modern Coffee Table

Moving to a smaller house often means having to discard old furniture and getting new ones that fit the current space.

DIY Coffee Table with Storage

Any living room makeover would benefit from this stylish and functional coffee table with storage. It has a DIY storage area beneath the surface for books and trinkets.

DIY Square Coffee Table

This piece has a modern square-shaped frame with clean lines and a glass table top.

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

The splayed legs can be a little tricky, but those who have a miter saw should be able to recreate them with angle adjustments.

Pottery Barn Coffee Table

Inspired by Pottery Barn, this table features ample room underneath with an open shelf and three drawers.

Rustic Coffee Table

If you like the rustic look, then give this project a try. It features solid wooden table construction with a large table top.

Industrial Coffee Table

Get free plans for this table that mixes industrial design with farmhouse sensibilities.

Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

hairpin legs
Tutorial: diyhuntress.com

Those who would like to inject a bit of personality into their living room can try this project.

Factory Cart Coffee Table

Here is a good use for old fence pickets. Just cut them to size and turn them into a cart that can double as a movable table.

Mission Style Coffee Table

mission style
Site: www.rockler.com

If you have a free weekend, then consider making this attractive table for your living room.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

reclaimed wood
Tutorial: www.hgtv.com

Make use of any reclaimed wood and recycled materials that you might have, and turn it into a unit that’s filled with character.

Farmhouse Coffee Table

This table has a rugged base made up of 4×4 legs at each corner. For added strength, these are reinforced on each side by an X-mark made of 2x4s.

Rustic Twig Coffee Table

using tree brunches
Tutorial: style-files.com

This is a remarkably simple yet beautiful solution that makes use of dried tree branches and twigs.

Terrarium Coffee Table

Here is a good option for those with green thumbs. Instead of buying a table and placing a potted plant on top, build your own that includes space for plants in the middle.

Retro Coffee Table

decoupage decoration
Source: mrkate.com

This project turns an old table into a living room accent that is worthy of people’s attention.

Small Coffee Table

West Elm inspired
Tutorial: diycandy.com

Designer furniture can undoubtedly turn heads, but their prices can also break the bank. You can get the same thing much cheaper if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves.

Sawhorse Coffee Table

Pallets can pile up in some homes. It makes sense to use it as raw material for various projects.

Round Coffee Table

Those who are more willing to embrace experimental designs may want to take a look at this.

Pedestal Coffee Table

This project is perfect for massive living rooms with seating on all sides. It gives people plenty of space to put food and drinks while watching TV.

Square Farmhouse Coffee Table

square farmhouse design
Tutorial: www.youtube.com

This video tutorial is an excellent description of a project if you want o build a square farmhouse style unit.

Distressed Coffee Table

Make this amazing farmhouse style piece with a distressed wood look.

Wine Barrel Coffee Table

Repurpose a wine barrel into a unique storage coffee table.

Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

hidden storage
Tutorial: www.ryobitools.com

Build this fantastic hidden storage (flip top) unit in the farmhouse style for a simple craft project.

Coffee Table with Shelf

A thrift-store-find transformed into a beautiful piece with a shelf for extra storage.

Narrow Coffee Table

This design is narrow in shape and fits specific spaces if you need such a unit.

Large Coffee Table

This project is brilliant if you need to buidl a large unit.

Painted Coffee Table

Painting a table can give you remarkable results such as this faux metal look.

IKEA Coffee Table

Do you like IKEA furniture makeovers? Here’s how you can turn a basic unit into a lovely farmhouse style accent piece.

Arcade Coffee Table

This unit serves its traditional purpose as well as provides a gaming platform for kids and adults alike.

Mirrored Coffee Table

Mirrored furniture has a lovely look with a luxe impression to them.

Adjustable Height Coffee Table

What height table do you need? You can adjust its height and it’s easy to make.

Metal and Wood Coffee Table

The look of a metal frame with a wooden tabletop is a popular design.

Resin Coffee Table

This is a fun project for a unique unit. Make it if you’re looking form something out of the ordinary.

Shabby Chic Coffee Table

A great easy step-by-step guide to creating your own shabby chic design.

Infinity Coffee Table

There’s something cool about the infinity mirror look.

Engine Coffee Table

Talking about unique designs, this one is made of a real V8 engine.

Tree Stump Coffee Table

Want a unique and stylish accent piece that nobody else has?

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

Learn how to make a unique unit using a vintage antique trunk.

Driftwood Coffee Table

Get some sturdy driftwood for a whimsical base for a table.

Barn Door Coffee Table

Using barn door to repurpose it into a piece of furniture is an exciting project.

Mosaic Coffee Table

Upcycled Mosaic top
Source: mrkate.com

Some more repurposing materials in this project. It makes a great mosaic tabletop.

Interactive LED Coffee Table

This project is so much fun. Can you imagine an interactive LED surface in your living room?

Acrylic Coffee Table

If you want to get a little fancy, use acrylic to build the table base.

Butcher Block Coffee Table

Butcher block is a great tabletop for a living room centerpiece too!

Coffee Table on Wheels

Adding wheels to your new unit is easy. You can make them in any style too.

Log Coffee Table

Credit: www.bhg.com

Love the natural look? Get outdoorsy style for way less than furniture store prices by making it from a birch log.

Metal Coffee Table

This modern and fun industrial table is built with plywood and hardware store steel pieces – no welder or fancy tools required.

Fooseball Coffee Table

Image: imgur.com

This might be the ultimate piece of furniture for a man cave too!

Convertible Coffee Table

This is a unit that converts into a full size table. It can be used for family game night, puzzles, or just plain eating among other things.

Milk Crate Coffee Table

Milk crates make a useful material to build a project. Here’s how.

Crate Coffee Table

It takes just four crates to make a unique accent piece.

Concrete Coffee Table

This project is great for outdoors, but we can see it used inside as a unique piece too!

Live Edge Coffee Table

Live edge is all the rage with bringing nature to your home decor.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

There’s nothing quite like a stunning aquarium to add that essential mood of peace and tranquility to the living room.

Trunk Coffee Tables

This trunk gives you form and function, providing something lovely to look at while adding some much-needed storage space in the living room.

Marble Coffee Tables

This is a nice marble accent tabletop using a slab of Carrera marble and midcentury modern hairpin table legs.

Shadow Box Coffee Tables

This might be an advanced project to tackle, but it’s ideal if you want a shadow box table in your living room.

Outdoor Coffee Tables

Because outdoor spaces also need funishing. This is a great project and plans from Ana White to take on.

Patio Coffee Tables

Lear how to build an outdoor unit using only $15 in lumber with these easy to follow woodworking plans.

Touchscreen Coffee Tables

Talk about smart home technology. Build this interactive piece of furniture that nobody else has.

Window Coffee Tables

This step-by-step project will show you just how easy it is to repurpose an old window into an accent piece.

Folding Coffee Tables

A folding design like this isn’t only functional in its ability to change the height. It can also be folded down and stored away when not used.


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