8 Crafty DIY Table Legs for Your Table or Desk Project

Last updated on September 27, 2023

Any DIY table or DIY desk project requires table legs. Most tutorials include them, but you may want to mix and match. So here are a few crafty ideas for DIY table legs in several styles and materials. Read on!

If you’re tackling a table project at home, you will need your table legs. You can make them from different materials – repurposed and new. You can buy them too in supplies but that’s not what we’re about. Let’s make them!

What types of table legs can you make?

  • Simple wooden legs (2×4 or similar)
  • Metal hairpin legs
  • Pipe legs
  • Geometric wooden legs (different shapes)
  • Farmhouse table legs
  • Repurpose items (crates, boxes, bookcases, etc.)

We’re probably missing some (there are many variations and other table leg alternatives), but you get the idea. For your DIY purposes, here are the most popular types of table legs with plans and tutorials. When making your tables (including the legs), consider the standard dimensions for peace of mind.

How to Make Hairpin Table Legs

Hairpin table legs are all the rage right now and they are so easy to make. Here we’ll show you how in just a few short steps. Check out this Instructable to find out how it’s done.

Modern Builds show how to make DIY Steel Hairpin Legs for a live edge slab table. Check out the tutorial on Youtube for the entire details.

DIY Table Legs from Wood

These are metal table legs in the farmhouse style. Metalwork skills are required. Check out the video tutorial to learn how it’s done.

Check out how these simple geometric (trapezoid) table legs are made reclaimed wood leftovers. Follow this video to see how to do it.

This is how to make 3”x3” table or bench legs using only 2X4s and wood glue. This is a simple process to laminate lumber to make bigger stock. Check out the video tutorial to find out how to do it.

Reclaimed Table Legs

Reclaimed table legs built from 5-panel door leftovers. Read the tutorial on Eco Relics to learn how to do it.

DIY Metal Table Legs

The leg assemblies were made using 2×4 metal tubing with a 1/8th inch wall. Use a TIG welder to tack each table leg assembly together and then use a MIG welder to fill any gaps while adding durability and strength. Read the tutorial on Hometalk for the full plans.

Pedestal Leg Table

Make a table leg. One that looks like a real leg made of wood. See this Instructable to learn how to do it.


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