11 Movable Coffee Table Ideas Where Chic Meets Function

Last updated on March 18, 2024

Check out these creative and affordable ideas for your movable coffee tables. Make the best of your space!

Movable coffee tables are sleek and very functional. They provide an excellent solution for small living rooms as they can quickly move around. This allows you more options to rearrange your furniture to have more space for entertaining guests.

With their modern look and innovative design, these tables fit any interior design style and are crafted from durable materials for added protection.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching centerpiece or a functional piece of furniture, movable coffee tables will make a statement in any home.

We prepared a list of coffee table ideas for you. Scroll more below.

Manish Furniture Movable Coffee Table

With its sleek design and four wheels, it offers both style and functionality. It features a flat top with two drawers that provide plenty of storage for books, magazines, gaming consoles, or remotes.

The sturdy yet lightweight frame lets you quickly move the table wherever you need – making it the perfect spot for entertaining guests or enjoying an afternoon cup of tea in your favorite chair.

With its modern look and innovative design, this versatile furniture piece can fit into any interior design style.

Wild Ride Coffee Table

This coffee table features four wheels, allowing you to quickly move the table around your home or workspace. The wood has been sanded and sealed with a protective varnish to create a beautiful finish, making this table perfect for showcasing books, magazines, or decorative items.

Ideally suited for modern living spaces due to its portability and sleek style, this movable coffee table will become an eye-catching centerpiece in any room!

Lowline Floating Coffee Table

Crafted from durable concrete, it features a powder-coated finish for added protection. Its unique design allows it to be easily moved around the room with its wheels, making it perfect for entertaining guests or rearranging furniture.

This is a quality-built piece with attention to detail. It ensures it will last for years. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching centerpiece or a functional piece of furniture, this floating coffee table will make a statement in your home.

Reclaimed Burma Teak Table

Reclaimed Burma Teak Table movable coffee table
Source: @eeda.inc

Its rich blue and brown tones make it the perfect addition to any interior styling. The sturdy wheels make it easy to move around the room, allowing for effortless rearrangement at a moment’s notice.

With its unique design, this coffee table offers both style and durability. Plus, thanks to its wooden construction, each is unique – making it the perfect addition to any client diary or Burmateak home!

Quirky Movable Coffee Table

With its four wheels, this movable coffee table can easily be moved around the room or stored out of sight. The body of the table features a sturdy metal frame with rustic wood panels for a unique contrast between natural material and industrial design.

This wheeled coffee table is ideal for small spaces and maximizes the available space while enjoying a stylish centerpiece in your living room.

Coffee Table on Wheels

Its sleek and modern design features a beautiful painted finish, making it a stylish addition to your living room or den. The wheels make it easy to move from one area of the house to another.

Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee in the sunroom and end it with an evening vignette in the living room.

It’s also great for small spaces since its on-wheels design lets you quickly tuck it away when not in use. This versatile coffee table will bring life and energy to any home decor!

Vintage Movable Coffee Table

Crafted with mid-century materials, it features a sleek design that stands out in any space. The four wheels make it easy to move around, while the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability.

With its unique combination of classic and contemporary elements, this coffee table will be the centerpiece of your living room or office.

Industrial Coffee Table with Wheels

Crafted from recycled wood and reclaimed materials, it features an industrial design with a vintage look. The wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around your home, making it ideal for those who often rearrange their furniture.

With its rustic farmhouse style, this coffee table will bring character and charm to any living room or den. This coffee table will be the centerpiece of your space, perfect for styling with books, plants, art pieces, and more.

Low Rise Movable Coffee Table

It features a sleek, modern design with four easy-glide caster wheels that quickly move it around. The top is smooth, and the solid wood frame ensures lasting stability and durability.

This coffee table adds sophistication without sacrificing functionality, perfect for a living space or office. Its unique design allows it to be used as a side table or work surface, making it ideal for entertaining guests or getting work done.

Farm House Inspired Coffee Table on Wheels

It’s on wheels, making moving around your home or office quick. The sturdy design and durable materials make it a great addition to any living space.

It features a unique two-tone color palette that allows you to customize the look of your room. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or need an extra surface area that can quickly move out of the way, this coffee table is the perfect solution!

Cedar Point Movable Coffee Table

Its industrial style and built-in wheels make it easy to move around any room, while its cedar point construction ensures durability and timelessness.

Its sleek design and craftsmanship offer a sophisticated touch – making it an ideal piece of furniture that you can use for years to come.

You can custom-make your coffee table and make it as personal as possible. It is essential to ensure that what you do with it matches the feel of the entire room.


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