You have the heart of a builder and creator. Your home may be filled with things you made over the years. It has been a while though, and you are getting that itch for a new project. One thing you can consider is a DIY chair.

Now, no one said you have to stick to a regular chair, especially because this is a DIY project, so injecting a little personality is a must. The following are 15 styles you can consider for your small project. You will not need many supplies and may already have some of these items around your home or in the garage.

Modern Wooden Chair

Great modern outdoor chairs have a woodsy feel to them, which makes these DIY chairs perfect. All you need is 2x lumber and some of your trusty tools to complete the project. The chair has a box-like feel to it, which is a little strange, but this also makes it modern.

Wooden Dowel Chair

There is no doubt about the fact that sometimes a home needs a little modern touch that feels handmade but dainty. This boho style chair that is made with dowel wooden pieces should do the trick. Get your trusty wood tools and start assembling because this project is easy.

Mongolian Stool

There are times when all you need is a little imagination. Take a regular small stool and see beyond. To make this chair, you need to unscrew the top of the stool, and build a cushion around it before screwing it back onto the chair’s structure.

Hammock Chair

Check out the tutorial how to make a DIY hammock chair for home decor


You are going to need quality canvas and a number of other materials like a strong oak dowel to make this hammock chair, which will be worth it. It has a natural, relaxed feel, and it should not take too long to complete. You are going to have to do a little sewing, so hopefully you are ready for this, too.

Wooden Dining Chair

There are times when your dining room needs to be spruced up, and what better way to do that than with some new dining chairs. These bulky and upholstered chairs are perfect for any dining room and won’t take up too much of your time.

Minimalist Chair

There are times when you just want to make a chair with that noticeable minimalist approach. The look could revolutionize your entire home, and it won’t take long to do. All you need is a board and a number of your trusty tools.

Stick Chair

You are not really using sticks but rather slim pieces of wood to make this chair. The chair is sturdy since you are using a number of pieces, but it is small, which means it is easy to place in small spaces. It won’t take long to build, and you can finish it with any stain you want.

Beanbag Chair

Check out the tutorial how to make a DIY beanbag chair for home decor


Something about the beanbag chair feels playful and youthful. You can make one on your own with a few simple tools and a little time. Do not worry though; making the beanbag requires minimal sewing skills, so you do not need to be an expert to finish this project.

Bookshelf Chair

There are times when your creativity needs to take a step into the unknown like this DIY bookshelf chair. It is not too hard to add a few shelves to a chair for your books or whatever else you find useful. Sure, the chair is a bit bulky, but it’s a great addition to any home.

Ultra-Modern Chair

Modernizing a home is not so much about how many high-tech items you have but rather the style of home, which makes this chair perfect. All you need is a few pieces of wood and your tools. What makes this chair work is its suspended-like look that is not too hard to achieve.

Wingback Chair

The wingback chair is a classic and upscale look that should make any dining room shine. You are going to be adding some light curves to the sides of the chair just to add a bit more personality. This one will take some time, but patience has its rewards.

Rubber Hose Chair

You probably have not considered re-purposing your rubber hose but now you can. All you need is a few pieces of wood and your tools to get this project started. You will end up with a modern-looking chair that is also pretty eco-conscious since you are recycling what you normally would have thrown out.

Macrame Chair

As whimsical as it is classy and charming, this hanging macrame chair is actually rather easy to make.

Stools from 2×4’s

A couple of 2x4s and those tools you have been relying on for years will help you build this simple stool. You will need to cut some of the boards just a bit shorter to make the top of the stool. The legs should be screwed in before sanding, and you are done.

Tree Stump Stools

These stools are incredibly fun. They’ll definitely be a conversation starter! Of course, you can choose any type of print or solid color fabric for your cushions, giving each stool its own unique look. See the tutorial for more information.