Bookshelves are the corner stone of home storage and their presence almost always changes the way we look at home decor. A bookshelf can provide space for decor display and accents or it can simply serve as a storage unit and be hidden away.

No matter for what purpose you need a bookshelf, you need it anyway. So when it comes to DIY home decor, it’s almost always this piece of furniture that gets the attention of crafty hands. You can always save by building a simple (or not so simple) bookshelf at home. And here are 10 easy projects to choose form.

Toscana Bookshelf

Some things you can buy but other things are so easy to make that you can save by building them. And here’s a tutorial with plans that you can follow to build a beautiful rustic Toscana bookshelf for your home.

Bookshelf from Crates

Can it get any easier than this? Probably not. You can build a beautiful rustic bookshelf from large wooden crates and all you have to do is fix them together and paint them. You even get a tutorial to follow to make it even easier.

Simple DIY Bookshelf

Do you like those IKEA Billy bookshelves? They’re so simple and they’re perfect for a simple job of storage or display. Well, you can actually create such a simple bookshelf yourself and it’s quite easy if you follow the tutorial.

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

Check out how to build an easy DIY industrial rustic piping bookshelf


Piping gives a bookshelf frame this industrial rustic look that makes your home decor much more interesting. Working pipes into the design of this bookshelf takes some effort but you have a tutorial to follow which makes it so much easier.

Rustic Bookshelf

Check out how to make an easy DIY rustic bookshelf


Do you like rustic home decor accents? You can build such a rustic bookshelf at home only for $60. It’s pretty straightforward and there’s a tutorial for you to make it easy.

Rolling Bookshelf

This Restoration Hardware rolling bookshelf knock off is a real treat for the eyes. If you like elements of farmhouse style in your home decor, you need this bookshelf. The tutorial will make it easy for you to build it yourself.

Pallet Bookshelf

Anything made from pallet wood looks warm rustic and interesting. If you like the look, you can easily make such a bookshelf yourself for your home. Check out the tutorial for more information on how to do it.

Crate Bookshelf for the Kids Room

If you need a joyful piece of furniture for your kids room, you can build an easy and colorful bookshelf from crates. Paint each create in a different vibrant color and it will turn out a perfect accent for┬áthe room. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

Rustic Shelves

Check out how to build these DIY industrial rustic shelves at home


Build a frame from piping with rustic shelves for an attractive piece of furniture for your home. The style is striking and you can build it quite easily. Just follow the tutorial.

Wall Bookshelves

Built in design is the corner stone of modern interior decor style. No only that, built in shelves save a lot of space by providing room for storage. And while it may not be as simple to build such shelves, this tutorial shows you the easy way.

Pallet Bookcase

Pallet wood is perfect for a simple bookcase and you can build one at home. Such a bookcase is very functional with lots of storage space and it has a lot of decor appeal with its rustic look. Check out this tutorial to see how you can build it.

DIY Rustic X Tall Bookshelf

The Rustic X design is one of the most popular woodworking plans and we can’t argue with its popularity – it really does look appealing. Good news is that you can easily build it yourself by using the plans from Ana White. Check out the plans and tutorial on how to build this amazing rustic X tall bookshelf at home.