40 Awesome DIY Fire Pit Ideas for Your Best BBQ

Last updated on February 25, 2024

Looking to build a DIY fire pit in your backyard? Here are 40 options for you to consider, complete with instructions and tutorials.

Summer is quickly approaching. The days are getting longer, and the temperature is gradually turning warmer. Plants are in bloom, and the outdoors seems to be beckoning.

So, these days are perfect for backyard barbecues and casual social outings complete with refreshing, ice-cold lemonades and storytelling while gathered with friends and family around your very own DIY fire pit.

The popularity of outdoor crafting has grown immensely throughout the past few years, and countless blogs and webpages can provide a prime resource for easy-to-follow instructions on how to create your backyard oasis.

Large and small tabletop DIY fire pits serve as innovative lighting solutions, fun conversation pieces, and yet another reason to get outdoors and have some fun this summer.

Below is our list of the best tutorials for your very own project.

Concrete DIY Fire Pit

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY concrete bowl fire pit
Via: theownerbuildernetwork.co

While this may appear complicated upon first glance, the concrete fire bowl in an easy project made from inexpensive materials – so much cheaper than purchasing a commercially produced version. This fantastic fire pit design is seemingly sophisticated, but it is every craftsman’s dream! Make your backyard appear more cozy and comfortable and get this DIY project started.

What you will need is a traditional concrete mix, concrete bowls of different dimensions, sandpaper, and fireproof stones which can serve to keep the pit hot and active at all times, and are a great décor addition as well. Creating this super glamorous fire pit is easy, effective and budget-friendly, so if you have a weekend to spare, go for it!

Large DIY Fire Pit

A more massive DIY fire pit is indeed an option if you have a larger plot of land and are looking for a place for friends and family to gather on a chilly evening. This version also works great if you have an empty spot in your yard you’re looking to fill. This pit calls for a small investment in the limestone retaining wall rock, which is available at all the large home improvement retailers, and some good, old-fashioned elbow grease.

To get it done, there might be a bit of shoveling, and you will need a few essentials to get the full look. For the entire fire pit, you will need wall blocks, granite or sand, or even pea grovel. With a little block playtime and replacement, you can achieve the shape that fits your space the most!

Fireglass Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love the fire and ice look? You can quickly achieve this desirable aesthetic with a simple blue fire glass kit. Please note that fire glass produces more heat with the same amount of gas and radiates and absorbs it better than concrete or stone. You may use any of the DIY methods listed in this post, and just fill your desired pit with colored fire glass – often readily available, and inexpensive, at most big box craft retailers.

Give your garden or yard a bit of class and charm and let’s build this fantastic fire pit. To execute the project right, you will need to purchase fire glass in the preferred color, and an exhibition fire pit pedestal of your choosing. While pricier, metallic fireplaces can do the trick impeccably, but you can always place fire glass in any pit you have already prepared. Fire glass is easy to look at, but also provides more warmth, which kind of makes it the ideal project to do.

Simple DIY Fire Pit

Did you know you can use something as simple as cinder blocks to create the perfect outdoor fire pit? This version also involves a bit of digging, but the end product is flush with the surrounding ground and the ideal spot to share some frosty cocktails with friends.

If you have waited thus far to make an excellent and practical fire pit for your home, now is the time to do it. This easy-peasy task involves a bit of digging, to create the perfect pit, and them some other material, such as cinder blocks and bricks of your choosing. Create the shape you prefer and allow your pit to shine in burning colors. Easy to remove and relocate at any time, this fire pit is an ideal project for long summer nights and autumn evenings!  Oh, and finally, the project itself is relatively cheap, and doesn’t take up plenty of time to complete!

Stacked Stone DIY Fire Pit

The next DIY option on our list uses stacked stone and slate for a traditional, camp or ‘log cabin’ aesthetic – thanks in part to the use of old tress stumps as seating around the finished pit. This example goes to show that found objects can be a great addition to any craft project. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Pure perfection in the making, this stone made and bonfire-inspired fire pit should make your bucket list at once. Feel free to order the stone needed for this project through one of your local landscaping companies, or go to your yard/garage – you never know what you might find. Make sure the stone you purchase can endure high temperatures and doesn’t crack as the flames and tinder move. By merely layering the rocks as you find it proportional for your space, you will be able to deliver a staggering project, bound to gather all your friends over for a quiet getaway!

Repurposed Shopping Cart DIY Fire Pit

In keeping with the theme of trash to treasure, this next DIY fire pit option relies on re-purposing found objects – a shopping cart. While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option out there, the price tag is incredibly low – just $15 to complete. Keep in mid, for this to work the shopping cart must have a chrome finish, and you’ll need to make sure to remove all plastic and rubber that will melt when exposed to high temperatures.

Get creative and accomplish this intriguing, yet easy and impactful fire pit, located in a shopping cart. You heard it right! If you have a shopping cart to spare, or can buy one on discount, you will only need a few other things to recreate this pit. Make sure you find steel lath, steel corner bead, and steel drip edge flashing, as well as hinges, handles and cookie sheets, which will help the warmth, remain in one place. Finally, the metallic cover itself has to be installed additionally to the cart, to give the fireplace a complete and polished look!

Modern Style DIY Fire Pit

Another group of intrepid do it yourselfers built an impressive, modern looking fire pit using concrete poured into a square wooden frame. A large metal bowl and round, grey-hued river rocks complete this cozy outdoor space. In case you are among the more ambitious handymen you know, this is the handful project for you.

This divine DIY fire pit is composed of an initial board box which is later filled with concrete and decorated with fancy elements. Make sure you fill your pit with gravel so the metallic and fireproof bowl can fit in. Aside from these elements, you will also need fireproof stones for the top layer, as well as a slate to frame the pit itself. This might be a more advanced project for a beginner or inexperienced handymen, but it’s ultimately worth it!

Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY repurposed washing machine drum fire pit
Tutorial: houseandfig.com

Up-cycling is another exciting avenue for those looking to turn trash into treasure. This DIY fire pit uses the drum from a discarded washing machine. While that may sound a bit funky, after some work with an angle grinder and a coat of black paint, these creative souls had a beautiful pit – complete with an exciting light show. The price of the project supplies even bigger bragging rights – just $10!

It doesn’t get any easier than this! If you care for your yard to shine, in a literal and figurative sense, then get ready to design this simple but adorable fire pit. You will be required to paint the drum with fireproof spray, smooth it out and install steel legs which give it chicness and originality. Dispose of all plastic pieces and master the metal cutting game. If you have, you are in an excellent way to create a cheap, but extra-elegant pit as a yard centerpiece.

Tabletop DIY Fire Pit

The next option is perfect for homes – or rented apartments – with limited space. Using a planter, some inexpensive glass frames and river rocks from a local craft store, this table top fire feature is sure to serve as a perfect conversation piece.

Aside from the glass lid, you will need to find a thick wooden box on which to place the glass top. Inside the box, feel free to set a gel fuel can and light it up for cozy and welcoming evenings. To prevent the flame from reaching the box itself, use a mesh piece large enough to stand below the top glass segment, and there you have it!

Whisky Barrel Fire Pit

Whiskey and wine lovers will adore the next DIY fire pit. This one used an old whiskey barrel encased in metal with a ceramic fire feature on top. The end product is stunning. This handy and astonishing pit is an excellent assignment for everyone who has a bit time on their hands to get busy. Designing this fire pit requires a few essential elements, such as a Whiskey barrel cut in half, spray paint, charcoal, a fire bowl, and aluminum flashing.

Make sure you get to know your elements well and don’t hesitate to move them around until you find the concept which works best for your space. Once completed and assembled accordingly, your pit will exude nothing short of glamour and pleasant nights outside spent with friends.

Flower Pot Fire Pit

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY flower pot fire pit
Tutorial: theblueeyeddove.com

This is another excellent table top option for those with small spaces. All that’s required to construct this fire pit is a colorful flower pot of your choice, a sack of small river rocks and a chafing fuel. Now, we also have empty flower pots at home, but you should make sure you find a pot that can endure high heat without cracking. Once that is done, fill your pot with river pebbles, and install the chafing fuel container on top of it all. Make s’mores, bake sausages or treat yourself with a glass of mulled wine, without even using the stove. This mini pit inevitably gets the job done!

Colorful Fire Pit

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY colorful fire pit
Tutorial: eighteen25.com

If you’re searching for a pop of color in your yard look no further than this next DIY option. Reminiscent of children’s building blocks, this is also really easy to construct. Of course, the first thing to do is find plenty of bricks, and paint them in different colors to create a dynamic, and practical design.

At the bottom, pebbles can do just the trick to withhold the pit, so go for it. Although the shown fireplace has a lovely rectangular shape, you can reshape the bricks to make the pit more convenient for your space. Not the hardest of projects, this fire pit can make your backyard stand out.

Metal Fire Pit

Into clean, modern lines? We have just the fire pit for you. This one uses hot, rolled steel. While it may be surprising to learn what can be done with a simple metal sheet, this pit is here to make a statement. As a minimalistic, but beyond favorable outlook, this metal fire pit is created with rolled steel, magnets, steel rods, and spray paint.

After building the box, you can proceed pouring grovel and pebbles as a base to hold fire. The fire pit is safe, vast and offers plenty of comfort for the entire family. On top of it all, it is cheap and easy-to-make, so we highly recommend giving your yard a boost.

Small Round Fire Pit

This small round fire pit is the easiest and cheapest way to create a fire pit area in your backyard. It doesn’t take many materials or complicated steps. Being a fan of simple projects is okay, and we have just the right one to brighten up your day. This small fire pit has an oval shape and can become a practical addition to your back or front yard.

The pit is created by digging a round hole, covered in pebbles at the bottom, to hold fire in place. Start placing the stones and form a double layer, as shown in the photo. Fill the pit with gravel, so it keeps the warmth steady. This project is for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time on DIY projects but still cares for outstanding results.

Easy Round Fire Pit

A next pit is an excellent option for those looking to fill an ample space in their yard. This is an attractive circular option using retaining wall blocks and a healthy heaping of pea gravel. If you care for a quick and incredibly fashionable fire pit, you can make one yourself, drawing inspiration from this round fire pit idea. The idea itself is very doable and truthfully, easy to make, so why not spend a few hours on a standout piece?

After you find the best location for your pit, dig a hole deep enough to hold the timber in it. You will also need wall blocks of three layers, and some stepping stone elements to make the setting cozier. You are done, and now you have a large hang-out area for your family and friends! Love it, yet?

Gas Fire Pit

How to make a  gas fire pit for your . Great project idea!
Tutorial: wcwelding.com

Sometimes, all you need is a welder, some power tools, and access to strap iron. Add in a lumber yard fire pit and metal patio table. This is what you get, and it’s pretty cool. Get yourself busy with creating a compelling and brilliant gas fire pit, which exudes comfort, ease, and affordability at the same time. Aesthetically beautiful and endurable as well, this fire pit will become a great addition to your backyard, or any tiny outdoor area.

To achieve this project, you will need a garden patio table, as well as a few other essential elements, including a brass gas spiral-turned-hose, and a metal bowl to fit into the table’s center.
In no time, you will find yourself with a precious fire pit which works like a charm and never goes out of style.

Tractor Wheel Fire Pit

How to make a  fire pit from a repurposed tractor tire. Great  project idea!
Tutorial: handimania.com

For those who want something simple and entirely in tune with their regular household landscaping skills, this is the perfect introductory home manufactured fire pit. One ad on craigslist and one trip to the lumberyard for terrace blocks, then make plans for a party tonight.

This beauty is as easily said as it is done, and we warmly suggest you get to work. Not the most complicated of projects, this one demands only a few elements, the central piece of which is a tractor rim. Aside from that, you will also need wall blocks, and sand and gravel. Play with parents, designs, and colors and create this vibrant outdoor resort, which is also a great reminder that keeping things simple works. Start crafting now, and let your fire pit do the talking for you!

Easy Backyard Fire Pit

The nice thing about this set of fire pit plans is that it walks you through some of the standard safety considerations that others overlook. If you like a good challenge, with no particular effort involved, this is what we are thinking of. This easy, but multi-purposeful fire pit is very simple to construct. That said, to create the pit you will need stone pavers, bricks, cinder blocks, and of course, gravel. Choose the most suitable place for this fantastic pit and start digging.

High enough to be safe and comfortable, this pit promises bonfire summer nights for the entire family. Not a cash spender, this task is just what you’ve been looking for in light of summer.

DIY Fire Pit and Seating Area

Can you feel the love tonight? If you crave an open fire pit that will have you feeling inspired, this is the mother of all DIY projects! Here is an interesting variant on the trapezoidal block fire pit. This one adds a little extra pizzazz by interspersing them with standard rectangular blocks. This adds a small plus size and also looks a lot more artistic.

If you have saved a few bucks for trapezoid blocks and pavement stones, get shopping. Aside from the necessary tools, such as a shovel and some thread, you will also need assembling skills to center and arrange the pit itself.

But, trust us, by the time this baby is complete, the entire family will be seated around it. Now, the sitting area and lighting décor is an additional expense, so have these in mind before committing to the project.

Easy DIY Fire Pit in 15 Minutes

Everybody thinks building a fire pit is easy. Compared to the Panama Canal, it indeed is. This one is about an easy as it is going to get, and it looks sharp and professional as a bonus. This incredible DIY fire pit speaks of easygoingness, flair, and commodity, and basically, anyone with a few ordinary skills can complete it.

The materials you will need to carry out this project right include a fire pit kit available in any bigger supermarket, a fire pit bowl to make the setting taller, which will require a few extra stones as well. In a few simple steps you can arrange and install your fire pit, and depending on your sitting area, you can fit it in any convenient corner in your yard.

The One Hour Fire Pit

How fast can you make an extravagant and vivid fire pit? In about an hour, as it seems. This ultra-easy and affordable project for all handymen who don’t like bothering too much with yard work, and still achieve great results.

To accomplish it, you will need to collect some fireproof stones and lava rock. Dandy, isn’t it?
A shovel will do the digging, and all you are left with is an arrangement of the pit itself and filling it with lava rock. I believe a low-cost and fast project like this one is quite popular with DIY artisans. Have fun with it!

Build Your Fire Pit Step by Step

This is a nice departure from the usual trapezoidal block fire pit plans. Also takes a different approach to the whole project, in that it is designed to be at ground level rather than raised, and uses re-purposed old (meaning: free) materials.

Regarding design, this fire pit is a total knockout. Instead of taking its traditional form, this pit is assembled with vertically and horizontally placed wall bricks. If you haven’t thought of this DIY outline so far, this is the chance to nail it at a meager cost, too.

Instead of the bricks, you can also go with pavers, which give this fire pit the kick it lacks. Digging is involved, yes, but the outcome is mind-boggling. Make sure you place landscape stone at the bottom of the pit, so the area is fireproof and safe.

Metal Ring Fire Pit

Some people don’t have the time or the expertise to invent a fire pit of their own. In that case, here is the easy way out of the dilemma — order a complete kit that comes with everything in the box. Modernistic, advanced and beyond useful, this fire pit can serve as both a grill and a hang-out spot. Once you have your fire pit, all you need to do is wrap it in fancy stone, and enjoy the final design. Truly inexpensive and more than practical, this fire pit can be a great accessory to your home. Finally, remember to have your pit filled with rocks before the flames take over.

Metal Ring and Wall Block Fire Pit

Okay, you knew somebody was going to use that phrase sooner or later. Well, here it is, and it talks about a very nice fire pit with different looks on the various layers of stonework. Nice, huh? Now, you can be the master of this original and classy fire pit. A burning fire indeed, this fire pit is composed of several elements, including a basic fire pit container, retaining and cap wall blocks, and some gravel.

After you’ve done some digging, it is time to start decorating. Use levels to make this fire pit even more appealing and welcoming to everyone in the house. Keep in mind to lay out the entire inside area of the pit with gravel, so that you avoid bewildered flames. While this is not the most straightforward project ever, it is the most rewarding one.

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

How to build a  stacked stone fire pit. Great idea!
Tutorial: houzz.com

Now here is something a little bit different and more custom-looking than those designs that use same-size blocks. Very nice, but it is going to take you more than an afternoon to fit all that fieldstone together. To achieve this look, you will need a list of materials like concrete, mortar, rebar, fire bricks and a few other bits.

You will certainly need to start with a concrete base, on which you’ll lay out the stones, in a manner you find fitting. Support the pit’s insides, by installing vertical wall bricks. Several layers later, you will be looking at one fancy and extraordinary fire pit!

How to Build a Fire Pit for Under $80

How to build a  fire pit for under $80. Great project!
Tutorial: hometalk.com

Here’s a quick, easy fire pit design. As a bonus, it is not a permanent structure so you can move it if you decide it would look better elsewhere. Lovers of practicality and favorability, come together to celebrate this beautiful fire pit, which costs no more than $80. If this sounds too good to be true, let us change your mind. First, this pit is composed of very affordable elements, such as a pavement area, pavers, and fire bowl as the cherry on top.

This project takes no time from your day and still delivers an aesthetic feel. The best thing about this pit is that it makes the ideal get-together spot for both your friends and your family.
And, with a budget so appealing, can anyone resist?

Fire Pit for Only $60

This natural design comes with one definite bonus over many other plans. There is no digging involved. You’ll like that. It’s so cheap. You’ll love that too. This fantastic design is structured to offer practicality, efficiency and increase the overall appeal of your backyard. As this fire pit involves no digging, you can install it anywhere you see fit.

To create this inexpensive fire pit, you will need a handful of patio bricks and pavers to keep the fire pit in place and looking gorgeous as ever. After setting up and designing the fire pit all that is left to do is pouring pavement sand at the pit’s bottom. A maximum allure for under $60 – yes, please.

Easy Stacked Stone Fire Pit

How to make an easy  fire pit from stacked stones in your . Great idea!
Tutorial: hometalk.com

Something very different and more, shall we say, ancestral than most other designs that are very much reflective of a more rural outlook. For those who favor originality over order, this is the pit to build. This fantastic fire pit is taking us back to the basics, and it feels so good. This exceptional stacked fire pit will deliver the ultimate yard bonfire experience, and it is easy to execute, too.

Create the perfect pit circle by using a nail-thread technique. Next, get stacking! Assemble fireproof stones in a three-layer pit design to achieve the maximum effect. The finishing touches include pouring builder’s sand as the pit’s base level… and that’s about it. While not the most delicate and refined project design of all, this quick fire pit is undoubtedly trendy, easy to make and convenient for the household budget, too!

Make Your Fire Pit In 4 Easy Steps

Straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions for your basic stone circle/metal bowl fire pit. But it’s the marshmallow fork that makes it all worthwhile. That, and the casual summertime furniture around the pit. This fire pit is not a handful, but you will need minimal digging and organizing skills to complete it. It is composed of concrete landscaping stones, a metal fire pit ring and a bit of gravel.

By your available yard space, dig out a pit hole, arrange your concrete stones and fill the gap with enough gravel and place the metal bowl to offer maximum safety and appeal.
By following the given instructions, you will execute this DIY fire pit project in under a day.

Patio Fire Pit

Build your backyard fire pit with this Ace Hardware kit. That takes all of the engineerings out of the equation and leaves you with a safe, sturdy design that can be set up in a day. Enhancing your patio concept is now possible through this half-done and practical fire pit, which uses an Ace Hardware fire pit kit, which holds all instructions on how to build and assemble it correctly.

This is not a demanding project, and by organizing every segment right, you will have yourself a smashing fire pit in no time. Composed of a metal bowl, laid over a multi-layer wall stone, this patio fire pit demands no digging and can be a great backyard nook for the entire family.

Inexpensive Fire Pit for Backyard Fun

Nice idea to incorporate side vents to prevent getting smoked out by your new fire pit. Useful video tutorial attached, as well.

DIY Stone Fire Pit

And now for something completely different. Imagine a world where not all fire pits are round. You can have a square one if you’d like — and you’ll definitely like this one. If you are keen on simple, and time-friendly projects, this square fire pit will fulfill your every requirement.

With digging scratched off the table, all you’ll need to create this chic fire pit is a patio corner on which the pit is installed, a collection of concrete step stones as the base, and natural fireproof stones to surround and decorate the pit. Work smart, not hard, and fortify the stone concept with layers of concrete mix, which will introduce an almost pool-like pit design. Finally, who’s to say pits are meant to be round?

Modern Concrete DIY Fire Pit From Scratch

How to make a modern  fire pit feature. Great project idea!
Tutorial: manmadediy.com

How about something completely different but still round? Actually, in this case, you need to think hemispherical in scope. Very avant garde and yet also stylishly classic. You’re going to want one as soon as you lay eyes on it. Can you feel the glam coming your way in the form of an elegant and refined fire pit?

This project requires a series of steps necessary to achieve the final pit outlook. To carry out this DIY fire pit project, you’ll need a bucket of concrete mix, large bowls for internal and external molding, as well as fireproof decorative stones. You will need to be extra careful with spraying, molding and strengthening the glass bowls with the concrete mix you have available. As a more technical project, a bit of sanding and polishing is a ‘must,’ but the final result speaks for itself.

Round DIY Fire Pit

How to make a  round fire pit from stone blocks. Great project!
Tutorial: homeroad.net

Straightforward design, yet the way in which it serves as a single part of a more focused design area is very lovely. Just screams comfort and understated taste. It’s not all about the centerpiece. Regarding elegance, we have been taught that complicated is always more polished, but this round fire pit will convince you of the contrary.

Use a dozen pavers, and assemble them in a round formation, filled with a gravel base, and an all-gravel sitting area around the pit itself. In such way, you will achieve natural playground and beach vibes, and you haven’t’ spent a fortune to do so. Neat and well-composed, this incredible round fire pit should be high enough regarding both safety and aesthetics. This affordable, astonishing and well-arranged pit is every handyman’s dream come true!

Backyard DIY Fire Pit

How to make a  fire pit in your . Nice project idea!
Tutorial: zillow.com

Slightly different take on the classic round fire pit. Lay out your gravel base and then build the fire pit on top, rather than build the pit and fill it up afterward. Compose a delightful and charming backyard fire pit, which takes an unusual form and shape and distinguishes itself from other pits regarding simplicity, design, and practicality.

As a single layer concept, this DIY pit needs a flat ground base filled with gravel, around which you will be able to organize the stone bricks in as many layers as your space allows (in this case, three).
No mortar, no gluing and no extensive handwork, this pit is both affordable and relatively easy to deliver in just a few hours. To maximize the fire pit’s safety, create an external base ring of gravel, wide enough to prevent the grass from catching on fire.

DIY Burning Bowl

Now here’s something that is more sedately votive than the usual roaring blaze sort of thing. Would be excellent for smaller yards or as an accent piece in the background. Make your outdoor space shine and create a divine and uber-practical burning bowl pit, which is both decorative and practical at the same time.

Although fancy looking, this burning bowl is quite simple to accomplish. To start this project, you will need a flowerpot, a concrete mix for molding and resistance, a handful or river rocks, and finally, a can of gas fuel. This temple-inspired burning bowl can be both ground-fixed and mobile, to enable much easier relocation if necessary. This is a great start-up project for inexperienced and practical pit builders but will make your backyard pop like there’s no tomorrow.

Wash Pail DIY Fire Pit

What a quick and smart way to bring fire into your life. In particular, the inexpensive construction methods and portability mean that you can have more than one at your party.

Stone DIY Fire Pit Project

How to make a beautiful  masonry fire pit in your . Great project!
Tutorial: hometalk.com

A stonework fire pit that will make you think about finding your old Boy Scout manual. Very outdoorsy and rustic design that offers plenty of space for more than just a small gathering of friends. How to make the most of your unused backyard space? Well, how about designing and installing a vast and multi-purposeful stone fire pit, which can serve as a summer cooking area as well.

Now, you will probably need a more spacious backyard ground to create a massive fire pit circle, composed of fireproof stone (pretty cheap), gravel to fill in the pit and cover the expanded sitting area, designed additionally. Don’t be too worried about the stone layout, as asymmetrical placement works excellently as shown in the tutorial itself. As a great budget-friendly project, this fire pit would require a few more hours of work, but it’s worth it.

Square DIY Fire Pit

How to make a  square fire pit. Great idea!
Tutorial: caroleknits.net

Square stone blocks fire pit that has a certain Roman feel to it. Very simple to construct as long as you can stay away from the roots that afflicted the designers of this project. This sensational fire pit takes an ancient design and is shaped in the atypical square shape, which makes the piece stand out immensely.

To create it you will need a few essential fire pit elements, such as cement blocks, a hole deep enough to hold both the timber and gravel, as well as top-layer decorative stones of your choosing!
You will need to measure and outline the square shape of this pit, and then it’s all down to assembling and organizing. The maximum time to create this beautiful square fire pit is 7-8 hours, which is an ideal timeframe even for the rookiest of handymen!

Big DIY Firepit

Here’s an adorable artistic and geometric fire pit design that was built entirely out of re-purposed items. This keeps the cost under $20 and creates a unique effect. If you are into a more detailed project to make your outdoor area stand out, give this massive fire pit a go.

The steps involved in creating this fire pit include building a cement wall and using adhesive to keep the outline secured. Also, use landscape and cement blocks to support the pit’s insides, and support the structure with a bucket of cement. Although this might be a time-consuming DIY project, the final design will surely give you an ‘A’ for excellence.


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