18 Easy DIY Gas Fire Pit Ideas

Last updated on March 6, 2024

If you’re looking for a fun summer project, why not build a gas fire pit? These DIY tutorials will show you how to build one.

Building a gas fire pit is a relatively easy and affordable project that can be completed in a weekend. There are many different ways to build a gas fire pit, but most will require a manufactured fire pit kit, a propane tank, lava rock or fire glass, and a heat-tolerant material to cover the burner.

Important things to consider before making a gas fire pit:

  • A flat and fire-proof (non-combustible) surface to place it on.
  • Enough distance from the house (about 20 feet).
  • Clear area around the fire pit of about 6 feet.
  • Gas connection to the burner.
  • Spark ignition kit (preferably with a flame sensor.)
  • Proper ventilation.
  • Consider that you may need help from a professional.

These tutorials will provide step-by-step instructions on how to build your own gas fire pit, as well as tips on choosing the right materials and tools for the job.

With a little time and effort, you can have your very own DIY gas fire pit to enjoy for years to come.

How to Build a Gas Fire Pit

woodlanddirect fire pit

Tutorial: woodlanddirect.com


  • A fire pit
  • A level surface on which to install the fire pit
  • A gas line (if using Natural Gas as a fuel source)
  • A Propane tank (if using Liquid Propane as a fuel source)
  • Non-combustible base material (if installed on a deck)

The following tools will be needed:

  • Shovel
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • (If using Natural Gas) A licensed gas professional to install
firepitsdirect diy

Tutorial: firepitsdirect.com

Expected cost: $200


  • Natural gas or propane
  • Fire pit burner
  • Fire pit pan
  • Flange extension
  • Ventilation

The expected cost of this project will vary depending on the materials you use. A basic gas fire pit can be built for around $200, but if you use more expensive materials, the cost can increase to $500 or more.

outdoorrooms fire pit

Tutorial: outdoorrooms.com

Expected cost: $200


  • Concrete hardscape blocks
  • DIY gas burner kit
  • Lava rock or other filler for the fire pit
  • Exterior-grade concrete adhesive
  • Shovel and rake (if building in grass)
  • Mallet
  • Caulk gun
  • Level
  • Two adjustable wrenches
  • 7/16” wrench
  • Power drill with Phillips bit

This project will need concrete hardscape blocks, a DIY gas burner kit, lava rock or other filler for the fire pit, and an exterior-grade concrete adhesive. You will also need a shovel and rake if you are building in grass, a mallet, caulk gun, and level.

For the burner assembly, you will need two adjustable wrenches, a 7/16” wrench, and a power drill with a Phillips bit. The expected cost of this project is approximately $200.

bbqguys fire pit

Tutorial: bbqguys.com

Expected cost: $200


  • Paver stones
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • 4-foot leveling device
  • Shovel
  • Rubber mallet
  • Gas line (if needed)

This project will need paver stones, sand, gravel, a 4-foot leveling device, a shovel, and a rubber mallet. It is recommended that you have a licensed professional connect your gas line to the fire pit.


Tutorial: dengarden.com


  • A gas fire pit kit
  • Masonry wall
  • A camera or drawing pad
  • Bubble map

You will build a masonry fire pit with this project. A gas fire pit kit will be needed to complete it.


Tutorial: rona.ca

Expected cost: $100


  • A level location
  • 6” of clearance around the pit
  • Stones for the first and second row
  • Construction adhesive
  • A steel mending plate
  • Concrete drill bit
  • Concrete screws
  • Gas hose
  • Fire pit

This gas fire pit is made using a kit and stones to build the pit circle. It’s a traditional-style pit for the backyard.


Tutorial: homedepot.com


  • Concrete pavers or concrete blocks
  • Gravel
  • Marking paint
  • String
  • Shovel
  • Hand tamper

Build a fire pit using concrete pavers or blocks. Then you only need to connect a fire pit kit.

maplemtnfireplace fire-pit

Tutorial: maplemtnfireplace.com

Expected cost: $200


  • Burner
  • Dante valve
  • Extended key
  • Reflective fire glass
  • 1/2″ or 3/4″ gas fittings

These are all items that you will be hard-pressed to find at a local hardware store or Home Depot.

What you can find at a hardware store is all of the gas fittings you will need for the inside of your fire pit such as elbows, different lengths of pipe, etc. Every install is going to be a little bit different and whether you get 1/2” or 3/4” fittings will depend on what line you run to your fire pit.

We recommend running 3/4” up to the burner as it will give you a quieter fire pit.


Tutorial: grillbabygrill.com

Expected cost: $100


  • Fire pit pan
  • Rocks
  • Propane tank
  • Drill
  • Saws
  • Carpentry tools

This project requires a few materials in order to get started. You will need a fire pit pan, some rocks (preferably river rocks), and a propane tank.

The expected cost for these materials should be around $100. As for tools, you will need a drill, some saws, and other basic carpentry tools.

DIY Smokeless Fire Pit


Tutorial: popularmechanics.com

Expected cost: $200


  • 55-gallon drum
  • 1 set of metal-cutting saw blades
  • angle grinder
  • twisted wire wheel
  • drill
  • jigsaw
  • stepped drill bit
  • tape measure
  • wire feed welder

Take your DIY fire pit up a level and create a smokeless design. The project is not that much more difficult, but the result is worth it.


Tutorial: mrandmrsromance.com

Expected cost: $100


  • Large outdoor plant pot
  • LPG gas bottle
  • Wooden board
  • Aluminum pizza tin or metal bowl
  • Fire pit kit
  • Drill
  • Dremel (if needed)
  • On-off key

This project will need a large outdoor plant pot, an LPG gas bottle, a wooden board, an aluminum pizza tin or metal bowl, and a fire pit kit. You will also need a drill, a Dremel (if needed), and an on-off key.

The expected cost estimate for this project is around $100.

How to Build Gas Fire Pit Table


Tutorial: hgtv.com

Expected cost: $200


  • Fire pit kit
  • Propane tank
  • Lava rock or fire glass
  • Heat-tolerant material to cover burner
  • Tools

This project will need a manufactured fire pit kit, a propane tank, lava rock or fire glass, a heat-tolerant material to cover the burner, and a few tools. The expected cost estimate for this project is around $200.


Tutorial: bbqrevolt.com


  • A bowl or design that needs minimal assembly
  • Masonry bricks
  • An unfinished enclosure
  • A kit that contains most of the parts needed to construct it

Make a small fire pit table for your patio. Make sure your patio has the floor made of non-combustible material.


Tutorial: wcwelding.com


  • A garden patio table
  • A fire pit
  • Malleable 1/4 inch Copper tubing
  • A cap
  • Two reducers
  • Copper pipe with couplings for the propane tank
  • Flat bar
  • Angle iron
  • Welding supplies

With some welding, you can make this beautiful fire pit from an old garden table.


Tutorial: diypete.com

Expected cost: $60


  • Concrete
  • 4×8 sheet of steel reinforcement
  • 1 5/8 inch screws
  • Silicon caulk
  • A foam knockout

Build a large concrete table with a fire pit for your outdoor space. This is a more advanced project and takes a bit of effort.


Tutorial: realstonegranitefirepits.com


  • Granite pieces
  • Water
  • Nylon brush
  • Gas feed
  • Level surface
  • Adhesive (optional)
  • Wire mesh
  • Control panel
  • Sparker
  • Control valve
  • Flex hose
  • Burner pan

Make a fire pit table from granite. It’s as functional as it is classy for your outdoor space decor.


Tutorial: instructables.com

Expected cost: $98 for the table $59 for the fire pit.


  • 1 table
  • 1 fire pit
  • 1 propane tank
  • Tape measure
  • Saw horses or other support
  • Metal cutting tools (grinder, cutoff tool, Dremel, etc.)
  • $98 for the table
  • $59 for the fire pit

Use an old wrought iron garden table to create this fire pit. It’s a wonderful idea that can even be put on grass.

How to Build an Outdoor Gas Fireplace


Tutorial: sspavers.com


  • A level, flat surface on which to build the fire pit
  • A concrete base
  • A wooden frame
  • Masonry bricks or an unfinished enclosure
  • Two built-in air vents

You can also build an entire gas fireplace if a pit is not classy enough for you. This makes a wonderful outdoor getaway space.


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