17 Unique DIY Bath Mats You Can Make Over a Day

Last updated on May 23, 2019

Looking to make a DIY bath mat for your bathroom? It starts with making a non-slippery rug, but you can take it even further with these unique ideas.

A bath mat may seem like not an exciting project. It’s not big, and you can make it over a day. It doesn’t revamp your bathroom either. But it can give your space a unique accent if you give some thought to it.

It’s easy to make a non-slip mat to use in your bathroom. But adding just a little more effort to create a unique mat is all worth it. We’re talking about mats from pebbles, repurposed mats from used clothing, wooden mats, and so much more.

So check out the following great list of DIY bathroom mats and choose yours.

Non-Slip Bath Mat from a Cotton Rug

How to Create a Non-Slip Bath Mat from a Cotton Rug
Tutorial: makelyhome.com

Expand your search for the perfect bath mat for your bathroom by a look at cotton rugs. This easy DIY solution creates a non-slip backing on any cotton rug. Follow the link to learn how to do it.

River Stone Bath Mat

This River Stone Bath Mat Adds a Beautiful Touch of Nature to Your Bathroom
Tutorial: www.countryliving.com

It only costs $10 to make. Read the article to see how to do it.

DIY Bath Mat with Pockets

DIY Bath Mat with Pockets
Tutorial: www.allfreesewing.com

Kneeling on the hard tile floor while bathing the kids can do a number on your knees. Create the DIY Bath Mat with Pockets. Read the article for the entire plans and instructions.

Bath Mat with Re-purposed Towels

Make This Amazing Bath Mat with Re-purposed Towels for a Designer Look
Tutorial: tiphero.com

No more slipping on wet tile and cold feet right out of the shower. This DIY towel bath mat is an elegant and easy solution to your post-shower woes and a classy touch of decor for your bathroom. Follow the article to get the entire plans.

DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

How to Make a DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat
Tutorial: sustainmycrafthabit.com

Learn how to make a warm and squishy wine cork bath mat. A fun DIY upcycling project. Follow this website to get complete plans and instructions.

DIY Cedar Bath Mat

DIY Cedar Bath Mat
Tutorial: themerrythought.com

Make this DIY cedar bath mat for a straightforward craft project with a remarkable effect. Follow the article to find out how to do it.

Pineapple-Shaped Bath Mat

How To Make A Pineapple Shaped Bath Mat
Tutorial: www.dreamgreendiy.com

How to make a pineapple shaped bath mat for a fun home project. Follow this website to learn how to do it.

DIY Wooden Bath Mat

How to Make A Wooden Bath Mat
Tutorial: diy.dunnlumber.com

How to make a wooden bath mat on a budget. Read the link to see the full details and instructions.

DIY Pebble Bath Mat

DIY Pebble Bath Mat And Other Ideas for a Quick Bathroom Makeover
Tutorial: www.askwetandforget.com

What a beautiful DIY pebble bath mat that takes little time but has a significant effect on your bathroom decor. Check out this website to get the full details.

Bathroom Pom Pom Rug

How to make a bathroom pom pom rug
Tutorial: mallooknits.com

Tips and tricks to make your pom pom rug for your bathroom, bedroom, or nursery. This project is effortless and fun, and it doesn’t require any special skills. Follow the link for the full guidance.

DIY Bath Mat from Bath Towels

Make a Cozy DIY Bath Mat
Tutorial: www.cappersfarmer.com

Repurpose old bath towels and cotton sheets to make a cozy DIY bath mat with just a little sewing. See this website to see the complete details and instructions.

DIY Wooden Slat Bath Mat

How to: Make a DIY Wooden Slat Bath Mat'
Tutorial: www.manmadediy.com

Wood in the bathroom? Sure, if you do it right. Follow the tutorial to find out how to do it.

DIY Slogan Bath Mat

DIY Slogan Bath Mat
Tutorial: www.madeupstyle.com

How to make a DIY slogan bath mat from an IKEA mat. Follow this website to learn how it’s done.

DIY Bath Mat From a Table Runner

DIY bath mat from a table runner
Tutorial: www.grecodesigncompany.com

Make the DIY bath mat from a table runner on a budget. See the tutorial to see the complete plans.

DIY Wonder Woman Mat

DIY Wonder Woman Mat
Tutorial: wondermomlife.com

Make this great DIY Wonder Woman mat as an easy project. See the article to get the complete plans.

Cotton Waffle Bath Mat

DIY Decor: Cotton Waffle Bath Mat
Tutorial: www.womansday.com

Create this adorable rug for your bathroom courtesy of Scandinavian Needlecraft. Follow the article to see the complete plans.

Bath Rug from Old Shirts

Homemade Bath Rug
Tutorial: alldaychic.com

If you want to protect the environment, you will most certainly be fond of this idea of making your bath rug out of old shirts, or just any type of old clothing. The most important thing is that the fabric should have the capacity of retaining water. See the link to find out how to do it.


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