Tutorial: DIY Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden

I’ve always wanted to grow my own fresh herbs at home because they just make cooking anything so much better. Fresh herbs also fill the kitchen with that delightful smell which is always welcome. And of course, you can create beautiful herb pots attractive to turn it into a decor feature and prettify that kitchen just a little bit more.

But there’s always that problem of where to put the thing, especially if it’s a small kitchen – you don’t want to waste that precious counter space, and growing a herb garden right on the kitchen counter may not be the best decor decision anyway. So here’s my DIY solution – a tiny hanging mason jar herb garden that can be added to the side of a cabinet. You’ll always find space for that, and it will make a beautiful decor statement.

Hanging Mason Jars

I like to keep things as simple as possible, so this little project is very straightforward and doesn’t take many supplies at all. It doesn’t take much crafting skills for that matter either. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A couple of pretty mason jars (or as many as you like)
  • A piece of twine to hang the jars. For this matter, look for jars with a higher brim to be able to tie the twine firmly.
  • Herb plants

Mason Jar Supplies

Now that you have the necessary supplies let’s go ahead with preparing the jars. Go ahead and tie the twine to the neck of the jar, make sure it’s bound firmly and doesn’t get loose once you hang it on the wall or a cabinet. Make a little hook at the and of the twine and knot it properly:

Mason Jar Twine

Next, prepare the plants. I’m using store-bought herb plants that come in small plastic pots. They’re very convenient as we can use those pots to transfer the plats to our jars. Simply cut the plastic leaving just the bottom part of it like so:

Herb Pot Cut

This leaves you the plant in soil with the bottom of the pot still attached. That piece of plastic will work perfectly as drainage in the jar. If for some reason you can’t cut the pot, or you haven’t got one, add some pebbles to the jars before adding soil – you need that drainage anyway.

Herb Pot

Once you’re ready, hang those jars to create your very own little herb garden.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

In my case, I’ve used a single nail to hang both jars on twine since I didn’t want to mess with drilling holes in my hardwood cabinet. But you can use any fixture you want as long as it can hold the weight of the jars.

Mason Jar

And there you have it – a simple but lovely little herb garden to improve your cooking and make your kitchen prettier. I encourage you to try this little project at home and share your experience and ideas with us.

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