41 Most Creative DIY Anthropologie Knockoffs

Last updated on October 2, 2023

If you’re a fan of Anthropologie and their line of home decor accessories you appreciate their value they bring to your home. Unfortunately, most of the things you can buy in the stores are quite pricey, even the most trivial things.

But have you ever thought that you could make some of those accessories yourself and they would look none the worse than the real thing? We have collected a bunch of DIY Anthropologie hacks and now you can make your own decor accessories at a fraction of the cost.

Paper Lamp

Make this awesome table lamp with faux paper mache technique. Works great if positioned on a side table next to a sofa.

Embellished Lamp Shade

It’s easy to embellish a table DIY lampshade – see it for yourself and it won’t cost you much at all.

Teapot Lamp

Another whimsical Anthropologie knockoff lamp you can make yourself from old china.

Compact Bookcase

Check out the tutorial:  Anthropologie Compact Bookcase Knockoff
Tutorial: whollykao.com

This compact bookcase has great decorative value and you don’t even have to buy one. Check out the tutorial to make one yourself.

Reclaimed Letter Wall Art

Reclaimed wood letter art is a great decor feature for your walls, it adds that warm rustic touch but it can be surprisingly expensive. Not if you make it yourself.

Stacking Wood Trays

These stacking trays are great to solve storage problems of small things and you can have them at a fraction of cost. Start building them now – check out the tutorial.

Weathered Dresser

Weathered furniture is a trendy way to add that rustic chic style to your home and you don’t have to break the bank to acquire it. Make one yourself with this tutorial.

Dinnerware Rack

This rack is whimsical as much as it’s useful and it’s a great addition to your kitchen for hanging towels.

Jute Lantern

This beautiful DIY lantern will add a cute accent to your garden or backyard and it’s much easier to make that you think.

Charred Wood Bookends

Check out the tutorial:   Charred Wood Bookends Knockoff
Tutorial: www.homeright.com

DIY bookends are a whimsical accent to your bookcase displays.

Ceramic Chalkboard

Hang this cute ceramic chalkboard on the wall to take notes.

Dinosaur Door Stop

All it takes is a cheap plastic toy to make this door stop and it costs just a fraction of the real thing.

Distressed Mirror

Want to add some rustic chic style to your vanity? Make this distressed mirror.

Metal Hurricane

Check out the tutorial:   Metalwork Hurricane Knockoff
Tutorial: www.curbly.com

You’ll need some old brass lighting fixtures for this project but the end result is worth looking for them.

Rolling Bookshelf

Rolling furniture is great for small spaces and you can make one in rustic style too.

Hanging Hooks

Copy the style of these handsome black and white hanging hooks.

Wire Sculpture

This tutorial shows you how to make an Anthropologie knock off for under $10 and have a piece of statement art at a fraction of cost.

Chalkboard Spice Jars

Check out the tutorial:   Chalkboard Jars Knockoff
Tutorial: sarahhearts.com

Having chalkboard for spice jar labels is ingenious and the best part is you can make it yourself.

Giraffe Trinket Dish

It’s whimsical and would make a great feature on display, and you can make it from a cheap plastic toy.

Accent Mirror Frame

Home decor accessories can cost a pretty penny and more often than not they already look like a DIY project. So why not make the real thing at a fraction of cost? This Anthropologie accent mirror that costs $400 was made for under $15.

Tassel Pillow

This tassel pillow makes a great accent for decorating a sofa or a chair. Follow the tutorial to make one (or two).

Curtains from Bed Sheets

Use much cheaper bed sheets to make these gorgeous curtains.

Hand Painted Planters

The whole idea of these gorgeous planters is that they’re hand crafted, so it only makes sense to make them yourself rather than buy in stores.

Trinket and Treasure Candlesticks

For more whimsical accents take a look at these candlesticks and consider making some yourself.

Stacked Wood Lamp

Rustic accents have never been so easy to add to your decor and you can do it yourself.

Agate Coasters

These coasters look absolutely stunning and you can have them for your home – just follow the tutorial.

Jewelry Box

These whimsical jewelry boxes aren’t just for keeping jewelry, they make wonderful display items too.

Pom Pom Pillows

If you’re looking for accent pillows to decorate your home, these pom pom pillows will certainly do it.

Chalkboard Globe

If more whimsy is what you’re looking for to add to your home decor, this chalkboard globe will bring lots of it.

Ordinal Dresser

Making this gorgeous dresser might be a more involved project but it’s all worth it.

Farmhouse Table

Get this farmhouse table by avoiding the exorbitant price tag.

Desk Organizer

Your desk needs some glamour and this is one way to add it.

Wall Organizer

Check out the tutorial:   Wall Organizer Knockoff
Tutorial: www.brit.co

This organizer is useful in many ways, both to solve storage problems and as a decor feature.

Pom Pom Wreath

Make this fuzzy pom pom yarn wreath to decorate your home during the season (and not only).

Sailor’s Mirror

Nautical themed accent mirrors that you can easily make yourself.

Collage Art Plates

Check out the tutorial:   Collage Art Plates Knockoff
Tutorial: madincrafts.com

A truly wonderful way to decorate the walls.

Flutter Curtains

Get the look of these attractive flutter curtains.

Dipped Wood Utensils

Bring some chic style to your kitchen with these dipped wood utensils that you can easily make yourself.

Pipe Lamp

This pretty pipe lamp will bring more whimsy to your decor than you’ll ever need.

Pom Pom Flowers

Check out the tutorial:  Anthropologie Pom Pom Dandelions Knockoff
Tutorial: www.thesurznickcommonroom.com

Brilliant in their simplicity these cute fuzzy pom pom dandelions will serve you well in adding little accents around the house.

Hand Painted Bowls

Take a couple of plain white bowls and transform them into art with just a little craftiness.


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