14 Budget-friendly DIY Pizza Oven Ideas for Your Backyard

Last updated on July 20, 2020

Fancy making your own homemade pizza? You might just need one of these DIY pizza oven ideas. See how a seemingly complicated construction becomes easy-to-build. Read on!

An outdoor pizza oven is a construction usually made of clay bricks and concrete blocks that allows you do just that – bake a pizza. And, yes it’s better than your favorite pizza place. Homemade everything is that much tastier. So why not enable yourself (or your spouse) do it in your very own backyard?

The first question you may ask is, how much a DIY pizza oven may cost? Well, all things considered it may actually run up the bill to over $3000. But before you throw in the towel, consider that going the DIY way can actually cut the cost to almost nothing. Indeed, some tutorials on our list claim you could do it for $100 or less (be sure to check out those).

What materials do you actually need to build this dome construction? Here’s the recap:

  • Clay bricks
  • Concrete bricks
  • Concrete board
  • Angle-iron

There are more fine details, of course, but each tutorial covers it in their own way. So you have something to choose from.

Finally, is it worth it? If you’ve ever cooked something on woodfire you’ll know that it’s a definite yes. Especially if you can build an oven on a budget.

Ready for the tutorials? Let’s go.

What's Inside?

How to Build a Wood-fired Pizza Oven

These step-by-step instructions show you how to build a pizza oven in your own back garden using items from your local DIY shop or, better still, picked up for free. Follow the link to see how to do it.

How to Build a Backyard Wood Fire Pizza Oven Under $100

Ready to build a backyard pizza oven? Watch these 7-step video series on building a pizza oven with free PDF build plans and details instructions. Follow the link for the complete details and instructions.

How to Build a Cob Oven

Frederika Whitehead learns how to turn a pile of earth into a wood-fired cob pizza oven in a matter of hours. Check out the article on The Guardian to learn how to do it.

DIY Backyard Pizza Oven

Follow the tutorial for the entire details and instructions.

Use a Terracotta Pot to Make an Outdoor Pizza Oven

One thing is for sure: Pizza night may never be the same. See the tutorial to learn how it’s done.

DIY Pizza Oven Hacks

Diy Pizza Oven Hacks
Website: venngage.com

Thinking of building your own DIY Pizza Oven? Check out this infographic that will take you step-by-step on how to build a Pizza Oven in your backyard.

Build the Ultimate Homemade Pizza Oven on the Cheap

Life Hacker has covered all kinds of guides for making great homemade pizza, but if you’ve never been quite satisfied with the results, it may be time to take more drastic measures. It may be time to build a homemade pizza oven. Read the article to learn how to do it.

How to Build a Mobile Pizza Oven

Mobile pizza ovens are a great portable business that you can take with you to festivals, private parties, corporate events, and much much more. Read the tutorial to see the full plans.

How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven brings delicious wood-fired pizza to your own backyard. Learn how to build an outdoor pizza oven with common masonry materials. Follow the Spruce to find out how to do it.

How to Build Your Own Pizza Oven

How to build your own pizza oven. Read the Sainsbury Magazine to see how to do it.

How to Build a DIY Pizza Oven Right in Your Backyard

Achieve the pinnacle of pizza making. Read this article from Popular Mechanics for the entire guidance and instructions.

DIY Pizza Oven Project

Sharpen up your DIY skills and become the proud owner of your own pizza oven. This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to building a pizza oven for your backyard. This is a complex build that will take several days – and the dome requires time to cure before use. Read the instructions and watch the video before starting construction.

How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven

How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven
Credit: www.hgtv.com

Add a wood-fire pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen. Learn how to create the base and install it with our step-by-step DIY guide. Read the article over at HGTV to learn how to do it.

Where to Start When Building a DIY Pizza Oven

How to Build a DIY Pizza Oven is a big question. Read the blog post to learn how a pizza oven kit can save time and money on your pizza oven project. Read Patio & Pizza to get the full details.

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