diy headboards with shelves

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Are you looking to add extra storage to a tiny bedroom? Your headboard is the least expected item to provide it, but it’s perfect for it. You must see these ideas.

When you think there’s no more room to add a dresser, a bookcase, or wall shelves, you can use some creativity and transform things into multi-purpose. That’s why we’ll never see the headboard in the same light again.

Why not add some extra storage to your new headboard? It’s a great way to increase storage space or to create an extra display shelf for bedroom decor. Check out these ideas for headboards with shelves.

Rustic Shelf Headboard

Give your plain white wall a purpose and create a beautiful DIY shelf headboard as a statement piece! Made of plywood, and involving some stapling, cutting and batting, this headboard can be constructed in a matter of hours.

As this is a two-piece headboard, you will need to use a piece of fabric and a few buttons of your preference. Painting is an option if you like your headboard to match the rest of your bedroom, but nothing too complicated for the average handyman. Given that you already have an old shelf to use, you’ll only need to bat, connect, and wall-mount the base frame. Looks great.

Headboard with Hidden Storage


If you want to add some extra storage with your new headboard, check out this idea. It’s a simple add-on to a regular headboard that gives hidden shelves for books and small accessories. If you like this idea, give this tutorial a try.

IKEA DIY Bookcase Headboard

The idea of using a bookcase as a headboard is big and very common. It’s the ideal solution in a small bedroom where storage space is of prime value. By adding a bookcase at the head of the bead, you get all that shelf space that you can use to store things and create displays. It’s the best solution for the organization and decor. Check out this tutorial for an IKEA bookcase used as a headboard.

DIY Storage Headboard

A simple headboard like this can have built-in storage too. It looks visually exciting and charming. It’s like a bookcase but much smaller. Just enough for a headboard. Want to build it at home? Check out the complete plans and instructions by following the above link.


If your bedroom has little space for nightstands and you don’t currently have a headboard consider making one out of a pegboard. This will add storage space and can be visually appealing if you invest some time. Read the tutorial to learn how to do it.

Storage Cubbies

How to Make a Headboard With Storage


Maximize your bedroom’s storage by building handy cubbies into your headboard. Follow the article to get the complete guidance and instructions.