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Here are over 60 great DIY shoe rack ideas that will cover all your shoe storage needs while improving your home decor at the same time.

Shoes can get anywhere around the house if you’re not keeping them organized. And needless to say, that’s not a good decor decision at all. To avoid making decor eyesores and chaos with shoes, you have to keep them organized as much as possible. But that can be tricky if there’s a lot of them at home, owned by all family members.

You can get a cabinet or another storage unit dedicated to shoes but that may not be as simple if you have limited room space. This is where clever DIY storage solutions come in. They are functional, often have multiple purposes and don’t take much space at all. You need at least one of these solutions at home and you can build it yourself.

What's Inside?

DIY Wood Shoe Rack Ideas

Making a DIY shoe rack form wood is the most basic project. It’s easy to build but its also one of the most versatile types of storage racks. Here are the best DIY project ideas.

DIY Industrial Shoe Rack Plans

Tutorial and plans: www.twofeetfirst.net

This is a neat little shoe rack that you can make from wood and pipes to get a rustic industrial look. It will fit in the entryway or mudroom and make a beautiful decorative accent. Such a small homemade storage unit is a great DIY project, especially in small spaces.

DIY Lazy Suzan Rotating Shoe Rack

If you are keen on tidy and clean storefronts, especially in the shoe department, that we are bringing a related project closer to you. This lovely DIY shoe rack project is perfect for every technical and willing handyman who has a few days to spare on creating it.

The shoe rack takes an unusual and oval shape and uses wood plank partitions to create levels and divisions between each pair of shoes. This may be a technical task to handle, but by following the tutorial accordingly, you will have no problem doing it. Ultimately, this shoe rack is the epitome of quality and practicality!

Ladder DIY Shoe Rack

A ladder can be used for with many purposes, and a shoe rack is just one of them! Focusing on this very design alone, here comes a DIY project that is beyond worthy of your time!

All you need to carry out this project successfully is building a ladder, which is later to be polished-up and redecorated to resemble a modernistic, yet rustic piece.

Choose wood pieces to stand as the shoe rack’s frame and shelves, and keep your dimensions just enough to fit your shoes vertically and horizontally. You can play with shelf levels in accordance with your space, finally achieving a shoe rack dream!

Column DIY Shoe Rack

If someone told you this fashionable shoe rack is actually cheap and very easy to do, would you be interested? Assuming the answers is yes, let’s talk about supplies. This rectangular shoe rack is made of a handful of long sticks, all of which will be used for the frame and shelves of the rack.

Start with a ladder-like design and form a box in which your shoes will acquire a whole new look. Finally, what better shoe rack shade to open your hallways than plain ole’ white? Perfect to occupy a smaller corner in your house, this shoe rack is both impactful and clean.

Easy DIY Shoe Rack

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Check out how to build an easy DIY shoe rack

Tutorial: 100things2do.ca

If you need more space for shoe storage but don’t want the unit to occupy a lot of room, this is a great solution to build for yourself. You can easily place it in a closet or in an empty corner wherever some space is available. It can fit a lot of pairs of shoes.

Wooden DIY Shoe Rack

If you need something simple that does the job, this wooden shoe rack is the most simple shoe storage unit that you can build yourself. Its simple design only takes a few wood planks to make and it looks attractive enough to be placed in the entryway or a closet.

DIY Rolling Storage Bins

For a great extra storage solution that adds to your decor build these attractive storage bins on wheels. They can be placed under a bench in the mudroom to keep those shoes out of the way. And when necessary, they easily rollout. Check out the tutorial for instructions and plans.

Rustic DIY Shoe Rack from Crates

We always prefer interesting rustic design so this brilliant shoe rack is one of our favorites. It’s as easy to build as it is attractive and it gives you ample of storage space for shoes and more. This crate rack will easily become an accent piece in your decor.

DIY Shoe Storage Unit from an Old Bookshelf

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Check out how to turn an old bookshelf into a DIY shoe storage unit

Idea via Pinterest

And old bookshelf can be used as a shoe storage unit for a quick solution. Make it interesting by applying wallpaper to the backboard and paint it in a new color.

DIY Shoe Organizer

This DIY shoe organizer looks better than most storage units you can pick up in stores and you can build it yourself. It adds style to your closet and can be used as a cabinet with a tabletop as a vanity.

Shoe Rack from Rustic Crates

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Love the idea for shoe storage rack using rustic crates

Via Pinterest

Stacking several wooden crates to store your shoes makes a very appealing rustic storage shelf. You can fix simple crates together and even add divider shelves for more storage.

Shoe Storage Using Ikea Billy Bookcase

Ikea’s Billy bookcase is really very versatile. You can easily use it as a shoe storage unit and put your beautiful shoes on display.

Tilt-Out Shoe Storage Unit

A tilt-out shoe storage unit is very functional and convenient. Shoes are hidden away and can be easily accessed when needed.

DIY Shoe Storage Cubby

This DIY shoe storage cubby can store a lot of shoes and it looks visually appealing at the same time. It’s a great way to add some decor interest to your entryway.

DIY Shoe Ladder

This shoe ladder is simply brilliant. There’s a lot of decor interest created with it and it creates a wonderful display of your most beautiful shoes.

DIY Shoe Rack from Wine Crates

Wine crates are great for storage and not only for wine bottles. They make the idea shoe racks! And you don’t really have to do much to use them.

DIY Shoe Rack Bench Ideas

A shoe rack bench is one of the most functional pieces of furniture. It provides seating as well as storage. It’s usually used in the entryway or mudroom but there’s no limit where you can put it. Check out the best ideas for a DIY shoe rack bench.

Shoe Storage Bench

This shoe storage DIY bench is simple but doesn’t lack decor interest at all. We especially like this design in pastel green and beautiful top surface in wood finish. It may not provide a lot of space for storage but it’s perfect for your entryway to keep those shoes tidy.

Mudroom DIY Shoe Rack

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Check out how to make this DIY shoe rack for your mudroom

Source: ext.homedepot.com

Need something interesting but functional for your mudroom by the front door? This DIY shoe rack will be the perfect accent. It will give you a lot of space for shoe storage and it will be an attractive piece in your entryway for your guests to see.

Farmhouse DIY Storage Bench

We like all things farmhouse and this shoe storage bench is a lovely DIY project to make in this style. The wooden crates providing closed storage is an easy and stylish design decision.

Shoe Storage Baskets

If you want to hide all shoes away from the view, use baskets and tuck them away in otherwise unused space, such as space under the bench. Labeled baskets for each family member makes a very functional and fun storage solution.

Shoe Storage Bench

If you like to hide your shoes away, this storage bench will do just that. While it’s attractive and convenient itself, it puts unused shoes away safely.

Bench with Storage Space

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Love the bench with storage space for shoes

Via Pinterest

Here’s another excellent bench with plenty of storage for your shoes and boots alike.

Wire Basket Shoe Rack

Wire baskets make a great shoe rack to store them in the garage. It keeps the mud away.

DIY Shoe Bin

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Love the idea of a rustic DIY shoe bin

Tutorial: lilluna.com

Sometimes you should accentuate it for dramatic effect and you can even do it with a shoe storage bin. Bright yellow works really well with vintage pastels.

Round Shoe Storage Bench

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Love the round shoe storage bench

Source: skonahem.com

The round bench with shoe storage is a great unit to keep you organized in a larger space.

DIY Wall Shoe Rack Ideas

Whenever you have free wall space you can add a shoe rack for some extra storage. It’s easy to do and these projects aren’t usually very involving. Check out some ideas for DIY wall shoe racks below.

Simple DIY Shoe Rack by Front Door

A simple wall mounted shoe rack like this is ideal to have by the front door in your entryway. It keeps your shoes at the ready in a stylish way. Definitely not a decor eyesore and well-organized storage idea.

Artistic DIY PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

Let good designing come to your home, and have a look at this extraordinary shoe rack, made entirely out of PVC pipes! In terms of easiness, this DIY project is a true showstopper, but it is also affordable and offers a great storage space as well. To make it, you will need PVC pipes, cut in half or further, depending on your space. The trickiest part may be the assembling of the pipes alone, but nothing too major or difficult for anyone to try it. This shoe rack will perfectly complement your hallways, giving people a reason to admire it!

DIY Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - How to make a  Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

Tutorial: freshcrush.com

Shoe racks have always taken the cabinet shape, but if you are using a small space, this genius idea might come in handy. Take a different approach on your shoe rack and use copper pipes instead of shelves, thus creating space and playfulness at the front door.

A set of copper pipes are attached to the wall and can be additionally sprayed or painted. Of course, you are free to choose a shade of your own, but this copper shade truly caught our eye!

Leveling the pipes will help you deliver practicality, making your unique shoe rack a glowing copper stunner.

DIY Garage Shoe Rack

In case you have a big a garage space, but still, no shoe cabinet, let us introduce you with a fabulous DIY project that will have you working on it instantly! This is a great take on the classic shoe closet, with a bit more practicality and functionality.

What you will need is a wood board to serve as both the rack’s frame and shelf space. The shelves are slanted on purpose, moving your shoes out of the way and still offering a great deal of storage space.

The project may take more time to polish and complete, but it is quite the sight, isn’t it?

Easy DIY Shoe Peg Rack

This peg rack is one of the easiest and quickest to build shoe racks you can DIY. Being wall mounted, it doesn’t take up room space at all and it can fit as many shoes as you want. It’s a perfect addition to your entryway or mudroom.

Crown Molding DIY Shoe Rack

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Check out how to build a DIY shoe rack from crown molding

Tutorial: www.picklee.com

This DIY shoe rack is as much a hack as a project. Crown molding makes a quick and easy solution to store those high heels in a classy way. Not to mention that lines of molding on a wall look whimsical and interesting as far as decor goes.

Skateboard Shoe Rack

Here’s an idea of a great repurposing/upcycling project if you can get your hands on a few old skateboards. They make a great shoe storage rack in a room of a teenager.

Wire Baskets

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Great idea to store shoes in wire wall mounted baskets

Via Pinterest

Hanging wire baskets is a pretty clever idea to keep your shoes and it’s quite interesting as far as decor goes. It’s perfect for keeping the shoes of your toddlers together in one place.

Built-in Shoe Storage Rack

We love elegant built-in solutions that add architectural interest to a room. Such is this clever built-in shoe rack.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

Build pipe shelving to put your shoes on display in industrial decor style. It’s certainly a fun and attractive way to do it.

Wall Mounted Shoe Storage Shelf

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Love the idea for a minimalist wall mounted shoe storage shelf

Via Pinterest

This modern and minimalist shoe storage shelf is brilliant. Install it in your entryway for quick and easy organization of your most used shoes.

Shoe Storage Shelves for Small Spaces

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Clever shoe storage shelves for small spaces

Via Pinterest

Here’s another clever way to use a small space effectively. Diagonally installed suspended shelves can store a lot of shoes in limited space.

DIY Corner Shelves

Corners are usually dead space so why not use them to store shoes. Install corners shelves as a storage solution.

Magazine Holder Shoe Rack

Here’s another simple but brilliant idea for a wall shoe rack. Magazine holders substitute for shoe storage really well. And you can use this idea to install a shoe rack on any wall in your house.

Wall Mounted Planter Shoe Rack

Wall mounted iron planters have another great use for shoe storage. All you have to do is install them on a wall and you get a charming rustic shoe rack. What a neat idea!

DIY Shoe Rack for Closet

If you have a closet big enough you can easily fit a shoe rack in. It doesn’t have to be a walk-in closet either – you can add a shoe rack to a small closet too. Here are the best ideas for this type of storage racks.

Closet DIY Shoe Rack

Giving your chaotic closet a new name is more than necessary, so why not start with this innovative DIY shoe rack idea? What you will need is a solid half or corner wall in your closet, a set of wall brackets (gold shades work amazingly for darker closets), and bright wood shelves to attach additionally.

Working with bigger surfaces requires some knowledge in the field, and the same goes for your cutting and aligning skills. However, the tutorial is simple and clear, giving you the chance to truly compose a practical and modernistic shoe rack right inside your closet.

Hexagon DIY Shoe Rack

If you need something more from a shoe rack than just storage space, an interesting design will be a great addition to your home decor. The hexagon shoe rack may be a bit more involved to build as a DIY project but it’s all worth it.

Hanging Shoes in the Closet

There’s no better idea for a small closet than to hang shoes on rods and coat hangers. Install more rods in your closet for more shoe storage space.

Shoe Storage Shelves

Open shelves are great to store shoes and even put them on display. The color-coded organization makes a visually appealing and very convenient setup.

Magazine Organizers for Slippers

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Brilliant idea to store slippers in magazine holders

Source: www.hgtv.ca

Small shoes and sippers can be stored in magazine holders on the shelves. It’s a pretty clever solution.

Over the Door Shoe Rack

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Love this over the door shoe storage rack unit

Via: Pinterest.com

An over-the-door shoe rack is a great solution for the walk-in closets.

Towel Rods for a Shoe Rack

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Love the idea for a shoe storage rack using towel rods

Source: apersonalorganizer.com

Install towel rods in a walk-in closet for as much shoe storage space as you like.

Hanging Closet Shoe Storage

As a simple and cheap solution, these hanging shoe racks are great. Get them if all you need is to put your shoes away in an organized manner.

Hanging Shoes in Small Closets

And another simple but effective way to store a lot of shoes in a small closet by hanging them on rods.

Reused Tin Can Shoe Rack

This is how old tin cans can become a fully functional and very handy shoe rack in the closet. It’s very easy to implement an idea that you must use if you have old paint buckets lying around.

DIY Shoe Rack on a String

Hanging your shoes on a shoestring can literally mean the solution of your shoe storage problem in the closet. Check out this idea and try it out at home.

DIY Pallet Shoe Rack Ideas

Once again pallets prove to be one of the most versatile materials for DIY projects. You can build very easy shoe racks from them and don’t spend much time or money on it. Here are the best ideas for DIY pallet shoe racks.

DIY Pallet Shoe Rack

Here’s another shoe rack that you can build very easily. All it takes is cutting up a pallet and you can build as many rack levels as you need. It may not be the prettiest rack for your home decor, but you can experiment with wood stain and paint to make it visually attractive.

DIY Pallet Shoe Storage Shelves

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Love the idea for shoe storage rack made from pallet wood

Via Pinterest

If you like DIY projects, this shoe storage solution is for you. Using pallet wood, you can create wall-mounted shelves that take very little space and are great for entryways.

Outdoor Pallet Shoe Storage Rack

Using a simple pallet as a shoe rack is a great outdoor storage solution.

DIY Pallet Shoe Rack with Planters

Here’s another pallet project for a rustic shoe rack and a great home decor accent.

Other Shoe Storage Ideas

Here are all other shoe storage ideas that didn’t fit any of the above categories. These are some great ideas nonetheless.

Shoe Boxes

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Clever idea to store shoes on display in shoe boxes

Via Pinterest

Storing shoes in shoe boxes may not seem like much of an idea but you can do it in a very stylish way. In this example, all white shoe boxes are used creating a uniform look with labels to keep it organized.

Glass Door Cabinets

Cabinets with glass doors make for great displays and why not use them to display your shoes. It’s certainly an interesting solution.

DIY Cardboard Shoe Rack

Effective hallway designs are lurking on every corner, and this DIY shoe rack is affordable and easy to do.

Fairly simple, this shoe rack is made entirely out of cardboard which is twisted and adjusted to fit in a shoe. Know that while this design was intended for a single-shoe placement only, you can always expand it and make it fit for a pair.

What you will need is obviously a piece of wide and long cardboard, measuring tape, and a great way to decorate the cardboard’s exterior. Super fancy and cost-free, this DIY shoe rack design is the one to try!

Hidden Staircase Storage

Hidden space in the staircase is the perfect place to hide your unused shoes. It’s pretty accessible too.

Under the Bed Shoe Storage

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Love the idea for an under the bed shoe storage unit

Via Pinterest

These under the bed drawers make storing shoes really effective and very organized.

Cinder Block Shoe Rack

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Lovely idea for shoe storage using cinder blocks

Via Pinterest

Using cinder blocks for shoe storage is a creative solution. The industrial decor style is interesting and appealing.

Dollar Store Baskets

60+ Easy DIY Shoe Rack Ideas You Can Build on a Budget - Clever idea to use Dollar Store baskets for a shoe storage rack

Via Pinterest

If you’re looking for cheap but interesting ways to organize your shoes, using Dollar Store baskets is a clever way to do it. It’s not as visually appealing as far as decor goes but it can easily be used in a garage or a walk in closet.