15 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Find inspiration and practical tips for building your own stylish and functional outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Pallet Wood Cabinets

pallet wood cabinets

Pallet wood cabinets add a rustic charm to your outdoor kitchen with a budget-friendly approach. Great for DIY enthusiasts looking to repurpose materials for a sustainable yet stylish design.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Cabinets

reclaimed barn wood cabinets

Reclaimed barn wood cabinets add rustic charm to your outdoor kitchen setup. The weathered wood brings a sense of history and character to your space. It’s a sustainable and visually appealing option for organizing and storing your outdoor cooking essentials.

Metal Locker-style Cabinets

metal locker style cabinets

Metal locker-style cabinets offer a trendy industrial look to your outdoor kitchen space, perfect for a modern and edgy design scheme.

Concrete Block and Wood Slab Cabinets

concrete block and wood slab cabinets

Create stunning outdoor kitchen cabinets by combining sturdy concrete blocks with sleek wood slabs for a modern and versatile look.

Upcycled Drawer Planter Cabinets

upcycled drawer planter cabinets

Revamp old drawers into stylish planters attached to your outdoor kitchen cabinets for a unique touch of greenery.

Cinder Block and Plank Cabinets

cinder block and plank cabinets

Elevate your outdoor kitchen space with a unique blend of sturdy cinder blocks and sleek wooden planks. This DIY project combines practical storage solutions with a modern industrial aesthetic. Perfect for adding a touch of urban style to your outdoor culinary oasis.

DIY Wine Barrel Sink Cabinet

diy wine barrel sink cabinet

A DIY wine barrel sink cabinet repurposes old barrels into a charming outdoor kitchen element that combines functionality with rustic elegance.

Rolling Cart Cabinets

rolling cart cabinets

Rolling cart cabinets provide versatility and mobility in your outdoor kitchen setup, allowing you to move essential items and tools around easily.

Fold-out Murphy Grill Station

fold out murphy grill station

The Fold-out Murphy grill station is a space-saving outdoor cabinet that conceals and reveals a fully functional grill and countertop for cooking. It’s a clever solution for small outdoor spaces where storage and functionality are essential.

Shipping Crate Cabinets

shipping crate cabinets

Shipping crate cabinets are a creative and budget-friendly way to repurpose wooden crates into functional storage for your outdoor kitchen. They provide a rustic and unique touch to your outdoor space while keeping your kitchen essentials organized and easily accessible.

Rustic Galvanized Tub Storage

rustic galvanized tub storage

Transform rustic galvanized tubs into charming and practical storage units for your outdoor kitchen essentials.

Bamboo and Rattan Cabinets

bamboo and rattan cabinets

Discover how to create charming outdoor kitchen cabinets using the eco-friendly and visually appealing combination of bamboo and rattan materials.

Cedar Fence Panel Cabinets

cedar fence panel cabinets

Cedar fence panel cabinets provide a rustic and natural look to your outdoor kitchen space. They offer durability and weather resistance, perfect for an outdoor setting.

Industrial Pipe and Wood Shelf Cabinets

industrial pipe and wood shelf cabinets

An industrial pipe and wood shelf cabinet adds a modern touch to your outdoor kitchen. The unique blend of materials creates a trendy and functional storage solution for your outdoor cooking space. Enjoy the industrial chic look while keeping your kitchen essentials within easy reach.

Repurposed Vintage Door Cabinets

repurposed vintage door cabinets

Transform old vintage doors into unique and stylish outdoor kitchen cabinets for a charming and eclectic look.


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