42 DIY TV Stands and Media Consoles You Can Totally Build at Home

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Looking to build a homemade DIY TV stand or DIY media console? Here are 42 DIY projects with plans and instructions. Read on!

If you have a TV at home (and you probably do) you need a place to keep it and you have to do it in a way that doesn’t mess up your decor. Better yet, an attractive homemade DIY TV stand or media console can spruce up your living room decor and it can be a great way to freshen it up quickly. It can provide you with extra storage space and room for display by making the electronics look like part of your home style.

Building a TV stand is an option that allows you to save a pretty penny. Making your own custom piece of furniture will enable you to have a unique accent in your home decor. So if you’re up for it, there are 42 DIY tutorials that will lead you along the way.

What's Inside?

How to Build a TV Stand

While there are many ways to tackle this project (and we go through a lot of them below), the easiest way to build a simple (but attractive) stand is to use wood crates. Here’s the plan:

how to make a tv stand

The materials required for this project:

  1. Four wood crates
  2. Screws and wood glue
  3. Wood stain

The steps to complete this project:

  1. Stain the crates.
  2. Put the crates to form a stand as shown in the plans above.
  3. Attach them with screws a and glue
  4. Decorate the crate shelves  and add a TV on top!

It doesn’t get any more simple than that. And as you can see, it makes an attractive accent piece of furniture.

For a more advanced stand or console, you will need TV stand building plans from scratch.

This gives you a rough idea of what it takes to build a stand or a media console. You can make it as complicated as you want. We encourage you to explore the ideas that follow next.

DIY Media Console

Pottery Barn media console
Tutorial: jenwoodhouse.com

This one is even more Pottery Barn than the other tutorial complete with alphabetized drawers and that distressed wood look. Pros only need apply for this tutorial so if this is your first wood working project, you might want to sit it out.

Bringing old-fashioned sophistication back is now possible, and all it takes is one statement media console. This rare piece of furniture has apothecary drawers and has a rustic wood pattern which speaks of quality. By combining poplar wood, as well as plywood shelves, you can master in the field of interior design. As with every other masterpiece, this project requires technicality, and exceptional skill set and a great eye for mishaps.

Still, this is a challenge worth taking on, as the screwing and gluing technique is fairly standard. What you are ultimately trying to achieve is a nostalgic element, worthy of respect.

DIY Wood TV Stand

Tutorial: imgur.com

This slide show of images shows you how to construct your stand out of real wood. You buy the materials including wood, hardware, glue, etc and then piece the whole thing together yourself. This one is not for the faint of heart and you should be handy with your hands.

Use straight lumber and create a box-like design, fortified with metal screws. Feel free to use white pine for the stand’s countertop and sides. Finally, install a vertical, metal TV holder, and stain the piece using a brush.

For extra sophistication, make sure to paint all screws and metal elements matte black, thus adding to the impact of the stand itself. Keep in mind that this is not among the simplest projects you’ve done, so make sure you know your craft enough to create this delightful project.

X-Base DIY Rustic TV Stand

x-base rustic
Tutorial: www.craftsmandrive.com

Make this TV console for a rustic farmhouse look. It’s a simple enough DIY project that will cost you under $100. In a nutshell you only need several 2x8s, 2x4s and 2x2s of wood and of course, some paint/stain for the finish. Some power tools are needed to finish this woodworking project but the instructions provided in the tutorial (follow the link) are simple enough to follow.

Cheap DIY TV Stand

To get a cheap project done at a really low cost (but still make it look great), use reclaimed look. This is not the only project that uses this type of wood on this list, but it’s one of the least expensive. 

DIY TV Cabinet

cabinet with doors
Picture: anniehpilon.blogspot.com

A cabinet is a great solution for those spaces where extra storage is needed but you don’t want everyone to see your things. Albeit it’s a small unit, you can definitely use your entertainment area to store all those things and hide them from everyone’s eyes. 

DIY Pipe and Wood TV Stand

pipe and wood
Site: www.youtube.com

Using these two materials is a very popular type of a project, and not only for your TV. It creates a wonderful style for an accent in the living room or your family entertainment are.

DIY TV Console

A console can be used to accommodate a TV but it doesn’t have to be a stand for it (those days are long gone). So you can build your console in any size you like and mount the TV above on the wall. This way you get more room for decor!

DIY Media Stand

This type of unit can store your multimedia technology. It has to be spacious enough to keep everything together. Don’t leave the design as an afterthought, too. This idea is visually appealing as it is functional.

Easy TV Stand

easy project
Photo: www.buildsomething.com

Looking for something easy to build? This project is simple enough even for the beginners. And it’s attractive too. 

Floating TV Shelf

Source: www.woodshopdiaries.com

A floating shelf is another very popular idea. It’s small, minimalist, and practical. It’s one of the easiest projects to build too.

DIY Barn Door TV Stand

sliding doors
Tutorial: www.ana-white.com

Lovely Anna White has these plans for a sliding barn door console and it’s a wonderful piece of furniture to build. It has tons of space for closed and open storage and makes your TV look good. Compose this exquisite sliding door stand with ease and take the time to create a welcoming and inspiring space. Not the most time-consuming DIY project, you will be able to create a fashionable and practical piece.

This piece of furniture uses two opposite-direction sliding doors, thus offering plenty of storage space and more functionality of the space itself. With a medium hardwood countertop, the table will definitely need wall hangers for stability and support. Made of typical hardwood barn doors, the console uses white wood paint and a simplistic black frame.  If you have a more creative gene, the console/buffet can find its place in almost any room of your house.

Simple DIY Crate TV Stand

Via Pinterest

We love simple DIY projects that result in useful items. You can make a lot of things from wood crates and this is one of them. The project is pretty much straightforward.

DIY Industrial TV Stand

Tutorial: whatroseknows.com

This project has a look of industrial and rustic and it’s a wonderful accent in any home decor. We just love this decor vignette and encourage you to build this piece of furniture yourself. The tutorial explains how to do it well.

This stand will save you both time and energy if you are into quick and affordable projects. Made of thick hardwood planks and pipe legs, the table is as easy in concept as it is in execution. The TV base is built with a bottom hardwood shelf for storage, and a pull out tray shelf just below the top itself, to wrap and hold all cables, thus preventing annoying cable tangling.

DIY TV Stand on Wheels

rolling on wheels
Tutorial: refreshrestyle.com

Having a rolling media table is not so much about function as it is about style. A touch of industrial style will definitely make your decor more interesting. It’s a breeze to build it by following the tutorial as well.

This magnificent rolling console concept is as practical as it is stylish. Due to its simplistic, yet chic outlook, the rolling base can be easily done at home. Use medium pieces of lumber, casters, and bolts to attach them properly, as well as various types of screws and flanges to add dynamics to the piece.

Finally, add polishing finishing touches by painting or staining the piece to fit your living room details magnificently. It can find its place anywhere in the house, and thanks to its mobility, all you have to do is move it. Nifty!

DIY Farmhouse TV Stand

farmhouse style
Tutorial: www.craftsmandrive.com

We see more and more farmhouse style in your pictures on Pinterest and we love this trend. It takes rustic to another level and it’s full of goodness. So why not build this simple but gorgeous farmhouse TV stand at home? With just a bit of effort, you can replicate this exact piece and introduce a bit of vintage energy to almost any room in the house.

To create this piece you don’t have to be an expert carpenter, but you will need pine whitewood planks, a common board, as well as screws to be able to bring it all together strongly. This design takes an atypical shape and has three shelf layers, which can transform the stand into a multi-purposeful piece, therefore don’t hesitate to experiment.

DIY Small TV Stand

Tutorial: www.cashmereandplaid.com

Another project for wooden crates. It’s a small project that is easy, simple, and quick, you can have a piece of furniture done in just a few minutes. You can never go wrong with creating a custom-made crate TV base, which works as a bookcase and storage shelves set at the same time.

To create this project you will have to play around with crates of the preferred size, and some screws to secure the stand in place. As simplistic as this design may be, it is actually a favorable and pocket-friendly idea which can help you reflect a rustic appeal, too. If you are keen on simple, yet adorable household projects, this small stand is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

DIY Pallet TV Stand

Tutorial: theforgestyle.blogspot.com

If you like the way pallets add a rustic warmth to your decor you have to have this entertainment center at home. It’s a simple project but the impact is high. This handmade console is a fabulous example of how to use retro materials over and over again. To create the console you will need palettes (as much as your space allows), brackets, and caster wheels.

You can always go for a more complex design. To achieve more practicality and utility, the base comes with caster wheels as well, which can basically take this piece of furniture anywhere you, please. An easy and effective project for every craftsman.

DIY Corner TV Shelf

 Corner Shelf
Tutorial: karrieann01.wix.com

When you have very limited space and you want to use it effectively you need to get creative. This project for corners is one of those cases. Use an empty corner of a living room to mount a TV and add a lot of decor value at the same time. It doesn’t take much to make a house corner stand out, and this amazing shelf is here to prove it.

The minimalist design is focused on a floating shelf design, large enough to support an entire TV. To create it, use a hardwood plank frame and cover with pine tree top, giving the shelf/stand a rectangular appearance. Aside from this, you will need to install a wall mount TV hanger to offer more support. The project itself is not time-consuming and will introduce a definite oomph to your plain white walls. Worth the shot!

Farmhouse Narrow TV Stand

Tutorial: www.remodelaholic.com

Another way to introduce farmhouse style into your home and what a way it is. This narrow sideboard can be used for so much more than a media with lots of storage space. It will definitely be a gem of an accent in your decor. This incredible concept is composed of different-size lumber pieces, tongue, and grove boards as well as bare necessities such as screws, nails, and glue.

To make it more elegant and captivating, use a stain or a preferred paint and give the stand a pop. The mellow countertop and side barn door pattern give this sideboard the charm it needs, so make sure to keep these in your replica. Although a two-shelf design, you can feel free to alter the dimensions in accordance with the room you have left.

TV Stand from Re-purposed Door

old door
Tutorial: savedbylovecreations.com

This walk-through shows you how to repurpose an old door. If you’re a fan of the re-use stores or you have some old doors laying around, they are perfect fodder for this project. The bonus with this idea is that you may already have an old door or if you have to buy one, it’s probably going to be cheap.

Give your old furniture a purpose and create an entire and functional console from an entrance door. Create this piece by using a whole hardwood door, cut and fit in accordance to the space you have available in your house.

The single open-shelf space gives this table elegance and tastefulness, while the four caster wheels enable mobility and multi-functionality at the same time. A few connecting tool operations later, and you’ll have yourself an outstanding piece. Paint your design to match your setting and relocate it everywhere around the house.

DIY Modern TV Stand

Tutorial: idlehandsawake.com

Furniture left for dead is sometimes your best bet for getting something nice for cheap. This blog post (with images) shows you an overview of what you need to do in order to fix up a side-of-the-road find. You’ll have to fill in the blanks of this tutorial with your imagination so if you need all the details, you may want to find another tutorial.

DIY Flat Screen TV Stand

flt screen
Tutorial: ninered.blogspot.com

This is another tutorial that helps you build your own stand from scratch using store-bought wood and hardware. If you’re willing to put in some elbow grease and you like a sense of accomplishment, this walk-through is great for you.

To make it yourself, you will need a few simple materials and tools, including fence boards in several different dimensions, square stakes, flat brackets, and of course, screws. As the piece is a single level base, you can create it in a matter of days! Adding a bit of twist is always recommended, so feel free to experiment with paint shades. Divided into three box shelves, the console extends into a bench-like form to give the TV extra support.

DIY Corner TV Stand

Tutorial: www.sofiaclara.com

Need a post showing you how to make a simple and interesting corner stand? This one is for you. In no time flat, even the clumsiest carpenter can follow these steps to make this project. You can also do it in one Saturday morning once you have all the materials. Creating this piece seems like an easy task, and it is, but it is always good to know your tools and skills.

You will only need pine wood in different dimensions, wood stain, metal mending plates, and several concrete blocks. Use metallic spray paint to capture the inspiring color of the table. Also, make sure to add the under table decorative bench which is a great addition to this piece!


Tutorial: savedbylovecreations.com

If you’re into that millennial, urban look of wrought iron and rustic, this guide shows you how to accomplish that vision. This one is relatively simple but you’ll need to be handy with a hammer and drill.

DIY Hairpin TV Stand

hairpin legs
Tutorial: preparingforpeanut.com

Up-cycling is all the rage and this set of instructions will show you how to up-cycle an old pallet into a trendy hairpin stand. You’ll need to have some tools for this one and know how to use them but it’s more demo than creative building. If you happen to have one or more palettes just lying around in your garage, it is time to make this dreamy piece. Using simplistic materials and tools is always inspiring and beyond chic, and this project exudes simplicity and a pure design outburst.

You will need to divide the palette into two segments, and then use hairpin legs to install the table. Use metal holders and screws to keep the table in place and, voila, you did it. While it may take some time to find the perfect pieces, this futuristic design is worth it.

DIY Pottery Barn TV Stand

X-leg Pottery Barn style
Tutorial: homemadebycarmona.com

This tutorial shows you how to get a country home look without dropping several hundred dollars. If you like the finished look in the pictures you can download the plans from the post. Can you imagine doing something as clean and as refined as this project? Well, this effortless design is actually easy to achieve and all you need is a bit of willpower… and some other things.

For instance, use light hardwood, and pay attention to the adorable X-legs. You can transform an old table and bring it back to the old days, so do it. While white is bright and space-opening, consider painting it in any color which matches your environment. Last but not least, fill the open shelf with practical bamboo containers to enable both privacy and storage space.

DIY Media Cabinet

 media cabinet
Tutorial: buildsomething.com

The farmhouse look is growing in popularity and you can achieve the look on your own. You’ll need to buy the materials but this tutorial is as good as actual blueprints. You should have no issue getting it right as long as you can follow directions.

This extravagant and rustic-looking cabinet serves as both practical and decorative segment which uses hardwood in different dimensions, glass, precious cabinet door knobs connected to the black iron frame pieces.

Well, you don’t need plenty of luxury to do this, but what you will need is a good set of skills to help you complete this complex piece. However, ain’t no mountain high enough, and if executed right, your cabinet will shine.

DIY Tall TV Stand

Tutorial: alittlecraftinyourday.com

Need a simple set plans to follow just to get your project off the ground? This post is for you. A couple of crates and a little effort and you’ll have a solution you need in no time.

Simple designs can speak volumes of quality and innovation. Look at this marvelous piece of furniture and get ready to get busy and do it yourself! To recreate this piece, you will need crates, a mellow blue paint, some screws to keep it all together and unique pin legs to add a bit of futurism into the base itself.

A few gluing sessions and a few holder placements later, you will find yourself with an uber-appealing and dynamic design which doesn’t take up too much space and still offers open shelves for decorative bits. Best of all, anyone can do it!

DIY Easel TV Stand

Tutorial: www.houseandhome.com

If you’re feeling artsy this DIY easel tutorial is super trendy. This is another one for a handy wood worker or persistent beginner.

DIY Entertainment Center

entertainment center
Tutorial: abeautifulmess.com

This is a super easy tutorial that turns an IKEA piece into an media center. This artistic design may look all fancy and elegant, but it is actually an easy task ahead for every craftsman with a particular taste in furnishing.

To master this piece, you will need a basic IKEA table, gold spray paint, brass starburst plates, and a few brass knobs to give the stand a little kick and zest. While a particular drilling technique will be required, it doesn’t take up plenty of skill to complete this project.

DIY TV Table

Tutorial: www.familyhandyman.com

This one is for the weekend warrior and skilled wood worker. The main benefit is that you come out at the other end with a solid design you can pass down to your kids. If you got extra time on your hands, why not create this fabulous project which speaks of class and playfulness? As a cheap project for any ambitious carpenter, this table will only require a few basic elements, such as oak plywood, pocket screw jigs, and drawer slides!

A proper framing and securing in place will lead you to the final outlook of this piece, which is both nostalgic and refined at the same time. A bit of experience may be needed in terms of creating the box drawers and measuring them to fit perfectly into the main stand structure.

Turn a Dresser into a TV Stand

old dresser
Tutorial: cherishedbliss.com

Re-purposing old furniture is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get a unique look. This project is for pretty much anyone that can get a hold of an old mid-height dresser and has a Saturday afternoon to burn. Why not think in terms of recreating an old dresser into a fascinating and practical solution? Begin by painting the dresser itself and assembling the internal dresser doors to serve as shelves.

Working on these drawers can spark up your creativity and actually allow you to play with a distressed design that is more than appealing. Keep the vintage doorknobs as well, to still capture the retro aspect of the design. With no sanding involved, this project is both cheap and easy to do. Get crafting!

TV Stand Made from a Pallet Wood

Pallet Wood
Tutorial: funkyjunkinteriors.net

This is the second post showing you a new way to make a project out of an old pallet. This project is a little more advanced than the other DIY pallet transformation but totally worth it in the end.


Tutorial: www.homedit.com

If you want a simple solution that does the trick, this project is for you. It’s basically two boards, four metal legs, and a single afternoon. Find joy in crafting furniture once more with this functional and endearing project. If you have a few extra hours to spend on this project, let’s get moving and create this statement piece. Simple in concept, this piece won’t take up too much of your time or pocket.

Speaking of simple materials, you will need two large rectangular boards, thick enough to hold the TV in place. A bit of sanding may be involved, to smooth out the texture, but nothing too complicated for your average handyman. Finally, install thick pipes and start staining, making sure both boards’ sides are equally covered. Voila!

DIY Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

Reclaimed Wood
Tutorial: twofeetfirst.net

For this process you will need some old windows, wood, and a weekend. This project is a labor of love so if you need something quick you may want to check out other tutorials. Showcase cabinets never looked so good! Creating this unique console is a quite the handful project, so if you have the time and patience to execute it right, the results will not disappoint.

Creating this design will require using standard materials, like different-size pine boards, window glass, plywood, and of course, a screwing and painting kit. A bit of cutting here and there can truly add quality to your design while keeping the shades neutral will open the space drastically. To preserve the retro feel of this piece, make sure you keep the cute cabinet knobs as part of the design.

IKEA Hack TV Stand

IKEA hack
Tutorial: infarrantlycreative.net

Just because your IKEA unit is marketed as a shelf doesn’t mean it has to be that way. This tutorial is for anyone that has an applicable IKEA shelf that can be converted into a media console (you’d be surprised at what qualifies).

Aside from the IKEA unit itself, you will need to purchase birch plywood, wax, clamps, as well as a paint of your choosing. Of course, sanding is a standard step in creating this design, so make sure you know your craft just enough to succeed. Ultimately, you are hoping to achieve a four-box-shelf solution that requires minimal effort at a minimal cost.

DIY Floating TV Stand

Tutorial: instructables.com

This project takes some serious effort and time but the finished product will have your friends talking. This isn’t the most complicated project but it will definitely take you some time and some skill to accomplish. If you are looking to impress design nerds, this is the thing to do. This incredible, yet complex floating mount is composed of various segments, all wrapped up in a synchronized and practical unity. While a demanding task, this solution can truly captivate a playful and intelligent design at its best if executed right.

To create it, use pine boards, square tubes, corner pieces, spray paint, and rags. As the piece is multi-layered, make sure the backbone is firmly and properly installed. Once that is handled, you can move on to painting and decorating. Have fun!

TV Lift Cabinet

pop up
Via: www.instructables.com

Do you want to hide the TV in your decor? That’s what the idea of pop up or lift is about. This design enables you to put away the set along with the cables and only pop it up when needed.

How to Build a TV Stand Out of Plywood

Plywood is one of the cheapest and versatile materials you can use to build any furniture project. So it’s great for this idea too. It may be cheap but it will still look great if you design it properly (and use good plans).

2×4 TV Stand

Plans: ana-white.com

If you’ve done any woodworking project at all you’ll know that 2x4s is one of the best types of lumber to use. It’s readily available in any hardware store, and it’s so easy to cut it to any measure. This makes following any plan so much easier.

DIY Mid Century Modern TV Stand

mid-centry modern tv
Source: brightgreendoor.com

If you like the mid-century modern style you’ll want your unit to reflect that. This project makes it easier by repurposing an old dresser. And it turns out just perfect.