24 Easy DIY Entertainment Center Ideas You Can Build on a Budget

Last updated on September 24, 2023

Create the entertainment area in your home the easy way. These are the best DIY entertainment center ideas with tutorials and plans to follow.

It’s difficult to pinpoint one type of entertainment center that would fit everyone’s needs. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to find a unit that will meet all your requirements. And why spend a ton of money on a thing you don’t love?

That’s when you build your own DIY entertainment center. The best part about these ideas is that you can use them to create a unit for your specific needs. Check these out!

Pallet Entertainment Center

This is a terrific pallet entertainment center the easy way. To build it at home check out the link.

DIY Corner Media Center Plans

Free and easy plans that will show you exactly how to build a DIY media center for the corner of your room. No woodworking experience required. See the link to find out how to do it.

Office Cabinet to TV Console

Check out how a heavy duty office furniture is re-purposed into a TV console. See the link to find out how to do it.

Custom Entertainment Center From Scratch (Only $350)

Build this excellent custom entertainment center from scratch (only $350) the easy way. To create it read the tutorial.

Big Screen Entertainment Center

Create this big screen entertainment center the easy way. See this website to get the full guidance and instructions.

Farmhouse Style TV Console/Sideboard

This farmhouse style TV console is perfect for storing your electronics, or us it in the dining room as a sideboard to hold serving dishes and decor. Designed by The Gritty Porch with building plans by Remodelaholic. To replicate it see the article.

Farmhouse Media Cabinet

A large farmhouse style media cabinet with ample storage and shelving on the inside of double four panel doors on both sides. Finished with black right angle brackets and surface door latches for added character. To build it see the link.

Wall Mounted Plywood Entertainment Center

This is a terrific wall mounted plywood entertainment center on a budget. The great part is that it’s made entirely from plywood and the cost is minimal. It doesn’t look bad (for the cheap material) either. Here are the tools you’ll need:

And the materials:

  • Plywood
  • Wood nails
  • 1.25 inch screws
  • White gloss paint (or other paint as per your choice)

Easy Farmhouse Style TV Stand Makeover

This is a terrific, easy farmhouse-style DIY TV stand makeover on a budget. To replicate it at home follow this website.

Refinishing an Entertainment Center

Refinishing furniture is a fun way to add new life to a living space in your home. It may require elbow grease, but the rewards are great when it’s done. See the article for the complete plans and instructions.

DIY Dresser Turned TV Console with Tutorial

What a fantastic DIY dresser turned TV console with the tutorial you can replicate the easy way. To make it check out the article.

Wooden Entertainment Center

Just a fun, functional entertainment center built for a furniture contest. To create it at home read the link for more details and plans.

iPhone-Controlled Entertainment Center

What a fantastic iPhone-controlled entertainment center you can replicate the easy way. Follow the tutorial to learn how it’s done.

Building an Entertainment Center

Find out how to make this entire entertainment center from scratch. To create it at home read this tutorial.

How to Create an Entertainment Unit

Feel like challenging yourself? Try your hand and skills at creating an entertainment unit. Download the full step-by-step instructions on how to create an entertainment unit.

DIY Entertainment Center

DIY Entertainment Center
Tutorial: mittenstatemoms.com

Here you will find links to all three shelves along with plans on how to make our entertainment center. Also linked are a few options for bins that you can place inside. To build the unit check out the tutorial.

DIY Custom Entertainment Center IKEA Hack

Here’s another DIY IKEA hack project. This one’s a custom entertainment center made from 2 skinny Billy Bookcases and some Besta cabinets.

Entertainment Center IKEA Hack

Read how we turned a basic IKEA Expedit shelving unit into a colorful entertainment center.

DIY Built-In Entertainment Center: Final Reveal

DIY Built-In Entertainment Center: Final Reveal
Tutorial: diydanielle.com

How to build your own distressed DIY built-in entertainment center with bookshelves, under cabinet lighting, and storage space. Built-ins are a great way to organize your home. Follow the article to see the full guidance and instructions.

How to Build a Custom Entertainment Center

Get your media center organized with a custom-built storage unit. To build it yourself follow the tutorial.

A DIY Shiplapped Built-In Entertainment Center

What a terrific idea for a DIY ship-lapped built-in entertainment center you can also make the easy way. See the article to learn how it’s done.

DIY Pipe Shelving Entertainment Center

This is an impressive DIY pipe shelving entertainment center on a budget. To replicate it see the link.

DIY Chalk Paint Entertainment Center Makeover

Affordable DIY Entertainment Center Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. To make it at home read the tutorial.

DIY Built-in Shelf Entertainment Center

Building custom shelving in your family room open space to create built-in shelving. A DIY entertainment center is easy on a budget. Read this website to see the entire plans and instructions.


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