25 Easy DIY Nightstand Ideas That You Can Build on a Budget

Last updated on October 21, 2023

Need a new nightstand for your bedroom? Why not DIY? Have some fun with an easy project and make a beautiful DIY nightstand using one of these great tutorials.

One of the easiest ways to do a mini-makeover of a bedroom is to change or add a new nightstand. This small piece of furniture is as functional as it has a high decor impact. In other words, having a bedside table is quite a necessity.

As a small piece of furniture, a nightstand is easy to build, even if you’re not a seasoned handicrafter. There’s always more choice at your disposal when you decide to do it yourself, and you’ll still get a unique piece. So here are 25 easy DIY tutorials for you to follow if you choose to revamp your bedroom with a new nightstand.

Mid-century Rustic DIY Nightstand

Mid-century Rustic DIY Nightstand
Tutorial: ceebeeandj.com

Build this Mid-century inspired rustic nightstand the easy way. If you’re looking for something cheap but also good-looking, this is the right project. It takes just a few wood boards and legs – everything you can pick up in a hardware store very cheap. Enjoy making this nightstand on a budget.

DIY Mid-century Nightstand with Hairpin Legs

DIY Mid-century Nightstand with Hairpin Legs
Tutorial: burkatron.com

This one is very similar to the previous project and maybe even easier. You will build a beautiful Mid-century inspired nightstand from simple plywood and hairpin legs. It’s also cheaper and easier to put together. And it does look good.

DIY X-base Nightstand

This clever X-base DIY nightstand will be a hit in your bedroom decor if you build it. The X-shaped legs do all the magic-making the rustic top visually interesting. The nightstand occupies much less visual space this way and lets the rustic tabletop reveal itself — a fun little project.

DIY Mid-century Nightstand Plans

DIY Mid-century Nightstand Plans
Tutorial: build-basic.com

We love projects that turn out easier than they look. And this Mid-century style nightstand is precisely that. All you have to do is follow these simple plans to build it. The drawer is an optional but welcome addition that you can make too.

DIY Nightstand Dresser with a Hidden Drawer

This project is more involved, and the outcome is naturally a lot more impressive. You can build a full nightstand dresser using these plans and instructions. And it includes a hidden little drawer for whatever you may need hiding. It’s a neat project if you like a little challenge.

DIY Floating Nightstand Shelf

Sometimes you need something compact and quick to make. It’s especially true in tiny bedrooms where space is a luxury. So make this little floating shelves for a nightstand. It’s so easy yet so functional.

DIY Parsons Nightstand

Here’s another great project idea for small bedrooms. This DIY Parsons nightstand is very minimalist and takes little space. And yet it provides enough storage for the bedside.

DIY Nightstand Shelf with a Copper Pipe Light

DIY Nightstand Shelf with a Copper Pipe Light
Tutorial: www.elle.co.za

This nightstand shelf is as simple as they get. It’s a wooden board attached to a wall. But the real accent in this project is the beautiful copper pipe lighting fixture that adds so much charm to the bedroom decor.

DIY Nightstand with Open Shelves and a Drawer

This classic-style full bedside table is a real gem. And while to build one you will spend the whole day (possibly even more) you will enjoy it for ages. Nightstands like this cost a pretty penny and you’re going to make one yourself – that’s some sweet savings!

DIY Cheesebox Nightstand

We love repurposing projects because they make unique things from materials that are waste. And now check out how old cheese boxes can turn into beautiful accent nightstands for the bedroom. It’s a brilliant nightstand alternative.

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Nightstand

This Pottery Barn-inspired project is as complicated as it is brilliant. But if you want to build something like this, you have these free plans and instructions to follow. You can do it; we are sure about it!

DIY Nightstand from a Wine Crate

It’s easy to build something when you already have a pre-made shape of it. An old wine crate works as an excellent base for a nightstand. And what you get is a lovely rustic bedside table that is very easy to build.

DIY Modern Two Drawer Nightstand

This is a full nightstand with two drawers that are big enough to satisfy all your bedroom storage needs. You can even store blankets in there. And it’s surprisingly a reasonably easy project to do. Check it out.

Floating Nightstand from a Cabinet Door

There’s no easier DIY furniture project than building this floating nightstand. If you have an old cabinet door available for reuse, this project will be a breeze. The nightstand made this way is perfect for small spaces and it has decor interest as well.

Rustic Nightstand from Crates

If you were given a couple of milk crates, you probably wouldn’t think about building a piece of furniture from them. However, as surprising as it may be this DIY project is exactly about that. Make a rustic nightstand the easy way by following this tutorial.

Floating Nightstand from a 1x8x8 Board

Using as little materials as possible and keeping it inexpensive is what we’re looking for in an easy DIY project. If you’re new to building your own furniture, you’ll like this tutorial too. Build your own floating nightstand from a single 1x8x8 wooden board.

Nightstand with Lighting

If you like functional furniture, then you will find this DIY project interesting. This wall-mounted nightstand is simple to build but the added lighting fixture makes it very useful.

Storage Nightstand

Furniture with storage is especially useful in small bedrooms, even better if it improves the decor. This beautiful nightstand design is both, functional and visually appealing. Most importantly you can build it yourself.

Farmhouse Style Nightstand

If farmhouse style is appealing to you and you’d like to see the furniture of this style in your bedroom, then this DIY project is for you. It may be a little bit more complicated to do but you’ll love the nightstand with cabinet space.

Pallet Nightstand

12 Easy DIY Nightstands That You Can Build on a Budget - Check out how to build this easy DIY nightstand from pallet wood
Tutorial: www.welivedhappilyeverafter.com

DIY pallet wood projects are some of the easiest. Building this little nightstand with a lot of rustic appeal is not that complicated at all while all you need is a pallet for the material.

Nightstand from Magazine Holders

This DIY nightstand project is one of the most creative. It makes use of the convenient shape of wooden magazine holders which happen to be perfect for a tabletop. This DIY solution offers storage as well as visual appeal.

Midcentury Nightstand

12 Easy DIY Nightstands That You Can Build on a Budget - Check out how to build your own DIY midcentury style nightstand
Tutorial: build-basic.com

Midcentury style certainly has a big fandom. If you’re one of them, you will like this DIY project for a nightstand. Enjoy making this spacious piece of furniture with thin legs made famous by this style.

Hanging Nightstand

Looking for an interesting nightstand solution for a small bedroom? Save space by hanging it from the ceiling. This DIY project will allow you to build this easy nightstand with a lot of decor interest.

Suitcase Nightstand

An old suitcase can become a whimsical piece of furniture if you put your mind to it. It’s a very easy DIY project too because a suitcase is already kind of like a tabletop.

Pallet Nightstand

One more DIY project for you pallet woodcraft fans out there. This small nightstand features open storage space and a drawer in a nice and warm rustic style.


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