31 Unique Nightstand Alternatives for All Bedrooms

Last updated on May 13, 2024

A nightstand is a piece of bedroom furniture that perhaps has the most alternatives. Here are 31 of them for you to choose from. Read on!

Indeed, you don’t need much from a good nightstand. Anything with enough surface to keep a phone, a book, or a glass of water above the ground will work as one. Depending on room space you have to add some bedside table, there are many things you can place there.

This is a great place to be unique in your home decor too. Use whimsical and quirky pieces (such as a tree stamp) or choose something roomy for a lot of storage (like a bookcase or a wardrobe). The possibilities are endless.

This is our giant list of nightstand alternatives (some links earn our site a commission):


Furinno 5-cube Open Shelf, White
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You can place bookshelves next to your bed for alternatives to bedside tables. It’s not only helpful in nature, but it’s also helpful in a peaceful mood. You can either display your favorite framed memories or top them with an aromatherapy candle to make it more relaxing.

It works both ways – you can have a nightstand as a bookshelf alternative and vice versa.

Having a peaceful and meaningful station next to your bed will certainly do wonders for your rest. Match the bookcase’s color to the room’s color scheme for a seamless look.

Wall-Mounted Unit

Industrial Pipe Shelves With Wood 2-tiers,rustic
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Wall-mounted units are another great option for those who don’t need as much drawer space. They work well if you prefer minimalism when it comes to decorating.

Small Desk or Table for Bedroom

4nm 31.5" Small Desk No-assembly Folding Computer
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A desk or table placed near your bed could serve as a good nightstand alternative. If you feel uncomfortable using a traditional nightstand, this might be a better solution. Just remember to use a lamp instead of leaving the lights off at night not to disturb others while they sleep.

Floor Lamp with a Shelf

Simple Designs Home Lf1014-blk Etagere Organizer
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Floor lamps aren’t just useful; they look beautiful too! Place them on each side of your bed and let their soft glow lighten your bedroom. Floor lamps can have small shelves attached to them where you can keep your phone, a book, or a glass of water.

Wooden Boxes

Large Unfinished Pine Wood Box With Hinged Lid -
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Wooden boxes are perfect for storing small jewelry, earrings, scarfs, necklaces, etc. Use these wooden boxes to create a DIY nightstand by placing them beside your bed.

Mirror Frame with a Shelf

Emfogo Wall Mirror With Shelf, 20 X 16 Inch
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 Mirrors are always fun additions to any home. But why stop there? Put mirrors all over your walls and even hang some from above your headboard (or what you have for a headboard alternative). Mirrors give a sense of depth and dimensionality to a room.


Tablecraft Products C1174w Basket, Oval, Natural,
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Baskets are ideal for keeping everything neat. Instead of putting clutter on your dresser, store smaller items in baskets and leave larger ones for clothes.

Shelving Units

Whalen 5-shelf Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Unit, 48"
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Shelving units are excellent options for organizing your closet. These shelves come in various sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose which type best suits your needs.

Wardrobe Closet

Lvb Free Standing Closet Unit, Wood And Metal
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Wardrobes are often seen in bedrooms because they provide ample storage areas. However, you can turn them into nightstands by simply removing doors and replacing them with cabinets.


Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser, White
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Dressers are wonderful furniture pieces that offer plenty of storage space. Turn yours into nightstands by removing doors and replacing them.


Alvorog 4 Tier Folding Bookshelf No Assembly
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Bookcases are trendy among book lovers. They’re available in different styles and designs, making sure that every person has something unique.

Coffee Tables

Nathan James Stella Round Modern Nesting Coffee
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Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture. Make them functional by turning them into nightstands. Depending on the space you have available you can use a small or a larger table.

End Tables

Amazon Basics Round Storage End Table, Side Table
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The concept of an end table, in a nutshell, is the same as the nightstand — it is designed to be placed at the side of another piece of furniture. End tables are used to hold glasses, magazines, remote controls, clocks, phones, etc.

You can make them more attractive by using end table alternatives and adding interesting details like vases, candlesticks, plants, etc.

Underbed Drawers

Internet’s Best Small Collapsible Under The Bed
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Underbed drawers are great if you don’t have much floor space or need extra drawer space. Just be careful when choosing what goes where so it doesn’t get lost under the covers.

Desk With Built-In Shelf

Folding Desk Small Computer Writing Desk With
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A desk with a built-in shelf is another option for those who prefer having desk space without sacrificing additional storage. This desk comes in many varieties and finishes, ensuring that everyone will find exactly what they want.

Corner Shelf

Evron Corner Mounting Shelf,easy To Install Wall
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Nightstands aren’t just limited to bedsides; they can fit anywhere in the room. If you have small spaces, try placing a nightstand near windows or other places where light streams through.

Small Sideboard

Go2buy Antique White Stackable Sideboard Buffet
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Small sideboards are ideal for storing books, remotes, pens, jewelry boxes, etc. Place this piece next to a bed to create a handy little spot for everything.

Console Table

Décor Therapy Console Table, Sahara
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Console tables are usually large enough to accommodate several items. Choose one according to how big your bedroom is. For example, if only two people are in your house, go for a smaller unit.

You can use the many console alternatives for this purpose as well.

Vintage Suitcase

Vintiquewise Qi003068.3 3-colored Vintage Style
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Antique suitcases are beautiful pieces of furniture. They’re sturdy and durable but still look elegant. These bags were originally designed like a chest that can be carried around, making them perfect for modern homes. Use a big vintage suitcase for some chic style in your bedroom decor.

Side Table

Acme Furniture 82785 Aberta Side Table, Antique
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Side tables are excellent additions to bedrooms because they offer more than just surface area. You can store magazines, remote controls, glasses, phones, etc., underneath.

Wall Hooks

Wall Hooks, Felidio Natural Wood Coat Hooks Wall
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Hooks are essential accessories for every bedroom. Hang clothes, towels, blankets, scarfs, etc., using wall hooks. It’s easy to access things placed here since no matter where you stand, and you’ll always know where to reach.

Storage Boxes

Large Foldable Storage Box Bin With Lids[2-pack]
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Storage boxes are practical containers used to organize different kinds of stuff. There are numerous designs available depending on your needs. Make sure to buy ones made out of durable materials. You can usually stack these boxes to add height and more storage space.

Storage Bench

Signature Design By Ashley Abbonto Traditional
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A bench provides both seating and storage options. This type of unit comes with many features, including drawers, cup holders, baskets, etc. A great addition to kids’ rooms, playrooms, mudrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, garages, basements, etc.

Tool Chest

Keter Rolling Tool Chest With Storage Drawers,
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Tool chests are functional yet stylish pieces of furniture. They aren’t usually to be placed in a bedroom, but it’s certainly a unique alternative. It brings industrial aesthetics to the room’s design.

Floating Shelves

Amada Homefurnishing White Floating Shelves
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Floating shelves are useful for organizing small spaces. The shelves can float above the bed, so you don’t have to worry about knocking over anything while reaching from the bed.

Stool as Nightstand

Dip-dyed Plant Stand |small Side Table | Round
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Stools work well as nightstands because they double up as seats too. A small stool works well in tiny bedrooms.


Homezero Aero Mid-century Modern Upholstered
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Nightstands are ideal for reading, watching TV, working, studying, playing games, etc. If you want a nightstand that doubles up as a chair, this option is best suited.

Tree Stump Nightstand

Welland Tree Stump Stool Live Edge, Natural Edge
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Tree stump nightstands are unique items that bring nature inside. Place one next to your bed and enjoy watching trees grow during nighttime hours.

Plant Stand

Amazon Basics Plant Stand, Black
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Plant stands are ideal if you want to create an indoor jungle right by your bedside table. Choose between round, square, rectangular, and other styles depending on how much light you’d like to let into dark corners of your house.


Household Essentials White Washed Rustic
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Trunks are large wooden boxes usually found in attics. Use these cool nightstands to store books, bedding, blankets, extra pillows, etc.

Bar Cart

Firstime & Co. Industrial Joliet Round Bar Cart,
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Bar carts can be used as nightstands but also function as bedside tables. You can use them to store drinks, snacks, remotes, remote controls, magazines, newspapers, books, CDs/DVDs, etc.


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