35+ Fun Kids Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Last updated on May 5, 2024

As the prices of homes increase, many families are finding themselves delegating smaller rooms for their children. While there is no wrong or right decision when it comes to siblings sharing space, it is a fairly recent phenomenon with benefits. Kids who tend to be anxious have a much easier time falling asleep in a smaller room or in a room where they share space with a sibling. It also teaches kids to negotiate, and how to compromise and work out conflicts, since they won’t be able to move to a secondary room.

Thankfully, a small room does not have to be cramped. It can be utilized just as much as a larger space. With some planning, it can be decorated just as elaborate as well. Here is how to do that, and the pros and cons of having a small kids bedroom. Check out over 35 fun ideas for small kids bedrooms.

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What is a Kid’s Bedroom?

The kid’s bedroom is where they sleep, a place where they may have timeouts and an area in the home where they can play and interact with siblings if they are sharing a space. It is a living space where children can stay calm; where they can feel comfortable in their safe space. For certain homes, it’s also a place where homework (so a table and chairs set is necessary) is being done and the school work is carried out.

The Biggest Challenge of Decorating a Small Bedroom for Kids

Small places can be a bit challenging to decorate – this is a reality. However, a small kids bedroom can be appropriately furnished if you take a different approach. Instead of making the kid’s bedroom a place where it is utilized for various situations, dedicate one aspect of the child’s life in the bedroom. If it is solely a place where kids go to sleep, instead of using it as a storage place for toys or other items, streamline it and only have a bed. Or on the other hand, if it is a place where kids also go to study, then furnish it with appropriate beds plus a desk. Small places start to feel cramped when there is more than one function dedicated to the area.

Decor Styles of Kids Bedrooms

Pay attention to the color, architectural details, and the flooring of the kid’s bedroom. For example, the color that you choose to paint the bedroom will affect the room’s appearance. Cool colors tend to have a soothing effect. This color family include light blues, shades of white, perhaps even greens and violets. Also playing up with complementary colors will ensure that no one color is clashing with the others. When the same tones are used for the furnishings, drapes, and walls, the room will seem larger.

Architectural details are also important in a small kids bedroom. Wallpaper, mirrors placed at a higher angle, and wood moldings create the illusion of a more open space. This is because these furnishings will require that eyes gaze more upwards, instead of downward where floor space may be limited. Storage areas and mounted drawers not only open up the room, but it will also create the illusion of volume. When it comes to flooring, make sure that it is continuous, with the same floor material creating unity.

Don’t underestimate the effect of windows in small spaces. A simple window treatment can take advantage of natural lighting to make a room larger than what it is. You can make small windows look bigger by installing curtains outside of the window frames. If the kids bedroom is lucky enough to have a larger window, try not to block the view with big pieces of furniture.

Pros and Cons of Having a Small Kids Bedroom

The pros of having a small kids bedroom are that children will be compelled to play together and spend time together. Even the frustrating aspects of sharing space like negotiating and delegating are real life skills that are honed when kids share a space.

The pros of sharing a smaller space can quickly turn into a con. Kids that share smaller space may feel exasperated or even anxious. This is true if they do not have the emotional tools to deal with the smaller area or when sharing a bedroom. Smaller spaces will also have limited decoration options.

How Much to Spend on Decorating?

It’s important to know that most budget guides will purposely be at the higher end of the monetary spectrum. This is to provide a little bit of wiggle room. Thankfully, decorating a room can be done affordably by repurposing items and purchasing evergreen products that will grow with the child. The bedroom chair, a computer desk, hanging decorations, a well-made quality throw rug, and the classic lamp are all timeless bedroom furnishings that has the potential of lasting decades. Most of these items will require an upfront cost. However, the right furniture can be economical due to their durability and return on investment throughout the years.

Decorating a small bedroom can be doable – as long as you are cognizant of limitations and use decorations, colors, and furnishings efficiently. Focus on utilizing the space for one function, drawing the eyes upwards, and using versatile storage options.


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