26 Lively Bedroom Ideas with Plants

Last updated on July 5, 2024

Lively modern bedroom ideas incorporate plants to create a tranquil, natural atmosphere. Read on!

Decorating a bedroom with plants is a great way to bring nature into the home and create an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Choose plants that will thrive in your space, such as Sansevierias, Dracaenas, or Corn Plants. Place them around the walls, on shelves or dressers, or near windows for natural light. Add fairy lights or wall art to give the room a magical touch.

Here are more ideas on how to decorate with plants.

Inspirational and Cozy Room Decor

The bedroom is inviting and cozy, with lush greenery from the plants providing a refreshing atmosphere. The walls are painted in a soothing light grey, and natural light floods in from the large window.

The furniture has been chosen for comfort, with a soft bed piled high with pillows and plush blankets to relax against. A small sofa sits near the window for reading or napping on lazy days.

Several planters of various sizes line up along the walls, filled with trailing vines and bright flowers that add color to the room. A white wardrobe stands close by, adorned with fairy lights for a touch of magic.

Every detail has been carefully chosen to create a tranquil space where one can relax after a long day.

Relaxing Bedroom with Air Plants

The bedroom is filled with lush green plants, creating a serene oasis. Sansevierias, also known as Snake Plants, are the stars of the show – they line the walls and fill up every corner of the room.

Dracaenas add a splash of color to this urban jungle, while smaller potted plants like corn plants bring life to empty spaces.

The plant mom or crazy plant lady in charge of this space takes pride in her collection; it’s easy to see why she loves it so much! She often posts pictures on social media with hashtags for her fellow plant lovers.

No matter what day it is, this bedroom will always be an inspiring place full of life and joy from having so many plants around.

Classic and Calming Touch Bedroom

The main bedroom is a cozy and inviting space, filled with lush plants and decorated in calming shades of pink, grey, and white. The walls are adorned with wall art that adds to the tranquil atmosphere of the room.

A white bedspread covers the comfortable grey bed, perfect for snuggling up with a mini schnauzer puppy. Various potted plants bring life to the room while providing an extra layer of relaxation.

Amazon products can be found throughout the bedroom, from decorative items to gadgets that make life easier.

Decorative Vines

Turn any space into a lush, green Eden with these natural-looking vines. Arrange them with potted plants for an extra leafy display.

Warming Scandinavian Style

The bedroom is cozy and inviting, with lush green plants adding to the warm atmosphere. The interior design features a mix of Scandinavian Style elements balanced with classic Nordic home decor.

Pops of bold colors from textiles and furniture pieces provide a sense of vibrancy and life to the room, while the overall feeling is one of relaxation and tranquility.

Plants are carefully placed throughout the room, creating an almost magical ambiance that brings peace and well-being.

From bedside ferns to succulents on dressers, there’s something for everyone when it comes to beautifying this bedroom with plants.

Bedroom goals are easily achieved. This luxurious living space exudes an air of both modernity and comfort.

Colorful Boho-Style

The bedroom is a cozy oasis filled with lush plants and stylish decor. The walls are painted a calming shade of blue, and the bed is draped in soft white linens.

Hanging plants add texture to the room, while rubber tree plants provide a pop of color.

Pillows in various colors and patterns bring life to the space, and potted houseplants that line the windowsill.

A boho-style rug completes the look, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation.

Perfect Neutral Bedroom

The bright, airy main bedroom is filled with natural light and lush plants. The neutral decor creates a calming atmosphere, while stylish furniture adds a modern touch to the space.

A plush coloring grounds the room, providing warmth and texture beneath your feet.

Plants of all shapes and sizes add life to the room, creating an oasis of relaxation perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Whether you’re looking for bedroom inspiration or want to give your bedroom a makeover, this main bedroom design is sure to please!

Eco-Friendly Biophilic Design Bedroom

The bedroom is a tranquil oasis decorated with green decor and pops of vibrant color.

A velvet bed is a centerpiece, surrounded by lush plants that bring life to the room.

The walls are adorned with patterned wallpaper, adding texture and depth to the space.

Natural light streams through windows, highlighting the biophilic elements of this main bedroom.

Monday vibes are welcomed here with cozy blankets and pillows for ultimate relaxation.

Green and Gray Bedroom

This cozy bedroom is filled with plants, framed artwork, and luxury bedding. The white walls and the paneled ceiling add a unique touch to the room.

An iron bed sits at the center of the room, surrounded by green and grey bedding that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

A planter in one corner of the room contrasts the framed artwork hung on another wall.

Bedroom lighting fixtures provide just enough light for a comfortable ambiance. Accessories such as dusk bedding, bedroom furniture, and bedroom goals add to this inviting space.

It’s clear that this bedroom was designed with interior home design in mind – it’s perfect for anyone looking for a place to relax and unwind!

Coastal Blue Wall Decor

Better Sleep = Better Mood bedroom with plants
Source: @danisdomain

Coastal Blue is the quintessential color for coastal theme decorating. Painted blue walls are against a neutral color palette. You will find a great inspirational bedroom to inspire your own space, featured on completely coastal.

Relaxing Corner

A cozy and inviting bedroom is decorated with traditional home elements, a white cotton bedspread, paneling on the walls, and lush plants around the room.

The bedspread is made from luxurious Egyptian Cotton for a comfortable night’s sleep. Neutral colors are used throughout the room to create a calming atmosphere for relaxation.

Plants of varying sizes bring life and freshness to the bedroom, making it an ideal place to unwind after a long day.

Lush Greenery and Natural Light Bedroom

The bedroom is a tranquil oasis filled with lush greenery and natural light. Plants of all shapes and sizes line the walls, creating a calming atmosphere.

Warm lighting illuminates the room, while soft bedding adds an extra layer of comfort. Paneling along the walls adds texture to the space, while plants bring life to every corner.

It’s a perfect blend of interior styling and bedroom goals, creating a peaceful retreat for restful nights or cozy days spent lounging.

Botanical Pick-me-up with Polka Dots Patterns

The bedroom is alive with plants. Green leaves and stems of all shapes and sizes fill the space, creating a botanical pick-me-up.

The walls are decorated with natural home decor, including velvet bedding and polka dot patterns that bring a playful touch to the biophilic interior.

Various houseplants add texture and color to the room, from lush ferns to vibrant succulents. All the greens create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that feels like fresh air.

The bedroom is an oasis of calm, perfect for unwinding after a long day or finding inspiration for new ideas. With its inviting ambiance and cozy vibes, it’s easy to see why this bedroom is part of the planting.

Elegant Jungle Boogie Bedroom

Jungle Boogie bedroom with plants
Source: @bedfully

The bedroom is a tranquil oasis filled with lush green plants and natural sunlight.

The bed, dressed in crisp white bedding, is the room’s centerpiece. Architectural elements like exposed beams and unique window frames create an inviting atmosphere for relaxation.

Various home decor pieces like wall art and candles add a touch of elegance to the space.

Soft rugs cushion your feet as you move around the room, while warm lighting fixtures provide just enough illumination for cozy evenings spent reading or watching movies.

With its combination of modern design and nature-inspired accents, this bedroom ensures a peaceful night’s sleep every time.

Brightly Planty Window Corner

The bedroom is alive with plants. A vibrant greenhouse sits in one corner, and an IKEA cabinet provides the perfect home for a fiddle leaf fig.

A mini greenhouse holds a cactus of Instagram, a curly spider plant, and several hoyas.

The bright south-facing window provides ample light for the propagation station and monster plants.

This space has been decorated with love, as evidenced by the urban jungle bloggers’ cushion and rattan furniture and the many shelves filled with indoor jungles.

And obviously, the cats also enjoy this room; they have their special corner next to the Boston fern to nap in!

Pretty and Comfy Bedroom

The bedroom is a cozy oasis filled with lush plants and stylish decor. The walls are adorned with inspiring artwork, and the floor is covered in soft rugs.

Various plants bring life to the room, from tall fiddle leaf figs to delicate succulents. The furniture is modern and comfortable, creating a tranquil atmosphere that encourages relaxation.

Soft lighting creates a warm ambiance while natural light pours through the windows. It’s an inviting space that encourages creativity and provides a sense of calm.

Charmous Scandi-Style Bedroom

The bedroom is a cozy corner of the home, filled with boho-inspired decor and lush plants.

Soft textures and natural elements create a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and hygge.

The walls are adorned with small details like artwork and string lights, while potted plants bring life to the space.

A mix of Scandi-style furniture and bohemian accents complete the look, creating a beautiful balance between modern minimalism and eclectic charm.

Potted Plant Bedroom Feel

The bedroom is alive with lush greenery, boasting a vibrant and inviting urban jungle.

Monstera Monday and Monstera Aurea plants climb the walls, while Cubehouse Jungle and Potted Plants add texture to the room.

Bedroom Decor is complemented by Interior Design featuring Plant Styling for a truly unique look.

Bedroom plants all contribute to this cozy paradise. Add an extra layer of warmth to the space with these big planters.

Trailing Vines and Leafy Foliage

The bedroom is a vibrant oasis filled with lush plants of all shapes and sizes. Various green hues fill the room, creating a calming atmosphere that encourages relaxation.

The walls are adorned with trailing vines and leafy foliage, while potted succulents line the windowsill. A tall palm tree stands in the corner, adding an exotic touch to the space.

The air is fragrant with the sweet smell of flowers, and sunlight streams through the large windows, making it a perfect place to rest and recharge.

Fresh White Bedroom

This cozy bedroom is filled with natural light, and the walls are adorned with wood paneling. A bright white Egyptian cotton bedspread is layered over fresh sheets, adding a layer of comfort to the space.

The room’s neutral tones are accented by a white lantern, while pictures on a shelf add character to the room. Soft pillows invite you to lie down and relax while plants provide life and greenery to complete the look.

Luxurious Linen and Greenery in the Bedroom

The bedroom is a cozy oasis filled with plants and stylish decor. Soft lighting casts a warm glow over the room, creating an inviting atmosphere.

The walls are adorned with inspiring artwork, and the bed is dressed in luxurious linens. Various potted plants bring life to the space, adding texture and color to the interior design.

Greenery hangs from shelves and window sills, while larger plants stand on corners or dressers.

The overall effect is one of hygge – a feeling of contentment and relaxation from being surrounded by natural beauty.

Whether you’re looking for bedroom inspiration or want to create a cozy retreat, this bedroom with plants is sure to provide plenty of ideas!

Boho-Inspired Bedroom

This cozy bedroom is a perfect example of boho-style decor, with its painted ceiling and dark interiors.

The room is filled with lush green plants, creating an indoor jungle that adds to the moody atmosphere.

Apartment dwellers will find plenty of inspiration in this space, as it features many elements of apartment decor.

Plant lovers will also appreciate the abundance of indoor plants that bring life and color to the room. From the bedroom transformation to the bedroom design ideas, this boho-inspired bedroom has it all!

Sanctuary Fiddle Leaf Fig

A mini greenhouse holds cacti and spider plants, while a propagation station has been set up to grow hoya and other varieties. Monstera deliciosa is draped across shelves to add depth.

In addition to these larger specimens, small succulents fill out the space in a cacti greenhouse, adding even more life to this bedroom sanctuary.

Verdant Paradise with Dangle Plants

The bedroom is alive with plants. This room is a verdant paradise, from the hanging plants that dangle from the ceiling to the potted plants that line the windowsill.

The walls are adorned with plant decor, and even the bedding has been chosen to match the lush green of the foliage.

Various houseplants add texture and color to every corner of this inviting space, creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Create an urban jungle in your home now.

Stylish Furniture and Decor

The bedroom is a tranquil oasis filled with lush green plants and stylish furniture from Walker Edison.

The walls are painted in a calming shade of blue, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation.

A comfortable bed sits in the center of the room, surrounded by potted plants that bring life and energy to the space. The decor is modern yet cozy, featuring furniture pieces from Walker Edison that add a touch of sophistication.

Soft lighting illuminates the room, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that is perfect for winding down after a long day.

Stunning Top-Styles

The bedroom is a cozy corner filled with beautiful boho-style decor and lush green plants. Soft light cascades through the airy window, playing off the vibrant colors of the dorm room decorations.

The walls are lined with little interiors, creating an inviting and hygge atmosphere. The small bedroom overflows with top-style files and apartment therapy inspiration; it’s both chic and cozy at the same time.

Plant life abounds throughout the room. There’s an array of bedroom details, such as a leafy potted palm tree next to a wooden bedside table, ivy trailing around a rustic mirror frame, or string lights hanging from trailing vines along one wall.

It’s a stunning space that blends comfort and beauty in equal parts.


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