20 Functional Bedroom Storage Ideas for More Useful Space

Last updated on October 28, 2023

Look for trendy ideas for your bedroom space right here. Keep your room fresh and stylish while storing your clothes and other things. Read on!

Creating storage in the bedroom can be done with fitted wardrobes, chests of drawers, window seats, and other furniture. This provides plenty of space for storing clothes, bedding, and other items while keeping the room stylish.

Storing things in the bedroom is all about functional use of furniture. The trend, though, is keeping your storage hidden.

Saul Cerni, Editor

With these ideas and inspiration, it is possible to create a neat and organized bedroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Window Seat

Install fitted wardrobes with crown imperial bedroom furniture for style and functionality. The fitted wardrobes provide plenty of storage space for clothes, bedding, and other items.

The imperial crown furniture adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room.

The window seat also provides extra seating as well as additional storage space. This combination of fitted wardrobes and classic bedroom furniture creates a cozy yet modern look that works perfectly in any home.

Bedroom Paneling

This bedroom storage idea is perfect for any home. It combines wood flooring, timber planks, and painted paneling to create a unique look.

The walls are adorned with Shaker-style paneling and folk art from Tibor Reich, while the end of the bed bench is finished off with Seanorsky’s blue bedroom design.

To complete the look, you have a wardrobe or dressing room that provides ample storage space for all your belongings.

Maximize Storage and Space

A modern luxury bedroom storage idea uses fitted wardrobes, chests of drawers, and other furniture to create a neat and organized look.

This provides plenty of space for storing clothes, bedding, and other items while keeping the room stylish.

Bay Window Storage

Create a cozy window seat with storage for your bedroom! This DIY project is perfect for adding extra seating and storage space to any bedroom. Start by building a wooden frame around the bay window, then add cushions and pillows to make it comfortable.

Install shelves or drawers underneath the seat for extra storage space. Finish off the look with curtains or blinds, and you’ll have an attractive and functional window seat in no time!

Built-in Wardrobes and Wall Sconce

This bedroom storage idea is perfect for creating a cozy space in your home. It combines the best of modern interiors with traditional design elements.

Bold pops of color contrast the white walls and furniture from the Emirates Living Arabella Villas and Visit Dubai-inspired accents. A combination of IKEA hacks, Home Edit ideas, and Style Your Space touches create a unique look that is both functional and stylish.

The interior design features plenty of room to store clothes, books, toys, or any other items you need to organize in style. With this bedroom storage idea, you can quickly transform your dream bedroom into a reality!

Bedroom Storage Feature Wall

A compelling bedroom storage idea is to use fitted wardrobes from Crown Imperial. These stylish wardrobes provide plenty of room for clothes, shoes, and other accessories, making it easy to store everything in one neat and organized space.

The sleek look of the wardrobes adds a modern touch to any bedroom while their design maximizes your space. The durable material also ensures that these wardrobe pieces will last for years and remain beautiful.

Storage Cabinet

This beautiful handmade bespoke bedroom storage solution is perfect for adding style and functionality to any bedroom. Featuring a cabinetmaker’s craftsmanship.

The piece includes drawers and cabinets with woodwork detail that adds an elegant touch. The design also offers plenty of storage space, making it ideal for achieving your goals.

From Maidenhead in Berkshire, this bespoke furniture maker creates custom pieces perfect for Berkshire mums looking to add a unique touch to their interior design.

Elise Design

Create the perfect bedroom storage solution with bespoke fitted storage. This stylish and functional design allows you to maximize space while adding a modern touch to your room’s makeover.

Real homes’ design inspiration can be seen in cleverly hidden compartments and drawers that provide plenty of storage for clothing, bedding, and other items.

The variety of colors available ensures that you find something that suits your style. With customizable options like shelves, cupboards, baskets, and cubbies, you will have no trouble finding the proper storage solutions for any bedroom.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Create a stylish and functional bedroom storage solution with bespoke wardrobes, fitted furniture, overhead storage, window seat, and made-to-measure alcoves.

This design is perfect for any bedroom with sloped ceilings or bay windows. The wardrobes can be customized to fit the space ideally and provide ample storage for clothes and other items.

The fitted furniture can include drawers, shelves, or cupboards to store away items such as bedding or towels.

Overhead storage can create an eye-catching feature in the room while providing additional space for books or decorative pieces. A window seat provides a comfortable spot to relax while also offering extra storage underneath it.

Finally, made-to-measure nooks are perfect for creating a unique look that will add character to the room while providing additional shelving space for displaying items such as photographs or plants.

Grey & Buff Rattan Baskets

A stylish bedroom storage solution uses baskets from The Basket Company to store items and create a beautiful, organized look.

Hey Home Hey has excellent ideas for incorporating these baskets into your bedroom design, such as using them as bedside tables or adding them to shelves.

Interior444 and Interior2You have plenty of inspiring photos that show how baskets can be used in any bedroom. With Passion4Interior‘s tips on creating a stylish storage space, you can quickly transform your bedroom into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Modular Unit

Afskærmende halvvæg bedroom storage idea
Source: @bobedredk

This bedroom storage idea is perfect for any cozy home. It includes an opal glass pendant lamp and an array of minimalistic and stylish Scandinavian-style furniture pieces.

The furniture has plenty of room to hold books, linens, clothing, and other items that need to be stored in the bedroom. Opt for open shelves and drawers with flexible dividers to keep everything organized.

Additionally, a few hooks on the wall can be used to hang purses, coats, or scarves.

Finally, adding baskets or bins under the bed is a great way to maximize your storage space while keeping it chic and tidy.

Spare Room Closet Storage

A bedroom storage idea that will transform any room is to install a built-in wardrobe. This wardrobe can be painted bright white to create a modern and sleek look while providing plenty of storage space for clothes, bedding, and other items.

To add an extra touch of style, consider adding a feature wall behind the wardrobe with geometric wall paneling. This will create an eye-catching focal point in the room and add texture and depth to the overall design.

For even more storage options, consider adding bedroom storage solutions such as shelves or drawers to maximize space. Finally, complete the look with luxury bedding and home decor accents for a truly inspiring bedroom makeover!

Wall-Mounted Shelving

This bedroom storage idea is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any home. It features a chic black leather ottoman with plenty of interior space, perfect for storing extra linens and clothes.

The ottoman also has a cushioned top, making it great for seating or as a footrest. The top can be easily opened using the secure magnetic closure, while the gold-plated feet add an elegant touch to the design.

With its sleek lines and stylish appeal, this storage solution is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any master bedroom or bedroom decor.

Crown Imperial

A fitted wardrobe is a great way to maximize storage space in your bedroom. Constructed from the highest-grade materials by a British manufacturer, this stylish wardrobe features both shelves and hanging rails.

These allow for an organized arrangement of quickly worn clothes and bulky items.

With its sleek design and crown detailing on top, it adds further inspiration to a modern bedroom decor that emphasizes aesthetics and practicality.

Cloth Rack

A bedroom storage solution that combines style and functionality is the Gluckstein Elements Freestanding Closet from Home Depot Canada.

This media unit provides ample storage space for all your home organization needs, with adjustable shelves and a sleek design that will look great in any bedroom.

The closet also features durable construction to ensure it stands up to everyday use, making it an ideal choice for a long-lasting storage solution.

Utilize Relaxation Tactics

This bedroom storage idea is perfect for small spaces! It utilizes wall-mounted shelves to create a cozy nest of storage. The shelves are designed to fit snugly against the wall, maximizing the available space and creating an organized look.

The shelves can store books, magazines, knick-knacks, and other items that need to be kept out of sight. Additionally, they provide an excellent place for displaying photos or artwork.

With this bedroom storage idea, you can easily keep your room tidy and clutter-free while still having plenty of space for relaxation.


Curtains bedroom storage idea
Source: @mamofboys

A bedroom storage idea that incorporates a chest of drawers, painted furniture, and upcycled furniture is a perfect way to add color-block decor to any home.

The chest of drawers can be painted in bold, vibrant colors and then combined with neutral wall decor and walls painted in greige for an elegant look.

Shoe storage can be added by using a painted door for extra storage space. Finally, the room can be finished with neutral bedroom furniture, like a bed frame and side tables, to complete the look.

All these elements together make for a stylish yet practical way to store things in your bedroom while adding some style!

Storage System

Yarm Storage System bedroom storage idea
Source: @no.6.yarm

This bedroom storage idea is perfect for creating a cozy and neutral atmosphere. It combines grey and white decor with Persimmon Homes furniture to create an inviting space.

A large wardrobe provides plenty of room for clothing, while shelves and drawers provide additional storage for books, accessories, and other items.

The corner of the room can be used to display photographs or artwork, while baskets can be used to store extra blankets or pillows.

This combination of furniture and decor will make any guest bedroom feel warm and welcoming.

Utilize Awkward Spaces

A modern bedroom storage solution is to install fitted furniture, such as MySharps wardrobes, to make the most of awkward spaces and create a dream wardrobe. This will provide plenty of clothes storage and help update your home with a stylish look.


This bedroom storage idea uses IKEA PAX wardrobes to create a dream wardrobe with plenty of clothes storage. The PAX wardrobes offer enough space for all your clothes while keeping the bedroom organized and clutter-free.

The wardrobe is then accessorized with other IKEA pieces, like organizers and tidying tools, to help keep it looking neat and organized.

You can also decorate the bedroom with bedroom decors such as art pieces, rugs, wall frames, or lighting fixtures to give it a stylish look that fits your personality.

This combination of wardrobe storage and decoration will make your bedroom look great and be highly convenient for storing your belongings in a tidy and organized manner.


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