upholstered tufted headboard ideas

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Looking for an easy way to make a headboard upholstered with fabric (and tufted)? Here are 12 ideas you need to consider.

Upholstered headboards have an advantage of being lighter than their wooden counterparts (though they usually have a wooden frame too). You can also use countless fabric types and patterns to really let your creativity flow.

Meanwhile, tufted headboards also use fabric but they’re also cushioned to be much softer than simply upholstered headboards. That makes them more comfortable and even classy looking. Here are DIY ideas for this type of headboards.

Patterned Fabric

This dreamy hippie headboard is a pure sight for sore eyes! Its fantastic and colorful pattern is designed in such a way to enable you to get the work done in no time, and still present excellent results.

To create this headboard, you will need a thin frame, wrapped in whichever fabric you prefer, or a colorful one such as this one! Finally, it will take a few wall mount screws to hang it above the bed! Keep the bed sheeting neutral to allow this headboard to pop, as it should. As for cost, the elements of this project are both affordable and available. 

Embellished Fabric

There are countless ways to add some charm and design to your plain bedroom wall, and this DIY fabric headboard is here to testify to it.

This is an excellent project for anyone looking forward to creating a custom-made and stylish headboard in no time! To carry out this project right, you will need various elements, including plywood, a memory foam mattress, batting enough to wrap the headboard frame twice, as well as a large piece of fabric of your choosing and a few garage tools.

From there onwards, it all comes down to assembling the headboard pieces to create a dynamic and practical headboard worthy of respect!

Stenciled Fabric

It is indeed a revelation to learn what can be done with a piece of hardwood and a sheet of fabric. This incredible upholstered headboard with stenciled fabric is as good as new and won’t cost you a fortune to complete it.

Cut your headboard in whichever shape that fits your wall, and begin contemplating your fabric choice. A bit of stapling, here and there, is essential to secure the fabric onto the wood, and then we’re down to hanging the piece onto the wall itself. Inexpensive and practical, this stenciled fabric headboard works!  

Burlap Upholstered

Speaking of easygoing and beyond fashionable headboards, this sophisticated upholstered headboard with nail trim is a show-stopper for sure. Price-wise, this is not the cheapest project to execute, but it is not complex to set up gives the bedroom an expensive feel.

The upholstered headboard uses various bits as unity, such as a pre-purchased headboard frame, nailhead trim, foam, batting, and then finally, a great fabric! A stapler comes in handy to secure the elements, and the process of putting them all together is not time-consuming at all!
As a simple project, this headboard idea works in light spaces and creates an inviting ambient.

Upholstered Velvet with Nailhead Trim

You wouldn’t believe this upholstered headboard is a DIY project because it looks so luxurious. You can make something like that at home, and all you need is the right materials. The tutorial will guide you through the process step by step.

Plywood Upholstered

Check out this tutorial on how to make a  upholstered with nail trim headboard. Looks easy enough!

Tutorial: www.hgtv.com

Another large DIY headboard that you can use as the centerpiece of your bedroom. This one is a fabric batting pasted over a base plywood frame board. Choose the fabric to match the theme and decor of your room. Please check the tutorial for detailed instructions.

Tufted with Nailhead Trim

While buying a tufted headboard for your master bedroom can be a strike for your wallet, you can also give it a shot at creating this masterpiece yourself! Truthfully, the project itself won’t take up more than a few hours of your time, but will deliver chicness and elegance to your bedroom for sure!

Designing this headboard will require a few essential elements, such as a few pieces of plywood to create the basic frame, a piece of luxuriously looking fabric like suede or leather, as well as captivating bits such as buttons, balling and foam.

This tufted headboard is worth both your time and your budget!   

Modern Tufted

Derail yourself from rustic and traditional headboard concepts and think of stylish and captivating headboards such as this one. This particular headboard is composed of a plywood frame, a soft and bright fabric (although you can experiment with colors), a bunch of buttons, and just enough batting to cover the entire surface.

Of course, aside from fabric, you can also play around with headboard shape and choose a more traditional or a classier outlook.

Use a stapler to bat the headboard plywood frame and decorate with matching fabric buttons. Pretty cheap and easy to do, this fancy headboard indeed calls for action!  

Channel Tufted

When you get a first look at it, this headboard looks so splendid that you may knit your brows at the word EASY. But follow the step-by-step guide on the tutorial and you’ll find that it really is easy, after all. We weren’t fibbing!

Diamond Tufted

This project will take a little more time to finish compared to others given in this list. But the sheer awesomeness of the finished piece makes it worthwhile. Or so we believe. Follow this great tutorial to find how you can transform a beefy piece of wood hardboard into something as opulent and luxurious as this one.

Deep Diamond Tufted

Another Diamond headboard meant for a King bed. We love this DIY idea for the flexibility it allows. For instance, you get choices to make regarding the type of decorations you want; arms/no arms; tufting/no tufting; and finally, the choice in fabric. The headboard in the tutorial uses deep foam for tufting and Teal Microsuede as the upholstery fabric.

Classic Tufted

Did you know that different headboard shapes came with different names? Well, check out this tutorial to find whether your current King bed headboard is an Alexander or a Radcliffe! And yes, while you are at it, do check this excellent step-by-step guide on how to make a cool looking tufted headboard without having to burn a hole in your pocket.