diy rustic headboard ideas

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Want to have unique and different bedroom decor? You need a specific accent that that’s what a rustic headboard can offer. Check out these ideas.

If you’re making something from wood, you can choose to make it in rustic style. What’s this style is about? It’s about the earthy tones, cozy looks, and warm style. It’s what you remember your grandma’s house to be about. And this style is all the rage right now.

Rustic headboards are a special kind of a headboard. It has a warm, handcrafted style that adds so much charm to bedroom decor. Everyone is after rustic, so why not make one yourself too. Check out these tutorials.

Rustic Wood Look

No need to spend a lot to make your bed look gorgeous! This Rustic Wooden Headboard is easy, fun, and inexpensive to make. You will love it. See the article to get the complete guidance.

King Size

Tutorial on how to create a rustic wood king-sized bed headboard. An easy DIY headboard for $90. The inspiration headboard is over $2000. Follow the tutorial to learn how it’s done.

Barn Door

Change an old barn door into a vintage headboard to your bedroom. See the tutorial for the complete details.

Wood Planks

This project and headboard idea is indeed impressive because it makes an entire accent wall. The colorful wood planks create a beautiful wood mosaic that is the pinnacle of this bedroom decor. And you can do the same in your home. Check out this tutorial for the details.

Reclaimed Wood Look

If you’re into the reclaimed wood look and rustic decor, this is one of the most charming DIY headboards you can make. Indeed, it’s full of character and transforms the bedroom entirely. Interested? Check out the tutorial for the plans and instructions.

Sign Headboard

Keep things simple, and you shall achieve excellence! This is true in every aspect, and the same goes for DIY projects. This seemingly plain rustic headboard is in the shape of a sign and is composed of nothing but a few plywood boards. The project is great if you have a day to spare on accomplishing it.  
Install the hangers tightly and stain the wood if that works for your space.

Finally, use a painting brush or any other method of coloring, choose a beautiful font, and create a written headboard sign! As simple as it may seem, this cheap project is utterly compelling and pragmatic.  

Barn Door with Lights

Check out how to easily build a DIY Barn Door Headboard


So, you are a lover of everything rustic. Now, if you happen to have an old barn door just waiting to be transformed, here goes your next DIY project. Creating a vintage headboard can be done by revolutionizing a traditional barn door or building one yourself.

Depending on the barn door you have, you might need to polish it up and paint it to match your interior, but other than that, you’ll only need a couple of wall mount hangers and some nailing skills. If you have a few more bucks to spend, spend it on installing rustic night lamps on each side of the barn door headboard!

Stained Wood

Although nostalgic and romantic, rustic design can also adopt a more serious and classy note, as seen through this beautiful headboard. The headboard itself doesn’t require plenty of wood distressing, and it takes a few pine planks to combine to get the initial rectangular concept.

A few simple steps into strengthening and arranging the planks, you will be only left with wood staining, which can be fun, especially if you are looking for a contrasting ambient as in these photos.
All in all, this headboard is ultra-cheap, practical, and quite simple to execute, so why not give it a go?

Farmhouse Headboard

Another stately-looking king sized headboard. The one in the tutorial is done with a farmhouse theme in mind. However, the cool thing about this headboard is that depending primarily on the choice of the wood; you can take many different routes with this idea: farmhouse, rustic, modern eclectic, boho, transitional and so on.

Charming Rustic Headboard for Only $20

Who needs an expensive headboard when you can build a cheaper one that’s just as elegant? Let’s see the breakdown of how this is done in this tutorial.

Wood Tile

Add a finishing touch to your bedroom with this easy decor piece that’s simple to make and stylish. Follow the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Wood Slices

You’ll have sweet dreams of strolling through the forest when you snooze beneath this beautiful, easy-to-make headboard. Follow the article to learn how to do it.

Pine Boards

Learn how to create your DIY rustic headboard with simple (and inexpensive) pine boards and milk paint. Perfect for a farmhouse style home. Follow this website for the full plans.