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Want to build a DIY pallet headboard yourself? We share your passion! Here are the ideas you must see before starting your project.

Pallet wood is among the most popular materials to make a headboard. It’s very cheap and easy to use. So making your headboard is a breeze from this wood material. The result is a beautiful homemade accessory that looks very rustic and charming. As a bonus, you get brownie points for using reclaimed wood too.

So check out these project ideas and choose which headboard you will build form pallet. We have some fantastic creative pieces on this list.

Rustic Finish

Creating a luxurious master bedroom is not a demanding nor a complicated task. If you think of utility, instead of price, you might even be surprised by what you come up with. Take a look at this rustic headboard that is beyond grandiose and impactful. Creating this unique headboard, you will need several elements, such as pallet boards, a frame, and other standard bits to hang and fortify the headboard.

Overall this is an easy and practical project, which will cost you almost nothing unless you prefer fancier paint! This statement headboard certainly gives the bedroom the ‘Boom!’ it lacks!

King Size

So you want to build a big king size headboard form pallet wood? Great choice! It’s one of the easiest ways to do it. And all you need is enough of pallet would which is easy to get. Check out this tutorial with plans and complete instructions.

Wall Mounted

Don’t want to get involved in a big project to make a headboard? All you need is some pallet wood to build this wall mounted headboard. It’s small but just the right size for a queen size or twin size bed. Check out the tutorial to see how to do it.

Queen Size

If all you need is a unique but straightforward headboard in lots of rustic charm, you can make a headboard form a pallet. You don’t even have to disassemble it, customize the way you need. Check out the tutorial to see what we mean.


Do you have a queen size bed that needs a headboard? Make this custom rustic headboard from pallet wood. You’ll get this charming look with a lot of character. The tutorial will show you how to do it with plans.

Build It in 8 Steps

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this headboard with these plans. It takes pallet wood and a day’s work to do it. The result is a beautiful headboard that looks like it’s store-bought. Give this tutorial a try.

Unique Pallet Art

This design is one of a kind. And all you need to do it is pallet wood. Follow the article to get the full plans.

Herringbone Pattern

Easy enough to make pallet bed headboard that can be made in just one afternoon. See the tutorial to see the complete details and instructions.

Weathered Look

It’s rustic, with straight lines (no fancy tools needed!) but that would make a statement in a bedroom. Oh, and of course, it’s budget a project. Follow the link to get the full guidance.

Mantel Look

Everybody loves a fun weekend DIY project, and what better than free, available pallet boards? Learn to make your DIY pallet headboard. Check out the link for the full guidance.

Reclaimed Look with Light

Get the reclaimed wood look (which is all the rage) and add a lamp for night lighting. It’s a lovely little project you can accomplish with pallet wood. A great headboard to make all in all.

Painted Board

This DIY Painted Pallet Headboard is such a great way to add a fantastic touch to your bed and bedroom. Not too rustic not too stylish but so pretty.
Build this great DIY painted pallet headboard on a budget. Read the article to find out how to do it.

Fairy Lights

Do you know what makes a rustic pallet headboard even better? Adding fairy lights to complement the look. This is how rustic becomes shabby chic, and it packs so much character.

Pallet Mosaic

Here’s the thing about using pallet wood. It’s not uniform. If you use reclaimed boards, they have their unique texture and colors. Now, you can choose to refinish it for a uniform look, but a better way is to keep the authenticity and create a very prominent accent with a mosaic like this.


A simple and elegant DIY distressed headboard you can make at home. This DIY distressed headboard can be made in a weekend with a few simple tools. See the article to see how it’s done.

Thin Board

Keeping it simple, you can make a very light headboard that is one pallet board thin. It’s a very rough look, and it’s charmingly rustic. That may be all you need for this project.

Herringbone Look

Watch this video tutorial and find out how to make a DIY pallet headboard – king sized with a herringbone pattern. Follow this website to see the entire plans and instructions.

Floor to Ceiling

It is going to take a lot of pallets to make this headboard, but you will love the end product. The floor to ceiling effect is just excellent, and it gives the room more height. Read this website for the complete details.


This is a different take on creating a headboard from pallets. Instead of going for the looks, why not make something more practical and build shelves for the top of the bed. It looks awesome.

Farmhouse Look

Don’t be limited by the range of styles your pallet wood gives you. Yes, it is mostly rustic, but you can create more elaborate designs too. We’ve already seen plenty of rustic, herringbone, and reclaimed-look designs, so here’s one for a finisher – the farmhouse headboard look.