You’ve seen them, they are all over Pinterest – whenever we’re talking shabby chic or farmhouse decor (which is quite popular these days), there are always old window shutters. You can take an old shutter, paint it, add some chic knick-knacks and have a trendy decor accent piece for your home. But we’re not here to talk about cliches which can get boring pretty quickly.

In fact, we have a list of extraordinary DIY projects with old shutters that aren’t just there for the farmhouse wannabes but can give you some practical use as well. And naturally, they will give you a Pinterest worthy home decor look. So here are our favorite craft projects that are charming as they are functional.

DIY Wood Shutters

First, let’s start with making your own wood shutters. Yes, you can get charming old shutters from flea markets, and you should, but there are times when you need something custom made. For those times, you can use this tutorial and make exactly what you need for your DIY craft project.

Shutters for Picture Display

Using old shutters for picture display is a very shabby chic way to use them. It’s one of the most practical uses for old shutters and you can easily make use of the idea where ever you have free wall space. It’s a great replacement for wall art. Check out the tutorial for more details.

Bookcase from Shutters

Yes, you can make actual furniture from old shutters and it’s an awesome way to repurpose them. This bookcase is as useful as it is attractive. Get yourself some more space for storage and display while doing it in chic style. The tutorial has all the details on how to build it.

Jewelry Organizer

If old shutters aren’t shabby chic enough, you can add jewelry to make them even fancier. This way you can incorporate them in basically any decor. Not to mention it’s a great way to organize your jewelry. Check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Rustic Shutter Bench

A bench might seem like a lot for good old shutters but you can actually pull off this project quite easily. Combined with fancy chair legs that you can pick up in a flea market the shutter makes an attractive farmhouse bench. Check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Shutter Headboard

We have a wonderful post about DIY headboards and here’s another idea for how to make them from old shutters. It’s a quick and easy way to add decor interest to your bedroom and solve the problem of those empty walls. Check out the tutorial for the full story.

Wall Organizer

Build an organization console for all the small items and actionable tasks at home. An old shutter that gives your decor a shabby chic look is a great way to do it. Not to mention it has the perfect frame for it. The tutorial has all the details necessary to build it yourself.

Shutter Shelf

An old shutter makes a stylish DIY shelf with the help of this craft project. You can add it just about anywhere, from the entryway to the kitchen. You’ll always have an attractive decor item that enables you to create wonderful displays.

Coffee Table

This is one of the most interesting DIY projects with old shutters. The coffee table looks interesting and very shabby chic – definitely a great addition to any home decor. If this is the look you’re going after, definitely check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Side Table

Another great project for an old shutter that results in a terrific piece of furniture. The DIY side table has the chic or farmhouse look that we like and it can be placed against the wall as an extra surface. Check out the tutorial for instructions.

Table Runner

To max out your farmhouse dinner table style, use an old shutter as a table runner or a centerpiece. It’s one of the easiest DIY projects but it’s certainly one of the most creative. Check out the full story for more details on how it was done.

Shutter Shelves

Here’s another DIY project for shelves from old shutters. It’s very shabby chic, you can add as many shelves as you need and even add coat rack hooks for the entryway. Check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Farmhouse Wall Decor

Farmhouse wall decor can be very simple with old shutters but if you add extra rustic vases you can get the complete look. It’s simple but adds a lot of decor interest to your home. Check out the tutorial for more details.

Shutter Wall Candle Sconce

Wall lighting fixtures can pose quite a puzzle when trying to add them to your decor. And while this DIY project is for a candle sconce, you can use the same idea for a light fixture as well. The rustic appeal is certainly attractive. The tutorial includes all details needed to build it.

Mail Caddy

Store your mail in shabby chic style by keeping the letters away in a caddy made of old shutters. The cabinet like design will add a decor accent that is quite unexpected but attractive. The tutorial will explain you all the details of this project.

Towel Rack

Bathroom can always use more decor accents and an old shutter is a great way to add them. This shabby chic towel rack is made fancy by crystal door knobs and serves as an attractive way to store towels. The tutorial makes this DIY project easy.

Shutter Nightstand

You can make this compact wall suspended nightstand with a lighting fixture from a simple old shutter. It’s a great DIY project to make and the shabby chic nightstand is just outstanding, especially if you’re decorating a small bedroom. Check out the tutorial for all the details.

Shutter Bookshelf

Few DIY projects are this creative. Take two old shutters and a few round cements forms, what do you get? Why an absolutely beautiful shabby chic bookshelf that’s as stylish as it is a useful storage unit. Be sure to check out the tutorial to see how it’s built.

Coat or Towel Rack

Here’s another way to repurpose an old shutter to a rack for towels or coats. It’s your choice where to use it but it’s going to be a stylish decor addition in any case. The tutorial will explain you how to build it the easy way.

Shutter Bulletin Board

If you like the idea of having a bulletin board but you aren’t exactly excited about its effect on your home decor, this project just might be the answer. Build a closed bulletin board from old shutters as shown in this easy tutorial.