A good attractive mirror is one of the keys of interior decor. More often than not it’s the go-to element for a focal point of a room and there’s a good reason for that. Mirrors are often used to make the room seem bigger and lighter as well.

There’s little reason to argue why you would want to add a mirror to your decor so we’re not going to do that. Instead, we will give you 16 options for a DIY mirror that you can make yourself. Create something fabulous and have fun while doing it.

Entryway Plywood Mirror

This wonderful floor mirror is easy to make from cheap plywood and it looks interesting and attractive in the minimalist way. It also offers some storage space for small things in your entryway. It’s a great small project to make at home.

Pottery Barn Inspired Mirror

This Pottery Barn inspired knock-off mirror is actually pretty easy to make and it looks fabulous. All you need is some plywood and mirror tiles to put it together. If you like saving some money on knock-off DIY designs this is a fun project for you.

Hollywood Style Mirror

If you like some glam at home, build this Hollywood style mirror with lights. You’ll love the classy touch it adds to your decor.

Trumeau Mirror

If you want to add some architectural interest to your home decor or just want to divide space in a functional way, this DIY turmeau mirror will do the trick nicely.

French Window Pane Mirror

A great way to add architectural interest to your decor is via a window pane mirror. This French style mirror frame will definitely be a great accent and make your home decor look chic.

Flower Decorated Mirror

This is one of the easiest beginner lever DIY mirrors we could find. If you’re looking for a very easy project, this is it. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to decorate a mirror with faux flowers for some chic decor accent.

Anthropologie Inspired Mirror

There are these classy Anthropologie brushstroke plated mirrors that many of you would love to have at home. And we have a way to cut some costs and make a set of these mirrors with gold and silver leaf ourselves.

Pottery Barn Inspired Multipanel Mirror

You’ve probably seen this Pottery Barn multipanel Eagan mirror which is pretty great. Here’s a way to make it yourself at a very cheap cost compared to buying the real thing.

Sunburst Mirror

There are many ways to make a round sunburst mirror frame but this one is just so great. It’s easy, it’s quick and it costs only $10 to do it yourself.

Gold Dipped Mirror

Gold dipped decor accents are interesting and add some class to your interior design. It’s easy to use the technique and you’ll love having a floor mirror made in this style at home.

Glass Gem Mirror Frame

Glass gems make an attractive decorative mirror frame and you can have fun while doing this DIY project. Using gems from Dollar Store is a cheap and easy way to create a fabulous mirror.

Egg Carton Flower Mirror

Making a beautiful flower decorated mirror frame is one thing, but making one form egg carton is something entirely different. Get this awesome decor accent and join the repurposing bandwagon.

Dollar Store DIY Mirror

This multipanel mirror looks great and you can’t tell that it’s actually made of Dollar Store finds. You can make this mirror yourself and spend just a few dollars on it.

Bottlecap Mirror

Check out how to make a DIY decorative mirror frame from bottlecaps

Via Pinterest

If you happen to be collecting bottle caps, here’s an idea for a little home decor project. Glue the caps to the edges of a round mirror to create a nice decorative accent mirror.

Rustic Ikea Mirror Hack

We like Ikea hacks now and then because they allow us to create amazing things from simple stuff. So is this little project turning a plain mirror frame into a nice rustic decor accent.

Minimalist Floor Mirror

If you just need something very simple yet something that will add to your home decor, consider this minimalist floor mirror. It’s as simple as it gets but adds a lot of interest at the same time. It’s a very beginner friendly DIY project as well.

Rustic Floor Mirror

This rustic floor mirror look big and fancy but it’s not a difficult project to make at all. Follow the tutorial and you’ll have a brilliant addition to your bedroom with a warm rustic accent.