We all want our home to be cozy and inviting and that’s the big part of what we’re trying to achieve via decorating. Getting that cozy look isn’t always as simple and requires a lucky combination of different accents. Yet some of these accents are so high impact that the desired effect is almost always guaranteed. We’re talking about DIY farmhouse signs.

Farmhouse decor style is of course all about the cozy nostalgic lived-in vibe which distressed furniture, vintage detail and rustic farmhouse utensils bring about so well. If we were to make a decor statement in this style without going all in, it would be via farmhouse signs. Check out 17 fabulous DIY projects to bring this idea to life.

Simple “Bakery” Sign

Let’s start simple with a hand painted wood sign and a distressed look. This is the most typical farmhouse style sign that’s perfect for quickly adding a lot of character to your kitchen decor.

Easy Wooden Framed Sign

A framed wooden sign is easy to make because it’s all just a matter of transferring words onto wood. Choose a message that means something important to you and decorate your home with it.

“Farmers Market” Sign

The farmers market sign has a lot of character and it will definitely find its rightful place in your kitchen decor. You may spend a while making it but it’s all worth it.

“Antique” Style Sign

Vintage or antique design elements are important in farmhouse style so making a sign like this is guaranteed to make your home cozier. Check out this tutorial that shows you how to do it.

Graphic Farmhouse Signs

A farmhouse sign can have greater impact on your decor if it includes images. So here’s how you can transfer them onto wood.

Small Farmhouse Signs

17 Fab DIY Farmhouse Signs You Can Make Yourself - Check out how to make your own easy DIY farmhouse signs

Tutorial: 100things2do.ca

You can always start small and make smaller farmhouse signs to experiment with your decor. Try single words or even monograms and try different ways to get the rustic distressed wood look.

Quote Sign

This tutorial shows you how to make a sign of an old Irish blessing and it’s a great example how even such a long quote can work. The text adds texture to room decor and it anchors other farmhouse style accents well.

Pallet Board Sign

If you’re unsure about the kind of materials you should use for your sign, try pallet wood. It’s the go-to material for many rustic and farmhouse style decor accents, it will do well for a simple pallet art sign too.

Painted Sign

Here’s another great example of how experimenting with different materials can yield fantastic results. This sign is made of a part of an old door and it has a lot of character.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

A real vintage farmhouse sign for your kitchen that will certainly add a lot of charm to your decor. Check out how to make it.

Rustic Arrow Signs

Sign wall art doesn’t have to include only words and letters. This idea of arrow signs has just as powerful an effect as any other farmhouse sign has.

“Welcome” Pallet Wood Sign

A simple welcome sign made from pallet wood will greet your guests and set the expectations for cozy farmhouse decor to be found inside. It’s wonderful how such a simple project can have such a high impact.

Mason Jar Pallet Art

Here’s what some pallet wood, some paint and a lot of creativity can do to your decor Try this idea for a vintage sign as your kitchen backsplash.

Rustic Sign

17 Fab DIY Farmhouse Signs You Can Make Yourself - Check out how to make an easy DIY Rustic Farmhouse Style Sign

Tutorial: lollyjane.com

Home is where the heart is, says this lovely rustic sign and you can be sure it makes the room the coziest place on earth. Add this heartwarming decor accent to your own home decor.

Home Sign

And here’s how you can make a very simple yet powerful home decor accent – a home sign. It has all of the attributes of great farmhouse style design and is sure to be that focal point which brings your entire decor together.

Stained Wood Sign

For when you need that warm quality of stained wood in your decor, build this farmhouse sign. This version uses vinyl decals to create the word art.

Fall Sign

Even as the fall season comes and goes, this idea for a sign stands on very strong grounds as it helps building that much needed character in your home decor. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Vintage Sign

If you’re still not convinced your home decor needs a farmhouse style sign consider this very easy vintage sign that you can make form salvaged wood. Character comes from small details and this can be the quickest and easiest way to add some of it to your decor by far.