25 Bold Accent Door Ideas (Interior and Exterior)

Last updated on September 28, 2023

These are creative and unique ideas for an eye-catching accent door, inside and outside. Find the style you like for your home!

Accent door designs are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look to add a unique touch to their homes. Bright colors are trendy for indoor and outdoor accent doors, providing a vibrant and eye-catching feature to any entryway.

Quality craftsmanship is also essential for ensuring that the door stands out and looks great for years to come. With the right accent door design, you can make a statement and create an inviting atmosphere in your home.

Here are some of the ideal and trendiest accent doors today. Check the list and see something you can take inspiration from for your own home.

Colorful Neighborhood Accent Door

Colorful Neighborhood Accent Door accent door design
Source: @aliphotog_

Bold colors are eye-catching accent pieces. A deep green door catches the attention of passersby. Furthermore, it has striking photography elements. This is ideal for adding a creative flair to any home. If you want to make an impression, then this is your answer.

Contemporary Glass Door

Swagger accent door design
Source: @themrsgates

This future gate residence door adds beauty to any home with the perfect combination of contemporary design and quality craftsmanship. Your home is where your heart is; make sure the entryway is as beautiful as this.

Home Sweet Home

The bright hue draws attention and brings life to any entryway. The glossy finish reflects light making the door stand out even more. A bright color is a great way to welcome visitors and guests. It builds a warm atmosphere in your own home.

Tricorn Black with Brass Hardware

The door is custom-made. One of the best things about it is the patterns on the brass door and the glass. It’s a great addition to your home if you want that eye-catching feature by the house entrance.

Not all homeowners commit to brass doors because it’s just not your typical door choice. However, when you make a choice – you’d see that it’s an excellent decision for your home.

Add an Accent Door

A pop of color makes everything okay. If you want more sunshine in your home, pick a relatively bright color for your door. It doesn’t only improve your curb appeal, but it also adds life to your entire home’s facade.

DIY Accent Door

The white wall contrasts with a green door with patterns and accents. This is an excellent example of a modern mid-century design. Give it more flare with matching home furniture and accessories: a floating shelf above or a coat hanger for practicality and functionality.

DIY home improvement projects like this are easy to complete. They are customizable and affordable too. You can thrift shop all your pieces until you have everything you need that matches and works.

A Mint Accent Door

Give life to the interior of your home with colorful doors. Try a mint one by the kitchen to bring that pop. It’s an eye-catching addition that makes it a subject of appreciation among guests, family, and friends who come over. Make sure that you pick a color that complements your kitchen or the decor of your home.

HGTV and its partner magazine have a lot of inspirations for accent doors. They also have examples of furniture that go well in your living space. Make it a cozy home with accessories such as plants, mirrors, and other things.

Additionally, use accents to show your style. Every room in your home must have your personality in it.

Crafted from sleek wood, it features a classic craftsman-style design that will bring an air of sophistication and style to any entryway. The clean and modern look is further enhanced by adding pendant lights and wallpaper in a gallery wall style, creating an eye-catching display that will impress visitors.

The navy blue door is a contrast to the white walls. It makes the door pop into your vision. It just makes itself known! Add to that are the pattern designs of the wall. Everything here works perfectly well.

Timeless and Classic Door

Featuring a statement door with intricate details, this door is sure to make a statement. It’s the classic and timeless one with the brass door knock design. You’d think it’s no longer trendy but back on the scene.

Coastal Accent Door

Coastal Accent Door accent door design
Source: @jbd_jga

Coastal doors often look typical and just a part of any home. But you can make yours eye-catching! Paint it with red or any other color that fits your home aesthetics. Don’t always stick to natural colors. Discover more paint colors and see which one you like.

Patterned Mustard Door

Quickly transform your existing entryway into a work of art. Whether you’re looking to do the DIY project yourself or hire a professional, the perfect color is just waiting for you.

This bright and beautiful new accent door will make your home stand out among all others in your neighborhood!

Mix and Match Colors

Its teal hue and lead glass detailing provide an eye-catching contrast against the historic house, creating a stunning before and after transformation.

The Mexican tile border adds a unique touch of texture, while the jade panels complete the look with an elegant finish. This stylish, timeless, modern facelift can give this old house new life.

Photo Op Accent Doors

Photo Op Accent Doors accent door design
Source: @shotsbymegs

The door is a statement that “film is not dead,” which reinforces the idea that film photography can still be used to capture beautiful images. With this accent door, you can bring a classic feel to any room in your house or office!

Blue Door with White Trim

You can see this door even from afar. The color is inviting and cool to the eyes. It also provides a luxurious feel, which you don’t often see in the suburbs or the countryside.

With this fixer-upper idea, you can easily create an inviting atmosphere in your home with minimal effort.

Scandi-boho Look

Black and White Striped Accent Door accent door design
Source: @rebelvilla

It features a hand-painted wall with modern bohemian decor, including macrame and snake plants, for an extra bit of greenery. The door has a modern mid-century look, sleek lines, and subtle accents that bring out the best in Scandi-boho design.

To complete the look, add some luxe touches like velvet cushions or metallic fixtures for an inviting atmosphere that will make your haven stand out from the rest.

Walk in the Neighbourhood

Walk in the Neighbourhood accent door design
Source: @alter_nat

The eye-catching hue stands against the surrounding walls and creates an inviting entranceway for all who pass by. Make the day brighter with a yellow door contrasting your white walls and brick stones.

Check this Greenery

Laughing at Dragons accent door design
Source: @damebovary

Green is the color of nature. It’s what you see all around you, especially in the countryside. If not by the entrance, it’s the perfect door that leads to your garden, tool shed, or pool area.

Plumb Accent Door

Plumb Accent Door accent door design
Source: @upaint

Its bold blue color and metal accents bring that modern and robust look to your home. You can customize the design to include intricate patterns, gold crass door knobs, and more.

Inside, an interior designer can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere by incorporating various colors and textures that are both stylish and timeless. This accent door will take your exterior to another level.

Vibrant Door for a Vibrant Home

The chandelier is illuminated with vibrant colors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space. The door also has an intricate Sazerac Stitches pattern that adds texture and depth to the look.

The Nola Lighting brand provides quality craftsmanship for this piece, making it a perfect addition to any modern lighting design. With its timeless style and attention to detail, this accent door will undoubtedly impact your home decor goals.

Bold Red Against Stone Wall

Accent Color on Interior Doors accent door design
Source: @pcasocial

Transform ordinary doors into works of art that will add an exciting element to any decor. From vibrant designs to muted accents, you’ll find the perfect door painting idea for your home!

However, if you want bolder looks, go for solid red color. It’s not your usual color, thus making your home a one-of-a-kind house on the block.

Halloween-Themed Accent Door

Halloween-Themed Accent Door accent door design
Source: @naynohme

Make your home Halloween-themed all year round with this yellow against gray walls. You either go for plain yellow or with a satin or gloss sheen. Regardless, a bright yellow door is a feast for the eyes.

DIY Blue Painted Door with Flower Accents

Crafted from wood shutters, it features a beautiful blue door with a pop of color and DIY accents. Add farm chairs and faux farmhouse decor to complete the look for an inviting seasonal atmosphere that adds curb appeal to your home.

Green or Purple Accent Door

It features a vibrant, eye-catching color that stands out against the neutral tones of the rest of the house. The door can be painted in any color, from bold reds and blues to subtle pastels and neutrals.

You can also add decorative elements like knobs or handles to give it a unique look. With this accent door, you can easily create a unique and inviting entrance to your home that will make visitors feel welcome.

Classic White Rustic Door Design

The rustic style of the door is complemented by an elegant farmhouse chandelier, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. A mudroom makeover with a command station will complete the look and provide functional storage space in your entryway.

With this stunning combination of elements, you can create an eye-catching entryway design that will inspire your guests every time they step through your front door.

Accent Door with Pops of Color

Add flair to your home with a muted pink hue door. It’s retro, and it’s perfect for today’s trend. This color is ideal if you don’t want to go for too bright or too bold color. The toned pink is just the right color for that beautiful exterior and interior.


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