131 Unique Home Decor Ideas with Examples

Last updated on May 11, 2024

Need more unique home decor ideas? These are as unique as they get and it’s a big list for you to choose from. So dig in!

We all want to make our home look beautiful and unique, personal, and one of a kind, a place where we would feel cozy but which we could also show off to our guests. And sometimes the quest for the perfect home decor goes a little bit crazy. Sometimes a home decor project becomes an adventure in its self.

We’re all looking after the most unique decor ideas to make a house a home. They can be anything from small accents to an entire theme. In any case, they have to be doable and not just material for interior design magazines.

And that’s not a bad thing, because even crazy ideas sometimes work wonders. We’d like to invite you to be just a little bit more adventurous in your next home decor project and don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary.

Herringbone Accent Wall

This decor project demonstrates how easy it is to jazz up plain walls with a little imagination. It introduces the Herringbone patterns, which add character to the room.

Creative DIY Headboard with Storage

Build a unique rustic bedroom accent. The design concept used to redecorate a little boy’s bedroom in the project is a real masterpiece. It is easy to handle as a DIY undertaking, yet the finishing is impressive.

Vintage Wine Rack

This handmade wine rack showcases an exquisite selection of wines in a stylish way while maintaining simplicity. It is made of wood, which contrasts nicely with the background. The inscription, ‘wine not’ adds to its appeal.

Crafty Built-in Bookshelf

This project creates a visual spectacle that provides an excellent platform to showcase a collection of ornaments, books, and more. It can function as a mini library or display shelf.

Beautiful Built-in Bathroom Shelving

Incorporate awesome bathroom decor by installing wooden shelves that complement the existing decor.

Rustic Kitchen Decor Accent Wall

Creating a heavenly look in the kitchen just got easier. The project incorporates wood, chandeliers, white walls, and stylish cabinetry to create an eye-catching, sleek appearance.

Geometric Cabinet Under the Stairs

This project creates storage space below the stairway without compromising on aesthetics.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

Create a rustic shelf that contrasts nicely with white walls. It can hold a variety of decorative elements.

Horizon Lights

Add an artistic touch to the lighting by choosing fixtures with inspirational images.

Rustic Hanger

This project is a perfect choice for anyone looking to introduce a hanger that fits with a minimalist theme. It has never been easier to replace shiny new screws with some old rusty lag bolts.

Pallet Kitchen Cabinets

Using pallet wood to revamp your kitchen counters and cabinets create a great rustic vibe. Consider combining it with industrial elements as well, for this great look.

Shower Tiles

This amazing décor boasts a mix of traditional and modern design elements, including geometric pattern tiles, bronze details, and gray walls. The inscription on the wall captures the mood.

Stunning Skylight

This project is based on a minimalist theme that creates an exquisite look. The well-designed skylight is undoubtedly the room’s focal point.

Dazzling Living Room Decor

Adding a splash of color does wonders to any room. This project transforms the room, using bold colors that contrast beautifully. The color scheme creates an impactful appearance that stands out.

Cute Farmhouse Door and Chalkboard Decor

The combination of a farmhouse door and chalkboard wall elements provides an inspirational backdrop for any room. The farm door can work in different rooms, including the laundry room or the kitchen.

Creative Bathroom Mirror

A modern bathroom design that combines artistic elements, beautiful tiles, and elegant lighting to create stunning decor. The decorative mirror with a full-size wooden frame is the focal point in the room.

Cozy Bathroom

This home decor project allows you to create a comfortable bathroom that looks contemporary and stylish. It features a towel rack made of wood that also holds the lamp.

Dreamscape Bathroom Wallpaper

Create an enchanting bathroom space by merely adding dreamscape wallpaper. The design manages to infuse character to the room and complements the chandelier and other decorative elements beautifully.

Stunning DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Add a personal touch to the bathroom by introducing classic mirrors with rustic frames. The project also incorporates multiple picture frames to create a fantastic appearance.

Charming Bathroom Design

This project brings texture and character to the bathroom by introducing wood vanity elements, which contrast beautifully with the white walls. The golden faucets, pipes and other fixtures complement the wood.

Farmhouse Scale Centerpiece

This farmhouse scale is so refreshing on multiple levels. It allows homeowners to add different types of decorative elements, including flowers, candles, or some green to the room.

Nesting Reclaimed Wood Tables

These nesting tables are loaded with personality, and they help enhance the appearance of any living room. They add a welcome touch of elegance and simplicity.

Spooky Kitchen Design

Go classic with this gothic kitchen design that is sure to have your friends talking. Some of the kitchen elements are drawn from the World War II era.

Opulent Kitchen DIY Design

Making the most of the available space to create a stunning kitchen décor just got easier. This project involves the creation of a refreshing look that combines exquisite floral elements and glass chandeliers.

Unique Copper Pipe Chandelier

Create an outstanding work of art that transforms any room. This piece is guaranteed to captivate your visitors. It comes as no surprise that the design claimed top honors at the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

Repurposed Picture Frames

This DIY project enhances the appearance by adding a classic picture frame look. It involves the use of an old wooden window frame as a stylish backdrop for mantel décor or a rustic-style wreath.

DIY Coffee Bar

Enhancing the kitchen area takes a couple of planks, some paint, decorative glass bottles, and mugs. The design can compete with any top coffee bar design without breaking the bank.

Rustic Bedroom

30 Unique Home Decor Ideas That Are Totally Doable -  headboard idea for unique accent in this  decor. Love it!
Source: www.instagram.com

Placing an inspirational headboard in a bedroom is one way to brighten up the mood. The project uses wood to create a masterpiece that comes with a star detail that hovers above the bed.

Floral Picture Frame

Brightening up any room has never been easier thanks to this floral picture frame. It brings elegance to the plain walls.

Moon Wall Art

A combination of well-chosen artwork and a brick wall background provide an inspirational touch that can transform any room.

Suspend Plants from the Ceiling

Greenery brings life home, and you don’t have to limit yourself to tabletop pods and vases. Suspended from the ceiling pods may look a bit crazy but this setup allows you to have plants in places otherwise inaccessible.

Decorate with Dry Branches

Bring some nature back to your home with dry branches.

Bring Back the Bicycle

It’s not the first time this bicycle makes an appearance in my articles, and it’s just so crazy that it works.

Crazy Bookshelves

They come in lots of shapes, forms, and arrangements. While you don’t have to go as elaborate as this particular design, some irregular form will mix things up.

Paint the Stairs

Those steps provide enough unused estate to paint, color, wallpaper, or even graffiti.

Surprising Crafts

Add shocking elements with handcrafted furniture and decorations.

Pick a Theme

Pick a theme and stick to it, like this bohemian jungle bedroom decor.

Spray Gold

Overuse of gold spray paint may seem a tad crazy, but that’s precisely what we want.

Home Museum

Do you have a collection to show? Don’t be afraid to turn your room into a mini-museum.

Dizzying Wallpaper

You might get vertigo seeing this wallpaper pattern, but it will surely leave an impression.

Suspended Ceiling Chair

I’ve always found those things a bit crazy, but perhaps that’s what your interior design needs.

Door Signs

How about putting a sign over each door in your house to tell which room is which? Your guests will never get lost.

Be Proud of Your Mug Collection

If you’re anything like me, you have a big mug collection too. Don’t hide it in a cupboard; create a mug display wall. Check out our other DIY mug rack ideas.

Stained Glass Door

Enjoy the light show every sunny afternoon.

Broken Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen countertops come in many materials, and if you get one made of, say, amethyst, you can show it off with a broken corner.

Tile Mosaic

This idea works well in the kitchen or the bathroom, or wherever you lay tiles. Instead of a single tile pattern, use a variety of different tiles to create a wonderfully crazy mosaic.

Break the Rules

Experiment, break the rules, don’t be afraid to go crazy, that’s how real art is born.

Door Stickers and Murals

The door doesn’t have to be empty; it’s a canvas waiting to be used for something great.

Living Walls

That’s right; you can get live plants on your walls.

Decorate Walls with Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions aren’t just for embellishing the ceiling; they make great DIY wall art, especially if painted in accent colors or soft hues. Whichever way you go, you can pick up some pretty stuff and use to fill up those walls.

Add Yellow

Yellow as a color has a psychological effect of making you feel happy, so consider adding some accents in this color. You don’t have to paint the entire walls yellow, but if you can get a piece of furniture or just add some yellow accessories around the house, it will have a positive impact.

Make Small Changes

Breaking the status quo makes people happy. You don’t have to take on a full remodeling project to make your home a happier place, even if you rearrange the furniture it will brighten you up. The key here is making small changes from time to time.

Keep the Clutter Away

A cluttered home is an unhappy home. Organize your stuff so that you don’t have random items lying around your house. Read about how to organize small things and other ideas for storage.

Keep Seating Neutral

Bulky and busy pattern furniture make the room look heavy. Keep it light and neutral for a brighter mood.

Create a Nook

You don’t even have to commit to building a window sill nook or a built-in reading nook. Also, if you push a couch or a bed to the wall and throw some pillows on for seating, a cozy little corner to crawl up into with a good book can be a big mood booster.

Let the Light In

More light means more happiness. So take full advantage of your windows, let in as much natural light as possible, use mirrors to distribute it around the room. Take care of your lighting, update your light fixtures, and use shade lamps to create the perfect lighting.

Make Your Home Personal

Your home will make you happy only if it’s your personal space. Learn how to make it personal and original.

Bring the Nature In

Live plants and flowers bring the spirit up so get some pods with greenery and flowers to liven your place up.

Use White

Bright colors, especially white, lift the mood and make everything look lighter. Consider painting the walls white, especially if space lacks natural lighting.

Use Wallpaper for an Accent

You don’t have to wallpaper the entire room (and probably shouldn’t), but you can create an accent wall, a kitchen backsplash or even a bookcase backboard with wallpaper to set the mood.

Add More Colors

Yes, more bright cheerful colors make the place look happier, and you don’t have to commit to painting, it can be just small accessories like throw pillows that bring color to your home.

A Greeting Front Door

The front door is the first thing your guests see so you can use an accent color or even vinyl decals like in this example to set an uplifting mood even before entering the house.

Use Functional Accessories

Accessorizing is a big part of home decor but take it a step further and use accessories with a double purpose, like this dog statue used as a hat rack. This whimsical and surprising accent is a real mood setter.

Use More Shiny Gold

You can use more shiny objects around the house to make it more fun; a gold spray paint is an easy way to do it.

Make the Curtains Count

You can quickly and affordably transform the space with the right curtains. We even have several ideas of curtain styling for you to choose from.

Mix Old and New

Breaking out of a uniform style is a trait of home decor with character. So get a piece of vintage furniture, or go the other way and get something very modern.

Make Way for Display

Character is all about display. Think in terms of every item as a display item, be it throw pillows, bottles, books, or pictures. Use open display cabinets and create vignettes. Remember, you don’t have to do this all in one day, your home style evolves as you add and remove things.

Use Clocks

A decorative clock is a strong accent that’s both, functional and giving character. Consider having a clock in every room (even the bathroom).

Make Use of the Unused Space

Unused space is unflattering, and it’s the perfect place to create the character. Use it for storage, houseplants, create vignettes. Try to go for something whimsical and unusual.

Mix and Match Cabinets

Cabinets all in one set are boring and do nothing to add character. Mix and match different cabinets, and if it’s too late (or too expensive) for that, paint them different accent colors, or even replace the pull handles of the doors and drawers.

Add Interesting Architectural Elements

If your home lacks architectural interest, you can make it more interesting by dividing space with detailed folding screens, curtains, or panes. They are quite easily installed and aren’t very committing, so you can experiment and remove them if you aren’t happy with the result.

Add an Accent to the Curtain Rod

This small element is often overlooked as we tend to focus on window dressing, but installing a fancy curtain rod would make an unexpectedly brilliant accent.

Add Inset Panels to Doors

If you have inset style doors somewhere in your home, be it cabinets or room doors, add pattern panels to them and transform the look altogether.

Paint Room Edges

Usually, we like to soften the edges of a room, but we can go the other way too and put an accent on the edges to add architectural interest.

Add Light Fixtures in Unexpected Places

We are used to seeing light fixtures at the center of the ceiling or over dining tables, but a fixture in a corner over a reading chair is rather unexpected but flattering.

Frame Silks for Wall Art

Framed pictures and art prints are great for wall art, but framed silks add that extra dimension and whimsy.

Use a Chair As a Nightstand

It certainly is unexpected and somewhat ironic to use a chair for a nightstand, but it’s cheap to pull off, and it gives your decor that chic look.

Use a Chest As a Coffee Table

Chests come in so many shapes and styles, there’s no reason why one wouldn’t make a great coffee table. It adds style and it’s functional.

Hang Art on Bookshelves

Add more depth to a bookshelf by hanging a picture in front. It brings the look together, and you can hide any eyesores behind it.

Add Marble Wallpaper to Tabletops

Getting that marble finish look is easier and cheaper than you think by simply adding a wallpaper to the tabletop.

Create a Bar Bookshelf

Bar carts are great and all, but they are quite a cliche. Instead, why not turn a bookshelf into a home bar?

Hang Art Prints on Coat Hangers

Want an extra chic look? Use coat hangers to hang wall art. It’s certainly unexpected, not to mention cheaper and easier than finding the right frame.

Frame Flowers

Use an old picture frame to hang vases with flowers on a wall. Extra points if you find a vintage frame.

Decorate with Kids’ Stuff Too

If you have kids, don’t try to hide that fact by keeping kids’ stuff away from the “grown-up” rooms. Integrate some children books and toys around the house in vignettes and make it part of your decor. Make it fun for your kids and yourself.

Add Decorative Hooks

Make the entryway interesting by adding decorative hooks that will serve to hang your clothes and bags while filling in that empty wall. Bring your fashion clothes and accessories out of the closet and use them to decorate in a fun way.

Vintage Dishware As a Jewelry Stand

An amazingly simple but fun way to keep your jewelry is using old or vintage dishes as a stand by simply stacking them. You can use it on your vanity, bathroom, or put on display in the living room as a whimsical accent.

Quilt Accent

Here’s an easy and inexpensive alternative for a headboard. Install a curtain rod above your bed and hang a fabric such a quilt over it as a decorative accent.

Cabinet Shelf Curtains

You may not always wish to have all of the shelves open for display. In that case, you can add little shelf curtains and add a pop of color or accent pattern at the same time.

Decorative Doorways

It’s hard to say which part of the home is decorated the least, but some things are often forgotten. This creates an excellent opportunity for you to be creative and unique. After all these two qualities require you to do what others don’t.

One of the most overlooked parts of the home are the doorways. Sure, if the doorway has a door at all, it has some kind of design. But the doorway itself is left without an accent while there are so many things you can do with it to improve your interior design.

This is a classic example of a doorway that matters. Done in the 1930s, the architect of this home had a plan from the start for a remarkable doorway.

Whimsical Pink Door

Paint a door in soft washed out pink (which is what rose quartz is) to create instant whimsy in your decor and make it anything but boring.

Rose Quartz Curtains on a Gilded or Brass Rod

The combination of soft pink and metallic brass or gold oozes sophistication. A delicate hue can be seen as neutral almost like a creamy white, but it still maintains a touch of luxe.

Trendy Pink Rugs

Do you want to be trendy without committing? Choose a rug in large pattern and soft pink hues.

Mix Rose Quartz and Metallic

A blend of two trends – rose quartz and metallic brass or silver hardware gives your home a well rounded sophisticated look. If you want to use it as an accent, get a metallic lamp and a washed out pink chair for a quick and trendy look.

Pink Accent Walls

You may be as brave as painting your walls pink, and you have two choices here – make a small accent wall or paint the walls with just a touch of pink hue that can be considered neutral. Use metallic finishes to complement the look.

Rose Quartz Kitchen Countertop

Whether you get a real rose quartz material countertop or use a faux one, the pattern and texture will make a strong, sophisticated accent, especially when used with dark cabinets.

Pink Furniture

Furniture in a very soft pink hue, again, can be seen as creamy neutral but still add a little class to your living room. It pairs well with another trend – hardwood floor in a warm grey finish.

Rose Quartz Accent Pillows

If pink paint or furniture is not your thing, you can add little trendy accents with good old accent pillows. It’s simply too easy not to try.

Wall Art in Pink

Another easy way to add pink accents to your home is by getting wall art that incorporates pink hues. It’s not as bold but sophisticated enough.

Accessorize in Pink

Rose quartz as a material is perfect for accessorizing, such as using these beautiful candle holders that you can add to any room’s decor.

Small Accents in Pink

Another way to be trendy in a small but still meaningful way is to add dashes of rose quartz color in DIY projects and other small accents.

Pink Bedding

Don’t forget the bedding and get a throw or covers in rose quartz or other soft hues of pink. Pair it with dark grey or black pillows.

Creatively Paint the Door

Looking for a striking accent? Play with door styling. For example, add an unexpected accent by painting an edge of the door.

Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

This little project isn’t just a jewelry organizer; it works as a wall art accent too. And it’s pretty easy to make following this tutorial.

Cake Stand for Kitchen Items

Do you have random kitchen tools and items lying around the countertop? Add some quick organization and class by using a simple cake stand to store them.

Spice up the Doorknobs

Do your doorknobs require some styling? It’s an easy way to add a little accent around the house.

Shelf Brackets

Simple storage shelves look that much better with decorative brackets.

Decorate with Fresh Herbs

Growing your herbs is not only healthy but has great decorative value if you use, for example, suspended wall pods.

Smart Drawer Organization

Drawer organization is not a trivial matter. Diagonal division, for example, is a more efficient way to use space.

Door Window Coverings

If you have a windowed door, a very quick and easy upgrade is to use a vintage pattern fabric as a shade.

Stylized Drawer Handles

Replacing drawer handles is easy, but you can add very appealing accents this way.

Create a Piece of Art

I firmly believe that your home must have something handmade by you. Creatively painting a chair with fabric paint can be one of those things. And it’s really easy to do.

Get a Furry Office Chair

If your home has a home office or work area, you can spice it up with this furry chair design.

Unfinished Decor

Leave a half painted wall, incomplete patterns, to throw off the look and get an unexpected bohemian kick.

Create a High Focal Point

Usually, the focal point is at the eye level but put it up high, and it makes the ceiling look higher and the room bigger. Try it out and see if it lifts chins.

Stack All Books Horizontally

You may have bundles of books stacked on the coffee table or a shelf, but an entire bookcase stacked horizontally has a powerful offbeat look.

Hang Art Off the Center

We usually hang art at the center of a wall to conform to the rules. What if you broke that rule and hung art in a completely unexpected place? The matter of fact is that there are many ways to create a gallery and you’re free to do it creatively.

Hang Pictures from the Ceiling

Step it up a little further and hang pictures on cables and lines from the ceiling. It will draw attention and give a very different outlook on the wall art.

Block the Access to the Windows

Yes, you can do that if it feels convenient. Just make sure you don’t put large furniture in front of a window and don’t block the light.

Wallpaper the Bookcase

It’s amazing what effect an accent wallpaper on the backboard of a bookshelf has. It’s almost a must do, yet few people are even aware of the idea.

Program the TV to Display Art

When you’re not watching the TV, it just sits there on a blank screen. What if you turned it on and programmed it to display art?

Embellish the Ceiling

Look up, and what do you see? If it’s just an empty white ceiling, you can do better than that. Add vinyl decals around a light fixture as ceiling embellishment.

Rope Vases

Instead of using the same old boring glass and ceramic flower vases, you can use a rope to make a striped flower vase. This is a simple craft project which can be implemented by beginners. All you need is a piece of rope and glue. Apply some glue onto the outer wall of the vase and wrap the rope tightly around it. This will give the vase a rough texture which will be in perfect harmony with the soft flower petals.

Rope Door Handles

You do not need to use expensive metallic door and drawer handles in your home. A simple rope cut to the right length can do the job. You can tie the two ends of the rope to the drawer and use it as a drawer handle. The same idea can be applied to wardrobe door handles. In addition to being an inexpensive option, using a rope door handle will add to your home decor.

Rope Handrails

Instead of using metal in staircase handrails, you can use a thick piece of rope running from the bottom of the staircase to the top along the walls. In addition to offering guidance and support the rope handrail will add to the interior decor of your home.

Decorate with Toys

Toys don’t get enough attention in home decor, and that’s a pity. Cute and lovable toys can make great accents, especially if they’re vintage. And if they come from your childhood, their value is priceless.

Make Family Photos Count

Of course, you already have family photos on display somewhere in your home, but take it a step further and create wall art dedicated to your family and pictures of your most important memories.

Decorate the Bathroom with Seashells

At first, it may sound like a cliche – we’ve seen seashells being used to decorate bathrooms far too many times. But if those seashells come from your travels, they have sentimental value that beats all cliches.

Keep Memory Jars

When it comes to traveling, try to get in a habit to make memory jars to be filled with memorabilia after each journey you take. They will make exceptional display items and bring back memories every time you see them.

Frame Your Kids’ Drawings

Kids grow up so fast, take the time to frame their drawings and capture those moments that will soon be left only in memories.

Use Heirlooms

Whatever it is, a piece of furniture or a rare piece of art, don’t stash it away, keep it on display if not for the looks, then for its priceless sentimental value.

Frame the Key to Your First Home

Your first home will always have a special place in your heart, so frame it for a piece of art. You can also do the same with your childhood home key.


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