25 Chic Mantel Decor Ideas with a Mirror to Transform the Space

Last updated on October 29, 2023

Check out these classic mantel decors with a mirror. Take inspiration from our ideas and keep them stylishly and elegant.

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Mantel decor creates an inviting atmosphere in any home. A large mirror is often hung above the mantel, reflecting light and adding a touch of elegance to the room. This gives off that classic and timeless appeal to your home and increases the sense of spaciousness.

You can also incorporate seasonal decor and vintage accents such as candle holders, wicker baskets, or other decorative accents or small plants.

Combine all these elements to create an inviting atmosphere that will make your living room feel like it belongs in an English village!

Classic Monochrome Mantel with Ornate Mirror

This sizeable ornate mirror is a centerpiece. It is framed by two black and white star-shaped candles on either side. It’s unique, and it works. The neutral colors of the decor create a classic monochrome look that fits in with any home style.

Add some greenery and a few small trinkets to complete the look to create an inviting atmosphere.

Gold-Framed Mirror above the Mantel

Go classic with a gold-framed mirror above the mantel. Place a modern stone fireplace as the backdrop, then add cozy elements like throw pillows, fuzzy rugs, and white chairs for extra seating.

For an elegant touch, hang a gold-framed mirror above the mantel and decorate it with candle holders, wicker baskets for storage, and decorative accents such as gold accents or small plants.

Top it off with some beautiful throw blankets to complete the look.

White Frame Window Mirror

If you want an all-white aesthetic, try this sizeable white mirror design above the mantel. A large window mirror is hung above the mantel, reflecting the tulips and other spring flowers in a vase placed on top.

The mirror’s frame features intricate detailing that adds to its rustic cottage style, while the surrounding walls are painted in a soft neutral hue.

Add country-inspired accessories, like a wooden candlestick or an old-fashioned clock, to complete the look. This combination makes your home more calming, comfortable, and stylish.

Classic Mirror Over Mantel

This classic mirror works perfectly in any room. The pinkish white creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that adds an elegant touch.

A mantel mirror is a perfect way to add a touch of vintage charm to this space. The classic shape and silver finish reflect light around the room. It doesn’t only add personality to your home but also that timeless feel as well.

Put some period living accessories, such as candles or vases, in your living space for a unique style.

Curved Mirror

A curve mirror will also give your home that unique feel. This design features a beautiful mirror hung above a classic mantel, surrounded by white paint and subtle paneling.

Style it with fresh flowers to add a touch of color. This elegant look will be the spotlight of your home.

Crest Top Mirror

This classic crest top mirror gives you that Victorian feel to your home. It’s perfect for homes with big fireplaces in their living area.

Make it better with seasonal touches like small Christmas cards or vintage decorations to give your living room a cozy, homey vibe.

Floating Butterflies and Curved Mirror

Mix and match designs like this, curved mirror and floating butterflies. They don’t sound aesthetic, but they look perfect together. Place a log burner or attractive fire surround beneath the mirror to create warmth in your living space.

You can also put the finishing touches on the decor using personal items and souvenirs. Try books, photos, and other collectibles.

The mirror reflects the light from the fire surrounding it, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home sanctuary.

Huge Black Framed Mirror

This vast black frame mirror is such a beautiful addition to your home. The black frame matches any design in your living area. This home features an elegant herringbone parquet floor in neutral tones, complementing the sofa and faux olive tree.

The room looks complete, neat, and classic, with the mirror above the mantel. Add handmade alcove shelves, cabinets, and a cast iron fireplace.

Round Mirror

Round is always a good shape to start. This round-shaped mirror is an excellent addition to your home. Add a eucalyptus garland along the top of the mirror and tuck in some small spring decorations around it.

You can add painted fireplace accents and little living room pieces. Finish off the look with pops of fresh flowers, and you have a beautiful mantel to enjoy throughout the season!

Classic Gold Mirror

You can’t go wrong with a classic golden-framed mirror. Gold is a color for elegance, timelessness, and more. This mirror complements the neutral tone of the carpet, couch, and doors. It also complements well with the patterned wallpaper.

A fireplace provides a warm backdrop, while wallpaper in a period style adds texture and interest to the background.

This classic look creates an inviting atmosphere in any living room or interior home space, making it perfect for sharing with friends and family on social media.

White Mirror Against Black Wall

You can’t go wrong with a black-and-white combination! It always works its magic. The white curves frame mirror with a classic black fireplace mantel and ceiling cornice gives an elegant touch to your home style.

The cabinet is designed in wood, adding warmth to the living room and creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxing.

With just a few simple touches, you can make this mantel your own and give your space a unique style that will stand out!

Nine Panel Mirror

This is a unique touch to any room. The centerpiece of this look is a beautiful mirror hung on the mantel, surrounded by warm autumnal accents like candles and pumpkins.

The small plants or flowers also give it a fresh and inviting feel. If you have, add a throw rug or blankets to add texture to the space. Don’t forget to color coordinate if that’s what you’re trying to achieve.

Accessorize with books, photos, or other small items to create an eclectic yet homely atmosphere.

Marble Mirror

This marble mirror matches the vintage design of any room. The mirror reflects the room’s original features, such as the fireplace, while the flowers add a touch of color to the bedroom decor.

Put up flowers and potted indoor plants for extra texture and charm. This combination of elements creates an elegant yet cozy atmosphere that will make you feel right at home in your bedroom.

Golden Mirror Against Bold Green Walls

There’s no harm in playing with colors. For this design, a vast golden mirror is hung against green walls. The mirror offers a regal aesthetic that will bring out the beauty of your green living room decor.

The olive green wall and walnut flooring provide the perfect backdrop for traditional elements. It’s a beautiful mix and match between modern and traditional interior design.

Candelabra Mirror above the Mantel

The mirror is framed by two candelabras, each holding three candles and flanked by two wooden moldings.

A marble vase filled with fresh flowers sits atop the mantel, adding a classic contemporary style to the interior design.

An acrylic painting and a coffee table are placed in front of the fireplace to complete the look for added warmth and texture.

This stunning combination of elements creates an ideal home atmosphere that will make any interior decorator proud!

Mantel with Antique Mirror

A large antique mirror hangs above it, creating a classic yet modern look.

The soft grey tones of the marble contrast beautifully with the dark wood of the frame, giving this mantel decor a timeless appeal.

The mirror reflects light and adds depth to the room, making it an ideal choice for inspiration for apartment decor or interior design.

Add some collected and curated pieces, such as old house love candles or a romantic home throw blanket, to complete the look.

Purple Gray Vibe Mantel Mirror

An eye-catching gas fireplace is the base of the design and is surrounded by two large stone pillars.

Above this sits an elegant wood mantel with a beautiful chair on one side and a classic mirror on the other.

The colors of purple and gray blend with dried lavender for an extra touch of sophistication that gives this space additional character.

To complete this look adds warmth to the walls, and vintage farmhouse touches like weathered artillery shells evoke feelings of nostalgic charm.

Stunning Mantel below the Mirror

Begin by placing a beautiful mantel mirror on top. Balance it with a few pieces of artwork, such as painting, and add some texture with accessories to make your home shine.

Give the fireplace wall a stunning new look with a fresh coat of paint to match the house renovation project.

Marble Fireplace Mantel with Gold Frame Mirror

The focal point of this look is a large, elegant mirror set atop a marble fireplace mantel.

The mirror frame is painted in olive green, creating a subtle yet eye-catching feature against the neutral backdrop.

A pair of candlesticks on each side provides an added touch of elegance while balancing the design.

Modern Black Fireplace with Round Mirror

This round frame is an excellent addition to your fireplace. The frame is painted in eco-friendly paint for a modern look that won’t damage the environment.

Pair it above your fireplace with paneling for a classic look. Add some antique furniture to complete the decor.

Classic Mirror above the Oak Wood Mantel

This classic mirror above the oak wood mantel looks beautiful against the white living room aesthetic. All the decor, plants, couches, and other accessories blend and match perfectly.

You can also add styling, such as a palm plant, adding an inviting touch to this living room design.

Mantel with Magnus Mirror

This Magnus mirror screams simplicity but beauty. Improve the look more. Hang some old house-inspired artwork around the Magnus mirror to bring out the old house charm of your historic home.

Sustainable decor items can be used to complete this look, ensuring your mantel is stylish and eco-friendly.

Peacock Mantel

This peacock mantel has a lot of history and beauty. Meanwhile, the mirror draws the eye and reflects light across the room, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in the living area.

The peacock screen adds an eclectic touch to the classic style of the mantel. It’s not just traditional, but it’s also unique. Rest assured, you’d be the only one in your block with this design.

Combining vintage decor elements like the mirror and fireplace screen creates a unique look that is perfect for any old house renovation project or vintage interior design.

Green Frame Mirror

This green frame mirror fits right into the quaint traditional fireplace. The vintage mirror is hung on the mantel and decorated with seasonal greenery and old house cats. This creates a maximalist and fearless interior.

The original woodwork and wainscoting reflect the historic charm of this old house. The green wall gives you a relaxing and peaceful vibe.

Millennial Mantelpiece with Antique Mirror

Antiques are archaic, but they do have their own charm. The centerpiece of this beautiful look is the grand millennial-style mantelpiece. This can be decorated with greenery and accessories to create an inviting atmosphere in any home.

Add additional touches such as an antique figurine, cozy throws, or pillows for extra comfort. Make your home pet-friendly and welcome your doggy friends with other dog-inspired decor pieces for some partners in crime vibes.

You can also hang a large antique mirror above the piece to reflect light around your space.


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