23 Functional Mantel Decor Ideas with a TV for the Modern Home

Last updated on May 13, 2024

These are modern mantel decor ideas to help you create a stylish look around your TV. Read on!

One of the most popular trends is hanging a TV above the fireplace while adding extra shelves for display and storage.

There are several ways to complete this look. Use display items, seasonal decor, and modern design elements. DIY built-in look also adds texture and depth to the space.

We have some fantastic decor ideas that may work for your home space. Check out the list below and take note of the ones you like best.

Woodworker’s Dream

This design is a woodworker’s dream and is almost universal as it can fit any home decor and accessories. The mantle uses high-quality materials for durability and longevity.

It is attractive and offers plenty of space for storage, other decorative items, and more. It’s sure to be a great focal point in any living room!

Fireplace Flip

You will love the intricacy and uniqueness of this fireplace flip design. The wood is stained in a custom order to match the statement piece decoration of the room. DIY walls like this create an eye-catching accent wall that adds texture and depth to the space.

The floating shelves and the items placed in them work their charm for the perfect setup. See if this decor fits your home.

Holiday Design

Make it festive with some holiday decorations. Anchor the space with a warm fireplace, then add neutral home decor such as knit stockings and white Christmas decorations.

Place your TV on the mantel and surround it with festive holiday decorations like Christmas villages and modern farmhouse decor.

Complete the look with cheerful Christmas mantle decorations like garlands and ornaments to bring out the season’s spirit!

Festivities with Lights

Make it extra by adding more touch to your seasonal events using these festivities with lights. Add a simple winter-themed wreath above the TV.

You can also put fireplace decorations such as candles or pinecones to complete the look. With that, you’re home is holiday ready!

White Oak Shelves and Cabinets

These white oak shelves and cabinets are timeless, and a classic look is always beautiful. The custom wood order has been stained with a light wood finish, allowing it to accent the geometric wall design perfectly.

Include accent walls such as shelves, wainscotting, and others. You can have DIY walls for more options for decorating.

For added convenience, delivery of the materials is available to Ottawa-area locations such as Barrhaven and Manotick.

Wooden Hanging Shelves

There’s nothing wrong with these wooden hanging shelves or having more storage than you know what to do with. After all, you can add more decorative items as you grow your family into your home.

This design features an accent wall. The mantel is painted in a geometric pattern, adding an eye-catching statement piece to the room.

DIY walls are stained with wood stain for a unique look. It’s beautiful, classic, and exudes elegance.

Easy Beautiful Shelves

The geometric pattern carries these beautiful shelf designs so well. Put centerpieces that stand out on the floating shelves. Woodworking materials are available, such as wood stains, custom-made cabinets, and others.

Complete the look with potted plants for more texture in the room. Recreate this design in your own space.

Dark Shelves with Christmas Decorations

Make your home festive with dark shelves with Christmas decorations. This holiday-themed home features a mounted TV on a wooden wall. The geometric wall behind the mantel is stained with a wood finish. Add statement pieces like floating shelves and other custom orders to create a unique look.

Complete the look with DIY walls and decorations that show flair and style.

White Floating Shelves Fireplace Wall

Impact your wall with these aesthetic white floating shelves with fireplace walls, woodwork, geometric patterns, and other things. The farmhouse-style wood stain ties in perfectly with the DIY walls, creating an inviting atmosphere that will turn heads.

Play with Patterns

Make something awesome and impressive with patterns. Take this design, for example. The accent wall behind the mantel is painted with geometric shapes in a wood stain for an eye-catching statement piece.

DIY walls complete the look, making this perfect for any home such as yours.

Minimalist Black and White

Stained woods do wonders, such as this minimalist black-and-white design. This design features a stained wood shelf built on a marble-accented wall.

Add statement and decorative pieces like custom orders for frames and wood. Doing so brings a personal touch to your home. It lets you show your style and preferences.

Play with Greenery

Play with greenery and make your living room great with an excellent design and air. Match your TV mantel coordinates with potted plants that accompany the holiday air. Add some photographs for that trip on memory lane.

Mirrored Shelf Units

Mirroring designs are also excellent and efficient. It keeps your mind from overthinking what format to use for your home. These mirror wooden shelves allow you to put more items on display.

It features a custom-made floating wood shelf with provincial stain, designed to hold a TV and provide extra storage space. The frames are surrounded by statement pieces like woodworking decorations and wood stains that add an elegant touch to the mantel.

You can add some rustic elements, such as riverside south accents or custom orders, for a truly unique design to complete the look. This mantel decor idea will transform your living room into a cozy and inviting space!

Custom-Made Mantel Wood

Make is custom-made for uniqueness. This design features two sizeable geometric accent walls with wainscotting to draw the eye to the floating shelves below and create intriguing contrast for your favorite pieces.

The dedicated DIY wall and custom order shelves provide ample space for whatever decorative items you want to add to this unique and stylish setup.

Neat Mantel Design

If you’re looking for a neat mantel design, then try this out. It features a TV mounted on a wainscotting accent wall with wood floating shelves. The wood floating shelves are perfect for displaying custom orders, statement pieces, and other decorations.

Complete this look with woodworking details or a personal memento from your life. It can be photographs, books, your collectible items, and whatever scream your personality and style.

Holiday Countdown

Make your home cozy, homey, and holiday-ready. This look features a custom-built TV mantel, floating shelves, and a geometric accent wall in a wainscotting style.

The woodworking includes wood stains in shades of brown and grey to create a warm, inviting ambiance. DIYers also use woodshop resources to create accent walls and shelves.

Eye-Cathing Christmas Days

Christmas is here; we have the perfect, eye-catching Christmas design for you. The mantel is made from wood, stained with wood stain for a unique finish, and adorned with wainscotting for an eye-catching design.

There are DIY floating shelves for extra display space and custom order statement pieces to complete the look. Put the holiday decor on the shelves to get that holiday vibe.

White Oak Shelves

You can never go wrong with white oak shelves. This design features warm tones of wood stain bringing out the geometric wall and wainscotting behind it.

The accent walls on either side add an extra touch of decoration to the room, while the custom order wood delivery brings a unique character touch.

Take advantage of the storage area and put some framed photographs, potted plants, lampshades, and more.

Black and White Walls

Make your home a great space with monochromatic colors – black and white walls! Black and white go together perfectly. Add to that some helpful floating shelves for storage.

The space below the shelves can also be used for other items and decorations. Or, you can use it for more room for your kid’s toys and books. It makes everything organized and neat.

Floating Cabinets

Enjoy the geometric pattern of this design, especially its floating cabinets. This features floating shelves and cabinets for space efficiency. It’s perfect for smaller homes, apartments, and studios. You need all the space you have for all your things and decor.

Add statement pieces like a plant or artwork. Place them on the mantel to add a unique touch.

The White Aesthetic

Shoot for simplicity with this white aesthetic design. It features a TV mounted atop custom-built floating shelves crafted from wood and stained with a beautiful wood stain.

Add even more texture with DIY walls that can be filled with custom orders for a truly unique look. Top off this unique design with carefully chosen decorations to complete your personalized mantel decor!

Natural Mantle

Check out this natural mantle design for your home. The centerpiece of the plan is a TV mounted above the mantel. It features an accented wall behind the mantel—everything in the space matches. The couch, throw pillows, and potted plants are from the carpet.

Even more beautiful is the neutral tone palette of the living area. Everything here is just calming to the soul.

Play with Colors

Mara Popan mantel decor with tv
Source: @marapopan

Make the house more inviting by playing with colors. Add accents, such as comfy pillows and blankets, to create an inviting space for relaxing. There are also stylish furniture and unique interior design elements to complete the look.

Various colors and textures can be used to enhance the feeling of comfort in the room, making it perfect for entertaining or unwinding after a long day.


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