Many of us have a coffee mug collection that we are proud of. The only problem is that it keeps growing and there’s not enough space to display them all at home. And what’s the purpose of a collection if you have to stash it away? We need more display solutions for our mug collection, we need mug racks that can make a decor feature.

So here we’ve come up with several brilliant ideas for DIY mug racks that will display your collection without cluttering up the space. With these racks you’ll no longer need to lock your beautiful coffee mugs away behind the cabinet doors.

Coffee Mug Hooks

For a simple but visually attractive mug rack, all you need is a couple of boards and coat rack hooks. Essentially any coat rack would do with enough space between the hooks to hold the mugs.

Wooden Coffee Mug Holder

You can craft a great coffee mug rack that has plenty of room to hold your entire collection. For this project you can use pallet wood or 2×4 boards.

Rustic Mug Rack

13 Brilliant DIY Mug Racks You'll Have Fun Making - Love the idea for a rustic DIY coffee mug rack

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Here’s an idea for a big coffee mug rack in rustic style. You can use scrap wood and masonry nails for the biggest rustic effect. It’s all about recycling old materials with this project.

Coffee Mug Display Shelf

If you want something more classy, build this coffee mug display shelf. All the small compartments are designed to store individual mugs and it makes a real showcase of your collection.

Cabinet Mug Holder

If all you have is a side of the cabinet to spare for a mug rack, then this project is definitely for you. Alternatively, you can even add the hooks straight to the side of the cabinet.

Coffee Mug Display Rack

13 Brilliant DIY Mug Racks You'll Have Fun Making - Love the idea for a DIY display mug rack

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For a mug collection that’s really big, this mug rack idea is exactly what you need. You can make it as big as you want and put all of your mugs on display.

Under the Cabinet Coffee Mug Rack

We’re all about saving space when it comes to storage and this DIY project makes use of dead space effectively. Space under the cabinets is often unused and you can fit the perfect mug rack there.

Under the Shelf Mug Rack

Here’s another idea to save some space and use your shelves more effectively. Add little hooks to under the shelves for a quick and easy mug rack.

Rustic Mug Holder Hook Rack

13 Brilliant DIY Mug Racks You'll Have Fun Making - Love the idea for a rustic DIY mug rack


If you don’t have a lot of free wall space to hang mug racks, these vertical board mug holders will be very useful. The idea is to use scrap wood for a rustic accent.

Mug Holder Rail

13 Brilliant DIY Mug Racks You'll Have Fun Making - Love the idea for a DIY mug holder rail

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Creating a mug holder rail is easy – you can use a curtain rod for that. It gives you plenty of room to display even the biggest of mug collections.

Mug Display Drawer Shelves

If you want to display your mugs with style, use this idea of small drawers to create display shelves. The idea is simple – all you need is to find drawers of the right size and mount them on the wall.

Under the Cabinet Mug Rack

It doesn’t get any more simple than this. All you need to do is to add small hooks under the cabinet to hold your coffee mugs. The space is only limited by the size of you cabinets.

Cabinet Side Mug Rack

What can you make of an empty side of a kitchen cabinet? A lot if you use your imagination. One of those things is the perfect mug rack which you can easily install. Check out the tutorial for all the details of this idea.