These 10 laundry room designs get the most traction with Pinterest users which tells us about the current trends. We’ve published a list of 100 laundry room decor ideas which were pre-selected from the most popular styles on Pinterest, Instagram and other home decor sites and magazines. Later, the top 10 have emerged according to their performance on Pinterest.

You can easily tell the trends here with their distinct style elements. We can see prominent farmhouse style, classic accents and, of course, functional elements. It’s exciting to see how such a small space that a laundry room usually is gets so much decor attention and how easily it can be transformed.

How About Some Bulletin Board!

We love the uniquely uniform storage pattern of this idea. Also that you still have enough space to hang a ‘Chores’ plaque and a giant bulletin board, to boot!

All Things Storage

If you want to organize your laundry room some, here’s all you need to know about storage, organization, open cabinets as well as homemade numbered tags.

Bright & Sunny

If you like things bright and cheerful, this laundry room décor is a winner. We love pretty much everything about it – the mat, the colored cabinets, the wallpaper, the light fittings, the window, the wooden counter/shelf. And all of the rest!

Industrial Laundry Room

Here’s your wainscoted, limestone-tiled, industrial-looking laundry room. You either like it or you don’t. But if you do, you will surely go for it!

Neat & Functional

This has the aroma of melted chocolate all over it! We love how the wallpaper, the tiles, the hamper and the baskets are carefully chosen to color curate with the washing/drying units.

The Green Laundry Room

Classic look in vintage matte green with an unmistakably rustic flavor. Note the apothecary jar, the wicker basket, the walnut floor and the all too conspicuous framed Ciudad Rodrigo poster.

Backsplash in Beige Setting

We love the contemporary look created with the backsplash and flushed light. Also the creative use of color achieved through the carefully chosen rug, storage baskets, floor tiles and the back panel.

Creative Laundry Room Plus Dog Wash

You have to see this laundry room decor idea with wall art accents. Love it! #LaundryRoomDesign #HomeDecorIdeas


Great breakup of space with the dog wash station, relax area under the cabinet and wonderful storage. Creative exploitation of all available space means you still have the scope to hang that art piece over the shower.

Laundry Space with Slide Door Cabinets

You have to see this laundry room decor idea with slide door cabinets. Love it! #LaundryRoomDesign #HomeDecorIdeas


Great idea for loft or kitchen laundry. Well-covered cabinets and the doors slide out of your way once open.

Minimal & Elegant

You have to see this laundry room decor idea with coastal accents. Love it! #LaundryRoomDesign #HomeDecorIdeas


The uniform white of the décor exudes a quite elegance, at the same time keeping functionality in mind with the built-in drying racks. We especially love the apothecary jars for storing detergent and the flower vase.